Reversed Roll – Part I

Title: Reversed Roll
Summary: He rushed towards her side in an instant, calling for the guards to come as he slowly began to lead DG away, his heart hammering in his chest as he saw the small pool of blood on the steps near her feet.

A hollow laugh escaped her lips as the clock struck midnight. “It’s midnight.”

Fairytale: Cinderella.

Author Note: This was for Kittyinaz’s writing prompt but I couldn’t get it done in time, so here is part one.

Third POV

Another ball, another in your face ball that her mother was throwing for the OZ; all of the OZ. It wasn’t like the first few in the following months of the Eclipse where she and her sister had to prove their strength or the fact that Az was now unpossessed. Those were just torture to DG, the stuffiness and the handsy suitors so to speak.

This ball was the year celebration of the Queen’s reign once again, for all of OZ to attend, from the net happy Munchkins to the rest. She could see many of the Turkey feathers in amongst the crowd with reinstated Tin Men, Resistance Fighters, Selkies and oh god, Fae.

“Everything will be alright DG.” Az states calmly, resting a hand upon her sisters shoulder.

“No it won’t, I have a bad feeling Az and I don’t know what it is.” She explains concerned, terrified really. All day she’s had a bit of dread growing and growing in her stomach and now it felt like a swarm of bees.

“Nothing bad is going to happen Deeg, Mister Cain made sure nothing would have the chance to attack. Plus, who would with all the security, rebels and Tin Men around?” Az states, trying to ease her little sisters worry. But she too could feel something, a sense of something that she couldn’t explain but dread and worry.

DG cast a smile up at her sister. “You’re right, where is Cain anyway?”

“My father is doing one last check around the grounds, Princess.” Jeb spoke from the doorway, his eyes scanning the room for any dangers before casting them a smile. He was still weary of Azkadellia, still weary that somehow the witch might just come back and destroy them all. It was hard to let go of the fear filled past in such a short time, even his father admitted one night that he was still weary of Azkadellia some days.

But looking at her now, she no longer looked like the tyrant who slaughtered and enslaved many, no; she looked like a young girl who was terrified of the world, dressed in a demure pastel yellow dress.

“When does this ball finish again?” DG asks as she takes a peak back out onto the floor.

Jeb couldn’t help but chuckle as Az sighed exasperated. “When the moon reaches mid peak.”

“Oh, so midnight, fantastic.” She mutters back to her sister before sighing and turning to face Jeb. She was glad that he and Cain had become somewhat closer since they worked in the same castle. Well, Jeb was made the head of the royal guard, while her beloved grouchy Tin Man was head of security.

“Az, would you mind if I escort you down… down… down…” Glitch stated, causing all three in the room to laugh as he began to well, glitch.

“I would be delighted Ambrose, but are-are you sure?” She asked wearily, things though now good are not back to how they used to be. In fact, she still had nightmares and people still flinched in fear when they saw here. Thirteen annuals being possessed by a witch and eight of them were killing her people.

“As sure as sure can be!” He chuckled, holding out his arm for her to take. Az blushed slightly, giving him a small smile before linking her arm through his.

DG watched her sister and one of her best friends link arms laughing as they pushed their way out the door, she eyed through her peaking spot and watched as everyone turned to look as they were announced, pleased to see that very little cringed. It took a half a beat for them to erupt in applause but she didn’t know who or what for.

“May I escort you Prince- Deeg?” Jeb corrected quickly as DG cast him a glare of warning over her shoulder.

“I really don’t want to go down, I don’t like… crowds.” She finished lamely, revealing a phobia to the young Cain. She swore it was a Cain trait that was able to relax anyone to confess their unsaid fears.

Jeb chuckled, “Well neither do I, but you will be safe and at least you know some people. My father said he wished to have a dance and if we leave now we’ll make it to the bottom of the stairs just as he enters from the side door and you can whisk him off into a dance.”

DG laughed and nodded, looping her arm through Jeb’s. “You’re a good friend and Son Jeb, I’m glad you and Cain sorted all your troubles away. I’m happy that you accept me for loving him even though he won’t admit his feelings yet.”

Jeb laughed as the doors opened, drawing the attention of the whole room. “My father is stubborn but he truly does care for you. Everyone knows it, even my father knows it deep down but he still feels guilty about Mother.” He whispered causing DG to sigh.

“I know and I never want to take Adora’s place, i hope he understands that.” DG whispered, her voice cracking a little.

She knew how much he loved Adora, she watched him break down after they found her grave and it tore her up in side that he had the hope that was freshly bloomed at hearing they were alive, ripped cruelly from him once again.

