Chapter Eighteen – To Be Bound

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: Uh, I am so sorry for the delay… There will be a longer AN at the bottom.

Third POV

Everyone was in a merry state; they had just spoken to the master of Lake Town and had gained a place to settle for the night before making their way to Erebor. Though they were merry they could see Isabella was tense and kept rubbing at her throat when they weren’t looking.

They had seen the manacles attached to her when the elf prince and his chosen had helped her escape with them. They had seen the blood for a split second upon her skin before she dived into the lake after them. They also knew that Kíli’s leg was getting worse, no matter how much the poor lad tried to hide it.

“Do you know how to play lass?” Dwalin asked, holding up his fiddle in question. He like everyone else had tried to snap her out of it and usually, music helped. Fíli turned to look at his one with a hopeful glance from his brother’s side. He was torn between the two and the night they got to rest in the Master’s home she told him to worry for Kíli.

“The violin? Yes.” She replied softly from her spot by the fire. “Why?”

“Would you play us a tune Lass? Something from your culture or maybe anything that we have not heard before, surely you must know plenty of old songs?” Everyone was staring at Dwalin now cause of his statement and he knew it, but decided to keep his eyes locked on Isabella’s.

“–you want me to play?” She asked blinking, her brows raised high. It had been a long time since she felt the desire to play the violin, or fiddle really.

“Would you? I’d like to hear you play.” Fíli piped up causing her eyes to shift to him. “You can borrow my fiddle; it’s strapped to my pack next to you.”

Bella chuckled softly and picked up her mates violin and held it in her grasp. “It has been a long time since I have played, it was my brother’s instrument, I learnt for him.” She confessed before standing and resting it upon her shoulder, trying to figure out what to play.

The others watched as she closed her eyes and seemed to sway, the fire lighting up behind her casting a golden glow around her as she began to play the tune. Though the second she laid the bow upon the strings Bella felt herself being jerked into a memory.

She was no longer in a mildew scented shack above a lake with the scent of darkness and dragons wrath in the air, but in the soft fields of her home, her brother laughing as both she and he stood across the fire ready to duel. Their village was around them, they always came to see her and Darilth play.

}}You’ll not win this time sister!{{ He taunted as he raised his fiddle.

She felt her lips twitch into a smile, more of a sharp grin. }}We will see brother.{{

}}Now, now my dear ones, play!{{ Yavanna’s voice laughs out as she leans back into her spot in the tree branches.

They began to play, their fiddles matching note for note.

}}Dovahkiin, dovahkiin
naal ok zin los vahriin
wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal!
ahrk fin norok paal graan
fod nust hon zindro zaan
dovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal!{{

}}That is cheating, you are not allowed to sing!{{ She yells to her brother who simply laughs and continues on.

When the last note struck, Kisenth snapped her eyes open and stiffened. The company was around her watching her in awe and as she looked she could see that she had moved, she had mimicked each step that her and Darilth did in her memory and it brought a pang to her heart.

“I— I sung didn’t I?” She asked worried once she took in the glazed eyes. “I apologise.”

“What–what was that?” Thorin asked blinking several times from his spot by the door with Bilbo. “I have never heard or seen such music or dance.”

“I– the song is what me and my brother duelled too, the song he always sung to win, it’s a song of my people.” She explained with a sigh, lowering the violin. “I was lost in the memory; I did not think I would sing the song with it as it was his trick.”

But Kisenth knew better, she could feel her brothers’ laughter echo in the back of her mind, even now. His heart beat a second faster then than normal before settling back to being in rhythm. The bastard.

“Why have you not sung before, joined us?” Bombur asked, even he had joined in and he was the quietest of the group.

Bella sighed. “My voice can hypnotise, when I sing it happens as well. It is why I wore the mask in Rivendell. It is why I do not sing because it makes people unsettled.”

“Can you sing for us? We won’t be, we promise.” Kíli piped up once he saw his brothers’ hopeful face below his mask.

“No, sorry Kíli.” Bella replied instantly with a shake of her head.

“Please?” Fíli whispered causing Bella to groan.

Her eyes shifted to her mate in a small glare. “I can’t say no to you, you use this against me.” She chuckled before sighing. “Fine but if you feel funny don’t get all pissed at me, I warned you.”

