Chapter VIII

Title: Braveheart
Pairing: Thorin/Bella
Summary: There was another to add to the company from in the Shire, one no one expected, Isabella daughter of Elrohir Son of Elrond and Belvola. Will they accept Bella as the warrior they know of or will she hide the fact that she is both Elf and Dwarf.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Chapter Eight

Bella woke up with a hand over her mouth, her hand swung up only to stop as she saw the familiar eyes over her father’s-mothers-mother.

“You frightened me.” She breathed out to her great grandmother.

“I am sorry sweetling, but when I heard you were here I could not resist, you have grown to be a beautiful woman. But I understand why you cover your face.” Galadriel stated softly as she brushed the single braid away from her grandchild’s face.


“What bothers you so, has something happened for you to come?” Bella asked, she knew there was no way her grandmother could get here this quick just to see her.

Galadriel nodded. “The white council has been summoned; you and the company of Thorin Oakenshield must leave. The white wizard wishes to stop you, he has been straying beyond his path.”

Bella shot up at that and quickly began to gather her things. “Then I will make sure we leave tonight.”

“I am proud of you Bel-nín. Your mother and father would be proud too, do not let your past trouble you. I have seen happiness for you at the end of this quest.” Galadriel stated before kissing Bella’s forehead and disappearing into the night.

She shook her head clear before wrapping her scarf around her face and picking up her bag, giving the room one last look before going out to find Thorin. She could hear the voices of the Dwarrow’s around the corner but taking a quick peak se saw Thorin was not amongst them.

Thorin turned his head away shamed as his lineage, his grandfather’s insanity and being accused that he could become much like the very man he didn’t wish to become. The Outcast King quickly turned from the hobbit and made his way back towards the others, gasping in surprise as a strong grip pulled him into a small hidden alcove.

“Shhh, it is just me.” Bella replied softly as she pressed against him, tilting her head back to see around the corner. She had thankfully got him in time as Elrond and Gandalf were to cross his path, still arguing about the line of Durin and Thorin, as well as her.

“Bella?” He whispered confused and slightly dazed as her hand slipped from his mouth and to his neck, nearly curling into his braid and hair.

“We must leave immediately, the white council has been summoned and we will be stopped, did Elrond read the map?” She asked, blinking as she turned to face Thorin once more, now realising how close they actually were.

Oh… OH… She thought as she trailed her hand from his neck and to cup his cheek, her thumb running over his lips softly. “Oh! Sorry!” She stammered, jerking her hand back from his face when she felt a shudder run through him.

“Uzfakuh (my greatest joy).” Thorin breathed out softly before shaking his head clear of the haze she had caused and focused on the words she had spoken before touching his face. “He had translated it for us tonight.”

“Then we must leave with haste.” She explained before stepping back and instantly Thorin felt a loss as she turned to face where the others were.

He followed her quickly, and was amazed that she had seemed to make the barest of sound upon her feet even in steel capped shoes like he before coming to a stop in the now silent room of the company.

“We need to leave immediately there has been a summons for the white council.” He explained before facing Bella once more.

“I need to gather a few things and say farewell, I will tell Elladan to lead you to the path up the mountain and make sure no one stops you and be careful of who approaches.” She explained before quickly making her way out the door, she would stop by to see her uncle first.

Elladan opened the door quickly with his blade to the frantic knocking and saw his niece at the door. “What is it, what has happened?”

“We need to leave, grandmother came and told me. I need you to lead the company to the pass; I have to gather some supplies.” She explained, sighing as he saw his face crumple.

“You are leaving already?” He asked softly causing her to nod.

“I am sorry nadadaz’adad.” She whispered as he pulled her into a bone tight hug. “I will come back once this is all done, or maybe you’ll come to me.”

Elladan sighed before nodding and stepping back from her. “Then I will do this for you, a good prank or two as well to confuse the others and take their mind off of the Dwarrow’s sudden disappearance.” He chuckled.

“Oh… before you go I have something for you.” Elladan stated suddenly as he made his way back into his room and picked up the small wrapped present. “Elrohir left it for you upon his day of sailing for you. You were gone on your coming of age day and we could not find you.”

Bella frowned before opening the present, tears pooling in her eyes as she saw the beautiful Locket. “Mithril?” She asked amazed.

“Yes, so it can never break or tarnish. But look inside.” He explained softly, opening the clasp for her. One side was a picture of her mother and the other of her father.

