Chapter XII

Title: Braveheart

Pairing: Thorin/Bella

Summary: There was another to add to the company from in the Shire, one no one expected, Isabella daughter of Elrohir Son of Elrond and Belvola. Will they accept Bella as the warrior they know of or will she hide the fact that she is both Elf and Dwarf.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom. {{Between these is green speech}} Aka hobbit talk.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Chapter Twelve

They stood there together, closer than what they would have before.

“Bella.” Nori called, causing both Thorin and Bella both to jump and face the thief and the other Ri brothers.

Thorin took in the scowl on the eldest Ri’s face and shifted a step back from his One. “I need to go speak with Balin about the supplies. We leave tomorrow.” He informed before making his way back to the large house, giving the Ri brothers a wide berth.

“Really?” Bella asked as she turned her amused eyes to the brothers. “Was that necessary?”

Nori smirked. “The Elf asked us to keep an eye on you and Thorin, make sure that if any untoward advances were done correctly. Think of us as your chaperones when it comes to our majestic leader.”

Dori elbowed his brother with a scowl while Ori sighed. “What Nori means is that we want things to be done correctly. It is a Kins job to make sure that courting is done appropriately and that the Dam isn’t being taken advantage of.”

“We have elected ourselves to watch over it. Nori told us what you did for him- us.” Ori supplied while he fidgeted with the ends of his scarf.

“Really?” Bella replied with a chuckle, her brows going up. She knew he uncle was over protective but to ask one of her companions, Nori none the less to look after her and Thorin’s courtship or whatever the dance was. “I always wanted brothers.”

The Ri brothers froze in their bickering, three sets of eyes snapping to her in shock. “W-what?”

Bella laughed. “Well you are doing what kin is supposed to do. Elladan has asked you to look after me, he wouldn’t say that lightly. I always wanted brothers.” She explained with a smirk as she walked past them.

They couldn’t move their feet, but they followed her with their heads, eyes bugged and mouths open. “By Mahal’s beard.” Dori whispered knocking Nori from his shock at what Bella said to his brother.

“A sister, if I thought looking after you and Ori was bad then my job has become ten times as hard… a sister.” Dori whispered to himself before hurrying after Bella.

“Did she just invite herself into our family?” Ori whispered to his brother, confused as to what just happened.

Nori shook his head. “She just claimed us as Kin like she did Bilbo, but less traditional. You should know this Nadadith.”

“Should we go help her?” Ori asked again as he saw Dori fluttering nervously around Bella as she conversed with Bilbo.

“No, she wanted brothers; let her be mother henned by the eldest.” Nori chuckled as he made his way back to the house. Ori smirked slightly while following his brother, giving Bella a wide grin as she huffed and rolled her eyes when Dori turned his back to talk to one of the others.


The next morning the company was woken to the sound of loud laughter and the smell of cooked food. There was no meat of course, something the Dwarrow didn’t begrudge about as their host was three times their size and turned into a large bear. But the smell of fresh baked bread and cooked eggs was better than the porridge or watery soup they had been eating.

“Ah, you’re finally awake. Little Warrior was telling me stories.” Beorn greeted from the head of the table as he toasted to Bella who was carrying a Beorn sized plate full of bread and honey.

Many of the members had to blink and rub their eyes as they took in the dam. No coat to be seen nor weapon on her person as she twirled in and out of the animals. The only one who didn’t really find this odd was Bilbo who simply shrugged and went to the table to eat.

“Where did this food come from?” Glóin asked as he sat down next to his brother, rubbing his eyes at the feast.

Bella snorted, “I made it Master Glóin.”

“You can cook lass?” Bofur asked as he slapped away his brother’s hand from his own plate.

Bilbo and Bella both snorted this time. “Are you joking Bofur? Bella has been living in The Shire for many years now. There is not much to do but work or bake, I do recall my mother teaching her how to make her seedcake when I was a mere faunt.”

“And Renee taught me how to make her honey cake which is what you are eating.” She explained while doubling the food upon her hobbit brother’s plate. “Eat Bilbo; till you cannot eat anymore, I made enough.”

Bilbo nodded and dared not to say anything or even decline. Bella had practically force fed him food the first night here until he stopped worrying about the others and not leaving them enough food, which was how the betting the debate on how his eating habbits came up. The company didn’t believe that he could eat so much, after a lengthy description of hobbits from both he and Bella they didn’t ask many questions after that.

Though he did get an apology for all his food being eaten.

“Wait, these are Renee’s family honey cakes, only she knows how to make them this way. How in Yavanna’s name did you get the secret ingredient?” Bilbo asked after he finally tasted the honey bread.

Bella smirked, though he could not see it beyond the crinkle in her eye, Bilbo knew she was smiling at him. “I cannot tell you, it’s a secret.”

“Is there something we are missing?” Balin asked the both of them as they began to argue.

