Chapter Fifteen- Unexpected Allies

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Third POV

A week had gone by and Bilbo was at his wits end, he had trailed near all of the guards to find the Dwarrow’s but found nothing. He was getting worried that he wouldn’t find them at all; he was also worried for Lady Isabella for she didn’t look too well when the elves had drug her away.

The beast still won’t stop! Three more were sent to the healing wing just last night.” Bilbo’s ears picked up the conversation with ease and he paused, pressing himself into the wall as flat as he could while two elves limped past, dragging another with them.

“Yes I know, even the dwarf king isn’t this violent.” The other replied in a grunt as he hoisted the unconscious one up higher.

Bilbo felt his heart stammer in relief as he found that Thorin was here and safe before clenching in despair as what their words fully meant. The Beast… Lady Isabella. He quickly and silently rushed down the hall they came from, skidding to a stop as a set of stairs lead down into the dark, his body shivering at the cold.

Another roar filled the silence causing his heart to jump as he now recognised the familiar lit of Lady Isabella’s language that she slips into now and then. He quickly rushed down and nearly collided with the fleeing elves before the room was silent once more.

“Bilbo?” The voice was rough and barely above a whisper. Bilbo jerked his head up as the sound of chains clinking reached his ears and he rushed to the cell door and froze, his eyes widening in horror as he took in the chains around Lady Isabella’s legs. He couldn’t see the rest of her as she was in the darkest part of the cell.

“Lady Isabella? Are you okay?” He asked cringing as a tired laugh escaped her lips before she moved into the light.

“Oh Yavanna.” He moaned shocked before slapping his hand over his mouth as he saw her face and the rest of her. She had a chain around her neck and wrists, her clothes dirty and ragged. Her face though, her face is what struck him, it was broken beyond belief and around her neck was bloody from where the collar’s jagged points dug into her flesh.

“Have you found the others?” She whispered once more, looking away from the hobbit and leaning back into the shadows.

“No. I have only found you but I know Thorin is here too.” He explained causing the dragon-shifter to hum and then to sigh.

“My guards come in every few hours little hobbit, they try to get me to eat and to force me to tell them why I am here… what I really am… what monster I am for they know I am not Skin-Changer. But I will not settle nor will I stop fighting till I reach Fíli, they separate me from my mate and treat me like a rabid Warg. They told me Fíli was gone but I can still feel him, sense him in this place… They—they placed me in chains Bilbo.” Bella choked out, wincing as the point dug into the soft part of her flesh once again.

“It’s Melkor all over again… I can’t… I can’t be in chains Master Bilbo… Chains bring death and corruption…” She whimpered before curling up once more. “I can’t shift because the collar and I can’t break them because it’ll reveal what I am.”

Bilbo stammered horrified and for the first time in his life he hated elves. “I’ll go and find the others! Maybe they will know what to do and then I will find Thorin… we’ll get you out of here quickly! I promise!” He whispered to her before shoving his ring back on and rushing back up the way he came.

It took another day of Bilbo running around to find the others, thankfully the loudness of Dwarrow’s helped in this instance and he couldn’t be more thankful to hear the Dwarven insults they threw at their hosts. When Bilbo knew it was all clear he slipped off the ring and stepped into view of the others causing the company to jolt in surprise and shout.

“Shhh! They’ll hear you!” He hissed, instantly hushing them.

“We thought you dead Bilbo!” Bofur whispered with a wide smile.

“Aye laddie, but you’re a sight for sore eyes.” Balin chuckled with a shake of his head.

“I’ve been looking for you all over the past week! I still cannot find Thorin though but he is here.” Bilbo informed, casting a look up and down the hall and his ears out for guards.

“What about Isa? Have you found her?” Fíli demanded causing Bilbo to spin around and choke, his eyes pooling with tears causing Fíli to jerk back as horror began to settle in. “Is she dead?” He choked out.

“No— no worse… Fíli… they—they chained her.” He managed to choke out causing all the Dwarrow to freeze.

