Chapter Eleven – Taking Charge

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.

]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Third POV

They had spent an hour on top of the Carrock to recover before making their way down under both Gandalf and Isabella’s requests. This of course was after her mate had Óin check her arm for any form of breaks and dislocations, though it took her a good while and cutting her hand to show how fast she actually healed.

“Why can we not just sleep on top of the Carrock?” Ori whimpered as he hoped down another flight of the overly large stairs.

“Who built these? A Giant?” Kíli groaned as his body too protested at the jumping and climbing.

Fíli saw his one smirk as she helped his Uncle and Dwalin navigate the stairs without jostling Thorin’s wounds. A glint in her eye at each mention of the steps, she and Gandalf so far were the only ones not to complain about it but then again she was back to the height they met her in which was considerably taller than Gandalf.

“Because Ori, there is food down near the stream and I for one would like to be clean of goblin filth.” She explained with a laugh.

“Aye, lass that’s a question I know has been on everyone’s minds. What did you do to the goblins exactly?” Dwalin asked now, curious. All the company came to a halt as they watched Fíli’s intended help Thorin down the next step with extreme care.

“You really do not want to know but there be no Goblins left. Least I’m not hungry anymore.” She muttered causing Thorin to wheeze and trip in shock. Bella cast the dwarf king an innocent look and snapped her teeth together before laughing, making the company once again come to a halt and stare.

“Isa?” Fíli asked amused as he looked between his laughing one and green uncle.

“Oh nothing Dii Lokaal (my love). I don’t think your uncle is feeling to well is all.” She shrugged before handing the dwarf king off to Dwalin and Dori as she stretched and stared down at how far was left. They were at the top of the trees now, so still a fair drop as the pines were tall but she was bored and she needed to move. “But we are running out of time. Gandalf!”

She huffed when Gandalf did not answer, merely giving her a look. They were indeed running out of time and if the blasted mage didn’t do anything Bella was going to lose her patience. Rain, she could smell on the horizon and feel the crack of electricity in the air. Hadn’t the mountains had enough rain?

}}I swear Ulmo hates us, why must he allow Ossë create such storms.{{ She huffed loudly to the wizard earning a chuckle in reply.

“You know what no. This is gonna hurt Thorin.” She huffed before picking the dwarf up in her arms and jumped off the damn edge, her hand swinging out and slashing down the rocks to slow her decent.

Thorin groaned out in pain and heaved up all that he had in his stomach from the sudden sensation of falling before tilting his head up to see Isabella climbing the walls to the others once more and dropping down with another one slung over her shoulder cursing.

“He’s bleeding again; he will need to be washed. The river is just there and hidden behind the shrubbery is a cave.” She instructed before repeating her actions and the last to bring down being Fíli as she refused to even amuse Gandalf at the moment.

“Right here is what needs to be done, Bilbo we need stuff for fires and some herbs and berries if you can gather some; Ori and Bombur go with him. Bofur, Dori and Glóin, I need you to gather some sturdy rocks to build up a wall to barricade the cold and Bofur I need you to dig some fire pits in the wall for me. Dwalin you go help Óin with our foolish leader. Fíli, Kíli and I can gather some food from the stream. Nori, Bifur… just rest… you both look like you’re about to keel over.” She ordered, blinking when all she got was open mouths. “What?”

“Shouldn’t we be moving on?” Dori asked softly.

Bella blinked and shook her head. “We have an hour at best before the storm hits the mountains again. Ossë seems to be in a spiteful mood and decided to cook us up another storm; it’ll pass by tomorrow hopefully.”

“I will also go on a head and look for a place for us to gather our bearings and replenish our supplies; I have a friend not far from here.” Gandalf explained appearing out of nowhere causing all but Bella to jerk in surprise.

“A friend you say?” She asked with narrowed eyes, she knew who exactly lived nearby and by the look on Gandalf’s face he literally has no clue that she and Beorn were friends, kin pretty much. Oh this was going to be a fun surprise. “Who lives out here?”

“I shan’t be too long, I’ll scout ahead.” He explained before making his way off towards Beorn’s and effectively seeming like he had avoided her question.

“Tell me Ghivashel what is amusing you so?” Fíli chuckled finally as they began their trek towards the river, the sound of grumbles at their back and loud cursing from their destination.

Kisenth turned and smiled wider at her love. “Oh many things, Dii Lokaal.” She stopped then dead in her tracks as she realised what she had called him.


Kíli sensing the sudden shift of mood looked between his brother and sister to be, her wide eyes and his confusion before making his way quickly towards the river; he would help Thorin, Óin and Dwalin before going back to his brother and his intended.

