Chapter XIII

Title: Braveheart

Pairing: Thorin/Bella

Summary: There was another to add to the company from in the Shire, one no one expected, Isabella daughter of Elrohir Son of Elrond and Belvola. Will they accept Bella as the warrior they know of or will she hide the fact that she is both Elf and Dwarf.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom. {{Between these is green speech}} Aka hobbit talk.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Chapter Thirteen

Bella couldn’t help but worry as she hoisted Bilbo higher onto her back, she couldn’t remember if it was day one or day three of their walk in this accursed forest. But she knew it was a long time ago when Bilbo began to sway and she had lifted him off the ground onto her shoulders.

She also gave him her previsions.

It helped him regain his clarity, his feet being off the poisoned soil, and it helped her keep a steady pace. But, she could admit that they no longer walked the right path, the trees and rocks sicker, silent. It made her uneasy and soon she found herself beside Dori who kept her upright, lending his own strength to her.

“Nadad?” Her voice sounded far away as she called for her adoptive brother, she didn’t know if it was one of the Ri or Bilbo himself.

She felt her legs give out, a moan of pain escaping her lips as she crashed into the painful stone. Bella felt Bilbo leave her back, his sudden departure to her weight caused her to sway, she was so hungry.

“Bella? Bella!” She heard someone yell her name and then there was a mass of black and silver before her vision. Two masses, blue eyes and silver hair… She could hear arguing as she curled in on herself and then she felt someone lift her up into their arms and a sense of security filled her, but she couldn’t see who it was.

Nadadaz’adad? Ada?” She felt someone laugh beside her but it was too dark for her to see. “Hungry.”

Silence, then curses that blended into more curses.

Kurdunamad, when was the last you ate?” She heard someone say, heart sister, one of the Ri’s then.

{{‘fore forest. Bilbo food.}} She explained and this time it was only one voice who cussed up a storm before all around her went black, unconsciousness taking her.

Everyone blinked and stared at Bilbo as he ranted and cursed in a mix of tongues, mainly Westron and something that sounded like music. Dori held his sister close with Nori and Ori at his side trying to keep her warm, they had just gained a sister, a sister they had always wanted and nearly had before their Amad died with the new babe and now they could lose another now. Even though it had only been a few days since she had declared them brothers they had come to love her fiercely.

“What did she say?” Thorin asked worried, his question though directed to Bilbo, his eyes never left Bella.

This caused the hobbit to stop and sigh harshly, his fingers pressed into the corners of his eyes, a sign of the hobbits frustration. “She hasn’t eaten before the forest.”

“What? We’ve been giving her food though!” Ori cried out furious shocking everyone, including his brothers. “I made sure to give her food, I can’t lose another sister!”

Nori quickly pulled his little brother in his arms and looked stricken. He, Thorin and Dwalin were the only ones who knew the truth about Kori and the babe. Nori had told his brothers she died in birth but they knew that Kori had been assassinated by a dwarf who she turned advances down, he didn’t last the night.

“She’s been giving it to me.” This quietened them once more. “She’s been giving me good chunk of her portions when no one was looking. I told her to stop and I thought she did, but she must have slipped some more into my hand when I was not looking.”

Nori groaned loudly and cursed up a storm that had even Dwalin blushing.

“Where did you learn that?” Dori demanded horrified, struggling between covering his baby brother’s ears at the filth that left his brothers mouth or let go of Bella.

“Where do’ye think I got it? Half the words I know are from ‘er.” Nori snapped back before scowling down at Bella. “I didn’t teach you sleight of ‘and to make yerself starve to unconsciousness, ye cloudyhead.”

Nori!” The outrage that left a few Dwarrow’s lips had Bilbo jumping.

“Well it’s TRUE. I taught her sleight of hand and she’s been using it to feed Bilbo and not herself.” Nori hissed back frustrated. “Look this isn’t helping Kurdunamadê.” (My heart sister)

“He’s right, we make came here tonight!” Thorin ordered as he glanced at the path and the surrounding area. The fog that had begun to settle over him had lifted the second he watched his One collapse.

