Chapter 9

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot

Chapter 9

I marvelled at the man, he was childlike and could accept things so easily. I couldn’t help but smirk at him. I could also see the gleam of seriousness behind his childlike façade.

“I like this guy, he’s the only one so far to accept it so easily where I didn’t really have to explain myself to a degree or prove my point.” I laughed out causing the big lug to smirk.

“Isabella, people call me Bella, family call me Iza.” I introduce myself, walking forward and holding my hand out for him to shake only to find myself in a bear hug. This mildly surprised me but not so much.

When my feet touched the ground I took in a large breathe of air, “Emmett, but you can call me anything you damn well please Bella-boo.” He cooed followed by his loud booming laugh.

“Now, as much as I like the woods and all, I suggest we head back to the house. I don’t like being in the open like this, especially with the rest of your family nearby.” Alaster suggested hopping back up into the trees and taking off towards home. I give Peter a look and scrunch my nose slightly as I saw his ruffled clothes that weren’t due to the fight, how do I know this? Because his shirt is inside out.

“Yeah, I’m letting Lilly-Rose carry me.” I stated as he held out his hand to help me on his back. Rose smirked as she knelt down slightly as I jumped up on her back like I used to, her hands wrapping around my legs to secure them and my arms around her neck.

I let out a cry of joy as she took off, Peter in the lead and Emmett by our sides as we made our way back home. I would of course get Peter to return later to retrieve my car.

When we reached the house Charlotte was out front a stern look on her face, her disguise still up. She took one look at the Cullen’s and hissed, stopping only when Peter rested his hand on her shoulder.

“Relax Suga, their family now. Rosalie was Isabella’s sister in another past life.” He whispers to her, calming her down a little.

“We still cannot tell you who we are, Edward will know instantly.” Charlotte quipped, her eyes narrowed upon Rosalie and Emmett.

Emmett glanced at his mate and turned back to Charlotte. “We will stay here, we will keep our minds blocked at school – if we return – Rose won’t leave Bella again and I follow rose.” He stated shocking me and everyone but Rosalie at his speech.

Peter nodded after a few seconds and instantly the glamour was dropped revealing their vampire selves.

“Peter! Charlotte!? How long have you been living here? How long have you looked after Bella?” Rose gasped her hand flying to her mouth in shock.

“She’s my great plus grandbaby, my daughter’s granddaughter. We’ve been lookin’ after her all her life, that mother of hers ain’t one to raise a child.” Charlotte hissed her reply at the mention of my mother, well and the lack of mothering she actually did.

“Why doesn’t Jasper know?” Rosalie asked causing their eyes to darken and scowls to form.

“No offence to your family but if that little vouge raping oompa loompa were to find out about Iza here she would convince Jasper to rip her away from us cause we’re Human Drinkers, kin or not.” Peter replied causing me and Alistair to snort at the nickname he had given for Alice.

“He has a point babe, which would be Alice, along with Fuckward.” Emmett hummed, “I heard them talkin’ bout you being Eddies mate, but I know that ain’t true. Just be careful around Edward, she’s his singer.” Emmett drawled out softly, I was mildly surprised at the thick Tennessee accent.

“He’s not my mate!” I blurt out causing them all to look my way. “I know what my mate looks like, and Fuckward isn’t it.”

“He also won’t get anywhere near Little Sparrow!” Alistair hissed furiously at the other little titbit. “I’d have his head before he could lay one little finger on her flesh!”

“I will help you there, brother be damned; she was my sister first!” Rosalie agreed with a snarl.

Peter went to reply but stopped and flicked the television on, the news popping up mere seconds after.

A severe earthquake has struck Egypt today that killed many and is making everyone wonder how it was caused…. The news woman reported, the crowds behind her in rubble as many went to help.

Peter cast me a look as I gasp before excusing himself, saying something about making some phone calls but I phased it all out. I couldn’t look away from the disaster, everything screaming at me that this wasn’t a natural disaster… that something supernatural caused it someone I should know…

I let out a laugh as the wind swirled around me, little drops of water dancing in its clutches. It was beautiful, something so mystical.

“Benjamin! This is amazing, your gift is truly that and so beautiful.” I giggle, my fingers flowing through the bigger drops of water.

“Yes, it can be but… but my gift is a curse too. I cannot risk my emotions or my beast coming forth too much or I could kill hundreds with my power.” Benjamin replies, pressing his hand to the ground and letting it shake very softly before scorching it. “I can level a town by earth, by fire even by water and wind.” He finishes letting his powers drop.

“That maybe so, but don’t let it control you, let the power flow through you my love… then it will not be so violent if you lose control of yourself.” I reply, pressing my palm up against his unbeating heart.

With a smile I turn and lifted my hands up high before twisting them, my shield shooting out little electric sparks flying off as it cracks in the air. “My shields are dangerous too, I can current many powers through it, and I could burn you from inside out if I wish. I learnt to let it flow through me, not bottle it up inside.”  I explain, moving one hand around and lifting it up, he within my shields grasp.

I shot up with a gasp, my heart beating rapidly as I look around at the décor of my room. I must have passed out, that was a first. But…Benjamin…I remember his name, his face full of fear at his power etched in my mind with his words echoing around.

I can level a town by earth… I can level a town by earth… I can level a town by earth…

Oh Benjamin… What have you done?





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