Bella didn’t hesitate to shrink down to Fíli’s size and pull him into a kiss, her tongue brushing up against his bottom lip while she clutched at his jacket tightly. Fíli gasped in surprise, giving Bella invitation to roll her tongue against her mates. It was slow and torturous, yet so loving and… and… She pulled back with a gasp, pressing her forehead to Fíli’s. They no longer kissed but their lips were just barely touching, breathing each other’s air.

}}Zu’u lokaal hi, hes kulaan zos wey pah yuvon ko Arda.{{ (I love you, sweet prince more than all gold in Arda) She breathed out, the words causing Fíli to shudder as something warm rippled over him. He did not know what she said, but he knew it was important; life altering.

Ghivashel?” The word was no louder than a whisper.

“I love you Fíli son of Dis, more than life, more than gold.” She whispered in common, watching as his eyes darkened to the likes of a deep sapphire instead of his usual rich blue.

“Menu tessu, Men lananubukhs menu.” (You are everything, I love you.) Fíli whispered joyfully, finally free to say the words that have long since been on his tongue.

The smile that graced his One’s face would forever be committed to memory, the way her eyes sparkled with such joy and love. She simply glowed in the small patch of golden light.

“You have gold in your hair…” He whispered confused, thumbing the small strand he knew was not there before.

Bella laughed and pulled back from her Mate. “When my kind finds and utters their first words of love Dii Lokaal, we take on a small patch of our Mate’s colourings. In each form I take you will see your golden hair for you have accepted my love.”

It was truth, in each form she will take her mates gold would be shown. Her brother a brilliant blue had his mate’s earth green colouring run down his spine and she in return had his blue upon his breast. She could not wait to know where his marking would be when she shifted to her dragon form.

“Do I have your colouring?” He asked, hoping with all hope that he could though it did not last long as he saw her smile fade, her touch soft on his cheek.

“I do not know.” She hummed sadly, “I do not know if it will work the same way with you my love. Come we must gather food and be back in the cave, we have little time left.” She urged, pushing away the sadness of the fact.

She and Fíli reached the stream just as the others had finally got Thorin patched up and out of the stream. Kíli stood off on the edge a little ways up and shot arrow after arrow into the water before jerking them out with the scrap of material he had made as rope.

“And what took you two to get here?” Dwalin asked eyeing them both, his brows raising as he took in the dwarf sized Isabella.

“Never you mind Dwalin, best hurry up now.” Bella called over her shoulder with a smirk before she dived into the river. Fíli simply shrugged at the three with a blissful smile upon his face before making his way to Kíli.

She admitted her love and I admitted back.” He told his brother, causing the arrow he was about to shoo to drop to the ground. Kíli cheered and pulled his brother into a tight hug, it was not often soon that a Dwarrow would admit their love, only once and when they were sure.

It is also why there was a long courting process.

I am happy for you nadad! She is worthy of you heart for sure unlike those who had tried to court you before.” At that Fíli laughed at his brother’s sour face.

“Yes, now how much fish have you caught?” He asked causing Kíli to jerk the arrows from the water revealing four out of six. “Maybe some bird or rabbit?”

“Fish will do.” Bella explained as she jerked up out of the river, tossing down eight more, all relatively larger than the ones Kíli had caught. “Unless you see any on our path back, this will do.”

Both Fíli and Kíli nodded in agreeance before binding the fish together and began their trek back to the cave, hurrying their steps when thunder boomed over them. Bella shook her head as they reached the cave, the Dwarrow all cramped around the entrance staring at the sky in complete disdain as the heavens above opened once again.

“I am really sick of rain.” Ori muttered to his brothers as he twisted his hands in his cardigans.

“We’re all sick of rain Ori; we best start the fire it’ll get cold soon.” Balin instructed, the company jolted and began to gather everything to make the fires and start them.

Fíli and Kíli shared a look and blinked. “Did, did you all just stand there and do nothing?”

“Well Lad, that lass of yours decided to take command tonight, we thought best to wait for her.” Bofur replied with a loud laugh as he began to light his pipe while Glóin got the fires ready.

The huff that escaped Bella was completely ignored as she turned to face Bilbo a wide smile upon her face. “Bilbo, I do believe you are best equipped to cook these. No offense Bombur, but I’ve had a hobbits fish dinner, and nothing can really out beat that.”

Bilbo let out a pleased laugh as he took the fish from her; he like every one of his kin knew how to make the best flavourful dish of fish there was and each family had their own taste to their dishes. His mother was the one who taught him the Took way and his father of course shared his secret recipe, but he didn’t have all the ingredients for his father’s recipe but he did his mothers. Wild berries, creeping Charlie and garlic mustard, he of course dug out the roots of that plant as the flowers tasted completely different.





As Bilbo prepared the fish, removing the guts and stuffing them with the berries, creeping Charlie and garlic mustard, the wind outside began to howl. The fires warmed them very little but did enough.