“What do you mean chained her?” Dori hissed out as he stepped up, causing Bilbo to spin around once more.

“Can’t she just shift?” Bombur asked.

Bilbo shook his head frantically as the others threw out questions. “No… she has been collared to the wall and the collar has spikes. Even a deep breath or hard swallow cuts her neck; she’s also got them on her wrists and ankles.” He explained and suddenly a loud scream of rage anyone in the company has heard before echoed the hall.

All eyes that could turn towards Fíli, who stood with his hands clenched around the bars to the point blood seeped out between his fingers. His face was thunderous, something they have only ever seen on the face of their king, for in this very moment Fíli resembled Thorin’s silent rage.

“Those bruniik firok fuhil naakin’s!(Savage bastard leaf eaters) He hissed furious, the words rolling off his tongue in an odd way as he was unused to his One’s language. It just seemed to slip out in such a natural way as if he had been speaking it since birth with Khuzdul.

“Where did you learn that?” Bofur asked stunned causing Kíli to snort.

“Isa has been teaching Fíli and I her language, she has been since Beorn’s. But even I don’t know those words.” Kíli hummed trying to get his brother to calm down and thankfully when he saw his brother smirk, he knew it worked somewhat.

“I ask her in private, but Bilbo can you get us out? Can you get her out? I swore she wouldn’t end up in chains and she is…” He finished off in a sob, pressing his face into the bars.

“I’ll— I’ll try, I promised! I’ll need to find Thorin first. I won’t let you down!” He swore to them, he wouldn’t, not now.

“Aye, but be careful. Make sure you eat and sleep too lad.” Balin pressed; the poor hobbit didn’t look too good as it was now.

Bilbo shook his head. “No, Isabella is first. It— it’s bad Balin, my health can wait. I need to go, I’ll try and come back.”

The others watched as Bilbo fiddled with something in his pocket before disappearing down around the corner. Each one was worried, for their king, their Lady and their Burglar. Thought they – meaning all bar Fíli – were glad that Óin was placed in his cell as the sound of the Durin Heir screaming filled the silence once more followed by his fists impacting against the wall.

“Now, now lad, if Bilbo does indeed find us a way out you’ll need your hands.” Óin tisked as he began to rip strips from the cloth he always carried around to form a makeshift bandage.

Fíli growled and hissed as Óin cleaned his bloody knuckles the best he could. It was hard for a dwarf to break skin on their hands but it hurt when they managed it, this didn’t help his predicament though as the pain added to his rage.



Legolas narrowed his eyes as the beast snarled again when the elves came to deliver her food. She seemed to snarl at them in a tongue that he had not heard before nor could understand. His father had demanded her to be chained and Legolas found it barbaric. She was a shifter, a skin-changer he was sure but because she had attacked his company and associated herself with dwarves in his father’s eyes… he all but condemned her to the likes of orc or Warg, beast.

“I know you are there princeling.” The beast’s rough voice echoed softly, causing him to jolt and step into the light.

“How did you know?” He asked curious, moving closer to her cage door. She looked ragged than the last time he had seen her, more torn and bloody. His eyes locked onto the chains and frowned, anger rising in his chest as he saw that they were the spelled ones that the Orcs used on the skin-changers. How did his father get these?

“You are not as quiet as you think. Why are you here princeling? To taunt me more? To tell me that my Mate is dead as a way to break me?” She hissed, shifting herself further into the light to stare into the blue eyes of the fair-haired elf before her with her dragon eyes.

“The blond one? The one that was shot with an arrow, I saw how you stilled when he was threatened. He is your mate?” Legolas asked, never tearing his eyes away from the entrancing eyes that seemed to swirl and shimmer.

Bella blinked and allowed the prince free from her hold and nodded. “Yes, tell me Princeling, if you were old as I and finally found your mate, finally got the happiness you long desired only to have them be hurt and threatened before being locked up and separated from them? How would you feel?” She asked coming to a stand and making her way closer to the cage.

“I would be… angry.” He finished surprise, understanding the woman before him. “How old are you, what are you?”