“Bombur if you can, she’ll need broth.” Óin shouted as he checked over the dam, making sure not to jostle her coverings. He had seen what she’d done to the Goblins that tried to remove the coverings on her face and the steadfast way she kept it, he didn’t want to risk her wrath.

“How is she?” Thorin asked softly as he knelt down before them.

“She’s just dehydrated and starved, once we get some broth into the Dam then… Well…” Óin trailed off now realizing the predicament.

“What is it? What is the matter?” Dori demanded before Thorin could.

“Well, the lass will need to eat but…” The healer trailed off gesturing to the scarf around her face.

Nori jerked at that. “I’ll feed her the broth, I’ve seen her without the covering and I know she trusts me with her looks.” The thief replied with a simple gesture. “But you’ll have to turn around as I do so, she’s not too fond of people seeing her face.”

Thorin recalled the soft curve of her jaw, the slight blush upon her bare cheeks and plump lips. Yes, he too knew what his One looked like, knew her heritage and felt something in Thorin’s chest settled at the thought she trusted him enough to show him how she looked.

“Dori, Bilbo and Ori will be the wall; we’ll turn away while you do it.” Thorin ordered eyeing his company and stopping on his Nephews. “Do you understand? I will not betray her trust and provoke her into harming us.”

Fíli and Kíli slouched at this; they really wanted to see what the Dam looked like but knew their uncle was right. It was her privacy and they really didn’t want to cross the Dam who could defeat Dwalin in battle, no they will turn and not look, no matter how much they want to.

Bombur with the help of Glóin and Bofur got the broth ready, just enough for all of them and Bella as well. Just a simple broth made of water, cram and some vegetables since they had no meat and handed the full bowl and spoon to Nori.

The thief sat on the ground, the bowl at his side while Dori shifted their sister into his lap, her head resting on his thigh before the eldest Ri took up his position at Nori’s back. Ori on the left of Dori, covering the majority of them both, while Thorin sat on the other side facing the camp and Bilbo sat on Ori’s other side.

Nori cast a look around and when he saw that no one was looking, carefully removed the wrap from Bella’s face. He’d never admit it out loud but now more than ever, she looked like an elf and yet beautiful nevertheless.

“This reminds me when Ori was sick.” Nori muttered softly so only his wall could hear.

“Or you, usually you.” Dori replied tensely, his fingers furling and unfurling as the itch to mother was there.

With a careful hand, Nori scooped up a spoon full of broth – making sure it was cool enough – and tilted Bella’s head back before slowly tipping the broth down her throat. He didn’t realise he was humming until his brothers joined in and then the company, it was a favoured Dwarven lullaby – or what is considered as one – by dwarflings and one he remembered his Amad and then Nadad sing when he was little.

By the time the broth was nearly done, Nori found himself wincing and nearly biting his tongue as he held back the whimper of pain when Bella’s hand shot up and grasped his wrist. Oh Mahal, she is stronger than Dori.

“Shhh Kurdunamadê, it is just me.” He whispered to her, blinking when her eyes snapped open and locked onto his.

When Bella woke it was to the taste of broth on her lips, her mask gone and warmth, she could hear humming and for a mere moment she thought she was with her mother but the scent of decaying forest and fire had her on high alert. But now, now as her eyes were regaining focus she could see Nori’s familiar shape. This relaxed her somewhat, at least it was he who was feeding her and when her eyes travelled past Nori she could see Dori’s back and her One’s.

Something within her chest warmed at the fact that they were hiding her while Nori fed her, protecting her from prying eyes even though it was the company.

“What happened?” She asked softly, shifting closer to Nori when she saw Thorin and Dori jerk at her voice.

“You passed out, been giving Bilbo all your food and your body finally collapsed. What were you thinking Kurdunamad? We’ve been in here for four days nearly and… I didn’t teach you sleight of hand for you to do this.” He whispered sternly back causing her to laugh slightly before wrapping the scarf back around her mouth and sitting up.

