Chapter Five – Trolls, Trolls and more Trolls.

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom. }}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences. ))…(( anything between them is the black speech.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Third POV

Morning came and with it so did the rain, Bella groaned as she pulled out her waterproof cloak and grumbled. Rain, as a dragon she hated raid but it wasn’t just that either. Rain made her think of Forks, made her think of Ephraim and the pack, then all that followed after that. Useless facts from school when she had attended in 2009, the Cullen’s again…

“Don’t like the rain Lady Isabella?” Bilbo asked as he made his way to her, the coat she given him clasped firmly in place.

“No Master Baggins, I do not. With rain come memories I wish to forget as it brings me heartache.” She muttered while packing up her things. She still felt tired, the broken sleep and lack thereof taking its toll and she can’t wait till they find a safe enough place for her to rest fully.

“Where are my swords? Who took them?” Fíli yelled panicked as he wildly looked around the campsite and where he had been sleeping, his heart clenching with fear that his swords had been stolen. They like the two daggers at his elbows belonged to his father, the only thing besides the beads in his hair that he had of him.

“Nori!” Dori yelled at his brother.

“Don’t look at me, I didn’t take them!” He hissed back, jerking away from Dwalin in a hurry and making his way to Lady Isabella’s side.

“They were my fathers! Whoever has them better give them back, so Mahal help me!” Fíli hissed, jerking when Thorin laid his hand upon his nephews shoulder to calm him down, even Kíli dared not to go near his brother in a rage. He also wouldn’t take or hide his brother’s swords for he knew how important they were.

Isabella sighed and blinked, letting her dragon eyes take over for a second, she could see them off to the right of him, fallen behind one of the rock outcropping that he was sitting by last night. “They are behind the rocks Hes Kulaan. (Sweet Prince)” She supplied.

Fíli cast her a look before rushing over to where Isa pointed him too, sighing in relief as he saw his swords hidden behind the rocks. How she knew they were there was beyond him and he knew she didn’t put them there for she had not moved beyond calming Bifur down from her spot.

“How did you know they were there?” Nori asked quietly as he helped the Lady pack up her things.

“I can sense metal, see it if I so chose to. It is much like your sense of stone.” She replied honestly before nudging him over to his brothers. “You best get ready, thank you for the help Master Nori.”

“Just Nori.” He replied, causing her to pause and nod her head.


“Everyone move out!” Thorin ordered just as she swung her pack up onto her shoulder.

As the day grew longer the more it seemed to rain, Bella grumbled as she trailed at the back of the others before huffing even she was starting to feel the chill and the only way to fix that was to up her body temperature, which she did very much willingly.

“Bless my beard lass, are you steaming?” Bofur called out as he glanced behind him, doing a double take.

Bella laughed as she quickened her pace and laughed harder as Bofur nearly jumped on her when he felt the warmth that radiated from her. “That I am Master Bofur, I do not like to be wet and cold so I increased my internal temperature to a fraction of what it should be.”

“Here, Mr. Gandalf, can’t you do something about this deluge?” Asked Dori asked hopefully and annoyed, interrupting what Bofur was about to say.

“It is raining, Master Dwarf, and it will continue to rain until the rain is done. If you wish to change the weather of the world, you should find yourself another wizard.” He replied back sharply, causing Bella to smirk at his agitation.

“Are there any?” Bilbo blurted out curiously, he could see the others trying not to seem like they were listening but failing.

Gandalf hummed distracted. “What?”

“Other wizards?” Bilbo replied a bit hesitant this time.

“There are five of us. The greatest of our order is Saruman, the White. Then there are the two Blue Wizards; you know, I’ve quite forgotten their names.” Gandalf replied, this time Bella winced. Alatar and Pollando the two blue wizards, they had distanced themselves from the order and travelled to the far east, the last she had seen of them… they were nothing but mutated bits of flesh and bone.

Bilbo nodded in thought. “And who is the fifth?”

“Well, that would be Radagast, the Brown.” Gandalf answered indulging Bilbo’s curiosity.

“Is he a great Wizard or is he…more like you?” Bilbo asked curiously, slightly amused and annoyed, cursing his Took blood for the lack of manners.

“I think he’s a very great wizard, in his own way. He’s a gentle soul who prefers the company of animals to others. He keeps a watchful eye over the vast forest lands to the East, and a good thing too, for always Evil will look to find a foothold in this world.” He explained slightly offended.

Bella quickly made her way to Gandalf’s side. }}You still do not know, do you?{{

}}Know what?{{ He asked her, turning to look at her stricken face.

}}About Alatar and Pollando, they are dead my old friend, have been since before Erebor fell.{{ She informed him, grimacing as he cast her a shocked look.

