Chapter XIV

Title: Braveheart

Pairing: Thorin/Bella

Summary: There was another to add to the company from in the Shire, one no one expected, Isabella daughter of Elrohir Son of Elrond and Belvola. Will they accept Bella as the warrior they know of or will she hide the fact that she is both Elf and Dwarf.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom. {{Between these is green speech}} Aka hobbit talk.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Chapter Fourteen

The march towards the Great Gates and Thranduil’s Halls was made in silence, or well as much silence as one would expect for Elves and Dwarrow’s. The insults were interesting and yet predicable, it also aggravated Bella as she being a hybrid of both species was offended on the behalf of both.

Though she guesses that her being on friendly terms with Legolas and the deal she made with him did make it worse, but she wanted those daggers.

Nori and Bilbo stuck to her like glue, neither one willing to be from her side. Dori and Ori took up position behind them while Dwalin and the princes were before them, one of these days Bella is going to explain to them physically that she can and has protected herself quite well.

The halls were vast and hollow as they were the last time, it wasn’t like Rivendell, and there was no love or joy in the cavern. It was a husk of what it used to be, as far as she has been told by Elladan and others, the king losing his compassion and love the moment his Chosen had died.

With a shake of her head Bella watched as a group of guards split off from them, the ones that carried their gear while the rest led them down the familiar path to the cells. She kept her eyes scanning the layout to see if they changed it in some way and memorized the cells that her company was put in, disheartened that

“They stay with me.” She growled out when the guards began to remove Nori and Bilbo from her side.

Legolas narrowed his eyes but nodded his consent, it wouldn’t do any harm after all he knew that she’d escape one way or another. Bella smirked under her scarf before frowning as they were shoved in a standard cell; she had thought she’d be placed in her usual spot. Her eyes scanned the cells she could see once the door was closed, keeping track of where the company was and to see if her One is in one of them.

Dwalin cell

Can anyone see our king?” Dwalin roared, slamming his body heavily up against the cell bars.

The answering replies of negatives had Dwalin cursing but Bella smirking. If he was not in the cells with them, then that meant he was in her usual room in the innermost chamber between them and the cellar.

“Bella what are we going to do?” Bilbo asked softly, his eyes shifting nervously around the cell.

“I will get us out of here Bilbo, it’s easy to escape these cells but smuggling all of you out of here with our weapons and Thorin will be hard.” She explained before turning her back upon the door and kneeling down.

She remembered the layout well within her mind, it also helped that she brushed up on said layout when they were in Rivendell. She made it a habit to irritate King Thranduil when she passed through, just to let her kin know she was alive, even if they didn’t know exactly it was her.

Nori and Bilbo watched as she knelt near the back of the cell and pulled out one of the hair spikes that belonged to her mother before scratching at the ground. This caught Nori’s interest especially since what he could make out was the beginning of a layout, a map.


“How many times exactly have you been imprisoned here Kurdunamad?” Nori asked with raised brows as he leant up against the wall. He was worried and impressed, usually it took him a week or so to get a map properly done and laid out but here she was with a near complete one in a matter of minutes.

“Twice.” She grunted out. “My stone-sense helps with the rest, the kingdom was helped carved by Dwarrow and I can see easily the layout of everything.”

“I still don’t understand Stone-sense.” Bilbo muttered causing Bella to laugh.

“Think of it this way Bilbo, you sense the earth yes?” She waited for his nod before continuing. “It’s like how we Dwarrow hear the stone but some of us, like Bofur and I, we can hear the stone louder than the others. It’s like seeing a pulse of light flow over everything, illuminating the shapes and curves of the stone, each metal a different colour. Like how Belladonna helped you navigate with sound when you couldn’t see.”

Nori nodded, he didn’t have stone-sense like Bella or Bofur but like all Dwarrow he could navigate anywhere if there were rocks under his feet but he didn’t need that either. Thorin was the perfect example of how some Dwarrow needed stone beneath them, without it they would be lost, even Dori got like that sometimes as they were raised in Erebor, raised to be connected to the stone below them. Nori though born in Erebor, he was still a babe and had yet to connect, he and Ori were raised on the road.

“Ori will be fine Nori.” Bella muttered as she saw the concern flicker across his face. She could easily read the thief thanks to their time long ago together; it also made it very useful.

The thief just nodded and knelt down by his heart sister. “What is the plan?”

Bella cast a look at Bilbo quickly. {{Keep an eye on the door; I’ll explain it all when I have with Nori.}}

“How good are you sneaking around without being heard or seen?” She asked her brother, watching as his brows rose before a devilish smirk graced his lips.


Bella twisted and crouched low to hide from the elves nearing. She was in very little armour, only her pants and tunic, a blade hidden in her hair.

“Do you know when Annúnor will be returning from the boarders?” A soft voice asked and Bella cursed internally as she pushed herself into the dark nook as the two elves came to a stop in the hall.

