Chapter VI

Title: Braveheart
Pairing: Thorin/Bella
Summary: There was another to add to the company from in the Shire, one no one expected, Isabella daughter of Elrohir Son of Elrond and Belvola. Will they accept Bella as the warrior they know of or will she hide the fact that she is both Elf and Dwarf.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Chapter Six

When the dinner was over Bella quickly pulled the wizard aside while her grandfather showed the Company where they could stay. She knew of course they wouldn’t take the rooms offered to them and she had told her grandfather this as she passed.

“What were you thinking Tharkûn?” She hissed furiously to the wizard, growing angrier as he just smiled at her.

“I was thinking that Bilbo needed to have an adventure, to see more than the Shire like Belladonna did. It was her wish that he to see the world beyond the Shires borders.” He explained simply.

“So you bring a group of Dwarrow’s to his home? You don’t even tell him that they are coming! Tharkûn! You do not know Dwarrow’s too well then, if Bilbo didn’t expect them that meant he was fretting, fretting and to the company he would have come off as squirrely! It is a reason as to why they have not shown him kindness, why they doubt him! All his misgivings he has been getting is because of you!” She snarled furiously up at him, watching as he flinched back and guilt to creep onto his face.

“If I had not come on this journey then he would be alone, alone and treated worse beyond what he has already been. You know that Hobbit’s need kindness, they cannot thrive in hate and cruelty. For a friend of Belladonna you sure tarnish it by the treatment of her son.” She spat out before turning her back upon the wizard, muttering mixed curses under her breath.

Bella slammed the room of her door open and tore the hood and scarf from her face, her frayed braids swinging free. They were a complete mess and she knew they needed to be rebraided once more, her whole body cringing at the state of them.

While the company began to settle for the night on the balcony and began to cook the meat they found Nori went for a little wander to see if he could – acquire – anything only to round the corner to see Lady Bella step out of her room, hair free and scarf absent. His brows rose as he caught the sight of combs in her hand and followed her silently through the elven halls.

A deep sigh escaped Bella’s lips as she came to a stop outside her uncle’s door; her had rising to knock while the other clenched tightly around the combs. Though before she could even rap her knuckles upon the door it opened, revealing her uncle.

“Bella? Is something the matter Bell-nín?” He asked desperately as he saw her pained eyes and unmasked face.

Nori’s brows rose higher as he watched the elf she had come into dinner with kneel before her and cup her face. Maybe they were lovers? He knew that Thorin was interested in the Dam and if he were to find out about this.

“Can we go inside, before anyone sees us?” She asked desperately, eyes flicking down the hall. “I need you to fix my braids for me, I cannot reach the ones at the back and you know how they did them.”

He watched as the Elf and Bella stepped into the room and closed the door, this wouldn’t do, he would have to find a window.

Elladan sat on the floor before the fire and gestured for his niece to sit down, all the while holding back the excitement that wished to burst forth or for the tears to fall. He had braided her hair only twice before she left and after his brother had sailed. He knew it was a kin thing and he knew how she liked to have them as he always watched when Belvola or Elrohir.

He began to unbraid her hair, tisking at the knots as he did so and carefully placed the beads on the small table next to the chair. He had more than she remembered, four detailing her actions for different Dwarrow kingdoms.

“I don’t know why you hide yourself.” He whispered as he began to brush out the style that hid her ears, frowning as the tip of one was missing. “What happened?”

Bella tensed and growled. “A group of Dwarrow caught sight of me, being a Dam and what I was, one got a good shot and I lost the tip of my ear.” She explained, causing him to hiss and for Nori to freeze as he hoisted himself up to the balcony, his eyes landing on the smooth face of Bella and pointed ears.

“And where are these dwarves?” Elladan asked sharply, his face twisting into one of darkness.

“Dead. I sent them to the halls of Mandos.” She replied blandly and darkly that made Elladan hum proud, his head snapping to the balcony as he heard the intake of breath. His whole body tensing but he did not move as his niece slumped and a sigh escaped her lips. “Come in Nori, I guess I have to tell you the truth.”

Nori didn’t hesitate, he was inside within the second, his eyes wide and mouth hung open in surprise as he took in the ethereal features of Lady Bella. She had smooth cheeks, no sign of a beard and pointed ears but her cheeks and jawline showed the Dwarven side of her besides the strength and size.

“You’re an elf?” He asked, sitting down before her.

“Yes and no. My mother was a dwarf, my father is an elf.” She explained, watching as the thief flickered his eyes between her and her uncle. “Nadadaz’adad, can you give Nori and I some privacy?”

Elladan did not remove his eyes away from the dwarf before him. “Are you sure that is wise?”

“Just to the next room my fathers-brother.” She replied softly causing him to sigh and rise to his feet, giving the dwarf a glare.