With a deep breath she closed her eyes once more and raised the violin to her chin once again. She let the tune play softly, as much as she could before she began to sway. The others watched entranced as Isabella seemed to relax and glow at the same time.

“A serpent lights the ancient sky
A threat of tainted stars
Evil stirs and in its wake
The souls of mortals sway

Sorrow reigns
Over fields of red
Spirits pace
Through the shadows cast by their graves

These are days and nights of venom and blood
Heroes will rise as the anchors fall
Brave the strife, reclaim every soul
That belongs to the Beauty of Dawn

Darkness strikes to blind the strong
But Faith will guide our swords
Loyal hearts we’ll stand as one
And fight with shields of Hope

Pride fuels the deadly fire
That devours our tower of gold
The drums of war will rage and roar
‘Til the sun burns bright once more

These are days and nights of venom and blood
Heroes will rise as the anchors fall
Brave the strife, reclaim every soul
That belongs to the Beauty of Dawn”

As the last note fell Kisenth stilled, her eyes still closed as the echoing voice of Apophis, Favnir and Lyth finished their hum in her memory. The song was a favourite of many of her clan; it seemed to cause the emotions to swirl within you.

“That was beautiful lass.” Balin managed to get out after clearing his throat.

Her shoulders were tense as she stared deeply into the fire, her arms dropping to her sides once more. She felt cold, desolate by the memories. They brought no joy as they once had, only aches and screams, the scent of death.

“Do not ask me to sing or play again.” She gritted out, turning her back to them and towards the fire, allowing two tears to spill over and evaporate before they reached her lips and placed the fiddle down on the chair before striding from the room.

The second the door was closed she slid to the floor and buried her face into her hands and cried, cried for all those who had died protecting the free people, for those who were killed by those twisted serpents and who had inevitably succumbed to the darkness. But most of all she cried for her brother and she cried for herself.

Fíli felt his heart constrict as he followed her, his hand resting upon the door and felt the vibrations as his One cried. They shouldn’t have asked her, he recalls memories that are too painful to bear. He had a few of his adad that made his heart ache. But his One would have hundreds of those who she has lost, those she can never see again.

Âzyungel?” He called softly, pressing his forehead against the door and closing his eyes. The sobs stuttered but did not stop. “I am sorry Âzyungel for asking you to play, I did not mean for you to remember hard times.”

Bella clenched her eyes shut and scrubbed her face with her palm as she listened to her mate talk to her, his voice rough as he apologised. “It is not your fault.” She chokes out.

“Can I come in Âzyungel?” He asked softly, pressing his palm against the door and waited. He would not push her to open the door nor would he be upset if she didn’t. He understood that she may need space and though he doesn’t want to leave her alone to cry, he will if that’s what she wished.

“Okay.” She croaked out while pulling herself up from the floor. Bella quickly gave her face a wipe with the sleeve of her dress before opening the door for her mate, falling into his arms the second he looked up at her.

Fíli caught her and carefully picked her up and shutting the door with his foot and made his way to the bed, crawling in beside her all the while not letting her go. It was hard to manage but he was able to do it and now his One was curled around him with her head resting upon his chest, her ear above his heart; his fingers running through her hair.

“I miss them.” She whispered softly after a long period of silence. “I miss my brothers’ smile and my sisters’ laughter. I miss the way my clan would always be singing, it never stopped, and then there was no one. Darkness took my family, my kin from me and I watched my mother weep as her creations one, by one fell. Forty of us remained after War of the Wrath, forty from a thousand…” She trailed off brokenly.

Flashes of all her kin, sun rays flickered across her memory and then came the death. “Forty… We were so broken. We scattered across Arda, then one by one we all fell… Till it was only I. I don’t know why out of all of us, it was me who survived. I was one of the original made, along with my brother. Apophis was born from the originals, she was still a youngling when her and Darilth mated and decided to have babes… Why is it I that survived when they had more to live for?” She asked and Fíli felt his heart break.

“I do not know amrâlimê. But I am glad that you did, I know it may seem heartless but if you had passed before my time, I would never have found you.” He whispered, his hand stilling at the base of her neck, fingers tangled in her hair. “I would never know the feeling of love, never dream of you becoming my wife. It is hard to remember my life when you were not in it, now I cannot dream of a life without you.”

