Chapter XV

Title: Braveheart

Pairing: Thorin/Bella

Summary: There was another to add to the company from in the Shire, one no one expected, Isabella daughter of Elrohir Son of Elrond and Belvola. Will they accept Bella as the warrior they know of or will she hide the fact that she is both Elf and Dwarf.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom. {{Between these is green speech}} Aka hobbit talk. Between ‘ –’ and Italic is Iglishmêk

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Chapter Fifteen

She was right, she hated the plan.

“Barrels?” She asked again just for clarification as she pinched the nape of her nose in frustration.

Bilbo sighed exasperated. “There is no other way out and you know it, the Guards have been doubled up along every door and window bar the cellars. Now are we going to get Thorin and leave this place before we are caught or not? Don’t you have a bet to win?”

Valar damn it… She had forgotten how cunning Hobbits actually were. “Alright, take everyone down to the cellars then Master Bilbo and I shall fetch our king.”

“Bella, ye cannae expect us to allow you go…” Glóin began to start before snapping his mouth shut as the damn shot him a withering glare.

“I have a better layout of this forsaken dungeon. I can get to Thorin and the Cellars quickly without being seen. The only people who have the right to tell me what I am allowed to do is the Ri brothers and Bilbo as they are kin, you are not.” She finished with a snarl, a fire burning behind cognac coloured eyes.

She turned back to Bilbo quickly while holding back the anger. “Take them to the cellars, I’ll meet you there.”

“Take Nori with you.” Dori ordered, leaving no room for arguments. “We know you are capable of this but it would ease my worries to have Nori with you just in case you are caught Namad.”

It was the Namad that got her, with a defeated sigh she nodded and before she could hesitate she surged forward and tapped her forehead with his and then Ori’s before dragging Nori with her. It had been a long time where she had given that term of endearment to another Dwarrow. The last had been her mother as she left for war and it hurt deep inside when she did it afterwards, she could do it with her Kin as they were different but to do it to a Dwarrow?

A forehead tap was considered sacred, the gentler the more affection it meant. A hard thunk she had given Dwalin in Hobbiton was a sign of friendship, but the soft brush that Thorin had given her in the cell was intimate beyond words. They were classed as separate to the one for kin.

“Never seen Dori so flustered.” Nori whispered trying to erase the sudden look of sadness on his kurdunamad’s face. “Ye took him off Guard with tha sudden display of affection.”

“Aye, took me off guard too.” She muttered softly while pushing Nori into the wall as her eyes caught the sight of two Guards, she pressed him into the darkness, letting the shadows hide their forms.

They held their breath as they watched them pass, praying to Mahal that they didn’t hear them. But it seems luck was on their side as the Elves seemed to stagger pass the end of the hall, laughing and clutching each other with a bottle of wine in hand.

When they were out of hearing range Bella and Nori slipped off their boots, quickly and quietly as they could, padded their way down to the cell that Thorin was held in. Now wasn’t the time to get caught and though the celebration upstairs masked the majority of the sound they made, their boots would give them away if they were caught unaware like just before.

Bella jerked to a stop her eyes widening as she took in the Elf Guard at the door and cursed under her breath. Legolas wasn’t playing fair. With a huff she grasped Nori by the arm and led him back to the alcove before stripping down to the bare minimum, which meant all braids, leather and weapons had to go.

What are you doing’ Nori signed as he began to tuck all her beads into his own pouch.

There is a Guard at Thorin’s cell door, what I am about to do will be risky… I cannot have any form of Dwarven or adult like items on me.’ She signed back and watched as Nori’s braided brows pulled down into a frown before widening as everything clicked when she wrapped the scarf around her like a sash.

She shook her head slightly so her hair seemed messed, one side covering her damaged ear while the other stuck out from between her locks. Valar sake, she couldn’t wait to get out of this hell so she could be covered once more.

‘The cut on your cheek is noticeable.’ Nori pointed out and huh, she forgot about that. With a frown she cringed before grasping one of her throwing knives and sliced up in the same place, her free hand shooting out to muffle Nori’s cry of alarm.

