Chapter 16

Author Note: Is this an actual update?


It took only a minute on vampire back to get from Peter and Char’s home to the boarder, the wolves already waiting for us. There were more than I could remember, more than there ever has been before even when I was a wolf.

“Hello Quil, you are no longer the little babe I remember.” I greet, my eyes locking onto my old friend.

The old man smiled, his youth still sparkling in his eyes. “Aunt Istas, it is nice to see your face again perhaps a bit different.”

“I see the pack is now complete?” I ask, my eyes flicking over the wolves and landing on the only female in the pack. “A female?”

This time it was another man who spoke, another elder. “Yes, my daughter Leah.”

The small silver wolf shifted back immediately, throwing a dress over her head. “I’m the only one and there have been no other recordings of a female wolf but you. I- I need answers.”

“If it is a family you desire, then I am sorry to say it won’t happen when you shift.” I explain with a sad sigh. “But then I never had the chance to try it for I did not find my Benjamin in that life. Maybe it may be different for you, but we won’t know until it happens.”

The pain and agony crossed her face made my heart ache, but she still held hope that is what I could see.

“Thank you Istas that is what I wanted to know. I will hold hope still that I can have a family of my own when I find my imprint.” Leah explained with a sad sigh before shifting back into a wolf, her clothes fluttering in pieces around her.

“I called a meeting for there is a war coming, this will be my last life.” I sigh out, the words unsure but true. I could feel it in the depths of my soul that this would be my last life, if I couldn’t break the curse now, I never will and I will not return. They also didn’t need me to explain my past lives as I had a feeling that I had explained it all to them when I was a wolf, my dreams coming forth in that lifetime too.

“War? Who?” The last remaining elder asked, his eyes dark and concerned.

“The vampire kings have killed me in each lifetime where I found my Benjamin, be it human or vampire. They fear me, they fear my mate and us together but I don’t know why. My sisters, my kin are coming and when they do we will have little time.” I explain, stepping back into my mates arms for comfort.

“What is your plan then Istas?” Quil asked, his eyes scanning over the group, stopping on Phil and Bernie.

“I will be changed, by all my kin.” I explain blinking as a few of the wolves snarled, only to be silenced by Sam’s growl. “Then I will need to train and hope, but I had hoped you my wolf kin will fight along with us. We have my stepfather and his siblings with him to help train you.”

“Train us?” Sam’s voice rang out as he shifted back, not even bothering to pull on clothes. I could hear my mate and the men grumble as the girls giggled behind me.

“I am a shifter and a werewolf, a true child of the moon. My brother is the same as me and then there is our older sister Ash, she’s a full child of the moon.” Phil explained before grunting as his body hunched and he began to shift.

I always cringed when he did, it wasn’t easy like the shifter wolves, his body contorted in a way that was unnatural as his bones broke and re-shifted in slow bouts. But when he was finally done he was just as big as the other wolves but more humane than the plain shifters but more wolf than the Child of the Moon. Bernie joined Phil in his wolf form, except he was more human than wolf; it was frightening really if you didn’t expect it.

“We didn’t think or believe they existed anymore.” Elder two stated his eyes wide.

“They exist but not as much as they used to. The Volturi hunted them down and slaughtered their kind; only three clans live now in Romania protected by the old kings.” Peter explained, his red eyes causing the wolves to snarl. “Hush puppies, you know me and mine only hunt the criminals of the human society.”

“The Romanians?” I ask blinking, a flash of two faces and another that sent a white hot rage over me. “Stefan and Vladimir?”

“Yes.” Peter replied, giving me a knowing look, one I’ll have to talk to him about when we got home.

“So you wish for the wolves to fight with you?” The Third Elder asked, leaning back in his chair. “I knew your father, if he were alive things would be different but Peter and Charlotte did all they could to save him in human terms. If it weren’t for them and who you were, we would not be having this conversation.”

This didn’t shock me, I knew that Peter and Charlotte did everything they could to save Charlie, but they couldn’t change him, he was past the changing age and his heart was failing; there was no point putting him through that unnecessary pain. It was another reason why I loved them.

“We will need to discuss this Aunt Istas, do you know how much time we have?” Quil asks seriously, his eyes crinkling in thought.

“A month, maybe two.” Peter replied instantly as all eyes turned to him.

“We must also warn you of the Cullen’s, there are three with us but only two can be trusted. Emmett and Rosalie, Rosalie was my sister when she was human.” I explain, before frowning. “We also have Jasper, the empath who is a bit trapped and being controlled by the pixie bitch. But one of them can read minds, so please do not think of me.”

All three elders and wolves nodded. “We won’t Istas, you are and forever will be a part of this pack and nation. We will return and discuss this and you’ll have our decision in three days.” Elder Three stated.

“Until then, lets return home and make sure that Alastar didn’t pace a hole in the ground or rip Jasper’s head off.” I chuckle to my mate who simply nodded and lifted me up into a bridal carry.

“As you wish my Belle.” He replied in a rumble, his whole frame tense, relaxing the further we got away from the wolves. It was time to talk to Peter.

Author Note: Holy crap an update! Merry Christmas everyone!


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  1. Hm! Interesting chapter. I wonder what Phil and Peter will tell her about the Romanian guys…. i can’t wait to see how she changes into her vampire self. Also, anxious to find out about her original life! Please, please, please! Update again soon. =)

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