“How long was I out?” She asked as she eyed the company, their backs once turned now shot back around with relieved smiles.

“About an hour or two.” Thorin explained as he got to his feet and brushed down his coat. “We were worried, you just collapsed.”

Bella shook her head and went to stand, laughing as several jerked towards her to help her. “I’m well enough; I needed the broth, thank you Bombur.”

{{Really Bella, what made you do such a foolish thing! I have been surviving on three meals a day; I don’t need your food as well!}} Bilbo hissed out as he marched up to her.

{{Now Bilbo, you need it more than I.}} She replied calmly, but a frown furrowed at her brows as she struggled to make a few pitches. Green Tongue was hard to use, it was even harder to learn but she did with persistence. Renee, Charlie and Belladonna swore her to secrecy though about it and she had, only speaking to them in private so she didn’t lose the ability to make high trills.

{{Nonsense! This proves you need to eat, mother would be downright furious at the both of us. You for being irresponsible and I for not noticing you grew pale. You were using Dori as a support!}} Bilbo yelled back furious, gesturing to the frozen Dwarrow beside him.

While Bilbo and Bella argued in a language none could understand they got the feeling that they were too also part of the conversation. They didn’t understand how Bella’s voice could go from a high pitch to a smooth low and back up again just as fast. It was an odd language that was for sure and many were wondering how many languages Bella knew exactly.

“Why I never!” Bella finally said in Westron, staring at Bilbo – who had a smug smile upon his face – in shock. “I’m never teaching you things again Bilbo Baggins! Those words are not to be repeated!”

Bilbo shrugged undeterred and grinned wickedly, a smile they had never seen upon his face and only on the three mischief makers in the group. “You didn’t teach me them all, Mama did too and some from them.”

Bella turned her dark eyes upon the company – mainly Bofur – with a scowl. “Stop teaching him curses; it’s bad enough I am at fault for half of them.”

“We should rest, we will continue tomorrow. Dwalin you have first shift with Bofur, then I’ll take second with Glóin.” Thorin ordered, giving his one a sharp look when she went to offer to take a shift, snapping her jaw shut as she saw the worry in his eyes.

“Ghivashel you need to rest, get enough sleep and then tomorrow you can take a shift.” Thorin whispered as he made his way to her side and tapped his forehead with hers.

The Dam sighed and nodded. “Okay.”

“Come Kurdunamad, you need to rest.” Ori whispered, pulling her to their family pile where Dori was setting up the bead rolls with Bilbo. His small family of three was now five, a new brother who shared his interests and a sister who matched his elder brother’s strength.

They all pilled in the brothers surrounding Bella who had Bilbo curled into her side, she couldn’t help but smile and rested her hand upon Nori’s mane across from her in comfort as Dori shifted himself and Ori closer.


Disaster, that was all Bella could say to describe the day. One disaster after another, they had indeed lost the path and now they were stuck on one side of an enchanted river with a broken bridge. She couldn’t tell if it was done by elves or whatever was tainting the lands.


“Oh… we could try and swim it?” Bofur suggested while eying the grey water before him. Bella moved and quickly caught Bilbo as he leant forward, his eyes locked onto the bubbling stream – the sound of his heart beating in his ears. His wide eyes snapped to hers as she shook him from the allure.

“No, the water is tainted with an enchantment.” Bella uttered as she passed Bilbo over to Ori. “We cannot touch it, I cannot tell what enchantment it is and I rightly don’t want to find out.”

Bofur frowned. “Doesn’t look very enchanting to me.”

“We must find another way across.” Thorin ordered, moving towards his sister-sons.

“I see a boat!” Kíli yelled, pointing to the blurry image across the foggy stream. Bella pushed through the company and cocked her head to the side, there before her was indeed a boat, one that looked sturdy enough to carry two at a time across.

“Bilbo.” Bella called as she moved back to the bridge. “Are you ready?”