The chuckle that left the woman’s throat had Legolas tensing; it was not a pleasant sound. No, it was pleasant but it held all the mirth in the world, it was a laugh he could remember having long ago before the death of his mother, before his father turned cold.

“I am old Princeling; I will give you hints to what I am. I am Yavanna’s creation. We were many when the War of the Wrath came, less when it ended. I am the being that came on the winds scream; I am the one who made orcs flee. My name brings terror to foes and relief to my allies, I am the last resort— I am the defender of all.” With that Kisenth sat back down and into the shadows once more, leaving the prince to consume her words.

Legolas frowned before pivoting on his foot and striding from the cells, he let his feet wander as he took in the words, the riddle that she had given him. I am Yavanna’s creation. Now more than ever he wished that he had paid attention to the lessons from his mother as an Elfling on the creations of their makers children made.

We were many when the War of the Wrath came, less when it ended. She was older than his father or maybe she was the same age as him? But Legolas knew that he was just a mere child in her eyes if that was the way it was, it also confirmed why she kept calling him princeling. Or the fact that she knew he was even the son of Thranduil the Elven King.

His feet came to a sudden stop and he found himself staring into the furious blue eyes of the blonde dwarf. The one the woman claimed was her mate– tell me Princeling, if you were old as I and finally found your mate, finally got the happiness you long desired only to have them be hurt and threatened before being locked up and separated from them? –he could not get her words out of his mind now that he was before the very dwarf she spoke of and his heart thudded painfully in his chest.

“Your Mate…” He begins before pausing, his tongue tripping over the words he wishes to converse. She was not well, her body bloody from the devices his father had placed upon her and she looked so… broken in the cell. She was far from well, far from it. “… is worried for you.”

Fíli blinked up at the elf before him, the very one who had ordered her to be taken before them. His fist shot out between the bars and grasped the elves tunic before yanking him harshly into the bars and face to face. “If she is harmed more in anyway than she already has, there will be no place in this land where my wrath won’t touch.” His speech was gruff and even, the dwarvish possessive and protective side flaring up.

“There is nothing I can do dwarf. We all must follow the kings’ command; you of all should know that.” Legolas replied unfazed while he pried himself from the grip and stood once more. “Do you know what she is?”

Fíli raised his brows and stifled his smirk. “Shifter.”

“I thought you would know that considering you’re an elf and have one protecting the other side of this forsaken forest.” Another taunted causing the others to laugh, but Legolas didn’t tear his eyes away from the blond one before him and squinted.

He hummed in surprise when he realised that though they speak the truth, it was not what the woman was. With a small twitch of the lips he turned and made his way towards the library. Mirkwood’s library didn’t have as much as Lothlórien or even Rivendell but it had enough to help him.

“Legolas?” Tauriel’s voice knocked him from his thoughts to see his captain beside him.

“I have a riddle from the woman in the dungeons.” He explained as he pushed the large doors open and made his way towards the shelves. Some of the books were unfortunately brittle; does no one come and read anymore?

Tauriel followed her prince, shutting the doors behind her as she sensed the importance of this. “I will help you.”

“I am Yavanna’s creation. We were many when the War of the Wrath came, less when it ended.” Legolas said out loud as he trailed his finger along the spines and paper of the scrolls and books. Stopping on one about what had happened in the War of the Wrath; with gentle hands he lifted it from its resting spot and carried it to one of the small tables.

He opened the pages softly and read until he found what he was looking for.

Yavanna’s creations fought with ferociousness that was akin to their twisted brothers and sisters. Many shifted from true form to that of Man or Beast and stood to protect what was left of the races, fighting along the side of elves and Valar. But one by one they began to fall, due to their twisted kin or the dark power of Melkor and his servants.

In the end, from a thousand, forty remained. The Protectors.

Legolas frowned at the text, glancing at Tauriel as she too read the text before them, once and then twice.

“Protectors?” She asked before walking over to where she knew the records for the Last Alliance stood and began to flick through the pages until she came across the one she remembered.

