Chapter X

Title: Braveheart
Pairing: Thorin/Bella
Summary: There was another to add to the company from in the Shire, one no one expected, Isabella daughter of Elrohir Son of Elrond and Belvola. Will they accept Bella as the warrior they know of or will she hide the fact that she is both Elf and Dwarf.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Chapter Ten

The Company stood in a few more minutes of silence admiring the view till the sound of metal clacking reached their ears and turned to see Lady Bella flop down. Her eyes were closed and her breathing short and even.

“Bella!” Bilbo shouted, rushing to her side. “Are you hurt? What is the matter? Óin!”

Bella waved off her brother, her kin. “All is well Bilbo; I am merely tired is all. I used too much energy fighting, all will be well soon.”

The company remembered the cry, the utter fury and some even remembered the burning flames in the Dam’s eyes as she stalked towards the Pale Orc filth. It was something they had never seen before, but they all had seen the one they called Berserker, the name the men gave her that night many moons ago.

“Where are the whips? Where did they come from?” Kíli asked, more like demanded causing Bella to blink up at the dark haired prince.

“When we’re safe I’ll show you.” She replied before getting back to her feet with a groan. “We need to get down and make our way; the Wargs will catch up with us soon.”

“I happen to agree, we’re injured and it’ll take a while to get down. The pack will catch up to us in a day or two.” Dwalin informed his king while he helped steady Bella, laughing as she just glared. “But I agree with Kíli, where in Mahal’s forge did those whips come from?”

The snort that came out of Bella was anything but ladylike. “I’ll show you when we reach a safe place, for now we need to move Dwal.”

Bella quickly removed the shield from her arm and strapped it to Bilbo’s bag before hoisting it over her shoulder, holding out her hand for Bilbo to take it as she saw the steep drop in each step. Seriously, could Beorn not make smaller steps?

“Bella?” Bilbo asked with a confused frown, looking between her open waiting hand and her face.

“Bilbo, it’s a steep drop on each step, we’re all going to need help down even Gandalf.” She huffed, waving her hand down to the steps and rolling her eyes as the others began to curse. Frankly Bella was tired and hungry, she wanted to sleep and eat, and the only way to do that was to get off this god forsaken rock.

“WOAH!” Glóin cried out as he found himself hoisted off his feet and down a step, his eyes wide as he looked up at Bella. “Lass!”

“Quiet, help the next person down!” She huffed over her shoulder before dragging each and every one over. Each member bar Bilbo giving Gandalf a glare as he coughed to hide his laughter and between Dori and Bella they were able to get down the Carrock just after the sun reached mid peak.

“I will look ahead, keep an eye on them Bella.” Gandalf whispers to her before disappearing into the trees. A huff escaped her lips as she stared in the direction she knew Gandalf disappeared to, she had travelled many times through Mirkwood, Beorn’s halls and pass the Carrock down to Lothlórien and Rohan.

“Where did that barmy wizard get to now?” Nori asked her as he came to a stop at her side, Dwalin on the other.

“Scouting ahead, we must head North East. If we go South we will reach the Old Ford and Rhosgobel but the roads are no longer safe nor is it through the forest.” She explained causing all to draw short.

“You’ve been through Mirkwood recently?” Thorin asked slowly.

“Aye, dangerous. I saw the Lonely Mountain but not close, it was… Bilbo, when did I go to the Iron Hills?” She asked him, her eyes snapping to the youngest middle-aged hobbit amongst them.

“I’d say about three years ago, you were gone for a year in return it was the longest you had been away from the shire.” Bilbo replied as he tried to catch his breath and not groan as his legs burned.

“Aye, Niama had a babe and named her Bella. Said I had to be there to greet my namesake or she’d send all of Dain’s army to drag me kicking and screaming. I got held up in the forest though on the way back, bloody Khurb-takhrabmî zars-tamanâl. (Horse-riding tree-dweller)” Bilbo didn’t know what she said but he could tell that whatever it was shocked the company.

“But, but I thought you were elf-friend Bella?” Ori asked a slight blush on his cheeks.

Bella levelled a flat look at the young scribe. “Of course I am Ori, but I am friends to only those in Laurelindórenan, Lindon and Imladris. I am no friend of the Mirkwood Elves.”

“So how far have you travelled then?” Kíli asked curious as they began to make their way towards the river.