Bella clenched her eyes shut as pain began to bloom before she closed the clasp and placed the necklace around her neck. “Thank you, we need to hurry.”

Elladan nodded and quickly got dressed before making his way towards the Dwarrow, Bella had already gone the second he turned to change and knew she would catch up with them and be unseen. He and Elrohir had taught her well on that aspect when they all played pranks together, this of course was before Belvola had died.

In a flash he found himself being held at sword point a furious Dwarrow glaring at him. “Bella sent me.”

“How do we know you speak the truth?” Dwalin spat out, pressing the tip of his blade ever so slightly more against the elf’s throat.

“Dwalin, he speaks the truth! You saw how she was with him, they are friends.” Balin chided his brother while pushing the blade away. “You are Elladan correct, we have been told there used to be two of the same elves here?”

Elladan’s neutral face shifted into one of anger and pain. “My brother Elrohir was my twin, he sailed for the Grey Havens when his Chosen died in battle, I am Elladan. But you knew this.”

“Do forgive us, but Bella warned us to be careful.” Balin replied once more.

“I will lead you from my home without being seen, Bella is gathering supplies she will meet us there.” He explained before quickly spinning on his heel and striding from the room.

True to his word he got them through the halls of Rivendell to the path without being seen in an ease that showed the Dwarrow of how long the elf had actually been here.

“You took your time.” Bella stated as she stepped from the shadows and tossing four very heavy and full bags to random Dwarrow with another on her back, all full of food and other supplies.

Elladan glanced at the Dwarrow behind him. “We were held up a little. Remember your word Bella.” He stated firmly before pulling her into another hug, Dwarrow behind them be dammed. “Don’t make it decades before I see you again.”

I promise Uncle.” She whispered before stepping back and strapping her swords into place once more. “Give me back my dagger please.” She chuckled causing him to smirk and hand her back one of the daggers from her waist. She waved him goodbye before following the company up the path.

“Master Dwarf.” Elladan stated, grabbing the wrist of the tri-pointed dwarf that broke into his room. “Will you do me a favour?”

Nori cocked his head to the side with a frown. “It depends, I don’t do elves many favours.”

“You care for my Niece do you not? You kept her secret.” He asked.

“Aye, I care for the Lass as a friend she’s saved my hide often enough.” Nori replied honestly.

“I know she can protect herself but just make sure she stays okay, Bella is like her Father in that sense, and she will make sure the others are looked after before she is. That and your leader, he has been taking glimpses of her, make sure he is what she wants and it is proper.” He explained, glancing up to see his niece walking side by side the hobbit.

“Aye, me and my brothers both will make sure she’s well looked after and that nothing untoward happens with our mysterious leader.” Nori replied with a chuckle before giving him a farewell and hurrying to catch up to his brothers at the back of the line.

“What did the elf want?”Dori asked quietly to his brother.

He wanted me to make sure Bella is looked after and to make sure nothing untoward happens between she and Thorin without proper courtship.”Nori explained just as quiet knowing that only Ori and Dori could hear him.

Dori raised his brows and glanced up to the front of the line, watching as Thorin helped an amused Bella step over a jagged bit before she turned and helped Bilbo over.

“Aye, we can all do that. I am curious though brother, she threatened to cut your beard off, what is your relationship with her exactly?” Dori asked seriously causing the Thief to sigh and look down.

It wasn’t just the Warg last week she saved me from; I had stolen from the wrong people and got caught. It is because of her that I still have my head and that Ori’s teachings could be paid for. She paid for my freedom and in return offered me a job for a little while.” He explained honestly and openly for the first time since that happened. His head was literally on the chopping block when Bella had saved him.

Dori’s hand clenched tightly around his brother while Ori stumbled at the confession. “Then we will do it as a family, but there is more you are not telling us is there?”

“Aye, it is to do about Bella but I swore to her not to tell a soul, even you both.” He explained softly.

“Nori, Dori, Ori, keep up!” Thorin yelled down the path to them, causing the brothers to hurry and catch up.

“Be on your guard; we’re about to step over the edge of the Wild. Balin, you know these paths; lead on.” Thorin stated as he stopped at the top of the open path.

Balin nodded. “Aye.”


By the time night had fallen everyone was exhausted but they were a good distance away from the Elves and the danger. Bella had once again deposited Bilbo near the fire before making her bed further away from the others near a group of boulders.