Bella let out one more sob before looking up into her Mates eyes. “I too have dreamt of our future, I hope one day that it will be true. That is if the dragon does not kill me.”

Fíli jerked and for once, moved her away from him a scowl upon his face. “Do not speak of it so flippantly, your death would kill me, your pain would pain me too and Kíli.”

“I am sorry my love, I do not mean to upset you… it’s just… I am unsure if I can kill Smaug, I don’t know if I will be strong enough anymore.” She explains giving a half truth, she knows she is strong enough but her scales are no longer protected, her armour resided in Minas Tirith or Yavanna knows where. She would be exposed to the beast’s talons and jaws. “I do not know after we face the Dragon’s wrath if our dreams would be able to happen, that is all.”

“Then marry me tonight!” Fíli blurted out before he could stop himself, his hand covering his mouth with shock. Bella had snapped her head around to face him with wide eyes.

“You do not know what you ask!” She hissed, her heart beating rapidly while her siblings stayed the same. She tried to ignore their voices as she pushed herself up and away from her mate to the balcony. As much as Bella wished to marry him, she could not—could not do so with the lies that she has said. With the truth still hidden and he unknowing of her true form…

Fíli jumped to his feet and followed her, pulling the carved bead from his hair that he had done last night with Nori’s borrowed lock picks. “Yes, I do know what I ask for Isabella.”

“No, you do not; you do not even know my name!” She wheezed out, her eyes wide as she tried to flee but couldn’t. She couldn’t push away her mate, no matter how much she tried.

“Then tell me, tell me my love… Marry me tonight, be it my way or your own…” He whispered, stopping at the door as his One stopped at the railing of the terrace; his shoulders slumped in defeat. “I just want us to be one, cleaved together by our makers before… I just don’t want to die knowing I had not asked you, because if I were to find myself upon my death bed, I will not have regrets.”

Kisenth watched as her Mate closed his eyes, his hand – the one carrying the wedding bead – fell to his side. She watched as a tear trailed down his check, just one and her resolve began to crumble, she could be selfish just this once. A long slow whistle escaped past her lips and she turned to catch the thrush that flew over to her.

“Send for your woodland master little one, there shall be a wedding and I need him to preside. Tell him it is Kisenth that calls him.” She whispered to the little bird, giving it a pat before letting if flit off towards Mirkwood.

“My name is Kisenth.” She explained softly, turning her eyes back to Fíli who was staring at her with such hope, such raw emotion that she felt her heart flutter and her body warm. “Only you may call me that, but never with the others… do not tell the others my love.”

“Kisenth.” He repeated, earning a laugh as his tongue fumbled the odd name.

“You may call me Enth.” She chuckled. “It is what Estel, Gilraen and a few others call me. It is like Isa.”

“So you will marry me?” Fíli asked hopeful, smiling as his One burst out into joyful laughter and swept him up in her arms.

“Of course! But we will do the Dwarven way when the mountain is reclaimed, something to look forward to; so we shall to it my clans way!” She laughed out, smiling down and placing a kiss upon his lips.

“Then we must tell the others!” Fíli yelled after the kiss and pulled her from the room laughing. Bella followed her mate willingly as he called for the others down into the sitting room of the blasted house.

Bella had never dreamt of this, well she always dreamt that she would marry one day but she always pictured it surrounded by fire and trees in the fields of her home. But now? Now she didn’t care as long as her Mate was by her side, she could even marry him in Mordor if that is what he wished.

“The lad finally ask you then?” Nori asked as he stopped by her side at the door and watched as the company began to fuss and go into near wedding panic.

She chuckled and looked down at her friend. “Yes and in such a most inappropriate time too, but if he didn’t, that wouldn’t be my Fíli.”

Shazara!” Thorin’s yell for silence roared over the others, silencing the company instantly. “Is it not Isabella who should be telling us what to do as Fíli said that they are to be wed her way.”

All eyes snapped to Isabella who leant against the doorframe with a soft smile while Nori tried to hide his snickers. Each one had a blush as they realised they were trying to put together a wedding for a Dwarven one, on top of arguing that it was too soon and not enough time to plan.