“Ready?” He asked as he came to a stop at Bella’s side once more, looking at her and the gaping gap she was gesturing to, surely she didn’t want him to swim across.

Bella snorted at the affronted look. “I’m going to throw you across so you can unhook the rope and tie our rope to it so we can pull it across.”

“Oh, OH! Ye—yes, okay ready.” He explained as he handed his pack to Bofur and waited as Bella picked him up and threw him, he curled his body and waited. When his feet hit the ground he went into an instant roll to divert the sudden shock of impact before scrambling up and to the boat.

It was tied to an old stump and was easy enough to brake since – thankfully – he kept his sword on him at all times. “Okay, I got it! Send the rope over!” He called out and jerked to the side as a hook flew at him.

With fumbling hands Bilbo was able to secure the rope to the boat and give it a tug, jerking back as the boat was pulled out from under him, thankfully he was able to tie the old rope to the stump and latch it to the boat too so they could pull themselves across. Thorin and Dwalin grunted as they pulled the boat across and gave it a quick glance over to see if it would hold.

“Two at a time. Kíli, Fíli you first.” Thorin ordered as he helped his sister-sons into the boat and pushed them across.

“Bombur will need to go last.” Thorin pointed out as he and Dwalin got into the boat. Bombur frowned but nodded, he knew he was the biggest of the lot and the heaviest. If he went by himself then there was more of a chance he wouldn’t capsize the boat, though it didn’t make him any happier about the situation.

When everyone was finally across Bella keeping her eyes on the forest as the others pulled Bombur across, there was a sense of dread in the pit of her stomach as she took the darkened woods. The light was fading fast and her unease grew, more so when Bilbo slammed into Thorin’s side as he was about to shoot the Stag she didn’t realise was there.

The sound of hooves and snapping twigs had the company on edge. Bella jerked her head around as she followed the sound, the unease growing. The company jerked as a white stag jumped out of the shrubbery and jumping over them all as they dived out of the way, its back legs knocking into Bombur.

“Bombur!” Bofur yelled, trying to get to his feet.

Bella jerked forward and caught the heavy dwarf by his beard, holding him just above the water. “I am so sorry Bombur!” She cried out as he let out a moan of pain from his beared being yanked but it was the first thing she could reach.

“Oh thank Mahal! Thank ye lass.” Bofur and Bifur grunted as they helped Bombur to his feet. When he was steady enough she let go of his beard and apologised profusely.

“Oh, not it’s okay Bella, thank you. I’d rather have my beard pulled than to become enchanted.” He whispered to her with a soft smile and it relaxed her instantly. Pulling’s one beared without permission was an offence worthy of shaving or death depending on the severity of it.

They began to walk once more, walking a path that should not be there but looked like one nevertheless and it had both Bilbo and Bella on edge, there was no sense of earth nor stone below their feet even though they walked on it.

The trees grew twisted and black ooze that dripped from the branches and everything around them. The days or hours passed in a haze, the sense of eyes upon them made them uneasy, even more so when Bella and Bilbo both began to act paranoid covering their ears at sounds that only they could hear. They ran out of food, hunger began to set in and then so did the voices that everyone could begin to hear.

They had lost Thorin not long after that. They had chased the lights, the smell of meat and laughter, and in a flash they were on the floor in the dark once more with Thorin missing. The company scattered, screaming for their king and Bella being the loudest as she called for her One.

One by one the screams died off and it set Bella on edge along with Bilbo when she had finally found them. She could see him well but she knew he couldn’t see beyond her as the darkness was near suffocating.


Her head shot up and her eyes widened as she took in the surrounding area. All around them were webs, large webs and then as she looked above her heart near stopped. It had to be spiders. Branches began to snap and the sound of Bilbo yelling reached her ears as she felt a sharp sting hit her back, right below where one of her blades rested and protected.

The world around her swayed and once again she found herself falling into the waiting arms of unconsciousness.