“How do you know this?” He asked, pausing slightly. The company moved past them, sparing them a confused glance but continued on anyway.

“Because it was I who found them, it was I who told the head of your order before I left Arda.” She replied, her frown matching Gandalf’s.

“Lady Isabella, Gandalf!” Thorin called, the company paused a way up from them.

“He did not tell us… It will have to be thought upon at a later time.” He sighed before pushing his horse forward to catch up to the others.

Bella sighed and followed too, keeping to herself this time as she listened to the slight mutters of the company and the rain. She may hate the rain but she always the loved the sound of its song in the trees, to hear her Lady’s voice singing as she gives life to the earth.

By late afternoon the rain had finally stopped and the company found themselves standing before an old broken down house. A deep rumble startled the company as they dismounted and all bar Gandalf and Thorin turned to look at Lady Isabella who was breathing in deeply.

Trolls… The scents were only a day or so old but it clung to every surface of the house and area around them. She glanced around the company, handing her bag to Fíli before disappearing into the forest; no one said a word for they didn’t want to have another incident like her first hunt with them.

“Everything alright? Gandalf, where are you going?” Bilbo asked as he saw the angry wizard stomping past them. His head flicking from Thorin to the wizard in worry and confusion.

“To seek the company of the only one around here who’s got any sense.” Gandalf shouted as he stormed towards his horse.

“Who’s that?” Bilbo shouted after him.

“Myself, Master Baggins!” He yelled back annoyed before muttering. “I’ve had enough of dwarves for one day.”

While the others were getting ready for dinner and setting camp Bella was trailing the trolls scent, luckily she had found their horde but unluckily they were not there and it made her heart beats faster as she began to follow the fresh scents in the direction back to the camp and where her mate and Dwarrow’s were.

A growl escaped her lips and she turned back towards the horde, pulling out her blades and burrowing them into the stone wall of the cave so no one but she could yank them out. She felt her body shift and bones crack as she transformed her body into the more dragon-human form before rushing forward.

Kisenth came to a stop in the edge of the trees, still hidden by the darkness as the aggravated sounds of the Dwarrow’s. Her eyes blazed with fury as she took note that half the company were on a spit and the others tied up in sacks while the trolls talked about eating them. All disarmed and only in their underclothes.

A snarl ripped from her breast sending a shiver down the companies’ spine and for the Trolls to pause in horror, confusion and fear.

“Wot was that?” One of the trolls asked as he eyed the forest.

“Dun’ne, who else be with these dwarves?” The skinniest of the three asked, eyeing the dwarves and the trees. Another rumble echoed the dark as the first echoed as Bert picked up Fíli’s sack.

“It dun’ne matter, dawn be here soon and I don’t fancy being turned into stone.” Bert growled, dropping the sack harshly, causing Fíli to hiss as his shoulder hit stone.

))Big mistake.(( Bella snarled out before launching, causing the two remaining trolls to scream in terror and for Bert to scream in agonizing pain as claws sliced into his flesh and ripped him apart, his eyes widening in horror as he took in a small Man framed dragon.

))You hurt my mate.(( She hissed before ripping into the flesh and throwing chunks about before turning, snarling towards the others.

The company saw a blur or purple and black over the flames as Bella tackled another troll into the darkness of the trees, leaving the skinny one to panic and flail about screaming over the gurgling cry of his brother about beasts and ghosts.

“THE DAWN WILL TAKE YOU!” Gandalf yelled before cracking the stone and letting the sunlight filter through. Bella twitched and felt her form shift into that of a bear to hide her dragon form before stepping out into the light, scaring the crap out of the company.

“Fear not it is just Lady Isabella.” Gandalf hurried to reassure as he made his way to the Dwarrow over the fire and cut them down, sparing a glance at his old friend who was still letting out a continuous rumbled snarl. “I see you already took two down before I arrived.”

Kisenth shot him a rumbling snarl and bared her teeth before trotting over to Fíli who was now free of his sack and grasping his shoulder in slight pain.

“Mahal’s beard!” He yelped as he turned to come face to face with the bear. Kíli shot his brother a look and laughed, earning a punch from Fíli in return. “Can you change back?” He asked softly, blinking when she shook her head no.

Kíli seeing the action jerked his head up. “Gandalf Lady Isabella cannot change back, something must be wrong!”

An amused smirk pulled at Fíli’s lips as he saw Isa roll her eyes and huffed before nosing his coat. It was then that everything began to kick in as the others made their way over. “Oh! OH! Everyone turn around!” He snapped as he removed his coat from his person and held it up.