DG sighed and gave Jeb a small smile of reassurance as he cast a worried look, before she began to scan the room, trying and failing to ignore the gazes. Her eyes flickered over the familiar faces of those she had managed to befriend from the resistance, smiling as she saw some of them in Tin Man attire before landing on the very man she hoped would be right where Jeb said he would.

It was a shock to Cain’s body and beating heart as he saw his son escort DG down the stairs, his eyes taking in the near electric blue dress that seemed to be stark against her pale skin. She was stunning, like always but tonight Wyatt knew something was much different, tonight was going to change everything and when her eyes landed on his, he couldn’t seem to find a reason to be bothered about that fact.

“You were nearly late Father.” Jeb chuckled as he greeted his father, pulling him into a quick hum. “She was waiting for you.”

Wyatt just stared at his son as he bowed at DG, casting her a smile before dashing off into the crowd, leaving them both there staring at each other awkwardly.

“You clean up good Cain.” DG managed to choke out, her eyes scanning up and down his frame appreciatively as she took in his formal attire, her eyes landing on the medal that rested where his badge would sit. “You look handsome.”

“You look stunning… beautiful… good kid.” He choked out awkwardly, dipping his head in habit to hide the blush on his cheeks. “Let’s see how good the headcase has been teaching you, shall we?” He asked, holding out his arm for her to take as a new song began to play.

DG gave him a wide nervous smile as she took his awaited arm. She still couldn’t come to terms with the different dance styles here and had Glitch refresh her every time her mother had announced another ball. She didn’t want to end up embarrassing herself like the first time when she tripped and managed to bring down half the dancers on the floor.

“Don’t let me fall.” She muttered as they began to waltz, a small smile gracing Wyatt’s face.

“When have I ever let you fall Deeg?” He replied softly, causing her head to jerk up at the sudden use of her nickname from his lips. He had rarely called her by her name, even when she insisted and to hear it now made her heart flutter.

Clearing her throat she smiled, willing to change the subject as she saw the realization of what he called her set in. “What was wrong for you to do another round of checks on the grounds?”

“I don’t know kid, I just feel uneasy tonight that’s all, I had to check just to be sure.” He explained, DG just nodded accepting his answer. “Make sure you stay in mine or Jeb’s sights at all times tonight.” Even though she usually would dismiss the command she’s had enough experience to trust Cain’s instincts and tonight she would do as he asked with no complaint.

“Alright Cain.” DG replied softly as he gave her a stern look before enjoying the rest of the dance with him.

Her heart beat wildly in her chest as she shifted her hand to rest upon his heart, while he tightened his grip around her wrist. She never removed her eyes from his, the music and the people seeming to fade away as she lost herself in his eyes.

“Has he figured it out yet?” Ahamo asked the young captain as he watched his daughter and her Tin Man dance. Even the blind could see how much they loved one another and yet they still had yet to confess, but Ahamo had been in the place of Wyatt Cain long ago when he slipped over from the other side and couldn’t fault him really, but he’s taking his ever loving sweet time.

“I think so, but like I told the Princess, he still feels guilt about it and mother. Though I reckon they both need to be shoved and locked in a room for a good while so they can talk. Since the announcement of the ball Father has been almost overbearing with the security and she has been dragged from one lesson to another for them to talk. She at least gets to see Glitch, myself and Raw.” Jeb explained causing Ahamo to frown, glancing back to where his wife was.

Raw nodded, his eyes shifting almost nervously over the crowd. “DG Stressed. DG not happy, makes Raw sad. DG happy now with Cain but stressed.”

“She doesn’t like crowds, makes her nervous.” Jeb admitted as he did another scan of the floor. He had noticed some suitors amongst the waiting crowd to bid for DG’s attention. “Wouldn’t help that there are suitors here, staring at her as if she is the last Papay fruit left.”

Ahamo’s frown deepened. “Then maybe we should make this all the more fun for her and keep them at bay, excuse me gentlemen.”

With that Ahamo made his way towards his daughter and Mister Cain, his eyes narrowing on the bunch of men who seemed to begin to flock towards his daughter as the music ended. Thankfully neither had noticed this or his Spirtfire would surely run and the young men would have bullet wounds or broken bones.

“May I have the next dance Mister Cain? Maybe you can say hello to some of your old friends while I dance with DG.” He chuckled, holding his arm out for his daughter.

