Chapter Four

Title: The Long Road Home
Pairing: DG/Cain
Summary: She knew instantly as her eyes locked on the spot above him that this was it, him or her, there was no both. So with that final thought she let go.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Tin Man mini-series or Wyatt Cain…


Third POV

She didn’t know where she was, the last thing she remembered was the chilling cold of the waters embrace, the short burst of pain and then darkness. Now she was somewhere warm, bright and slightly hazy.

“Where am I?” She asked out loud and suddenly she was in a familiar place that she could not place, but could have sworn she’d seen it before.

She stood on an open field, a little lake off a few feet by the quaint cabin. It was warm and inviting and on the front porch stood a woman with golden blonde hair, a disapproved frown upon her beautiful features.

“Hello…?” DG trailed off nervously as she took a few steps forward towards the house, stopping when the scene flickered to the familiar area where she saved Wyatt. It was then that her eyes snapped to the woman once more in shock. “Adora?”

The woman huffed and beckoned her forwards, DG wasted no time, though it took a lot to actually physically move from her shock. She must be dead if she was here, here in heaven, why else would she be able to see her Tin Man’s dead wife.

“You’re not supposed to be here, Kid.” Adora drawled in a familiar lit. She spoke much like Cain, more feminine and softer.

“Yeah well, things happen.” She bites back, flinching as the woman rose her brows before cracking a smirk.

“That they do and before you ask, no you are not dead. You are in a stasis of in between, I am but a mere guide for you; I cannot convince you either way.” Adora stated, moving to sit upon one of the chairs on the small porch, gesturing for DG to sit in the other.

“Then why am I here? Why are you?” DG blurted out before cringing, relaxing slightly as Adora burst out laughing.

“I am here because I wished it. You see Kiddo; I was walking down the old road with Charles, my late husband when I felt it. It was a rift in the air that I had to come; now I was surprised to find you and not Wyatt or Jeb.” She explained simply, and honestly. She had felt the rift in the afterlife down the old road, she had feared it was Jeb or Wyatt as only someone she cared for a lot would have passed.

Boy was she surprised when she found herself on the old road to her end and no Wyatt to be found, she had found her husband, whom she had thought to be dead locked in the Tin Suit and her son across the OZ leading the resistance. She flickered between the two until Charles came, telling her all would be fine again. As much as she loved and loves her first husband, she had grieved for him and let him go long ago. They always knew that they were not the other half to their soul but loved each other none the less.

She begged her Charles to let her stay for a little longer, to see how her Son faired and years passed in a blink of an eye, Charles being there to comfort her when she saw and felt each pain they both went to. Then one day, a slip of a girl and a head case came charging in and saved Wyatt, she was ready to let go.

“But why you? Why not the Mystic Man or someone else?” DG asked causing Adora to chuckle slightly and pat her hand.

“Deeg, it is because of your sacrifice and love that I am here and not anyone else. I told you I cannot convince you either way but I want you to live. It is unfair that he found you now and gets his heart ripped away again. So why you are safe and healing, we are conversing.” She finished with a sad smile.

She was shocked, “I’m safe and healing? Who found me?”

Adora shook her head sadly, “you’re safe and healing yes, but it’ll be a long way back to home, to him. You are in the forbidden zone, the old zone to be specific, the chunk of land that Glinda had down away after the battle to keep her people and family safe before passing. I can’t tell you more because that’s not my place; my place is to show you why you need to hold on.”

Adora stood, holding out her hand for DG to take with a grim smile, the scene changing instantly as DG took her hand. A pain filled gasp filled the air as her eyes landed upon the scene, more importantly, on Cain. It was like a stab to the heart as she stared into his hollow eyes.

“Father? Dad?” DG’s eyes flickered to Jeb, he looked tired as well.

“What is it son?” the voice was flat and sharp at the same time, twisting the blade further into her chest.

“How long has it been?” She gasped out, clutching at her chest in agony, her other hand gripping tightly onto Adora.

“Near a week, today was your funeral.”

“I was just… seeing if you were alight. Today was… Today was her funeral, you didn’t come.” Jeb whispered out as he moved closer into the cold room. When his eyes adjusted to the dark, he saw his father in the chair by the window with his usual attire. He was going to wear his formal attire, but he knew how much DG enjoyed his Tin Man outfit.

Cain raised his head a fraction to let his son know he was listening. “I couldn’t do it.” His voice cracked.

Jeb stumbled slightly as his father turned his head to stare at him, his eyes red and hollow, tear tracks marring his face. “What do you want to do then?”

DG choked, a sob building in her chest, her hand reaching out and resting just a centimetre from his face. “Go home Cain, go home… live for me… live for Jeb, he needs you too.”

Adora watched with soft eyes as she pulled the girl who loved two of three most important men in her life. She could rest easy from now on knowing that DG was with them, making sure they were okay, but until then she will have to do all she could to ease the poor girls mind and journey forwards. She moved forwards and pressed her fingers onto the back of DG’s hand while she was unaware and let her touch Wyatt’s skin.

Cain jolted as he felt something brush softly against him, choking slightly as he saw a flash of home and felt warmth stir in his heart. It was a dream he had hoped for one day, with him and DG laughing on the front porch, her rounded with child.

Go home Cain, go home… live for me… live for Jeb, he needs you too… her voice seemed to echo in his head.

“To go home…” He managed to get out before the warmth faded once again and the cold seeped back.

Jeb blinked before nodding quickly. “Then we need to tell the others, Raw wishes to come with us.”

The scene melted away quickly as DG collapsed with sobs, her knees hitting the muddy ground and nearly pulling Adora with her.

“It’s time to wake up DG, it’s been decided. I need you to do something for me Kid, okay? Can you do me one last favour?” She asked desperately, lifting the young girls chin up. “Love him with all your heart, hold him and never let go… the both of them. They’re both stubborn Cain men and you are the only one they will ever truly listen to you. They were right too by the way, I do love you, and in another life we will be friends. Now, I give you freely what is rightfully yours.” She stated firmly.

“What is it?” Dg rasped out, trying to hold back her tears as Adora spoke.

With a soft near blinding smile, Adora pulled DG close and kissed her forehead, “Wyatt Cain’s heart.”


Author Note: There you go wendy 😛 Some fluff for you with that angst I have been serving.




One thought on “Chapter Four

  1. *sniff…Sniff* Nope that is not a tear!!! Nope. Not at all. *sniffs* Allergies.. yeah… Allergies!

    Great job. I loved how you had Adora there and giving DG the go ahead….

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