Chapter 15

Author Note: Is this an actual update? Like really? Oh my gawsh…


“Oh hell the fuck no.” I hiss before cursing the gods in every tongue I knew just as the very person Charlotte and Peter had been trying to hide me from; Jasper Fucking Whitlock.

“You better have a god damn good reason as to why you are here and you better be alone or I will stick every supernatural creature I know on your ass!” I spit out as I step comfortably in my mates arms, more for my own protection than anything.

I watched as Jasper’s brows rose before dismissing me as he turned to Peter. I felt rage swirl in me, my eyes narrowed at the arrogant asshole.

“You said you needed my help and not to bring Alice, so here I am.” He drawls out before blocking Charlotte’s slap. “Now Char, Darlin’ that ain’t no way to say hello to yer brother.”

She snatches her arm back and turns her back on him, making her way to my side as she glared at both Peter and Jasper. “It is when you dismiss my Grandbaby, she asked you a question and you better answer it because like me- she goes through with her threats.” She hisses causing Jasper’s brows to rise higher.

“Very well, I was told to come here by Peter, that it was necessary and that it involves a war. Now tell me, when did you have a granddaughter and is this the reason you never let me visit or come for a visit?” He asks slightly wounded causing me to snort. “And why are Rose and Em here?”

“She’s my sister.” Rose states bluntly, her usual self of course and not needing to say more.

“My Mentor.” Alastar growls out, his eyes sharp.

“My sister-in-law.” Amun states proudly.

“And my mate.” Benjamin snaps threateningly. “So if you dismiss her I will feed you to my flames.” He growls as he holds out his now lit hand.

“And she is my pack.” I felt my heart jump as Phil’s voice rings through the area causing me to squeal.

“Dad!” I shout teasingly causing him to chuckle and catch me in a hug.

“What no hug for Uncle Bern and Aunt Ash?” I squeal excitedly as I pull out from Phil’s grasp and into the waiting arms of my aunt and uncle. I could tell the others including my mate watched on edge bar Peter as they watched the exchange. After all not every day they see two half breeds and a full blooded child of moon.

“What are you doing here? Is mom okay, does she know you’re here?” I blurt out to Phil causing him to smile.

“She’s okay sweetheart, she thinks I’m in Romania to see my family due to a sickness and I needed to help Bernie here mend. Peter called and told me we were needed to help fight and fix a curse? I told you, one phone call and we will come. Why didn’t you tell me you dreamt of past lives Iza, we could have helped.” He scolds softly causing me to roll my eyes.

“No, I didn’t know fully that’s what it was. Come, I want you to meet someone.” I state while pulling him towards Benjamin who still had his hand on fire.

“Benjamin, meet Phil, he’s my step-father and Phil meet Benjamin, my mate.” I explain, stepping back into Benjamin’s arms happily frowning when Ashtonia snarls.

“You better look after her vampire or I will be glad to tear you apart with my teeth.” She snaps before glaring around at everyone else.

“Mind our sister, she is very protective of Isa, she’s our cub after all in human and vampiric form if she so chooses.” Bernard states casting me a long look, a look I knew that states his acceptance.

I cast him a smile before facing Peter with a frown. “What did Jasper mean by ‘that it was necessary and that it involves a war’.” I ask slowly, watching with narrowed eyes as he sighs harshly.

“All I know that once the Amazonians get here there will be others coming, news will be spread somehow and the Volturi will come. Iza, the Volturi will be coming for you and we can’t let that happen, if Jasper gives us a little chance to keep you alive then he needs to be here. No matter how much I hate it.” He explains and I felt and heard the near deafening snarl of my mate.

“I will not let those scums take her from me again. This time there will be no chance for them to defeat me; I have control on all of my elements now.” He snarls once again causing the wind to begin to pick up, howling along with the storm that was brewing.

“Calm my love, it is okay. We need to figure that out later, right now we need to get ready to visit the wolves and elders by the boarder. Charlotte, can you and Alastar stay here with Amun, Tia and Ash to make sure that fucker doesn’t go yap to his mate and have her take me away?” I ask causing all those to nod, albeit reluctantly on Alistair.

I smiled towards my British protégé, I knew how hard it was for him to stay here, and the last time I told him that I died. But then I was much younger then, in face and years wise and I knew always he thought of me as the little sister he always wished for.

“I’ll be okay Alastar, I have Benjamin with me now. He will not allow any harm to come to me; I will be back this time.” I stress towards him causing him to sigh.

“I know Little Sparrow but last time the werewolves got you before I could reach you and this time you’re going towards the wolves again. I cannot help but worry” He mutters, looking at my pack as they inhale sharply.

“later, I will explain all later, for now we need to see the wolves. It’s almost time to meet them, my love how about one of your piggy back rides?” I ask, tilting my head back and grinning up at him.

“It’ll be a pleasure.” He chuckles before swinging me around onto his back. I let out a laugh before looking at Rosalie.

“Lead the way Sis.”

Author Note: Okay I know it has been ages but here you go!


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  1. It has been ages since this particular story has been updated so Please update soon. This is one of my favorite stories also I love the Benjamin and Bella pairing. I also love that Bella is more kickass in this one. Keep up the great work and update soon please

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