“Bilbo, I need a flower crown.” Bella stated softly, turning her eyes upon the resident hobbit who seemed to brighten at the words and dashed out from the room.

“I need the fire roaring as hot as you can get it, we will wed in front of it… Fíli, your hair needs to be unbound with mine.” She explained softly. “We will tie it together as we pledge our love, much like your own.”

“Kíli come help us.” Thorin ordered with a nod towards Isabella. He was wary about the wedding in general but so far this was something he could do, the only time a dwarf had their hair unbound was when they were in private with their One or fixing their braids.

Balin moved to where the shifter stood. “Lass? Who is going to perform the ceremony?”

“Well, I sent word for Radagast. He as Yavanna’s Maia, since my Lady cannot be here to do it as she had done for my kin, he must.” Bella explained shocking the others once again. “Dori, Nori, Ori… can you unbraid my hair? I trust you three to do so as you have cleaned it many of times on this quest.”

The three Ri brothers blinked at her before bustling into action and basically forcing her to sit while they unbraided the hair and gave Fíli his bead to carry so he can rebraid it for their wedding ceremony with the wedding one and began to brush it. Bella would have loved to soak in a bath for a little but this will have to do.

Soon Bilbo was back with two thin crowns made of Red Camellia, blue forget-me-nots, deep red carnations and orange blossom. “This was the best I could do, I had to liberate a few from… people.”

“Well if you didn’t break us out from Greenwood, you’d be classed as a burglar now. Can one of you bind Gems in our crowns if able.” She giggled before blinking as a sudden sense of power rippled in the air. Her brows furrowed as she stood and moved towards the door, swinging it open and freezing in shock.


There before her in leathers and golden armour, arrows and horn strapped to his belt was a face she had not expected to see for a long time. His dirty blonde near brown hair was damp and hung loosely to his shoulders and down his back. The others paused and saw the man standing in the door, raised their weapons, only to earn a bark of laughter from the man.

“Are you going to let me in or do I need to return to my woods, I came all this way to see you Dii Fron.” (My Kin.) The man asked, his voice a nice baritone that seemed to rattle in their chests.

}}Dii bel fah Aiwendil.{{ (I summoned for Aiwendil.) She blurted out in shock as she stood aside for the man to enter, watching hesitantly as he removed his bow and arrows and hung them on the hook at the door.

“No, you called for the Woodland Master, but it matters not my kin for Aiwendil is not in the woods.” He explained before scanning the room with raised brows and locked his eyes on the golden haired dwarf with his hair unbound. “Plus, without him I am the next best person. My wife would have come in her sisters stead if she was able but, she was summoned away and she was not pleased you shot at her Stag.”

Thorin cringed as the man’s eyes locked onto him with distaste. He didn’t know who the man was, they had thought him to be an Elf with the way his armour was and the style of his bow and arrows, but his ears were rounded even if he moved like one.

“But— you— what?” Bella stammered out and it was the first time where they saw her stammer this badly or even find words.

The man sighed and grasped Isabella, causing the company to stiffen. “Let me do this for my kin, you are the last and She cannot be here for you, it pains Her and Him so they cannot come for this. So Enth, let me bind you and you can owe me.” He chuckled.

Bella spluttered. “Owe you? I made sure the idiot didn’t shoot the stag! I owe you nothing!” She seethed, only to huff when all he did was laugh at her.

“Isabella? Do we need to escort him out?” Dwalin asked roughly, his hand clenched tightly on one of Fíli’s swords.

“No Dwalin, Oromë is just being the pain he usually is.” Bella gritted out before sighing. “Fine but I will be telling Vána if you muck it up.”

“My, what crude way you speak Kin, the other place you left too has made you more uncultured.” Oromë chuckled before moving to stand in front of the fire while smiling slightly at the dumbfounded looks of the Dwarrow’s. “This is why I prefer the elves.”

}}Do not even joke about that, Thranduil had me chained by Orc creations bound in dark magic in his cells. I could not shift without risking Fíli to the elves wrath, they knew he was my Mate and used it against me.{{ She snapped to him, watching as his face went from serene teasing to thunderous.