“If you tell the others of whom and what she is, you will have two elven armies after you. My father and I, along with my sister and grandparents love Bella and if you were to be the reason she was hurt by anyone because of what she is then there will be no place on Arda you could hide from us.” He hissed before leaving and moving into his room, letting the door close behind him.

“Lord Elrond is your fathers-father?” Nori asked after a few beats of silence, he wasn’t used to feeling fear and especially feeling fear that was caused by an elf.

“Yes, Elladan is my fathers-brother. He was not lying with that threat, I am the great granddaughter of Lady Galadriel and her wrath alone could flatten a kingdom if she so pleased.” She chuckled, smiling wide as Nori paled under his beared.

“I won’t tell a soul, I was curious when I saw you leave the room and followed you to the door.” He promised watching as Bella frowned, but now he could see the slight dip in her mouth to accompany her eyes.

“Swear by the honour and beards of your kin to not tell a soul of what my heritage is.” Bella uttered the oath to the thief.

“I swear by it.” Nori replied instantly and seriously.

“Good…” She trailed off sighing, brushing away a strand of loose hair.

“How old were you when the Battle of Azanulbizar happened?” He asked softly, remembering all the tales she had given them, her reason as to why she and her father could not go. He himself was too young but his brother and father had fought in the war.

“I was thirty-eight at the time in Dwarven standards when amad died. I was forty-five when adad sailed to the grey havens, I was still a babe but he could no longer hold the fading.” She whispered pained and instantly the elf was back in the room and by her side.

“It is okay Baraloth nín, do not let it grieve you so. Now, let me fix your hair and I shall sing for you while I do.” Elladan whispered to his niece before giving a pointed look to the dwarf before him. “It is best to leave now Master Dwarf, my niece doesn’t like to show her weakness.”

Nori nodded instantly and slipped from the room as the familiar lullaby filled the air. He didn’t understand the words as they were in their own tongue but he could understand the tune too well, for it had lulled even him to sleep not many days ago.

“Nori, where have you been?” Dori asked sternly as he stepped back into the small corner that he, Dori and Ori have claimed.

“I took a walk and found Lady Bella, she had emerged from her room without her scarfs; she and I were speaking.” He whispered, flinching when he felt his brother’s grip tighten on his shoulder. He knew Dori didn’t mean it, for his brother had since a young age controlled his strength when he accidently broke their mothers’ ribs in an embrace.

“About what?” Dori asked softly, his eyes flicking to their leader and back.

“I cannot say, I swore on the honour and our beards to not utter a word about anything from Lady Bella.” He whispered lowly, enough for his eldest brother to hear only.

Dori raised his brows in surprise and nodded softly, cupping the back of his brother’s neck softly. “Then I will not pry, I know when you give your word like this you mean it.” And that was true; Dori knew that even though his brother was a thief, he was not one to go back on an oath, especially one that was to do with the honour of him and Ori.

Loud laughter caused the two Ri brothers to look over and see Bombur collapsed on the ground, the table he once was sitting on now in shambles.

“Where is Lady Bella?” Bilbo asked suddenly as he stepped into the golden light, bringing abrupt silence.

Bofur frowned and took a look around. “Aye, I have not seen the lass since she dragged Gandalf away.”

“She went to her rooms that they offered, I saw her enter when I was on my way back.” The lie rolled off Nori’s tongue with ease and for once there was no slight guilt that niggled at his chest when he uttered lies to those he knew.

Bilbo’s shoulders sagged. “Well, I can talk to her tomorrow. She needs sleep, Bella does not rest easy at night and I have woken up to her already awake and alert each night and day.”

“Aye that would be best.” Dwalin murmured from his spot. “She doesn’t sleep much from what tales I have heard of her but I guess when one travels so much that usually happens.”


The next day the company found themselves groaning as Thorin told them that they must stay here for a week as the moon is not yet right to read the runes on the map, everyone but Bilbo and Bella were displeased. Though Ori was secretly pleased for he would have time to see Rivendell’s library.

“Thank you.” Bella muttered to Nori when no one stared at her differently or even mentioned her heritage.

“I swore I wouldn’t tell and I would not risk my brother’s honour.” The thief replied as he continued to make his way down to where Dwalin and the others sparred in the small area that Elladan had told them they could use.

Bella hummed and watched him leave; she didn’t feel like joining the sparring match, even if it was just Dwalin, Glóin and the princes doing so. She could see that Ori and Dori were off to one side, one knitting and the other drawing. Bilbo was with Bifur going through the flowers and Balin was with Óin talking about something. Where was Thorin?

“May I join you?” The voice made her jerk and blink in surprise; she quickly lowered her dagger from his throat. “I didn’t mean to startle you, you usually hear when one gets close.”

“My apologies Master Oakenshield, I was lost in my thoughts.” She replied before nodding her consent when he gestured to the railing she sat upon.

