Chapter VII

Title: Braveheart
Pairing: Thorin/Bella
Summary: There was another to add to the company from in the Shire, one no one expected, Isabella daughter of Elrohir Son of Elrond and Belvola. Will they accept Bella as the warrior they know of or will she hide the fact that she is both Elf and Dwarf.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Chapter Seven

Two days had passed and the Dwarrow’s were getting bored, annoyed and well mostly just bored. They had hardly seen Bilbo beyond meals, but Ori was always with him in the library that Lord Elrond had shown them and neither of the company had seen Lady Bella since they found out she had been attacked.

Well no, they had seen her when they were bathing in the water fountain, her eyes narrowed in displeasure as she stormed past the stunned elves and hauled Bombur and Dwalin from the fountain with ease threatening everyone else with shaving if they did not remove themselves from the fountain.

No one dared to hesitate, all them were stumbling over one another to get out of the pond as fast as they could and getting dressed with haste. She had scolded them for disrespect as it was a monument of some kind and left thirteen embarrassed Dwarrow’s and two amused elves behind.

“Lord Elrond has asked for us to join dinner with him and his kin tonight.” Bilbo informed as he stepped back into their little alcove, causing the company to frown. Many went to object, many spewing out insults and Ori complained about green food. “Before you start, Elrond’s son told me why we must attend.”

Balin sighed as he saw the others scolding. “Go on lad, better tell us quick.”

“It’s Bella’s Naming day.” Bilbo explained causing all Dwarrow to freeze in shock and horror.

“But I thought her birthday was near yours?” Ori whispered stunned as he recalled the conversation the night before they encountered the trolls.

“Yes, but uh… apparently you Dwarrow have a naming day? Bella was named months after her birth… I remember her telling me that her father and mother couldn’t agree on a name on both names. I didn’t even know it was today.” Bilbo sighed while he fidgeted with his tattered coat hem.

The company was in madness for a few minutes, their native tongue spewing out as they try to come up with a gift for the Lass as is custom. Unlike Bella, everyone was named on their birth or the day after depending how the mother and birth went.

“How do the elves know the date of her Naming Day though?” Bofur asked confused causing he company to swing their heads towards Bilbo once more.

Bilbo frowned and looked at the company. “Bella was born in Rivendell, didn’t you know this?”


There were a lot of elves in the dining hall and many of the Dwarrow’s mouths dropped in shock at the sight. They were used to seeing stoic, uppity things and here before them was a whole bunch of tree-shaggers laughing and smiling as they twirled about setting the food down.

“Of course you told them.” The voice of Bella caused the company to snap their heads to the right and blink.

There before them was Lady Bella in a- a dress. It was lilac in colour that seemed to shift between Dwarven and Elvish in style, included a hood with white in lining and lace. Even though Thorin couldn’t see her face, she still looked radiant, gabil lukhudel in his eyes.

Dwalin quickly thumped his king on the back when he noticed the staring, giving his cousin a pointed look, Thorin gave him a thankful look before facing the angry dwarrowdam before them who was surprisingly glaring at their hobbit. More to their surprise the hobbit just stared back unfazed.

“I didn’t even know until Elladan told me why they were invited to the dinner.” Bilbo replied smoothly causing the dam’s gaze to darken and send out a low growl as she whipped her head towards the dark haired Elf who was conveniently looking elsewhere.

“Now, now Bella.” Lord Elrond stated coming to her side and the company watched in awe as the dwarrowdam stiffened, her fingers twitching before her whole body went lax. “I made him tell Bilbo, it is time to celebrate and it would be poor manners to not invite the company you travel with to a Dwarrow custom.”

Bella’s eye twitched before she sighed. “Yes, it is right… excuse me.” She gritted out giving the company a bow before slinking towards where she saw her uncle disappear to and pushed herself into the dark shadows that the light conveniently didn’t touch and waited.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Nori asked as he quickly pressed into the shadows of the wall to join her.

“Because I was worried they will know. I was hoping you all wouldn’t come for I wish to actually eat and dance without this blasted scarf around my face. I did not have it on when you arrived; it is supposed to be the white sash that ties around my waist.” Bella sighed out before plucking the apple the thief had in his pocket and pulled her scarf down, taking a bite of it quickly.

Nori watched this with sharp eyes and curiosity, he had seen what she looked like of course and he understood why she hid her face all the time because she had no beard what so ever. A little huff of laughter drew his attention again and his eyes shifted from her to what she was looking at and smirked.

“Nice shot.” He complimented as he took in her nadadaz’adad and the apple that seemed to smack into his head and turning into mush and clumps.

“BELLA!” He screamed as he threw down a hunk of apple, his eyes wild as he scanned the hall and locked onto their exact spot.

Bella stiffened and shared a look to the Thief and pulled up her scarf. “Every dwarf for themselves!” She exclaimed before dashing out of the alcove.