“A hobbit horde recipes like dragons to gold. Each family have their own special recipe that is traded when courting or passed down to the family. Like Bilbo has all of Bungo’s and Belladonna’s recipes that have nearly caused a war over to get, Renegold makes the best honey cakes in the shire, out beating her own mother who made the recipe. He’s just jealous I know the secret to it and I won’t tell him how I acquired it myself.” Bella explained, her eyes sparkling with mirth.

Bilbo huffed. “Well you’ll never know my mother’s apple pie recipe.”

{{Cinnamon, Vanilla and a hint of honey.}} Bella replied in Greenspeech causing the Dwarrow to frown as Bilbo began to splutter and choke on the mouthful of food.

“How!?” Bilbo asked once he washed down the bite of food.

“Who do you think taught your mother how to make it?” Bella called out in a laugh as she disappeared in the doorway that leads to the kitchen.

Beorn laughed loudly. “Little Bunny and Little Warrior funny, I should have you come here often.”

“Now, now Beorn we all know that you only tolerate animals. That being said, we need to leave.” The sudden mood at Bella’s voice caused all the joy to evaporate from the room at the seriousness in her voice.

Thorin nodded. “Yes, everyone eat and get ready.”

Soon enough the company was ready and prepared to go. Beorn had left immediately to gather his ponies for them to use.

“I have packed you enough food and water, I hope.” Beorn grumbled out as they approached. “I have also supplied you with more arrows Little Warrior and a bow.”

Bella glanced at the milk painted horse with a smile as she saw arrows sticking out from a quiver, a bow her size next to it. “Thank you Beorn, giving us food and water was enough.”

“No little warrior, you and I both know how dangerous the forest is. It has darkened more since your last visit, webs and spiders have been seen. You will need them, take it as thanks for treating my friends fairly.” He explained, kneeling down the young woman’s height. “Be careful little elf, your senses will be screaming. Trust not the wizard, he should know better.”

“I will keep that in mind.” Bella whispered, clenching her hand tightly at Beorn’s warning. She knew it was true but she did not think Gandalf to be this cruel and cunning.

The frown that pulled down on Bella’s brows was seen by the others as they loaded the ponies while she discussed with Beorn.

“Thank you for your aid Mister Beorn, I know you do not like Dwarrow. I appreciate it and all you have done.” She replied just as softly, her eyes flicking to the forest and back. She could hear the wargs in the distance and she also knew that he was going out each night holding them off.

Beorn smiled softly, showing his pointed teeth while patting her head before pushing her towards the company as the Wizard made his way over.

“Gandalf, time is wasting.” Thorin called unimpressed while his eyes shifted to his One who was still frowning as she double checked her bags before mounting her pony.

“Do not drink or touch the water in the forest, it is tainted by the foul magic that spreads across the land. Do not stray from the path, you will not be seen again.” Beorn warned once he was finished his talk with the wizard.


When the company reached the woods Gandalf and Bella mounted quickly, the wizard making his way to the path while Bella followed after him. They had seen the wizard and the Dam conversing on their journey here, mostly Bella ranting to him in elvish and the wizard brushing her off. They did not know what they spoke of or what Bella was so angry about but they knew it was serious to anger Bella so.

The company jerked as the sound of a blade being drawn caught their attention before gaping as they took in the view before them. Bella froze at the edge of the woods where the gate was, her sword tip pointed at Gandalf’s chest.

“Bella?” Bilbo asked warily, his eyes flicking from the woods and back to his friend nervously.

“I suggest you remove your sword Bella.” Gandalf urged, looking down into the fire filled eyes of the Dam before him.

“And I suggest you shut the bloody hell up you bastard.” The words were guttural as she spoke, pressing the blade harsher against the wizard’s chest, causing him to stumble back. The other Dwarrow’s quickly moved forward to intervene, stopping when her black eyes landed on them.

“I am tired of your game’s Mithrandir. I am tired of your cruelty.” She spat, this had everyone pausing and snapping their eyes to Gandalf who was now frowning.

“Whatever do you mean?” He asked, regretting the words instantly as he saw a flash of white across the Hybrids eyes.

“First you offend Bilbo, you made the company treat him harshly as they ransacked his home and threatened his Gentle Hobbit ways. The second was thrusting this valar forsaken quest upon him when I know he would have said no. Now you expect he and I to travel these woods? You are cruel to suggest that a hobbit could walk the lands of tainted trees Tharkûn. You knew the forest was sick and yet you still suggest we walk the path of darkness.” The words ended in harshness, malice that it had all the company freezing.

Gandalf shifted uneasily before the Dam. “Now Bella…”

“Don’t. You. Dare. If I survive this quest Mithrandir, you will find the wrath of my grandparents upon you.” She spat out, relishing in the way he stumbled back with wide eyes.

“Lady Bella?” Balin called hesitantly.

“Yes Balin?” She asked gruffly while pulling Bilbo closer to her.

“What was that about Lass?” Dwalin demanded before his brother could, his hands grasping Grasper and Keeper as he eyed the wizard.

