Ring-ting-tingling too

Title: Ring-ting-tingling too
Summary: The one where DG is homesick and it’s Christmas.
Rated: T

Third POV

It had been three months since the eclipse and now she was feeling homesick as she stared at the empty halls and rooms. She had hoped that since they had some form of thanksgiving, the harvest after she healed the Papay fields that they would celebrate some form of Christmas, but now she knew it was December and there was not one festive thing about it.

It was an average month like the rest, with no celebration. DG was instantly homesick for Kansas and that threw her for a loop more than anything, more than being strung up in a tree by Turkey People, Zipper Heads and all the sorts.

With a deep sigh DG made her way down to the dinner table, all were invited to the family dinner and when she meant all, she meant Raw, Jeb, Cain and Ambrose of course with her mother, father and sister.

“Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la.” She muttered bitterly, her eyes staying locked onto the bare marble floor instead of the bare marbled halls.

There was no holly, no tinsel or little twinkling lights, no trees or cinnamon or even snow in sight. It was not festive, it was hollow and dark. This was her favourite time of year, to spend the days curled up by a fire as her roborents sung carols and hung the decorations around the house.

“Deeg, you okay Doll?” DG jolted at the sound of a very Glitch like Ambrose, her eyes snapping to his concerned ones.

“Yes, sorry Glitch, I was off in my own world.” She mumbled softly before placing her arm in his waiting one.

“It’s alright Doll, I came to get you for dinner. Cain of course wanted to come but I insisted, insisted, insisted… insisted.” He glitched, causing her to laugh and elbow him.

They had managed to get his brain back in a week ago and she had missed her friend greatly. Ambrose had been in control since the moment he woken and it hadn’t gone well for anyone but the Queen and her Consort. He couldn’t remember his Glitch time, only remembering Az being possessed and DG being dead.

It had been a punch to the gut when he didn’t recognize her, a stab to the heart when he didn’t want to come along on her adventures to the maze, as it was not an advisor to the Queens job or place to act like a child. She broke then, the tears pooling in her eyes and falling, loud sobs wracking her body as she ran away into the safe haven of her rooms. The next time she saw him, he was near glitch like again with a purple bruise upon his jaw.

“Are you okay Spitfire?” Ahamo asked his youngest as Ambrose pulled her chair out so she could sit before taking his place next to Az.

DG shook her head slightly of her thoughts and hummed. “Yeah, just thinking… that’s all.” She finished, her eyes flickering around the table.

Raw was concerned, his eyes sad as he frowned while Cain next to him was not looking at her but glaring at Glitch. Her eyes flickered to Jeb quickly, gesturing with her eyes to get his father’s attention for her and with a small twitch of the lips he elbowed his father. His eyes snapped to hers instantly and she shook her head, telling him that it wasn’t Glitch’s fault.

He nodded sharply before his eyes flickered around the table once more and joined the conversation when her mother asked him about something or rather. She tended not to pay attention, mainly her eyes focusing on the soup in front of her. Muglug? She didn’t know, didn’t want to know, it was green and blue with something chunky.

“It tastes fine; you loved it as a child.” Ahamo chuckled softly as she poked the mystery meat with her fork. “Are you okay DG?” he asked seriously as he saw the dullness in her usually lively eyes.

“I’m fine.” She stated with a shrug, poking the meat again before sighing and stabbing it with her fork and hesitantly eating it. It wasn’t turkey or even ham, a traditional Christmas dinner but it was nice, odd taste but still nice.

What I wouldn’t give for gingerbread and hot chocolate right now… She thought, sighing sadly as all appetite left her. She pushed the bowl away from her sullenly, Christmas carols echoing in her head as she cast a look around at the table once more.

“Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, Ring-ting-tingling too…” She sung softly, unknowingly until her father’s fork dropped in the bowl causing it to clatter loudly, making her jump.

“Are you okay dear heart?” She heard her mother ask, but her father’s eyes were wide in horror and locked onto hers.

“It’s Christmas… that’s… its Christmas…” He muttered horrified at something before snapping his jaw shut, she could feel and see the shame roll off him in waves.

“Come on, it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you…” She sang softly again, hoping that it was one he knew. Maybe, maybe this might not be so bad this year… maybe if she reminded her father of the holiday then next year, they could celebrate it together.

His eyes snapped to hers again in recognition, a smile tugging at his lips. “Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling, “YOO HOO !”, Come on, it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you.” He sung suddenly, his accent thick like she knew it should be.

She cast a wide smile at her father, grasping his hand as he stood from his chair and pulled her up. Laughter tumbled from the both of them as he twirled her around excitedly in the parlour. She flung her hand out, laughing as her light flared and let the decorations she was so longing, decorate the room.

Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up, let’s go…let’s look at the show; we’re riding in a wonderland of snow. Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up, it’s grand… just holding your hand, we’re riding along with a song of a wintry fairy land.” They sung together, a squeal escaping from DG’s lips as her father lifted her in the air and spun her.

Their eyes shot up as snow fell from the roof inside, both of them turning to see Az smiling wide next to Lavender, as they watched the show. The others didn’t know the song; neither did Az and Lavender, just assuming that it was an othersider tradition. So they watched the father and daughter sing and dance, laughing as they spun.

When the song was done Ahamo pulled his youngest into a hug, he had forgotten all about Christmas and had lost track of the date. He should have known that it would be a depressing time for DG, who was so used to the festive spirit. He should have told her that they didn’t celebrate it but as he pulled back to apologise he stopped, seeing the joy sparkling in her eyes.

“Why don’t we tell them all ‘bout Christmas Spitfire and maybe we can get some last minute celebrations and presents before Friday yes?” He asked, smiling wide as she squealed happily, kissing his cheek quickly and dashing away.

He chuckled once more as he heard his daughter explain the holiday to her friends and cast a smile, humming as he made his way back to his smiling wife.

Author Note: Well here you go, just something to do for fun… For those of you who know the fandom, feel free to give me a request!


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