“Far I have seen the peaks of Mahal-kuk-khizdîn, to the far east peaks of Kheled-dûm and down to the yellow mountains.” She explained causing many Dwarrow to inhale and stumble.

BY YOURSELF?” This was of course from the mouths of Nori, Dwalin and Thorin.

Bilbo frowned and turned to look at Fíli as the four began to argue. “What are they arguing about?”

Kheled-dûm is the Red Mountains to the east, not many go there and none go to the yellow mountains. It is a dangerous place in general down the south, only cutthroats live and breathe there.” Fíli explained never taking his eyes off of the scene before him.

“It is especially dangerous for Dwarrowdam’s.” Glóin harrumphed.

“YOU WERE A CHILD!” Now this caught everyone’s attention, as Nori did not yell it in Khuzdul but Westron. “Fifty, you went to the yellow mountains when you were fifty.” He moaned.

“Yes and you stole those vambraces off me in Ibrizbuzru mind you.” She pointed out, “and you are not much older than I.”

“NORI!” Dori yelled in horror as the story his brother had told him leaving Rivendell came back to mind.

Nori groaned louder and glared at the dam. “Me asnân tada Mahal duhû kansu tah.” (You are proof that Mahal has a sense of humour)

The others gasped while Bella just smirked. “Me dubul ma samnirmî kasab du zantulbasn bintablagi.” (You are so simple you couldn’t sell a pie to a starving hobbit.)

Bifur was the first one to double over in laughter as Nori spluttered and just stared at the Dam as his brother began to yank his ear and lecture him. The others soon followed while Bella began to explain why the company was laughing to Bilbo.

“You poor sod.” Bilbo sighed with a shake of his head before dropping to his knees and scrubbing his hands and face clean.

“I’m sorry to say this but we need to keep moving.” Bella hissed, her hand gripped tight on the handle of her blade, ears twitching at the sound of oncoming beasts. “NOW! RUN!”

Bilbo jerked his head up, he too able to hear the noise and didn’t hesitate to run in the direction Bella had pointed in once she practically tossed him over the small riverbed to the other side. Thank Yavanna that he had learnt how to land after a throw when Bella had begun to demonstrate her strength in the shire but participating in the games. He, Hamfast and Renegold before she was pregnant were the ones who could land on their feet without toppling over.

“Both of you and I need to stick together.” Bella stated as she jerked both Nori and Dori close to her once they got across the river. “Bofur, Ori, take care of the hobbit!”

“Us?” Dori asked as they weaved in and out of the trees.

“If worse comes to worse we can throw Nori up, with his darts he can easily get them, or you could throw me. Either or, just keep moving!” She shouted as she leapt over a large boulder and nearly landing on Bifur who ran around it.

Sorry Bifur!” The Ur Cousin simply waved it off as he moved closer to his cousins.

They ran through rivers, rocks and up the mountains until they crashed into Gandalf, sending all of them scattering to the ground. “Gandalf!” Kíli cheered.

“Where have you been?” Thorin asked as Dwalin and Balin helped him to his feet.

“I was scouting ahead.” Was all he supplied causing many of the elder Dwarrow to frown.

“Bilbo, go back up the path and see how far away the pack is.” Thorin ordered waving off Dwalin as he grasped his ribs in pain.

Bella and Bilbo cast each other a look, the former giving the hobbit a nod. “I’ll keep an ear out, be quick.” She whispered to him.


He quickly made his way up the mountain path that they had just fled down from. His keen eyes locked on the pack of orcs and wargs before ducking so they wouldn’t see him. A snarl caused Bilbo to snap his eyes to the left and felt his heart jump to his throat. There before him stood a great black bear, bigger than he had ever seen, looking out over the distance.

“How close is the pack?” Thorin asked as he and Dwalin made it to the path.

“Too close. A couple of leagues, no more, but that is not the worst of it.” He tried to explain, puffing as he tried to regain his breath and still his beating heart.

“Have the Wargs picked up our scent?” Dwalin asked, pressing the matter as he saw the fear on the hobbit’s face.

“Not yet, but they will; we have another problem.” Bilbo gasped out.

“Did they see you? They saw you!” Gandalf asked loudly, causing Bilbo to spin and look up at him, annoyance clear on his face.

“No, that’s not it.” He gasped out with a frown, groaning as Gandalf simply smiled and looked at the others.

“What did I tell you? Quiet as a mouse. Excellent burglar material.” Gandalf praised while the others agreed and laughed.