The male elf shook his head. “I heard there were Orc’s in the forest, the Prince was sent to investigate while Captain Tauriel was sent to deal with the spiders.”

This was concerning news to Bella, Orcs in the forest. Why would Orc’s travel in Mirkwood or better yet, so close to the elven kingdom? Unless… unless they were hunting something, something that that wouldn’t deter them… Thorin…

“… The Starlight Feast is in two days’ time, I hope they are back then to celebrate.” The chestnut haired elf whispered just as softly as before. The two began to walk away once more and when they were out of hearing range did Bella only then relax, her mind whirring with the news and information.

She knew where they would keep her weapons, it would be in the armoury just above the cells and Thorin is in her usual cell thanks to Bilbo’s stealthy silence. She always found it amazing how quiet hobbits were, even to elven hearing.

With silent steps she began to move once more, wrapping her scarf around her waist and shoulders to look like a shawl, just in case she was spotted. Then she would only look like an elven child and not like a dwarf, it was how she escaped last time, of course she had Nori holding all her hair beads for her and let her braids bar her first and coming of age braid go.

When the familiar heavy wooden door came into view she pulled out her mother’s needle daggers and began to pick the locks and hoped they hadn’t changed or were strengthened. It worried her that she didn’t hear any sounds from the other side and prayed to Mahal that he was in the cell and not somewhere else, otherwise this would be counterproductive.

“Thorin?” She whispered, blinking her eyes to adjust to the darkness once she swung the door open.

Thorin jerked as the familiar rumble of his One reached his ears and turned towards the door in hope, his heart lurching as he saw her unmasked face. Bella smiled at her One softly as she saw his reaction, Thorin’s breath hitched as warmth spread through him at the smile.

“Ghivashel.” Thorin breathed, pulling her close to him the second the door closed. “I had expected Bilbo to return, yet here you are with your scarf and armour removed.”

“I had to see you and if I were indeed spotted they would have just assumed me a child, but Thorin, we have two days to figure a plan. The Starlight Feast is in two days; it is then that we shall escape.” Bella explains softly, straining her hearing to see if any guards were coming by.

Thorin frowned; he could see that something was wrong, that she had something else to say. “What else bothers you Ghivashel?”

“I overheard that the hunters are tracking a band of Orcs.” She explained softly, pulling back from her One to look him in the eyes, just waiting for him to understand. “There has not been any recorded problem since the Sauron’s time with Orcs this close to Thranduil’s Kingdom. There is only one reason why a small band would come this close…”

She watched as Thorin’s frown of confusion turned into realisation and then horror, his stark blue eyes even in the dark shone. “Azog.” He breathed.

“We will have to be diligent when we escape, we will have what we need and hopefully help.” She explained turning her head towards the door, she wouldn’t have much time now until the guards came back to do their rounds.

“I do not understand?” His voice was low and gravelly and it sent a jolt down Bella’s spine. Oh how she loved his voice when it was like this, how he uttered in Khuzdul and she hoped one day he would whisper to her in Sindarin just to see and hear the difference.

But it was then that she realised that no one — well Bilbo mainly — hadn’t told him of her deal with Legolas. A wince flashed across her face so quick that Thorin thought he’d imagined it and steeled himself for something he just knew he wasn’t going to enjoy hearing.

“I’ve been captured here before; in fact you’re staying in my room. Legolas, the prince and I are friends to an extent. We were a bit hostile at first but then it turned to sarcastic barbs and bets. Last time I escaped I won his bow, this time he bet me that if I should get everyone free then I win his daggers and our weapons.” She explained and cringed as Thorin scowled.

He was right, he didn’t like this.

“And if you lose?” He asked dangerously, not even caring to speak in Khuzdul.

“Then he should get my blades and see my face.” She replied casually with a shrug but her eyes never left his, her hand never left his body nor pull away from him. Thorin could see the unease, dare he say fear of the prospect.

With a deep sigh he pulled his One close and touched his forehead gently to hers in a sign of affection. He would not lecture her over this or criticize her plan for he knew she was the only hope he and the others had of escaping. She had escaped once before, but now she had Nori with her and he feared what the two of them together would be like. A silent deadly force to be reckoned with he’d bet.

“Do you have a plan then?” He asked after a moment of silence.

With a shake of her head, Bella pulled herself away from Thorin and cast a look towards the door, time to go. “No, but I will. I need to go; I will be back in two days’ time.” She whispered before opening and locking the door behind her.

Thorin sighed sadly, his hand moving to the bead he had hidden in his hair when he heard the door begin to open, hopefully he will be able to give it to her soon.


The next day passed by in what seemed to Bella as slow to the point it seemed to crawl, then it was the day of the feast. After her visit with Thorin it was Nori who went out next and spoke to the others telling them the time line. Now, it was Bilbo’s turn and she couldn’t help but pace in worry, he should have been back near an hour ago.