…the people of the free world called the protectors for aid, but only one came. Many grieved that the Protectors had one by one died by their kin’s hands for their horde. Many, grim-faced, accepted their death with only one to aid them, but it was a chance more to win with one.

She was mighty, soaring along the winds scream as she decimated the orcs below and held off the great fire drake of the east…

I am the being that came on the winds scream; I am the one who made orcs flee.” Legolas felt his heart constrict as he grabbed another book, a book that he had only seen when he was younger when he had seen his father’s scar for the first time.

He slammed the book down heavily and flipped through the pages, pausing on the drawing before him. His eyes snapping to Tauriel in horror and seeing it reflect back as they saw the woman down in their jail before them.

… Here is the only portrait of Kisenth Protector of the Weak, last of Yavanna’s Protectors; the last of the Dragon-Shifter’s, defender of all.

They continued to read, their eyes taking in all the information they could about the race: Could change into any race they wished, no desire for gold or trinkets only when nesting or healing. They can share their heart with their mate or those who they deem worthy, a dragon’s heart came with a dragon’s life.

“Dragon.” Legolas breathed out stumbling back. “We hold and torture a child of Yavanna in our cells? She is the protector of us all and we… We must not tell anyone who she is, we must aid their escape.”

Tauriel frowned. “But surely…”

“Tauriel, if she is truly Kisenth then it will be her to slay the beast in the mountain once and for all. You and I both know that sooner or later he will come from his mountain to feed once more, it is something I will not risk.” Legolas explained as they quickly rushed from the library and back down to the cells, making sure they were not spotted from the guards.

Kisenth opened her eyes and was pleasantly surprised to see the Princeling before her once more, a day had passed, this she knew. “You didn’t take as long as I thought and you brought a guest.”

She watched as the redheaded elf from the forest stepped into the light, the one that had saved Kíli from the spiders. For that alone she would allow her to be here, hold her anger back. Kisenth had a plan, one that involved getting her swords and her gifts back from the elves and to do that she had to let the prince know who she was and gain his friendship or at least sympathy.

But, oh she could have used her voice to twist them, make them… She shook her head free of those dark thoughts and frowned.

“Is it true, are you the last Dragon-Shifter of Arda?” Tauriel asked, holding back Legolas as he went to near the cage door. She still wasn’t sure if it was a trick or not.

Kisenth narrowed her eyes before standing once more and moving towards the cell door as close as she could before closing her eyes and carefully unfurling her wings and tail. She couldn’t shift her face as her neck would need to grow to support the face structure but she could show them her eyes.

“I am Kisenth Protector of the Weak, the last of the Dovah-Vuldiik Brod.” She explained, giving them a mock bow and letting her wings stretch before imprinting them to her body once more.

“Why do you not simply break the chains?” Tauriel asked and regretted it by the look she received from the dragon-shifter.

“My mate is above me in your custody, why should I risk him for my freedom?” She snarled jerking forward and hissing low in her throat as the spikes dug into her flesh. “My mate is more important than freedom and he is the only one I will ever wear chains for if needed and so I do this freely no matter how much this haunts me.”

“Tauriel enough,” Legolas warns, stepping forward as he saw the agony flash across her face. “They do not know, do they?”

Kisenth felt her shoulders sag as she shook her head. “No.”

“But you are going to Erebor to kill the dragon, how do…”

Bella interrupted him. “My swords, Gandalf. I know what I must to and what the consequences to them are but if… there is no choice. I cannot allow hundreds to be slaughtered for one, no matter how I wish to be selfish and allow that. I will lose my mate to see that snake die once and for all.” The words finished guttural and Legolas could feel the hate radiate off of her. “I will avenge my siblings deaths, he will suffer and feel my wrath.”

“We will help you then, as much as we can.” Legolas vowed, earning a surprised look and a dipped head in thanks.

Author Note: Well… I made a huge fuck up, I already wrote well the ending of the chapter where she reveals herself and Legolas/Tauriel knew what she was… this is what came of how they found out. Oops.




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