“SHUT IT!” Bella snarled causing the Dwarrow to become silent and turn to face the angry dam. “Bilbo is trying to speak and you will not let him!”

“Thank you Bella, I was trying to tell you there is something else out there.” He snapped with a little huff, dwarves.

Gandalf frowned concerned, his eyes trying to take in the surroundings. “What form did it take? Like a bear?”

Bilbo spun opening and closing his mouth a few times. “Y—yes. But bigger, much bigger.”

“You knew about this beast?” Bofur asked watching as Gandalf turned away. “I say we double back.”

“And risk the orcs catching up to us? No.” Thorin snapped worried.

“There is a house…” Gandalf trailed off before looking at the others. “It’s not far from here, where we might take refuge.”

Bella eyed the wizard with a frown, yes she knew he was taking them to Beorn’s place but he was barely tolerant with her being there for a day let alone a whole company of Dwarrow. Thorin seeing his One’s displeasure stared at the wizard. “Are the friend or foe?”

Gandalf stammers for a second. “Neither. He will help us, or he will kill us.”

The Dwarrow shuffled and muttered in dismay at the news. “What choice do we have?” Thorin utters just as a roar echoes the plain causing all to jump.



“Anyone else tired of running?” Bella asked in a huff, her hand clutching her ribs as they took a quick second break to catch their breath. Bilbo was at her side in an instant with a worried frown upon his face. “I’m fine Bilbo, it hurts little.”

“Hurts? Are you hurt lass?” Óin yelled, drawing the attention to all of them.

“Nay, it’s an old wound hurts now when I run too long.” She explains, and it was the truth. She was helping with the farmers of The Shire and the bloody pony bucked her and she landed on the fence hard enough to crack a rib and for it to pierce through her skin. Not a fun day. “We need to keep going, we’re almost there.”

A mighty roar echoed the forest, causing fear to strike in the hearts of the company.

“This way, quickly!” Gandalf urged, pointing to the spot where the trees thinned out.

“Bombur, come on!” Bofur yells, snatching the front of his brother’s tunic and yanking him to run.

As they exit the forest and into the bright sun, Bella could see the Beorn’s home and the large hedge that kept the animals inside safe. She had been there once and only once, she had passed near his home of course but only once was she allowed inside the hedge wall.

“To the house! Run!” Gandalf yells.

“Bilbo!” Her head whipped around at the panicked cry from Ori to see him stumble. Bella dug her feet in the ground as Bombur ran past her and Nori before being shoved to run once more as Glóin picked up Bilbo and kept moving.

“HURRY!” Thorin snarled as Bombur threw his whole weight into the door before falling back. Kíli and Bofur were next followed by Nori and Dwalin, each one throwing their weight to open the door but it still would not budge.

Gandalf and Bella spun around their eyes widening as the bear broke through the trees and came barrelling towards them snarling. “THE LOCK!” Bella roared as she shoved those at the back away from the garden gate.


Thorin rushed forward and unlatched the lock, how they missed it, he will never know and everyone piled in before quickly turning around and trying to close the door, all the while avoiding the snapping teeth of the great vicious bear.


Bella practically collapsed with exhaustion as the doors slammed shut. That was close, they all nearly gotten eaten by the skin-changer. Though she met Beorn once, trading a story for food as she travelled – well escaped – from Mirkwood.

“Show me!” Kili demanded, whirling around to face the dwarrowdam.

Bella raised her brows. “Show you what may I ask?”

“You said that when we were safe, you’d show us your weapons.” Kili replied quickly, trying not to shift under the intense gaze.

“Aye lass! We all have a bet going since you went head to head against Azog and well the goblins. Where did those whips come from?” Glóin explained slash asked.

Bella raised her brows in amusement as she saw their curious faces, even the king. “What did you bet?” She asked Dwalin.

Dwalin snorted, “That you had more than Fili. I’m not stupid, unlike the rest. Bilbo and Nori even bet more.”

Bella shot Bilbo a look as Fili began to pull out his weapons, laying all eleven on the table for her to see and raised his brows in challenge.

“Well, that’s disappointing.” She hummed before standing, a groan leaving her lips at the pain in her back. She hated running, hated long distance even more with a passion and carrying all these bloody weapons was the same.

She shuffled her scarf so it covered her head and ears along with her mouth still before lowering her hood. The others sagged disappointed at the fact she still wouldn’t allow them to see her face, Thorin most of all who had caught sight of her dark hair in Rivendell and again when fighting Azog.