Everyone watched in stunned silence as Elladan chased after Bella who seemed to jump and slide over the tables. The only ones who seemed unsurprised of this was Elrond and Bilbo who simply picked up their plates and cups before putting them back down still talking as Bella and Elladan rushed past.

“Shit!” Bella exclaimed as her uncle dove for her, sending her right into Thorin.

He quickly caught her before she fell while Dwalin and Dori steadied them. Thorin blinked in surprise and clutched her tighter as he saw the elf advance on them, taking in a deep breath to say something only to freeze as the smell of leather, vanilla and something else that reminded him of home hit his senses.

“Come down from your dwarf Baraloth nín, I have some apple for you!” Elladan taunted as he tossed up an apple in the air.

“I am quite happy where I am.” She replied with a smirk, even though no one could see it, they certainly could hear it. “In fact, I’m sure they will protect me.”

Like a unspoken command all the Dwarrow held up a piece of food that they could get their hands on first and smiled sharply at the elf who was slowly backing away from the table. Elladan paused near his father, his eyes wide as he stared up at him.

“Are you going to help me Ada?” He asked and a sense of dread washed over him as his father raised a brow and plopped mashed potato over his head.

Everyone sat stunned for a beat before Bella let out a roar of laughter and jumped from Thorin’s arms and threw food at Elrond with such precision and ease that shocked the company. Elrond stood calmly, his eyes glinting at his granddaughter in a way that made everyone unsettled for it was a look that they saw in Elrohir and Elladan when they were together, a look that was in the Durin Princes and all that caused trouble.

“A war you have declared then Henig. (My child)” He stated with a wide smile and Bella ran laughing as she and everyone near her was pelted in food.

The chaos lasted for two hours before everyone called truce; the hall was a mess, food splattered everywhere and on everyone. Tables were upturned and everything on them lay clattered on the ground or used as shields.

“This is too much like my family dinners at Took Hall.” Bilbo groaned from under the pile of food he had accumulated.

Bella let out a bark of laughter from across the hall. “Except there be no music or even Old Bolger’s moonshine to quench our thirst.”

“Don’t let Hamfast hear that, he will be downright vicious if he finds out you prefer Old Bolger’s moonshine over his.” Bilbo replied in half a beat causing Bella’s laughter to be cut off.

“If you don’t tell Charlie that we prefer both of theirs over his.” She called out and earning a deal in reply before both of them burst out laughing.

Don’t go drinking with hobbits.
Sure, you’ll have a grand time all night long.
But if you go drinking with hobbits, my friends
You may not want to wake up at all.”

Bilbo groaned out a weird huff of a laugh before he sat up with the others joining him, his wide green eyes locking onto Bella’s face. “No. I will not sing nor will I dance.”

“Come on Bilbo, it’s my Naming Day.” She pleaded; she didn’t want to be here in the elven halls or near the Dwarrow or her kin. She wanted to be back in Hobbiton where music flowed freely and you could hear laughter on the wind. “I’ll play the fiddle?”

Everyone’s brows shot up at that for two reasons, one the Dwarrow didn’t know that Bella could play. Well, all Dwarrow knew how to play an instrument but they didn’t know she could as she didn’t carry one with her or join in when they brought theirs out. Two, the elves that knew her, knew she didn’t like to play the fiddle at all because it was her mother’s instrument of choice just like the harp her fathers.

“Well, I can’t say no to that. Oh all right!” Bilbo sighed defeated causing Bella to jump up in glee and dash out the room. She returned a few minutes later with a fiddle in her hands that hadn’t been removed from the carved case it was placed in long ago.

“Well now, I want to join in on this!” Bofur called out as he pulled out his flute from inside his jacket.

Bilbo and Bella laughed. “If you can keep up!”

The music was quick and joyful, Bella’s hands moving sharply as she created a merry tune and turned her eyes towards Bilbo who decided to start where Bella finished before.

“They were thoughtful and kind when they invited me to drink,
A lone human among hobbitkind.
They bought me a half, then another and one more
And told stories of days long gone by.
The brew was strong. My glass never empty,
As if time stood still and bare.
But when I awoke the next morning
I felt like Old Smaug had been there.”

The Dwarrow and elves stiffened at the name but didn’t move as their eyes shot to Thorin or to Bella who hit a slight sour note on that part. Others began to join in, ones who knew the song of course because they had heard it from when Belladonna had visited them long ago.

“You may wonder how it all happened.
Well, I’m still wondering what happened too.
I had tea, dinner, and supper.
Quite full, I thought I was through.
But they insisted I come to the Flagon
And drink to the health of new friends.
But when I go there, I met more hobbit friends
And the toasts seemed never to end.”

Bilbo and Bella’s voices mixed amazingly well, something light and airy that was suited for a hobbit and something smooth yet rough that was Bella’s voice. Though it was completely different than the one she used when she had sung the lullaby.