“Come join us Lady Bella!” Kíli called over to the Dam, giving the others of the company a look.

“I am quite alright here.” She murmured back, just loud enough for them to hear.

Bilbo frowned and cast a look to his old friend. “I don’t know what’s wrong; she is not like this in the Shire.”

Each member of the company shared a look, one that was filled of alarm and sadness. Was it because she didn’t feel safe around them as she was the only Dam? No, that couldn’t be it because if what Dwalin said was true then she could easily take them all on.

Thorin frowned and made his way over to his… to Bella. “Why do you sit outside of the others, I have watched as you placed Master Baggins near the fire and excluded yourself.”

Bella turned her dark eyes to the dwarf king. “Because of Gandalf’s trickery, you and all the company beyond the Ur family have treated Bilbo poorly. The Wizard did not think this through; I am here on Bilbo’s behalf only because Hobbit’s are no longer suited for travel whereas I would rather be at home in the Shire.” She hissed, causing Thorin to jerk back in surprise.

“What do you mean?” Thorin asked but he knew she was correct as he had been harsh to the Halfling quite often and he also knew the others found him skittish, making jokes in Khuzdul when Bella was not around to hear them.

“Hobbits thrive in kindness Thorin, when you take that and all the comforts they know around them…” she trailed off gesturing to Bilbo, her eyes sweeping over his frame. She had noticed that he had lost a considerable amount of weight since leaving the Shire. She made sure he ate his seven meals to put it back on but it still was not enough.

This time Thorin took a closer look at the hobbit and frowned he recalled the hobbit being more put together, rounder and less pale.

“Go back to the others Thorin, I am going to sleep, tell whoever is on shift first to wake me for mine.” With that Bella turned her back upon the king and closed her eyes.

The company ate in silence, hardly any felt like breaking out into song or story like they usually did before they reached Rivendell. Bella’s playful mood and camaraderie had all but vanished with them once more and they were feeling that sting as they glanced at the slumbering dam with confusion.

At first light they continued, Bella already ready as she had taken the last shift before sunrise. She could see the storm clouds begin on the horizon and hoped that it held off as they made their way over the pass; it was dangerous enough without the rain and wind adding to it.

Unfortunately her hopes of it holding off were dashed as the skies above opened and it poured down upon them. Everyone ached as they trudged through the muddy, slippery path while making sure no one else had fallen. So far they had nearly lost Bilbo as the path under him had crumbled away.

“WE NEED TO FIND SHELTER!” Thorin yelled over the beating rain and cracks of the storm. The path was too narrow and dangerous for them to move forward in this condition.


Watch out!Dwalin yelled as his eyes shot to the air and saw a massive chunk of rock flying towards them.

“Well bless me, the legends are true. Giants; Stone Giants!” Bofur gasped out in awe, his body straightening from its crouch as he tried to get a better view of the giants while everyone else ducked for cover.

“Take cover: you’ll fall!” Thorin roared as he saw Bofur, the ground around him crumbling just as the others yanked him back.

Bella felt the ground shake and shift, her eyes shooting down the line to Bilbo as Fíli begged Kíli to take his hand when the rock began to pull away.

They were not on a path; they were on the edge of a stone giant’s shins.

“BRACE YOURSELVES!” She heard someone yell, or was it she who yelled as they began to move as the Giant they were on fought with another. Her heart constricted as she saw Bilbo staring at her with wide frightened eyes from between Bofur and Dwalin. She along with the others jumped to a safer part of the mountain as their leg collided with it.


“No! No! Fili!” Thorin yelled in horror as he watched the rocks collide and then the giant fall. “FILI!”tumblr_inline_nilh1zFL1E1t7oh95

“BILBO!” She screamed just as Thorin screamed for Fíli, oh wherever Belladonna was now if she could see this Bella knew she would be in for a stern talking.

The group rushes to the spot where the others appeared to have been crushed, Thorin being the first sagged in relief as he saw everyone safe together.


“They’re okay! They’re all alive!” Glóin yelled back to the others.

Bofur scanned the group before paling. “Where’s Bilbo? Where’s the Hobbit?”

Bella hearing this turned her head around scanning desperately for her friend, watching as Ori cried out and threw himself to the edge. She and Bofur both joined the scribe and desperately tried to reach for him.

“Bilbo! Don’t you fall you hear me!” She yelled at him as she tried to lean further down to grab him.