Bella then turned her sharp eyes to her first friend and Thu’um giver of an age. She had become fond of the company but the brothers Ri beyond her Mate and Kíli she had preferred and found to bond the most too. She was unsure why and never questioned it but now she felt bad that she had not spoken to the Ri brothers or Nori himself proper since Rivendell pretty much.

“Alright Fahdonus Tafiir (friendly thief), show me the injuries.” She hummed softly kneeling before Nori and taking his hand. He had been pale since their escape from the mountain and of course she could hear the slight wheeze and stifled moan.

“I’m fine… fine…” He groaned out before cursing as the lass poked him in the ribs, softly but enough to cause pain. “Just bruised ribs is all, I took a nasty hit and the drop from the eagles.”

“Dori, Ori.” She called causing the middle Ri to pale and pop his eyes open in horror.

“Yes Isabella?” Ori asked before frowning down at his older brother in worry.

“Nori is hurt and too stubborn to say a word about it.” She hums while standing once more, smirking at the utter look of betrayal on Nori’s face as Ori and Dori both began to fuss.

“You are an evil woman.” Nori hissed as his brothers fussed and Óin clambered over with mutterings of idiotic Dwarrow’s and their sense to not be checked over.

Bella simply shrugged and moved to the far back of the cave and sat, her whole body practically moulding into the wall. It was her spot she always sat when she stayed in this cave, it had been here since the second age, before Beorn, before everything and yet after so much.

“Here Ghivashel.” The voice of her Mate sends a jolt of alertness down her spine and her eyes snap open to see him holding out some fish on stone plate.

}}Nox hi, dii lokaal{{ (Thank you my love) she mumbled tired as she takes the plate.

Fíli frowned concerned at his One, the syllables and language falling from her lips. He noticed she reverted to her mother tongue when stressed, angry or tired. He knew she was not angry but her body seemed lax and he had seen her jump when he spoke.

“Eat then sleep Isa.” He instructed firmly, taking the plate from her hands as she finished quickly and flopped back against the wall. He too joined her, huddled close as he deemed appropriate at this current time and curled Kíli against him when his brother joined.

The wind howled bitterly outside causing the Dwarrow’s to huddle together for warmth, even they could admit it was cold outside and even with the fires it was still bitterly cold. In fact everyone but Bella was cold; Bilbo was huddled close to the Ur family as possible which was near the fire.

“Nori, come closer you’ll freeze.” Dori muttered, pulling his younger brother to the pile.

“Aye, Bilbo you can join us.” Bofur offered which the hobbit took up gladly and willingly.

Bella then snapped her eyes open and scanned the mass of bodies shivering and huddled together. She felt herself shift to the size of Beorn; one arm snuck out and pulled Fíli and Kíli to her body while the other pulled the brothers Ri into her right side. She kicked out her leg and nudged Balin, Dwalin and Thorin to move closer and gave a pointed look to the Ur brothers.

There were complaints until she huffed and raised her internal flames once more, rising up her temperature. Once the Dwarrow felt the heat their restraint quickly faded and soon she found herself covered by Dwarrow who if they could would be purring.

“Cats.” She muttered sleepily pulling her one and brothers closer to her chest as she raised the warmth once more and promptly fell back asleep.


“Should we wake them?”

“Bofur shh…” This was Dori.

“Please tell me you’re sketching this Ori…” Kíli.

“Never seen ‘I’m look so relaxed.” Balin’s voice was amused.

“Blackmail cousin, fine blackmail.” Óin chuckled.

“They do look so adorable cuddled up together.” Bifur’s amusement is what caused her eyes to snap open and glare at the party of Dwarrow before frowning and looking down.

Her mouth opened and closed several times as she saw that Thorin and Dwalin were curled around her legs and hugging them tightly with Glóin snuggled behind his cousins. Nori was burrowed under her arm, holding it close to him like a blanket and her Mate was mirroring the image except his head was on her chest. Bilbo and Bomber were somehow distributed on each side of her and snuggled deeply into her waist snoring away.

“I want a copy.” She rumbled to the young scribe before yawning. Though, that cut off quickly as her ears twitched, her head snapping to the mouth of the cave with wide eyes and a snarl. The snarl echoed around the cave causing the sleeping Dwarrow to jolt awake and in a blink of an eye Bella was up.

“We need to leave the Warg pack has caught up to us.” She rumbled out and suddenly the company was moving, it was time to head to Beorn’s. Bella knew once he saw her he would help. Dislike of dwarves and all wouldn’t matter if he saw her.

“Come on, I will have to help you all cross the river, we need to run.” She muttered as they quickly left the cave.