This was going to be a pain… She thought before slamming her hands against the jagged stone and dragged them down with all her strength. It was hard to break the skin on Dwarrow hands as they have been roughened by work and weapons, but it could be done with a lot of pressure and strength. Hurt like a kick to the head but it had to be done and she’s had worse done to her hands, thankfully she could work with weapons still in their grazed state till she could get a pair of gloves.

Nori gaped and watched with horror as his Namad inflicted pain upon herself, blood welling on the grazed palms as she held them up for him to see before gesturing him to be quite and wait here. He nodded and clutched the leathers in his hands tightly.

Bella let her breath quicken and tears pool in her eyes as she rounded the corner of the corridor that led to Thorin’s cell, sniffling as the Elf Guard jerked to attention.

What happened?” The Elf Guard asked, kneeling down to the little one before him and gently taking her hands into his.

I was playing and I fell and now I’ lost… I don’t know where ada is!” She sniffled out, her voice higher and sentence structure a little broken.

“Shh, it’s okay little one. Let me take you to the healers and then we’ll find your ada.” The Guard cooed softly before standing once more. The door was safe as can be, no one would be making their way down here any time soon and he was only there to make sure their masked figure didn’t escape.

Before he could move to stand he found himself toppling over by a sudden blow to the head, his last sight before the darkness took him was of the little Elfling staring down at him with a tight lipped grimace and clenched fists.

I am sorry.” She apologised before snatching the keys from his belt and unlocking the door.

Thorin jerked back as the door swung open, his eyes widening as he took in his One’s bloody face and then to the fallen Elf down at the floor. Rage swept up over him at the thought of the Elf hurting her, his body jerking forward only to stop when Bella rested her scratched palms on his chest.

“He did not do it, I did. We better hurry you’re the last one.” She explained quickly before jerking him forward and back towards where Nori was waiting.

At seeing his sister and his king rushing around the corner Nori sheathed the borrowed dagger and rushed forward. “Did it work?”

“Of course it did.” Bella huffed before jerking on her leathers and cloak once more, she felt better once the scarf was back on her face.

“Wait, he knows what you look like?” Nori spluttered as he finally realised she didn’t put her scarf back on till then.

Thorin chuckled. “I’ve known since Beorn’s.”

“Then why didn’t ye let me know back in the forest?” Nori demanded turning his eyes from his sister to his king.

“Now is not the time!” Bella barked as quietly as she could while peering around the corner. She knew the stairs to the cellars was just around the next bend but getting there with those two bickering like they were would draw suspicion, celebration upstairs be dammed.

Thorin and Nori nodded and waited as Bella seemed to glide across the floor to the next bend and peered around. They had to wonder how she was able to do that, was it because of her life on the road or because of her heritage? Neither could really find an answer and Nori made a mental note to ask her when they weren’t in the den of vipers.

When she saw it was safe Bella jerked her arm out and waved her brother and One over to her before slipping down the stairs into the darkness bellow. Not one of them relaxed until the rest of the company came into view, three tied up, knocked out Elves resting behind a bunch of half-filled wine bottles.

“Do I even want to know?” She asked exasperated towards Bilbo who shook his head in return. “Why are they not in the barrels?”

}}They don’t trust me still. Dori and Ori wouldn’t go until you and Nori got back.{{ Bilbo whispered softly while the others began to argue once more. The argument was the same they gave him, they’d drown, they won’t be able to see what’s happening, they won’t make it… What if they were attacked?

}}Get in the Barrel Bilbo, you cannot swim. I know you planned to pull the lever. Don’t look at me like that, why else would you be standing here instead of in one?{{ She asked sharply without breaking eye contact from the arguing Dwarrow, she’d wait for a few beats more to see if her One would help but it seems he too is not fond of this plan.

Bilbo opened his mouth to object before snapping it shut and giving a sharp nod before climbing into the closest barrel near him, casting Ori a strained smile as the book loving dwarf got into the one next to him with the help of Dori while Nori got into the one on the top of theirs. No words were said with the Ri brothers as their sister began to secure the lids, just enough for them to keep out all the water but not enough for them not to escape if need be.

“This is madness Thorin!” Glóin blurted out from beside Balin and the Princes. “We will drown.”

