Chapter 2

Author Note: Damn these plot bunnies.

Chapter 2

Bella POV

The smell of forest invaded my senses, causing my eyes to fling open. My entire senses alert as the sound of foot falls reached my ears.

Rae-Isa, come quick, the village is under attack!” Zafrina yelled her dark eyes wide and sharp as she held a spear in her hand.

I was up in a beat, my hand grasping the sharp tool beside me as I took off in a sprint, my eyes scanning the trees for my fellow sisters and any danger of the invading village or beasts. The scent of fire caught my nose followed by the screaming of my fellow villagers; monsters held some children in their arms, their skin shining like the waters in the midday sun.

I let out a cry before throwing my spear, watching in sheer frustration as the wood cracked and splintered and yet the monster stood, his dark red eyes locking onto me as it dropped the babe to the floor; a sick and sinister smile locking on his twisted face.

He spoke, taunted me with words I could not understand before lunging.

Fire was the last thing I felt and Zafrina screaming with a bite was the last thing I saw.


I jolted awake instantly in a panic as I felt a hand shake me. The sweet flight attendant stood by my seat with a kind understanding smile.

“Sorry to startle you my dear but you are the last to leave.” She stated while pulling down my bag from the upper compartment.

Rubbing my eyes, I blink around the now empty plane and blush as I blurted out my apologies causing her to laugh and tell me not to worry as she escorted me out of the plane and into the busy Seattle airport.

My dream this time was different, shorter and no Benjamin. I knew the beast was a vampire and what he spoke was English but yet in my dream I could not understand. That wasn’t all either; it was the first time in my dreams that I was given a name, Rae-Isa.

“There you are!” The aged voice of Charlotte reached my ears as I pushed my way through the crowd, being the last one off had its perks as my bags were the only ones on the baggage terminal.

“Woman her flight landed twenty minutes ago, she wasn’t lost or anythin’!” Peter’s exasperated drawl followed causing me to laugh as I saw them both.

Charlotte rolled her eyes and smacked her mate on the chest before pulling me into an embrace, “It is so good to see you Iza. We have much to discuss, but first we need to leave so I can drop this!” She laughed out, gesturing to her body image with a mock tired sigh.

“Give the girl some air! How was your flight Bells?” Peter asked as he hoisted my bags over his shoulder. Thankfully, I only had a large bag and a smaller one; I knew that Charlotte would already have my room packed for the colder climate here in Forks.

“I slept all the way through, had another dream.” I state yawning causing them both to share a look.

“Another man dream?” Peter asked, I had never told him or anyone Benjamin’s name just that he was my dream boy.

“No… Can I ask you something when we are in private?” I ask, letting them know that what I needed to ask was something that others but them should know.

They nod before pushing their way through the crowd faster, towards the car. I couldn’t help but laugh as the police cruiser came into view.

“What, I was bored and decided to give police work a try.” Peter chuckled, causing Charlotte to smirk and snort.

“If your brother saw you or actually knew you were you he would die laughing.” She muttered causing him to laugh and kiss her.

“But he’s already dead!” He chuckled out causing her to roll her eyes and smack his chest once more.

“Well he would give it a good try!” she teased out making me laugh as I got in the car.

When we were out of the city Charlotte turned in her seat, the illusion she held dropping and her youthful seventeen year old body and face appeared, her red eyes sparking with joy.

“So what did you want to ask Darlin’?” she asked causing me to frown as I tried to remember the name.

“You travel, is there… is there a vampire called Zaf… Zafrina?” I ask staggered trying to pronounce the name from my dreams. I watched as Peter look at me through the mirror before looking at Charlotte. “What… is there?”

Frowning Char looked at me curiously, “Yes… there is why? What was your dream about?”

“I dreamt I was a tall woman, a fighter. Zafrina came to get me as the village was under attack, vampires were attacking the village and the last thing I saw before I woke was her being bitten.” I explained, the words rolling off my tongue awkwardly as I tried to explain the scene before it faded.

“What did she call you?” Peter asked causing me to look at him confused, “Did she call you a name?” he asked, changing the question.

“Yes, she called me Rae-Isa, why?” I state and Peter slammed on the brakes, the car swerving slightly causing many cars to fly past blaring their horns as he pulled over on the side of the road.

“Are you sure? Are you sure that’s what she called you?” He demanded his eyes dark as he turned and grasped my knee.

“Yes, yes I am sure! Why?” I demanded; I wanted to know why the name caused him to get all serious.

“The Amazon Coven consists of three, Zafrina, Senna and Kachiri. They are three sisters, the last of their villagers. They had a sister; she was the eldest and died during the change the day their village was attacked. She was the chief of their village, the gifted and well loved. Her death pushed them to kill those that took her and have lived in isolation since. If you are Rae-Bell this is both good and bad, good because you have sisters, bad because well… life or soul reincarnation is bad, it means you die in every life; it means of a curse.” He stated, finishing looking off out towards the forest; Char switching between looking at him and me with concern.

His explanation though confused me made me understand, it raised many questions and fears. From the dreams I have had, I always died in some way, always and if I die it means Benjamin has seen more than the time in Egypt but also other times and as well as those who were family and friends have seen me die…

Many questions, many fears and still unknown of why this is to be. With a sigh, I turned to look out the window as I thought; drowning out the conversation in the front.

Author Note: Past lives? Zafrina?

How do you like?



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