“Hobbits are connected to the Earth Dwal, they feel the life of every plant as they are the creations of Yavanna. Gandalf knows this and knew about the Forest, it is cruel to make a hobbit enter a sick forest and hear the screams.” She explained roughly, trying to ignore the call of the trees and stone.

She too had the ability to hear the trees, but not in the same extent as a hobbit. Hobbits felt all growing things, could sense them and hear them depending on how attuned they were to their abilities and Bella knew that Bilbo could hear them. Not to the extent as the Gamgee’s but he was above an average hobbit.

“I will be fine Bella.” Bilbo stammered out as he moved to her side, eyeing the wizard and the sword in his sister’s arm. He needed to keep reminding himself that she is his kin and he hers.

A growl left the dam’s throat as he placed a hand calmly and hesitantly on hers. “I will be alright.”

“Belladonna will be causing Yavanna hell in her garden for this disrespect. You call yourself a friend to her and treat her son this way, no Gandalf. I will not forgive you for this, my kin and his will not forgive you for this you meddling wizard.” She hissed furiously in a pitch that only Gandalf and Bilbo could hear. “But go do what you come here for and leave.”

Gandalf quickly made his way into the woods, the voice of Galadriel in his head as he did so while Bella sheathed her sword once more and took several deep breaths while trying to shake the haze away from her vision.

She could feel the malice and dark power in the woods behind her; she could hear the trees crying in the distance while others did not have a voice to share anymore as the taint swiftly killed them like it had ever other living thing in there.

“Not my horse! I need it.” Gandalf’s voice echoed as Nori began to unsaddle it, only to stop as he watched the wizard run towards them with panic.

“Where are you going?” Thorin demanded at the same time as Bilbo. “You’re not leaving us?”

“I would not do this unless I had to.” Gandalf explained as he mounted his horse and looked down upon the company, looking hard at Thorin. “I’ll be waiting for you at the overlook, before the slopes of Erebor. Keep the map and key safe. Do not enter that mountain without me.”

Bella muttered under her breath before jerking as she heard her sigin’amads (grandmother) voice.

He needs to leave my fiery flower, but when time comes he will be spoken to. Be careful Bel-nín for the darkness is great in the woods, the white wizard has strayed further from the path than we had expected.

“We need to hurry, we don’t have much time.” Bella grunted out, acknowledging her grandmother’s words.

“Come on. We must reach the mountain before the sun sets on Durin’s Day. This is our one chance to find the hidden door.” Thorin agreed, jerking his head for the others to take the lead into the woods.

“Durin’s Day. Let’s go!” Dwalin instructed, shoving his brother and cousin’s forward while giving his king a look.

“Will you be alright Bella?” He asked softly, eyeing his one who was still breathing sharply and in short bursts while her hand clenched tightly around the dagger at her side.

“I will be fine, but keep an eye on Bilbo.” She muttered before steeling herself and following after the Ri brothers leaving her One and Bilbo to follow.

Bilbo sighed and shuddered as his foot touched the stone of the elven entrance and shook away the faint screams in the back of his head. “I am more worried for Bella, I don’t hear the growing life as most hobbits thankfully but I can still hear them. Bella can sense the earth and stone, she has…” Bilbo trailed off in thought as he tried to remember what she had called it.

“Stone-sense?” Thorin supplied more to himself than to Bilbo.

“Yes! That is it, she has stone-sense.” Bilbo informed as he followed the king into the woods, shuddering once again as they stayed at the back of the trail with Bella in the lead.

“How strong?” Thorin asked softly, eyes flicking up to Bella and then to the ground in worry. “Bilbo, how strong is her stone-sense?”

A frown pulled down at Bilbo’s brows as he thinks. “Well I’m not sure how to tell, she never explained it. Only that she could sense them, why?”

“It is rare, well, all Dwarrow can sense stone. Bofur can hear the stone speak; can find ores more so than any other Dwarrow. It is a rare gift to hear the tongue of our creator, but it also can cause pain if the rock is ill. It is why Bofur had problems in the misty mountains.” Thorin explained, trying not to be harsh towards the hobbit who his One claimed as Kin.

“I can sense and hear the rock. I can feel how they move and where things created by them are.” Bella supplied from the front. “I am like Bofur, I can hear our makers voice in the stone and sense the gems or precious ores. I can also tell that this path has shifted, there is more than one and they twist and end. I cannot tell the true path from the false.”

“Aye the lass is right, I can sense the false stones too and the many paths. We may have a problem Thorin.” Bofur supplied from the front as well, turning to look back at his king with a frown. “I do not think this is the right path.”

“We will follow it till the end then and see where it leads us. We cannot double back now.” Thorin orders with a sigh, they could not lose more time, more hope.

Author Note: A shorter chapter but I have written myself in a hole! Fear not as well my lovelies, the story is not abandoned, I’ve been working on my other WIPs and my FAGE story which had to be done by the 20th of Jan.



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  1. Great chapter! Seeing your view on how Gandalf has twisted things to serve his purpose sure puts him in a new light.
    So does Bilbo even have the One ring? Curious to how this plays out with the spiders and the Mirkwood elves.

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