Chapter 7

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Bella POV – Chapter 7

I stood from my chair abruptly, all eyes looking towards me as my chair flung back and over causing a loud bang. I gathered my things and strode over to where Rosalie was, grasped her wrist and tugged; thanking the starts she followed.

“Stay here,” She ordered the others before following me outside, I could still feel the eyes upon us, whispers beginning to form but I couldn’t stop. I needed this, Rosalie besides my mystery man and the tribe of Amazonians were the ones I dreamt of the most, I was unsure as to why.

I continued to walk until I was a safe way into the forest from prying eyes and ears before stopping and turning to look at the woman who hadn’t changed since the very last day I saw her, the day she went to see Vera and the day that I had died.

“Lilly-Rose.” I breathe once more before collapsing against her, my arms wrapping tightly around her in a hug before pulling back as she stiffened under my touch and a growl escaping her lips.

“How do you know that name, who are you?” She growled out her demand causing me to step back and bite my lip, fuck, what did I get myself into.

“I’m your sister… WAIT… please let me prove it, just; I need to tell you okay.” I tell her desperately, holding my hands up in surrender as she went to pounce on me or run. She looked upon me with a raised brow and gestured me to continue.

“My name was Belladonna, I was younger than you, I was ten when you were eighteen. I was sick, weak from birth and the last time I saw you was when you left to see Vera, it was the night I also died.” I tell her, causing her knees to give out as her hand flew to her lips, venom pooling in her eyes.

“H-how? How is this possible?” She choked out, her eyes never leaving my face, scanning for any resemblance to what I looked like in that life. But she would find none, I was blonde haired violet eyed then.

“Past lives, I have lived many of them and I have these dreams, these dreams that tell me of who I was and the people…” I explained causing her to sob. “I can’t really explain it to you, just that I know it is a curse and… and in each lifetime I die, there is no stopping it.” I explained and instantly I was engulfed in a hug, her head resting in the curve of my neck as she sobbed.

Though that didn’t last long as Alastar flew from the trees and ripped her away from me; my body dropping to the ground as he let out a growl and attacked. Rosalie was up in an instant, her hand curling around Alistair’s arm and swung him into a tree, causing it to splinter and fall. I was too shocked to say anything as I watched the fight, only snapping out of it as a burly man appeared out of nowhere and tore Alastar off of Rosalie and snarled.

“Wait!” I scream as Rosalie moved to protect me, their eyes black as they lock onto Alistair’s dark red ones. I scream again as they collided with each other, Rosalie protecting me, the man protecting her and Alistair trying to ‘save’ me from them who thought he was attacking and he thinking they were taking me; this was just a clusterfuck.

I groaned when Peter dropped from the trees, his hands going around the brute’s neck and taking him to the ground, his hands pulling back on the man’s arms as his foot dug into the shoulder blades to keep him still. Alistair took this as a signal to attack or try to get to me and collided with Rose, his teeth glistening as he went to kill.

“NO SHE’S MY SISTER!” I screamed loudly causing Peter, the brute and Alastar to snap their heads towards me.

Alastar dropped Rosalie like she shocked him, making her land on the forest floor with an oomph and moved back, his hands in the air. “Sorry Little Sparrow.” He apologised before turning back to Rosalie. “Sorry for attacking, but you couldn’t blame me. I am sworn to protect her and I come to find a vampire with her head buried in her neck, I’d rather not risk it yeah.” He explained as Rosalie came to her feet and dusted herself off.

She nodded before turning to Peter. “Drop my mate.” She hissed causing Peter to snap his teeth and flip off the big lug, landing by my side, Char’s power still in place.

“What did she mean Rosie?” The man uttered as he got up, his shoulder and back cracking as he rolled his shoulders. If I didn’t live with Peter, I wouldn’t even have guessed that their bones could still be cracked.

She smiled softly up at him before turning back towards me, “Emmett remember I told you of my sister Belladonna?” She asked and waited for him to nod before continuing. “Well this is her; she doesn’t look like it but the things she’s said; only she could know. No one but the family knew she was sick from birth, or died the night I did.” She explained causing him to frown.

“That doesn’t make sense Rosie.” He explained causing Alastar to snort.

“Listen here mate, the little bit is telling the truth. I know her as Isibéal, many know her by different names and faces that far we know. A curse of reincarnation.” Alastar explained from his spot leaning against the tree as he picked the splinters from his coat.

“We’re trying to find a way to break the curse, my mate and I wish to change her into an immortal and for her to live or live longer in her immortal life we need to break the curse. But it is hard to find how to break it when one doesn’t know what or who made it.” Peter explained, causing Rose to gasp.

“So, let me get this straight, this human, this little slip of a human is my mates little sister from another life, as well as a friend of yours and is cursed by an unknown person to be reincarnated every time she died?” Emmett asked causing all of us to nod.

He smiled and shrugged, “I can dig that.” He said ad if it was the most common thing in the world.

Author Note: LOL such an Emmett thing no?




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