When Bella came to it was to her body hitting the ground hard, she could hear the others moaning around her and cursing as they struggled to get free. With a snarl she released her daggers in her vambraces and sliced through the sticky web before making sure the others got out as well, her eyes scanning for Bilbo.

“Bilbo!” She called before taking off in a run as he heard him call out and then fall. He landed in her arms hard, drawing a moan of pain from his lips and a chuckle from hers. “Really Nadadith you need to be more careful.”

The company got to their feet instantly, Kíli, Fíli and Dwalin rushing to Bella’s side. While Thorin was not with them she was – as his One – technically above them in rank. Though Bella didn’t seem to know this and they left it up to their King to explain, but after they found him and got out of the accursed forest.

“Has anyone seen Thorin?” Balin called as he swung his sword around and slashed down another spider.

“No! He was not with us in the cocoons, it was the only nest!” Glóin replied as he swung his axe and killed the creature that was about to stab his brother with its stinger.

Bella groaned loudly as she heard the footsteps above and waited, her eyes jerking up as she saw the familiar frame of the prince. “No one talk, I will do it! I know this elf and the king would not take kind of you insulting or threatening his son.”


“Do not think I won’t kill you Dwarf, it would be my pleasure.” The Elf Prince threatened as he came to a stop in front of the bald-headed one, a quirk of his lips in a smile.

Bella watched from the centre of the company with her brothers at her back, the princes at her sides as the elven company marched forward, bows aimed at them all. “Drop your weapons, we will not win if we try and fight.”

As by command, the Dwarrow’s dropped their weapons with reluctance, but they knew the words the Dam spoke was true.

“Search them.” Legolas ordered, his eyes scanning the group while Tauriel gave him the report of the nest. Yes, another nest was destroyed but they were getting bolder, closer to their home.

“There is not more we can do but keep culling them, the King will not listen to reason, even the council of his own son.” Legolas bitterly bit out when Tauriel suggested to go to the source. Legolas had fought long with his father about taking siege of where the creatures were created but his father would not budge.

“Enwenno hain!” He ordered once all the weapons were collected and turned, only to pause as a voice sounded out behind him.

“Another game then Princeling?” His shoulder sagged with exasperation as he turned around and faced his masked friend, he should have known.

His lips twitched in amusement. “You caused an awful amount of frustration for my father; he’s still wondering how you escaped the cells. I too wonder how you did it.”

“Ah but where would the fun be in that Princeling?” Bella teased lightly as they began to walk once again, her hands bound behind her back and the prince now her escort. She knew the others would be curious and furious at her friendly banter but there were a few elves here that were like her own kin.

Legolas hummed. “Indeed, you have a bigger challenge now. I do not suppose you’d escape and leave your Company in our cells. I would like to see you break fourteen and yourself out, a wager if you will.”

Bella’s brows shot up and hope swelled in her chest. Fourteen and herself, then they have found her One. “A wager and what Princeling do I get if I win this wager?” She asked.

“If you win, I shall give you my daggers.” He replied pulling them from their resting place at his back.

“And if I should lose?” She asked with a slight hum, it was a fair prize. She had admired Legolas’s daggers when she first met him and often made offers for them, when she escaped last time and he met her in the forests, she had won his bow.

“Well, I do quite like your own blades.” He stated and they all came to a stop, the elf prince and the Dwarven King’s One.

“Lass what are you doing?” Balin hissed confused as he eyed the two before him but Bella waved it off and held out her now free hand.

“If I get out with my Kin, I get your daggers AND our weapons back.” She negotiated causing he prince to smile.

“Then if I win and you get caught, I get your swords AND to see your face.” He countered, causing the Dwarrow’s breath to hitch, their eyes flicking from their Dam to the Prince.

“Deal.” Bella agreed, shaking her friends hand; she will show him.

Author Note: Oh my god so sorry for the long wait, this chapter was just a nightmare! The scene with Legolas still didn’t go the way I wanted it! But here is another chapter!

Kurdunamadê – My Heart Sister

Kurdunamad – Heart Sister

Nadad – Brother
Nadadith – Brother that is young



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