Dwalin cast a look to the Dam who stood next to an open barrel with dark eyes and a raised brow. They hadn’t spoken much over their journey, not since Beorn’s, she preferring to stay at the back while he guards his King and Princes but he knew when she was not impressed. So he didn’t argue one bit when she pointed to the open barrel, he wasn’t going to be on the end of one of her lectures or invoke her wrath, and he’d leave that to his brother and cousins.

“Ye know they’re not gonna’ listen or go without complaints.” He drawled out as he crawled feet first into the barrel, his lips twitching as she snorted at him.

“Oh they will, lucky you listened.” She teased back before securing the lid tightly on the barrel. When she turned back round the only ones who had yet to get in were the In Brothers and the royals. Bifur and Bofur were helping Bomber get into his own barrel and gave her a little wave as they did so, Bofur going as far as to tip his hat at her.

With a roll of her eyes she gave him a fancy bow before turning her attention back to the stubborn men and grasped the Princes tunics before lifting them off their feet. If she wasn’t so annoyed at them she would have given a bark of laughter, but no, she was annoyed because she didn’t want to lose her bet.

“So help me if I finish with the Ur’s and find you still arguing…” She trailed off glaring at the five of them.

They didn’t need to be told twice it seemed, the second she let Fíli and Kíli regain their feet; they were off and into their barrels without another word. She quickly secured the last of them before turning to her One who she had yet to do and who was staring at her with dark sapphire eyes.

“And how are you supposed to secure a barrel?” He asked but really did not want to know the answer as his One simply shot him a look.

“I’m not.” Bella replied before shoving the lid tight and ignored the yelling of her One and then of her Kin as they realised what she had done.

image (1)

With a tired sigh and a soft salute she pushed the lever and watched as the Company began to roll down the trap door and into the river below. She picked up her boots from where Nori had left them and made her way up the stairs once more and towards the door where she knew faced the southern entrance that overlooked the river.

She had a bet to win and valar help her, she will get those daggers. All she had to do was get to the other side of the stone boundary that was the edge of the Kingdom and wait. Legolas would come, she just knew it.

There were very little roadblocks in her way as she snuck towards the door; that was until she got outside. The light of the rising sun cast its golden hue across the valley and with it; cast a shadow from the tall trees, giving perfect cover. Bella had to curse every valar she knew as she took in the battle between the Elves and the Orcs.

There was no Barrels to be seen and her heart lodged into her throat as she saw a couple of the Orc’s disappear back over the cobble wall and down the river’s edge.

They are going after your One… your kin…

Bella didn’t hesitate after that, she let her body jolt forward, her father’s daggers in her hands as she went to aid the Guard. Valar dammit she was going to lose the bet! But a life was worth more than pretty metal, she couldn’t let more of them die.

“Valar forsaken bastards!” She roared as she spun, taking a head off one of the Orc’s and tossing it into another that was battling a guard. A warning horn filled the air followed by arrows and she breathed easier than before as she saw Legolas descend from the tree tops. “I WIN THIS BET PRINCLING!”

Image result for legolas desolation of smaug gifs

Legolas laughed as he spun in and out of the orcs and his men to reach her side. He knew she was a warrior of high calibre, the weapons, the grace was a familiar one and he had seen her fight the spiders. “We shall call it a draw! I keep my blades and you get yours.”

Bella huffed before wheezing as she took a blow to the ribs, echoed by a grunt of pain from the princeling, the familiar red haze settling over her eyes before silence… blessed silence…. to her at least. She knew she was screaming, words mixed between guttural Khuzdul and flitting Sindarin as she roared her rage upon the enemy.

“I am so sick of you foul creatures hurting my friends!” She snarled as she ripped out the throat of one of them before spinning around and knocking back another with one of Dwalin’s axes and it took all her skill to not pause in surprise at suddenly finding it in her hands.

Noro lim! (Run Swift)” Legolas ordered her while another elf passed off more weapons. He tossed her her swords and was sad to see them go; they were perfectly balanced and ever sharp, light and felt right to fight with.

Novaer caun nín.” (Farewell my prince.) She called over her shoulder as she secured the last of her company’s weapons on her person and chased after the group of Orcs that followed them.


“Bella!” Thorin roared as he pushed free of his barrel when it came to a halt in calm water, his panic flaring brightly over the nausea that the trip down the river created.