“It is quite alright Lady Bella.” He hummed, leaning against the pillar. The railing was a little uncomfortable to sit on but he wanted to know the Dam better, he just couldn’t place why yet.

“You may call me Bella; I may be a Dam Master Oakenshield but a Lady I am not.” She chuckled, even if she was a Lady here and amongst the Elves she didn’t like to be classed as such. Ladies to her were regal and proper; she was a blacksmith who fought with a bloodthirst.

“Then you may call me Thorin.” Thorin replied with a soft smile and Bella couldn’t help but think that it made him more stunning, younger. “May I ask why you cover your face from view?”

The question made her body tense, her hand clenching and eyes flashing. Thorin was about to apologise but she sighed and began to answer him. “I do not like my flesh uncovered, as you know that dwarrowdam’s are rare and dress like men when they travel. I travel quite a lot Thorin and it is better if Men or others know I am not female.” She explained.

“Did something happen?” Thorin asked carefully as he heard the undernote of steel in her voice.

Bella for the life of her didn’t know why she decided to do what she was about to do but something told her that he could be trusted. She wouldn’t show him his heritage but she could show him proof without actually showing her face or the other ear.

Thorin watched as Bella lowered her hood, revealing the dark oak hair, he could even see strands of gold and red as the sun’s rays caught them and stiffened as she brushed one braid away to reveal her ear. The top part was slightly missing. “What happened?”

“I was attacked by three Dwarrow’s, they saw that I was a dwarrowdam and decided that it was three against one.” She explained carefully as she pulled up her hood once more and quickly grasped his arm as he jumped down in a rage.

“Do you know who they were? Women of our race are to be protected, cherished! It is a crime against our maker to attack a dwarrowdam!” Thorin seethed, his voice carrying down to the company causing all the Dwarrow’s to jerk their head up in horror to see their leader and Bella together.

Dwalin and Nori raced up the stairs, they knew who she was, they were close to her and though Nori knew her heritage this was something that he didn’t know. The rest of the company rushed up and began to ask her if she was well, if anything happened, how old was she when this happened.

“Calm, be calm!” Bella boomed, her voice like a crack of thunder. “I knew not who they were, I was sixty…” She trailed off with a sigh as they began to curse, by Dwarven law it was 65 when you reached maturity.

“If I find them then they will feel the pain beyond the shame of being shaved!” Dwalin hissed darkly.

“Not if I beat you too them first!” Nori replied sharply causing Bella to laugh.

“It will be hard to do for I sent them to be judged by Mandos.” She explained simply, causing all voices to stop. “They did not harm me beyond a few cuts and missing ear tip but they lost their lives for that small mistake.”

“Do you know what clan they were from?” Dori asked softly, though his knuckles were white as he clenched the wool in his hands tightly.

“I think one was from the Blacklock Clan and the other two were Stonefoots.” She explained with a shrug. “It doesn’t matter, I am well and this was long ago. They are long dead, do not fret.”

“If that is what you would like Lass, we’ll leave it be.” Balin stated, giving the others a pointed look. He could see the Dam’s patient about to snap and if her title was indeed correct it would not be best to anger her.

The company begrudgingly nodded and made their way back down to the garden, their joy soured and many more began to fight out their anger. Bella sighed and turned to look at Thorin with a raised brow.

“See what you did, they were joyous and the mood is ruined due to something that happened decades ago.” She explained flatly, watching as a blush began to appear on the mighty king.

“I apologise Bella, I did not mean for that to happen.” He explained causing her to sigh.

“It is okay, I understand all too well. I know how rare Dams are and how well protected they are as well. Though I can take care of myself you know.” She chuckled, smiling wide as he too let out a huff of laughter.

Thorin shook his head at the dam. “Yes, I saw that all too well with the Trolls and again on our run here. I must say you are an amazing fighter.”

Bella felt her cheeks heat at the praise. “My mother was a shield maiden; I wished to follow in her footsteps. My father was a master of blades while my mother was a skilled fighter with axes, I learnt from the both of them before they passed.”

“I am sorry for the loss of your parents, I will also apologise for my rudeness back in the shire.” Thorin stated causing Bella to laugh slightly.

“Three apologies in one day by Thorin Oakenshield, I should feel blessed. But they can easily be forgiven, what I cannot forgive is your anger and blame towards Bilbo; I suggest you give him one as well. For now I am going to find Lord Elrond to see about some meat for dinner tonight.” She hummed before making her way down the hall.

Thorin sighed, running a hand through his hair that did not go as well as he planned.

Author Note: Well here you go!



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  1. I love this story, and am so sorry that I am just now reviewing. I just started from chapter 1 till now, and got so into the story that I completely forgot to review lol. You sucked me into the story, that’s how good it is, and I have to agree with goddessnyte22 Bella does need to tell them. The longer she waits, the worse it will be. Can’t wait for more. 🙂

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