“What are you doing lass?” Óin asked as he watched her unlace her vambraces.


“They’re weapons, both of them.” She explained as her fingers paused and flicked out the blades, smirking at their wide eyes.

She quickly laid them down before reaching behind her and removing her swords and the two sharp narrow blades in her hair before moving on. When she removed the daggers from her boots she stopped and eyed the others, a smirk on their faces as they saw ten weapons.

“Oh well look at that, you owe us money you three.” Bofur stated loudly, spurring the others on.

“Show them the rest; you haven’t laid the whips out yet!” Nori exclaimed, halting the conversation.



“Oh, that’s right.” She chuckled, sending the hope of the others running. The laugh was rough and mischievous.

They watched as she removed her cloak for the first time in the company’s view, their eyes locking onto her torso with bugged eyes. This caused Bella to snort; she knew they weren’t staring at her chest, no their eyes were locked onto her arms where her whips rested and onto the fourteen blades at her hips. She of course had more but they were lost to the wargs on the cliff.

“Mahal bless me.” Someone uttered shocked causing Bella to laugh.

With a flick of her wrists the whips unfurled from her arms with ease and she carefully placed them next to her swords before smirking.

“The rest Bella.” Bilbo stated as he recalled the vertebrae of daggers on her back.

Fili’s eyes widened as he whipped his head back and forth between the two, “are you telling me she has more?”


“I have six on each thigh Master Fili and well… These.” She finished while turning around to show them her back.


The silence lasted for two beats before the Dwarrow’s around her erupted into cursing and shouting in disbelief. She just simply turned around and raised her brows at Gandalf as he caught a money bag; he simply shrugged and smirked before going back to his pipe.

“Did you make all of them?” Fili asked as he fingered the different patterns and shapes. He honestly couldn’t believe how much weapons the dwarrowdam was carrying.

“These are my mother’s.” She explained, fingering the needle like daggers she pulled from her hair before pulling two long daggers from her thighs. “These were my father’s. My mother made them for him as a courting gift.”


She hoped they didn’t recognise the slightly off-key elven shape and style on it. They still didn’t know about her heritage besides Nori, the bastard followed her when she went to see her uncle and get him to fix her braids. Though she knew the thief wouldn’t tell because honestly, who would want to suffer castration and shaving or well, the elves wrath.

“They’re beautiful, I’ve never seen blades like the ones you have and make. I’ve never even owned a finer pair; these ones were my father’s.” Fili explained, fingering the twin daggers that always rested at his elbows.

“What is that?” Ori asked Gandalf as another roar echoed the night.

“That Ori is our host.” Bella sighed out as she began to put her blades away once more. “And he is not going to be pleased come morn.”

“What do you mean? You know our host?” Thorin demanded.

Bella sighed as she laced her vambracers once more and looked up at Thorin through her lashes. “He does not like Dwarrow, this is my second time in his home but I have met him plenty of times on my way to and from places. He tolerates me at best, he will hate you all.”

Each and every member of the company turned and simply glared at the spluttering Wizard.

Author Note: Well here you go! Another chapter! Are you guys loving it? Hating it?

Khurb-takhrabmî zars-tamanâl. – Horse-riding tree-dweller

Mahal-kuk-khizdîn – Dwarf-place where the Creator shaped ore (Grey Mountain settlement – often erroneously written as Mahalkukhizdín)

Kheled-dûm – “The Glass Halls”, capitol of the Ironfists in the Red Mountains.

Ibrizbuzru – also known as Haradwaith, was the name of the immense realm south of Gondor and Mordor. The Men of Harad were called Southrons or Haradrim (“South-multitude”). The worst part of Harad lies between the sea of Umbar to its west and Khand northeast and was divided into two main provinces.



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  1. I cracked up laughing when Fili realized she had more then he did. I absolutely love this story. This one and Dragon Heart are the ones I really look forward to now that the Unexpected is completed. While waiting for new chapters I go back and reread this over and over again.

    Look forward to the next chapter

  2. I love this story. Thank you for the new chapter. I love their reactions to her. I am looking forward to the time when her heritage is revealed, especially to Thorin. I am super intrigued by this Bella as both Dwarf and Elf. Can’t to see how things happen next.

  3. as always fantastic update. i really look forward to dh and bh updates they are just that awesome!! them glaring at gandulf at the end lets me know someone is in big trouble lol. can’t wait to see if they rip into him lol.

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