“When the sun it rose the next morning,
And I lifted my head from my drool,
There were beer mugs spilled on the tables
And hobbits lying next to their stools.
A young hobbit lass grinned cross the barroom
And nudged each of my new hobbit friends.
Then sometime after second breakfast
We all started drinking again.

I left Hobbiton a few days later.
My head it was swollen and sore.
It felt like a dwarven anvil
After a terrible war.
I don’t think I’ll ever recover
From the food, the drink, and the cheer.
And I swear I’ll never drink with hobbits again
At least, not till I see them next year.”

By the end of the song everyone was laughing and dancing along to the hobbit and the dam, even Fíli, Dwalin and Kíli had joined along with Bella, their own fiddles matching in tune with hers.

“It has been a while since I have seen her happy.” Lord Elrond stated as he came to a stop at Thorin’s side, causing him to look up.

He felt something within him conflict, the elves here were nothing like he expected, nothing like the Greenwood elves for sure. They were livelier, open in expression and they… “I was told that Bella was born here?”

“Yes, her mother and father lived here for quite some time when they found out they were expecting. Belvola was beside herself with worry for how the pregnancy would turn out for she had lost her own mother and her brother in birthing.” Elrond explained, gesturing for Thorin to follow him out to the gardens.

“And her father?” Thorin asked curious. “Bella doesn’t speak much of her parents.”

“He was a kind soul, full of mischief and love. Belvola had met him on her way back to Erebor from the Blue Mountains; he followed her all the way to Greenwood before she turned around and accepted his court. When Smaug came they came this way, grief stricken and pained. We offered what we could but no one would accept our aid but those who had children or sick.” Elrond explained as they walked along under the moonlight.

“Why couldn’t Bella stay here? She was a child when she left!” He blurted out before clenching his eyes shut. That was not what he wanted to say, nor did he want it to come out as harsh but a child is a child no matter the race and to see or hear something like this caused any Dwarrow to become enraged.

Elrond paused and turned to him, Thorin could swear upon his maker that the elf looked sad; beyond it really. “She could have and we tried but she left and we couldn’t find her, she covered her tracks well. Elladan searched for her for many years and we feared she was dead until we came across rangers who spoke tales of Bella Berserker or Braveheart.”

Both Elrond and Thorin continued to walk in silence, Thorin deep in thought about that. He had thought instantly when they found out Bella was born here that the elves kicked her out but it was the other way round. She had left and she didn’t want to be found.

“She is your One is she not?” Elrond asked softly causing Thorin to stumble in surprise as the words reached him.

“I-What-N- Yes.” He sighed out. He wanted to deny it all he could, ignore the pull, the Calling so to speak but he couldn’t. He couldn’t ignore the way her eyes expressed all she needed to convey without any other expression.

How they lit up when she was happy, darken to the point it reminded him of the mines in Erebor for how dark they got when she was mad. She was witty, smart and had a sharp tongue but she also put him in his place. That is what caught him first, she took no crap from him, treated him as an equal and not as a king or as a wandering king at that. It was refreshing.

Elrond’s lips twitched in a smile. “I would say do not hurt her or I and many others would hunt you, but there is no point. If you did, there will be no finding your remains.”

“What do you mean?” He asked warily.

“Just that if you were to hurt Bella, she would skin you alive herself, she takes after her mother in that way.” Elrond chuckled before making his way back towards the feast and leaving a stunned Thorin in his wake.

“The others wondered where you went, the party is nearly over.” The voice hummed softly from the darkness, startling Thorin from his thoughts. His eyes snapped to Bella as she made her way towards them, the moonlight shining softly on her dress, she seemed to glow like the very stars and it took his breath away.

“I didn’t know I had been gone long.” He replied softly, gesturing to the spot next to him on the stone bench.

Bella frowned and moved towards the sullen king. “What is the matter Thorin?”

The sound of his name falling from her lips caused his heart to flutter and for his eyes to close he was gone; there would be no other for him for he knew that she was his One. “I do not know what to think, the elves here are unlike the Greenwood Elves, it makes me think is all.”

“I have been to Mirkwood a few times and I agree, but there are some who are like the elves here. I do not condone what they have done to your race but not all of them are bad. Do not judge all for the actions of their King, they had to take their orders just like you had to when Thrór and Thráin went to Moria. Just remember that.” She explained softly patting him on the shoulder as she got up from the seat. “I am to retire; I shall see you in the morning.”

“Until then Âzyungûn.” He replied in a whisper when he knew she was out of sight.

Author Note: Okay, so I know I made a post saying you won’t get any updates but hell, I was like 300 words off this chapter being complete so I decided to finish it and post it for you guys!

Âzyungûn – which is roughly translated to “loved one”



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  1. Another great chapter! I didn’t know that song you put in here, it was great and made me smile. I really hope Bella will tell the company about herself

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