The sound of splintering wood had Thorin whirl around to see Dori punch his way out of the barrel at his desperate cry for his One. Grey eyes the colour that herald a storm peered back at him before scanning the trees and then the barrels, hands clenched tight.

Dori inhaled and exhaled slowly as he helped his brothers from the barrels, the words of reassurance dying on his lips as Ori, his sweet baby brother asked where Bella was. He heard his King’s yells and snarls as they toppled down into the river, his heart seizing that she was still back in the Elf Kingdom.

“She needs to stop this.” Nori whispered brokenly and oh how Dori wished to comfort him. His heart ached fiercely that his wondering thieving brother no longer held that spark of life in his eyes or the itch to wander off and steal that Dori tried to tame.

Oh how he could have seen it sooner, seen how his brother ached of unsurety and did all he could to make sure he and Ori got the best in life… All he ever wanted was someone who understood and accepted him fully; Dori could see that now as he watched his younger brother fiddle with the sodden braid in his hair, Bella’s bead at the end. Bella was what they had needed, Bilbo as well. She had managed to glue their brittle little bundle together and Bilbo made sure to keep it together.

Now it was he who held his family together as they prayed to Mahal and Yavanna for her safe return.

“Can we not go back?” Dwalin asked knocking everyone from their thoughts.

I overheard that the hunters are tracking a band of Orcs.

There is only one reason why a small band would come this close…

Thorin shook his head sharply while his shoulders slumped forward. “No.”

“No?” Fíli asked from his spot on the rocks trying to keep the meagre food he had down. “What do you mean no?”

Kíli stood furiously his body jerking as Fíli grasped his trousers to halt him. “She is your One, Thorin! We can all see this! How can you stand here and not want to go back?”

“DO YOU THINK I DO NOT WANT TO?” Thorin roared, stilling the Company and yanking the breath from all of them at the agony that they had not seen upon their Kings face for a long time. “Do you not think that my One risked her freedom or possibly her life so we could escape? She told me of her bet; she also told me that a band of Orcs followed us in that accursed forest. We have no weapons, no food and no armour!”

No one could even breathe a whisper of concern as they watched their leader choke down the emotion that screamed to be let lose. The Fundin and In brothers shocked to see tears in their cousins eyes, tears they knew that had not been spilt since Frerin’s death.

“Then be glad I got them for you,” a voice rung out in a gasp causing everyone to turn abruptly to the tree line in shock.

Kurdunamd?” Ori whispered before tearing himself from his brother’s embrace and practically tackling his heart sister in a hug. Bella gasped as she found herself being swung about and her feet off the ground, it seems Ori takes after his mother as well. She had forgotten that.

“We need to hurry.” She wheezed out once Ori placed her down. “I culled the pack after you but there was more back at the river gate. Some could slip pass the elves again.”

In a blink of an eye Bella spun and had an arrow knocked on Kíli’s bow, her eyes pinning down the Man on the cluster of rocks to the left of them. They waited with baited breath as Bella and the Man stared down one another in tense silence.

Then all of a sudden Bella’s familiar bark of laughter rang out and the bows dropped. “Bard the Bowman.”

“Bella Braveheart, it has been too long since our last meeting friend. Now, tell me, what quarrel did you have with the elves now?” Bard asked amused, his eyes alight and grin changing the dour faced man. Bella huffed a laugh and shook her head before handing out the weapons to the company while shooting her friend an exasperated look.

Author Note: Oh god, how has it been June since I updated last? I am so sorry guys that it’s been ages and I shoved this angst mess at you.



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  1. Was so excited to see the update to this story in my email in box, now I just need to go back to the beginning to re-read it from the beginning, because it’s been a while since I have read it I was kind of lost lol. Aw well it’s not like it is a hard thing to do 😉 I love this story to much 🙂 Can’t wait to see what comes next 🙂

  2. What? No. No. No. No. No. That can’t be it! Why?! Oh WHY?!?!?! (Too dramatic?) In all seriousness, I am really enjoying this and it’s actually making me want to watch LOTR (I have never seen that, or Hobbit, and know pretty much zilch about either). Great story, I’m loving it.

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