Wyatt nodded before relinquishing his hold on Deeg, holding back the frown that wished to escape as he let her go. If he was being truthful he would have never let her go again if he had the chance, if he were able or if she felt the same. Wyatt knew that others thought he hadn’t said anything to her yet or admitted his feelings were because of Adora, but he was changed, his love different now than what it was.

He wasn’t guilty, he just didn’t think himself worthy, and he was older than she and unable to give her anything of worth besides himself and his love. With a shake of his head, he quickly placed a kiss upon DG’s palm before disappearing into the crowd; he needed to be outside for a second or two to gather his thoughts.

Wyatt didn’t know how long he stood there on the steps of Finaqua, staring out into the moonlit gardens. He didn’t register the cold anymore, not since leaving the suit and that was a small blessing once he took that plunge into the frozen waters at the Northern Palace.

As he went to go back inside, the hairs on the back of his head stood up. Suddenly the lack of guards that he managed to push away from his thoughts as he exited the doors came roaring back. In a flash he had his gun drawn, his body facing the gardens once again, eyes scanning the darkness for movement only for the world to flash black as he felt something connect with his head.

DG had to admit she was having fun, even though she was sad that Wyatt had yet to be seen since their dance, since he had kissed her palm, leaving with a confused look upon his face. She had managed to dance with Raw, Jeb and Glitch for the past few hours, thankfully avoiding the suitors like the plague.

“I am beat, not much longer to go!” DG giggled out as she plonked into the chair next to her sister and sipped at her drink. Her feet were killing her but she indeed was having fun, even managing to speak to some of the people she knew between dances.

“I am glad you are Deeg, seeing you happy makes me happy.” Az stated softly, her eyes hollow and tired.

Taking in the ashen colour of her sisters features she frowned. “Maybe you should retire now; you don’t look so well big sister.” She stated worried, her eyes scanning for Glitch and Raw.

Before Azkadellia could deny or speak up, DG spotted Glitch. “Glitch! Az isn’t feeling so well, would you be kind and escort her to her room?”

Ambrose bowed giving his friends a smile before holding his arm out for Azkadellia. “Your escort awaits my fair princess, shall we go?”

Az cast a look at her sister, about to protest only to close her mouth when she felt another wave of lethargy strike her. “Can you tell mother and father that I have retired? I don’t feel too well.”

“Of course, now go, I’ll be alright. I’m going to go find Jeb and he can help me find Cain.” DG explained as Glitch cast her a very Ambrose stern look. All the men in her family have sensed something and expressed she stay within their sights or near one of them at all times.

As she was walking through the crowed towards where she last saw Jeb she knew something was wrong, the air seemed to shift and she could see the soldiers make their way inside. In an instant she picked up her skirts and pushed forwards, leaving her heals behind her.

“What’s happened? What’s wrong?” She demanded the younger Cain.

“Father hasn’t returned since his dance with you and one of the guards was found unconscious outside.” He explained and cursed as the princess threw off her shoes, picked up her skirts and ran out the door she saw Cain exit.

When Jeb finally caught up to her he paused as she saw DG on the steps, his father’s fedora and gun grasped tightly in her hands. He rushed towards her side in an instant, calling for the guards to come as he slowly began to lead DG away, his heart hammering in his chest as he saw the small pool of blood on the steps near her feet.

A hollow laugh escaped her lips as the clock struck midnight. “It’s midnight.”

Jeb went to say something only to be interrupted as the Queens Consort rushed out into the night and to DG’s side. “DG, are you okay? Is there any clue on where they could have taken Cain? Tracks?”

“I have my men scouting now, she’s in shock, and I’m in shock.” Jeb stated, running a hand through his hair. He was indeed in shock but he had to keep his calm, he couldn’t lose it and he knew that his father wouldn’t be dead yet, the man was stubborn as a mule.

DG blinked and stared up at her father, clutching the hat and gun closer to her chest before showing them to her father. “It’s midnight.”

Ahamo stared at his daughter confused, his eyes flicking between the items and his daughters face before casting a glance around. His daughter stood upon the steps in a flowing blue dress as the occupants of the ball drifted through the ajar door he just came from. His lips quirked for a split second as he realised the irony in this dire situation.

“Raw, you need to take DG to her room; Jeb you need to make sure someone is here to question everyone in that room. I want to know if we have a traitor in our midst. Get ready to leave; we’ll track whatever your scouts find. Alright DG, you need to go with Raw, I’ll find you Cinderella.” He chuckled softly, placing a kiss upon her brow before guiding her into Raw’s hands.

He was never going to let Cain live this down.

Author Note: Poor Cain, next chapter will be kickass DG, surprising the hell out of everyone with her shooting.



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