Chapter 6

Authors Note: Hey, hey, hey, so it seems Rosalie won!

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot.

Bella POV – Chapter 6

After getting ready for school, thanking Charlotte for the fashionable but reasonable comfort clothes that resided in my wardrobe as I did so, I was finally down waiting in front of the garage door where Pete and Char told me to wait with my eyes closed.

I could hear the door open, the metallic screeching being a dead giveaway and I couldn’t hold out anymore. My eyes popped open to see the beautiful beast before me and I definitely couldn’t hold back the scream of joy as I ran towards it and caressed it lovingly.

“You bought me a F100 Pickup! My favourite years and colours too! I love you guys!” I screamed before hugging their chuckling frames as tightly as I could before rushing back over and caressing the beast once more.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen the girl more excited.” Alistair chuckled as he leaned against the post, his clothes clean for once, he had to fit in of course. I poked my tongue at him before opening the door, almost groaning at the black leather seats and custom designs.

“Suga’, you need to stop molestin’ the truck and get that ass to school before yer late!” Peter yelled causing me to flip him off and turn the baby over, squealing as it purred like a kitten. I gave Charlotte and Alastar a wave before taking off towards Forks High School, lucky I came here every holiday and knew the town pretty much inside out.

The school and car park came into view; of course my pickup was obviously the very thing that people turned to look at, but the thing or people that caught my attention were the very rigid, over the top designer like models near the back. Vampires… I raise my brows subtly as I turned to look at the other students while spraying some deodorant, obviously the vampires didn’t care much about the rules of the so called vampire race, they stuck out like a sore thumb.

With a sigh, I grab my shoulder bag and hopped out of the car, locking it as soon as the door was closed and made my way towards the front office, smirking at the hushed whispers that blew up around me. It would shock them really if they knew how good my hearing was, being with Peter and Char made me train my senses and of course Phil helped me once his secret was out, in fact I went on a many of runs with him as a ‘father/daughter’ bonding time, which Renée just loved.

“May I help you?” The voice of an old kind lady spoke, her hair making me cringe away from all that orange before clearing my throat.

“Yes, Isabella Swan-Dwyer. I’m here to pick up my schedule.” I state, after my father died on duty when I was younger, Renee moved us from here to Phoenix where she met Phil – after many dates with others of course – and he had adopted me when they married. I was fine with it, of course I made it hyphenated and he understood.

“Ofcourse, you’re… Chief Swan’s daughter… he was a good man.” She spoke, sympathy in her eyes but I shook it off, I barely knew my father, being only four when he died. “Here is your map and schedule, get your teachers to sign this slip before handing it back at the end of the day.” She continued while handing me the slips of paper. I gave her a sharp nod and almost snatching the papers away and rushing out the door only to run into someone.

“Oh hey, you’re the new girl. I’m Eric, the go to guy for everything.” He introduced with a wag of his brows and I couldn’t help but snort.

“Yes, Isabella.” I hum before turning on my foot and walking into the main building I needed to go into first, sighing harshly as an arm swung around my shoulders. With another sigh I grasp his hand and shove it off, giving him a glare that could rival Charlottes. “I do not like to be touched by strangers, people who tend to surprised me gets… hurt.” I state blandly, shoving his arm back to him harshly.

Well it was true, thanks to Phil, Peter and Charlotte again, as well as Phil’s brother and sister I was well known in many forms of fighting and people who tend to touch me suddenly end up with broken bones, a reflex almost. After all it was drilled in me that not all motives were good and to act instantly before asking why they were touching.

Smirking, I turn and head towards class, ready to face the sheer monotone boredom that was school. I was doing senior advanced classes in Phoenix but for some reason Peter thought it was a good idea to stick to my grades average ones; which was really just senior classes.

By the time lunch came around I figured out the clicks in the school and the personality types to go with it. Though mainly it was the students in the grade below me, passing me in the hall and introducing themselves to me and whatnot.

“HEY BELLA!” I cringe, the familiar voice of the over enthusiastic puppy reaching my ears. I turn towards the direction and sigh in relief when I see Ben, a kind of nerdy silent guy who was the only one so far not to hit on me, though I couldn’t help but smirk as I see him make googly eyes at the girl across form him.

“Isabella.” I state while sitting down, next to the shy girl, the only one I hadn’t met yet.

“Hi, I’m Angela.” She whispers softly to me causing me to smile. “Bella.”

“So tell us, why are you so pale if you lived in Phoenix.” Jessica, one of the girls who I suspect had ADHD asked.

Raising my brows I pull out my lunch, “Mother is part Albino.” I state with a shrug, honestly I wasn’t so sure. I knew I was always pale, or well paler that others in my dream like past lives. They muttered a few words but I wasn’t a hundred percent listening as my eyes locked onto the opening door just as a familiar face stepped in followed by another. Shock coursed through me as the familiar blondes before me.

“I see you noticed the Cullen’s and Hales.” Lauren smirked, smacking her lips as she chewed her gum.

“The blonde there is Rosalie Hale and next to her is Emmett Cullen. Then there’s Alice Cullen, she’s weird and with Jasper Hale.” Jessica supplied causing me to frown.

Hale? Jasper Hale…?

I giggled softly as I looked above me at Rosalie, her fingers tickling my sides.

“UNCLE! Rosie, no fair, your bigger and stronger!” I cry causing her to laugh but stop as I fall into another coughing fit, my lungs clenching tightly.

“Rosalie Lillian Hale! I told you not to stir your sister; she isn’t well you know this!” Mother screamed in rage shoving her away from me as she tried to help the coughing ease. I gasp once it’s done, father picking me up and placing me back into bed and tucking me in.

“I am sorry mother, I didn’t mean to upset her.” Rosalie whispered, before coming back to my side.

Mother and Father nodded before kissing our foreheads and leaving. I turned towards my sister and snuggled close, her fingers running through my hair softly as she sung me a lullaby to help me sleep.

I snapped out of the memory, shocked as fuck as that it came to me awake. “Lilly-Rose.” I choke out, causing her head to snap towards me, her eyes growing wide for a fraction before narrowing.

Oh fuck…

Author NOTE: CLIFFHANGER! Btw there’s a video for this! You can find it on my blog and fan fiction Page! Or search for ‘Shield of Elements – Benjamin/Bella’ in youtube!




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