“He’ll be fine Bella.” Nori uttered tiredly from his spot in the corner.

“I have half the mind to leave this cell and risk it all to find him. If he gets caught and hurt because of this plan then I will never forgive myself.” She replied before leaning heavily on the cell door. Her scarf was firmly tucked around her face once again, it was nice having it off, she missed the cool air but Bilbo still didn’t know what she looked like truly and as much as she trusted him she just wasn’t sure… actually she knew why, her scarf was her safety blanket, she just didn’t feel like herself without it.

“Come now Kurdunamad. He’ll be fine, we’ve taught him a lot and he has skill.” Nori explained while sitting up, forgoing his sleep.

“Can I braid your hair?” Bella asked suddenly, her eyes now locked onto his in thought.

Nori spluttered and stared at her in surprise. “What?”

“Well if you’re going to continue to call me that, I at least get to braid your hair Kurdunadad.” She teased, a fond smile gracing her face below the scarf.

He was touched, truly touched. Yes he and Bella had started on rough turns, he tried to steal her vambraces and then she saved his head from being removed from the rest of his body, gave him work to feed and help Dori with Ori’s schooling. She didn’t judge him like the others, even asking to be taught some of his skills like lock picking and sleight of hand.

She treated his brother’s kindly, teaching Ori things as they ambled their way towards the mountain and even Dori had seemed to adopt her into their little ragtag of a family. He knew that she meant what she said back at Beorn’s, wanting brothers, that she would consider them as such and it is what changed his view of her from friend to a sibling.

Once you declared someone family, that was it, there was no going back.

“Okay.” He replied realising now that it had been a little while since she stated it and she was uncharacteristically shifting in nervousness. “If I can braid yours in return.”

Bella smiled brilliantly and in relief as she moved towards Nori while pulling her scarf away. She sat down before him and pulled out the bag hidden on her person, pulling out a familiar bead. It was a special one as it was one her father had made, she had given Bilbo one of hers that she first made but this meant more to her than any of those, even if willingly wearing a first of someone meant great honour.

“My father made this for my mother; it has hers and his sigil on it. I would be honoured if you were to wear it.” She explained, holding out the bead for Nori to see. “Bilbo has one of my firsts and in time I will give Ori and Dori a bead but this is… I’d have no one else but you wear it if you accept to be my brother.”

“I would be honoured Bella Braveheart, daughter of Belvola Swanstrike and Elrohir of Rivendell.” He swore before holding out his own first creation of familial bead, it was the bead he had made for his baby sister long ago, something no one but Dori knew. “I would be honoured if you accepted this and become a sister of the clan of Ri. It was to be for my sister.”

“I would be honoured Nori, son of Kori.” She replied with a soft smile before leaning forward and separating his hair on a small section of the right point and braided an intricate pattern before hiding it away in the point, just like he had done with Dori’s and Ori’s braids.

“I am a little worried you remember where I tuck my familial braids.” Nori replied with a chuckle before separating a section behind her right ear next to her coming of age braid and doing a quick three strand braid and clasping the bead on the end.

With a devilish smirk Nori got to his feet and pressed close to the bars and looking up. “Dori!”

“Nori? What’s wrong?” Dori’s frantic voice echoed down to them not long after causing Nori to wince and then to laugh as he saw the horror on Bella’s face.

“We finally have a sister Nadad, you’ll need to do the Ri braid for her, mine is atrocious.” He called up and waited, laughing as the sound of his brothers excited voices mingled in over the shocked happy calls of the company.

DoriANDOri cells DoriANDOri cells1

Bella jerked quickly covering her face once more and jerked Nori back just as Bilbo came rushing towards them. She could see and he that he wasn’t be pursued by any guards, her heart leapt in hope as she spotted the keys in his hand and the smile on his face.

“Bilbo!” Both she and Nori cried out in relief at the same time as he came to a panting stop before them.

Bilbo held up his hand and gasped, trying to regain his breath. “I found us a way out, the fest is starting.”

The door was thrown open and Bella quickly followed Bilbo up to where the others were, telling Nori to go and fetch Thorin from his cell and be quick about it.

“Oh, I’ve never been so glad to see you laddie.” Dwalin rumbled out once his door was open. They all looked horrible and exhausted, but Bella didn’t have much time to take note of the others before she was crushed into two strong embraces of Dori and Ori.

“Escape now, questions and joyful reunions later, I really do not want to lose my blades. Bilbo what’s the plan?” She asked once she extracted herself from their grips to face the nervous hobbit. She had a feeling that whatever the plan was, she and everyone else wasn’t going to enjoy it.


Author Note: *wipes brow* holy hell have I been stuck on this story, so here is some fluff for you all!



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