Thorin snarled and swung down as he heard his One’s desperate cries for the Halfling his hand grasping the rock edge, feet landing on a small jutting rock before he yanked up the hobbit into the hands of Bofur, his One and Ori. He managed to get Bilbo up with two jerks before his own hold slipping, Dwalin’s hand catching him.

“I thought we’d lost our burglar.” Dwalin gasped out with a slight chuckle. Bella pulled Bilbo close and breathed harshly as she tried to calm her racing heart, she had nearly lost him after promising to protect him on this journey.

Thorin was not amused, his heart beating from the little dangle over the edge with only Dwalin to help him. As well as the fact that his One was worried beyond belief, she nearly threw herself over the cliff before he jumped down to save him. “He’s been lost ever since he left home. He should never have come. He has no place amongst us.”

Bella snapped her eyes up to their leader with fury, she watched while she helped Bofur and Bilbo up as he and the others stalked further into a cave system and followed soon after.

The rain was a roar; even in the shelter of the cave it was loud to Bella. But that didn’t matter at this current moment, she was fuming. Bilbo had almost fallen to his death and in that mere few seconds after Thorin saved him, he dismissed him with harshness.


Everyone paused as the dam continued to push their king; Dwalin had held back his brother as he went to intervene, giving him a shake of his head. Even he agreed that Thorin’s words were unmerited.

“Bella it is okay!” Bilbo stammered out as he made his way towards his angry friend.

Bella spun on her foot, her eyes wild. “No it’s not Bilbo! You have done many things; you have proved your worth to this company. You have a place amongst us.” She stated firmly before whirling around to Thorin.

“He is Dwarf-friend, his is my kin! I Bella Braveheart claim him as kin!” She hissed to the stunned dwarf king before turning her back to him once more. She pulled out a pouch hidden in her boot before rifling through it and pulling out the familiar family bead, it was a spare one but it was one of the first she made and handed it to Bilbo.

“Keep this with you at all times Bilbo, when we have time I will make you something so you can wear it visibly.” She murmured before making her way back towards the cave entrance.

Bilbo looked down at the cool metal bead with a frown before looking around at the stunned Dwarrow’s. “Uh, what just happened?”

Balin sighed and decided to speak up as no one else was going to tell the lad. “Lad, do you know the significance of beads?”

“Yes, Ori explained some.” Bilbo stammered out, glancing to his friend and back. “Each one signifies something, be it family, courting, Calling…”

“Aye, well… Bella claimed you as kin, quite strongly. The bead you carry now is her family bead, you are part of her kin and all who see it will know and respect you because of her. To hurt you is to bring her wrath upon whoever did it. Trust me Lad, it is a good thing.” Balin explained, leaving out the fact it needed to be braided in his hair but his hair was too short.

Bilbo blinked and stared down at the bead before looking towards the way Bella left. His heart felt heavy at the fact that she was still choosing him over everyone before her, chose to be an outcast so he could feel included with the company. He had never felt more anger towards Gandalf than in this moment, not even when the company came and pillaged his larder. Maybe Thorin was right.

Bella sat near the cave door and closed her eyes, trying to once again calm herself down before that familiar rage decided to come through. How could he be so cruel? So moronic? Soon enough she found herself woken by the sound of Bilbo trying to leave. Bella didn’t remember falling asleep but now she was wide awake and listening to Bilbo talk with Bofur.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Bofur asked Bilbo as he tried to sneak past.

Bilbo sighed and turned to Bofur. “Back to Rivendell.”

“No, no, you can’t turn back now; you’re part of the Company. You’re one of us. Lady Bella even claimed you as such.” Bofur explained, trying to keep the hobbit in side. They needed him and he didn’t really want to lose another friend either, Bofur quite enjoyed Bilbo’s talks as they walked.


He just sighed dejectedly and turned to face Bofur. “I’m not though, am I? Thorin said I should never have come, and he was right. I’m not a Took, I’m a Baggins, I don’t know what I was thinking. I should never have run out my door. Bella will understand, I can’t… She belongs with you all, I can see that and because of me she outcasts herself.”

“What’s that?” Bofur asked, gesturing to the blade causing Bilbo to frown and look down.

Bella snapped her eyes open instantly as she heard shifting sand, her eyes flickered from the floor to Bilbo’s sword and then finally to Thorin who too was looking at her in horror.

Before she or Thorin could utter a word to the others, the ground below them gave out and they fell.

Author Note: Here is a chapter for you allllll! *giggles*



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