Chapter 8

Shield of Elements

Chapter Eight

Benjamin POV

Pain, numbing pain and darkness. It was cold and dark, full of agony. I knew I was still missing my body, it was a feeling I grew accustomed to. The slight burn in my neck was relevant and the feeling of ghost pain, the sensation of feeling but not having the limb.

It was a feeling that could make anyone go mad, I was close to madness long ago when the Volturi had shredded and caged me; only escaping thanks to Amun. It took me a week to heal, due to the lack of wanting to feed. I didn’t wish to feed, I wanted to join my love in the afterlife and yet it would never be; fire resistant was truly a curse from the gods.

I knew that my tantrum of sorts would have caused damage, plenty of damage but thankfully my gift is very little known and only a select few know the true extent of my powers. Yet I felt bad for the loss of life I have surely caused.

I knew this time there was no hope for me to just stay this way, Tia wouldn’t allow it and neither would Kebi; not this time. I also know I will need to have an explanation when Amun decides to reattach my head to my body.

I let shame fill me before fear as I realised that my mate could be anywhere, which means she could have been in Egypt. I shook my head of that fear, I could also still feel the slight dull thump echoing in my chest, one that I have felt begin and die just as quick as it came, killing me a little more inside. Even though this was stronger than anything I have felt with my mate before I willed it to go away, willed my brain to push it away for now.

I snap my eyes open in agony as the assault of foreign venom touched my own. I squashed my powers instantly as my instinct screamed at me to attack the unknown person who was hurting us. But I knew who it was even though my vision was blurred; I could smell the sandalwood and cotton blend that was Kebi.

A cry filled the air as I felt each strand of my vocal cord connect followed by every cell and muscle sear together with a sizzle leaving the burning ache in its wake. This was something I hated the most, feeling each and every cell connect slowly, with my own venom it aches less but with the aid of another it was like the change all over again.

“Shh Benjamin, it will only last until you are fully healed. Here, drink.” She whispers softly, lifting a cup to my lips and pouring the blood into my mouth. I sigh at the relief it left in its wake, cooling the burn so to speak.

My vision returned slowly, my eyes blinking rapidly to adjust to the light. It took me a moment for my brain to catch up to what I was seeing, we were in the pyramids, I knew that as I had been here long ago when I was first changed.

“We had to move you here; you had destroyed our home and the surrounding area for miles.” Amun states from his spot at the doorway, I close my eyes and sigh, ashamed.

“I apologise Amun, I meant not to cause such problems for you.” I utter honestly causing him to shake his head.

“This is no need to apologise Benjamin, we moved you quickly from the area before anyone could come and check. It has been ruled as a natural disaster. Though Benjamin, I wish to know what caused you to create such a powerful earthquake.” Amun asks as he moved closer, resting his hand upon Kebi’s shoulder.

“I feel her.” I whisper, needing not to say more. Kebi and Amun cast each other a look before looking back at me, one with understanding, and the other with worry.

“She is alive once more? How strong is the pull?” Amun asked, sitting on the edge of the stone that I lay on.

“Stronger than any other pull to her I have felt before. It, I was remembering and then the walls I created fell bringing forth the echo of a heartbeat. She’s human Amun; I can feel her heart beating in my chest with such warmth. I cannot take another death, I cannot last that pain once more.” I whisper pained, my voice cracking but not from the ever slow healing wound.

“Benjamin, I know you find this a curse from Hathor but maybe this time it might be different. I think you should find her, find your mate and not let her go; maybe you can find the cure for this curse.” Tia voices softly from the doorway, her clothes dirty and hair full of rubble.

“Don’t, I was helping people.” She states instantly curing me of my worry that I had hurt her.

“Benjamin, Tia is right. I will not stand by anymore and watch you suffer, I will not hide you away.” Amun states standing as he pulls out an envelope from the front of his jacket and hands it to me.

With Tia and Kebi’s help I sit up and take it, pulling the four airplane tickets from within. I read the location and raised my brows in surprise. I had travelled from my home before to other lands in search for my mate but never to America.

“Seattle?” I ask looking up at Amun who smiled.

“We were out hunting when I had received a most peculiar phone call from a man; he had stated that in a small town of Forks you would find what you seek. Look beyond what you see. I was confused at first when he had hung up and yet everything told me we needed to be there. I bought the tickets before the disaster.” Amun explains causing me to raise my brows, slightly amused.

“Did the man make Amun quote Rafiki?” I ask Tia causing her to laugh and nod.

“Then we shall go and find what it is I am looking for. After I have healed of course,” I add when I saw Kebi’s stern look as she handed me another bag of blood/

It seems that I would be finding my mate in America.

Authors Note: Had to speed up a few things. Just to make it clear that this is based about around the next chapter, when Bella and the others go back to the house and see the earthquake news. And on another note, tafe has started again so updates will be a little slow till everything cools down at school.

So tell me what you think of the story so far?

Also, I have a blog so click the link on my profile and follow, I will be sure to post snippets of what I am writing and previews.



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