It didn’t take long for them to cross the river and then run into Gandalf half way between Beorn’s and the Carrock. They were still a day a way when they ran into the meddling wizard but Bella took to heart how trusting the company was when they followed her.

“Gandalf!” It was of course her mate to spot him first as they came to a stop in a small gulley.

“Shh…” Bella hissed as she caught the sound of wargs in the distance as well as the familiar growl and footfalls of Beorn.

“Isabella is correct to be quiet, Bilbo scout back and tell us how far the pack is.” Thorin ordered, the hobbit, though reluctant, agreed to go when he looked back and saw Fíli clutching Isabella’s arm in panic. He knew along with the others that Isabella had been taking on the most dangerous tasks and he also remembered seeing he body of her crumpled form in the mountains because of him.

He quickly made his way up the mountain path that they had just fled down from. His keen eyes locked on the pack of orcs and wargs before ducking so they wouldn’t see him. A snarl caused Bilbo to snap his eyes to the left and felt his heart jump to his throat. There before him stood a great black bear, bigger than he had ever seen, looking out over the distance.

“How close is the pack?” Thorin asked as he and Dwalin made it to the path.

Too close. A couple of leagues, no more, but that is not the worst of it.” He tried to explain, puffing as he tried to regain his breath and still his beating heart.

“Have the Wargs picked up our scent?” Dwalin asked, pressing the matter as he saw the fear on the hobbit’s face. The company gathered closer to the hobbit but Bella’s ears were tuned onto the area around them.

“Not yet, but they will; we have another problem.” Bilbo gasped out.

“Did they see you? They saw you!” Gandalf asked loudly, causing Bilbo to spin and look up at him, annoyance clear on his face.

“No, that’s not it.” He gasped out with a frown, groaning as Gandalf simply smiled and looked at the others.

“What did I tell you? Quiet as a mouse. Excellent burglar material.” Gandalf praised while the others agreed and laughed, finally Bilbo just snapped at being ignored. Bella knew it was coming, she had seen the annoyance grow with each interruption and she didn’t blame Bilbo.

“Will you listen- Will you just listen? I’m trying to tell you there is something else out there.” He snapped furious, causing the laughter to die down and the Dwarrow’s to become worried.

Gandalf frowned concerned, his eyes trying to take in the surroundings. “What form did it take? Like a bear?”

Bilbo spun opening and closing his mouth a few times. “Y- yes. But bigger, much bigger.”

“You knew about this beast?” Bofur asked watching as Gandalf turned away. “I say we double back.”

“And risk the orcs catching up to us? No.” Thorin snapped worried.

“There is a house…” Gandalf trailed off before looking at the others. “It’s not far from here, where we might take refuge.”

“Whose house?” Bella asked, holding back her amusement and smirk, the only indication was her hand clenching the back of her Mates coat.

“Are the friend or foe?” Thorin continued, staring at the wizard. So far he had more trust in his sister-sons one than Tharkûn.

Gandalf stammers for a second, glancing at Kisenth for help who only frowned and shrugged. “Neither. He will help us, or he will kill us.”

The Dwarrow shuffled and muttered in dismay at the news. “What choice do we have?” Thorin utters just as a roar echoes the plain causing all but Bella to jump.


Author Note: *giggles* Little fluff here, little fluff there… 😀

Ulmo (Quenya, pronounced [ˈulmo]) was a Vala, also known as King of the Sea, Lord of Waters, andDweller of the Deep.[2] One of the mightiest of theAinur, he was second in majesty of the Aratar, afterManwë and Varda.

Ossë is a vassal of Ulmo, but he loves the winds and prefers the coasts and isles of Middle-earth[1] to the deeps of his master. There is some darkness and violence in his spirit, presumably after his seduction by Melkor, and still enjoys raging in storms despite the will of Ulmo; only his spouse, Uinen can restrain his wild urges. He is friend to mariners, but they don’t trust his unpredictable temperament.

Creeping Charlie – Edible parts: Young leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. The leaves have a mild bitter flavor with a aromatic tang great for salads or jucing. You can cook these young leaves like spinach, or add to soups, stews, and omelet. Tea is made from the fresh or dried leaves. This wild edible has been known to be added to beer in much the same way as hops, for flavor and clarity. This plant is also known as ground-ivy, gill-over-the-ground, alehoof, tunhoof, catsfoot, field balm, and run-away-robin.

Garlic Mustard – Edible parts: Flowers, leaves, roots and seeds. Leaves can be eaten in any season, when the weather gets hot, the leaves will have a taste bitter. Flowers can be chopped and tossed into salads. The roots can be collected in early spring and again in late fall, when no flower stalks are present. Garlic mustard roots taste very spicy somewhat like horseradish…. yummy! In the fall the seed can be collected and eaten.




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