}}Did he know what you are? Who you are?{{ He asked causing her to shake her head sharply. }}I will deal with him in time then, come it is time.{{

“Ready my love?” Bella asked softly, her face losing the harshness as she looked upon her one. She let her body shrink to his height as he moved to her side and stood before Oromë, both of them letting Bilbo place the flower crowns upon their brow.

“I Oromë of the Valar, husband to Vána, sister of Yavanna stand before Kisenth and Fíli to bind in my Kin’s stead.” Oromë started with a deep booming voice. “Before me you stand unbound, with flowers of Lady Yavanna and Gems of Lord Aulë upon your brow and stand before the ete-burning flame.”

“Please join hands with your betrothed and listen to that which I am about to say. Above you are the stars, below you are the stones, as time doth pass, remember…Like a stone should your love be firm like a star should your love be constant. Let the powers of the mind and of the intellect guide you in your marriage, let the strength of your wills bind you together, let the power of love and desire make you happy, and the strength of your dedication make you inseparable. Be close, but not too close. Possess one another, yet be understanding. Have patience with one another, for storms will come, but they will pass quickly.” Oromë uttered to them, placing his hands upon both of theirs, one above and one below.

“Are you willing to bind yourself to Kisenth, to stand by her side steadfast and eternally?” He asked, casting a look towards the blonde dwarf.

Fíli nodded in surety. “I do.”

“And are you willing to bind yourself to Fíli, to stand by his side faithfully and eternally?” The Lord of Forests asked the dragon.

“I do.” She replied instantly, causing both men to smile.

“As witnessed of all before them hear their oaths to one another and bind one another together.” Oromë removed his hands and gestured for Fíli to go first who swallowed thickly. He had not prepared vows to pledge as it was a sudden… He clenched his eyes shut, snapping them open when his One squeezed his hand in comfort. He smiled softly as she cast him an encouraging smile, so he let the words come to him.

“I Fíli, son of Víli and Dís, daughter of Thráin hereby pledge my eternal love to you Enth, my heart from this day forth. I swear to honour you, protect you and keep you warm upon the coldest of nights. I will stand by your side no matter what challenges come at us, for you are my One, my chosen. I promise to listen to your word when you give it, to value you more than gems and gold, for you are my Mizimelûh, nothing will compare to you.” He managed to get out thickly as he braided his One’s hair with the marriage bead.

Oromë gestured towards Kisenth with a furrowed brow and worry in his chest. There was no mention of her status, of her kind in the vows.

“I, Enth, daughter of Yavanna by the life that courses within my blood and the love that resides within my heart, take thee Fíli, son of Víli, to my hand, my heart, and my spirit, to be my chosen one. To desire thee and be desired by thee, to possess thee, and be possessed by thee, without sin or shame, for naught can exist in the purity of my love for thee. I promise to love thee wholly and completely without restraint, in sickness and in health, in plenty and in poverty, in life and beyond, where we shall meet, remember, and love again. I shall not seek to change thee in any way.” Kisenth swore, in the vows that many others before her spoke to their Mate. It was the vows her brother gave to his mate and so on.

“I promise, I will love you more than gems and gold for your love is all I will ever need.” She finished before braiding in the dragon’s tail braid and clasped it with the bead she had originally made him along with one of the others. She would need to replace it when all is said and done, when he knew the truth.

“As witnessed before the burning flame, you are now wed.” Oromë finished softly, his mouth set into a tight smile, his eyes soft. }}May Yavanna and Aulë watch over you and this quest end in happiness.{{

Author Note: Well HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Now, you need to review this guys, I had so much love for chapter 16 but hardly any for 17! Come on guys, I gave you a wedding 😛 BTW look up Malukah – Beauty of Dawn for the second song and Skyrim – Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens for the first.



Mizimelûh – jewel of all jewels
Shazara – Silence
Âzyungel – Love of all loves

Red Camellia – You’re a Flame in My Heart
forget-me-nots – True Love
deep red carnations – deep love and affection
orange blossom – Eternal Love




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  1. Just got the chance to read the last chapter and this one and WOW!!!! I could just picture Dwalin’s face when he was Bella’s tail, I was almost in tears laughing when I got to that.

    I loved the wedding and the surprise that Bella got when she opened the door. It’s nice to see that she still has family even if they are not blood kin.

    Can’t wait for more!!!!

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