Everyone gave him a look but did as he asked before the sounds of breaking bones and grunts filled the air. Fíli quickly averted his eyes from her naked form before it fully came back and felt the heat upon his cheeks as she shot him a wide smile before slipping on his coat.

Though by doing this Bella now realised that she had to regrow her wings if she were in need of them and held back a groan of frustration. “You can turn around now, I am covered.”

She was indeed covered but Fíli’s coat just stopped mid-thigh. Nori quickly removed his own coat along with Dori’s and curled it around her legs as he saw that everyone was staring at her bare and bloody legs and the young prince was about to lose his head.

“Ori, go back and grab Lady Isabella her things.” Dori urged his baby brother as he and Nori shared a knowing look. They didn’t know why they were drawn to the Lady and they didn’t really wish to delve further but to them Isabella had treated them kind and they began to bond on some degree.

“Would it help if I sit?” Bella asked amused as she glanced down at the bent at the waist Dwarrow’s.

“Aye, it would my backs a little sore from being turned on the pike.” Nori teased the woman causing her to snort and moved, sitting down on one of the fallen trees near Gandalf and Thorin. Nori and Dori following with Fíli and Kíli as the others quickly gathered the rest of their belongings.

“They must have come down from the Ettenmoors.” Bella stated with a frown.

Thorin cast the woman a look. “Since when do mountain trolls venture this far south?”

“Oh, not for an age, not since a darker power ruled these lands.” Gandalf explained, trailing off in thought and completely missing the way Bella hissed and tensed. But the brothers Ri, Kíli, Fíli and Thorin didn’t miss it.

))Dark and death, signs do not bode well.(( Bella hissed to the Istari.

“They could not have moved in daylight. There must be a cave nearby…” Thorin trailed off, his eyes snapping to Lady Isabella when she nodded.

“There is, I tracked the trolls back to there when I left before. It isn’t much further away; if we gather our things I can lead you there.” She explained, smiling in thanks to Ori as he shyly holds out a dress for her.

“You heard her! Everyone go and pack, let Lady Isabella dress!” Thorin ordered and Bella watched amused as everyone quickly scattered. She hummed softly as she waited until she could not hear them close and quickly slipped the dress on over her head once the coats dropped to the floor. She didn’t really like going commando but hell, it was better than being nude and now she could gather her things and put shoes back on.

With a slight pause she pulled Fíli’s jacket back on, inhaling his scent that clung to the fur on the colour. It was calming to her senses, to the more animalistic side of her. Woodsy with a hint of fire and metals… it also held something soft that she could not name. A shake of her head she began to make her way back to camp.

Fíli smiled softly, ducking his head as he saw Isa step out of the tree line wearing his coat still, Dori and Nori’s in her hands. Something fluttered in his chest at the image of her wearing his clothes, of choosing to wear his jacket even though he knew she didn’t need to.

“Alright, everyone grab your ponies, the trees are too dense to ride so we will lead them through. Lady Isabella will take the lead.” Thorin ordered, causing many of the others to raise their brows but didn’t question it.

Kisenth hummed and gathered her things before moving over to Fíli after handing Dori and Nori’s coats back with a thanks. “Would you like yours back too, Hes Kulaan?

“No, you can wear it for now.” Fíli replied quickly, smiling at her wide grin.

“Would you like to walk with me?” She blurted out before she knew what she was doing, cursing in annoyance at her lack of filter.

Fíli smiled wider as he slung his bag on his back. “I would love to.”

They walked in silence, the others though whispering and exchanging coin for bets behind them. Thorin and Kíli had taken Fíli’s pony to allow him to walk beside her freely without worrying about the animal reacting poorly towards his One.

“Your swords were your fathers?” Bella asked softly, her eyes casting to the two blades on his back.

Fíli nodded and withdrew one, handing it over for her to inspect, ignoring the inhales behind him as he did so. A Dwarrow’s weapon was his life, handing it to someone with trust was like trusting people to not rip your beard off when they braid you.

Bella hummed and glanced over the blade, it was a fine Dwarven make, very nicely made and well cared for. With a soft smile at the show of trust she handed back the sword to her Mate and came to a stop as the familiar stench of a troll horde.

“Lass?” Glóin called as he came to a stop near the familiar hilted swords in the stone his eyes wide, drawing the others attention.

Bella hummed and reluctantly tore her eyes away from Fíli’s. “Yes Master Glóin?”

“Are these ye swords in the stone?” This time it was Dwalin who blurted out the question in shock, grasping the hilt curiously and tried to yank them out but couldn’t.

“Yes they are Master Dwalin; I had to store them somewhere so… this was convenient.” She explained with a shrug before yanking them from the stone with ease, sending a flurry of sparks in the air.

“Nori, Glóin, Dwalin, Bofur with me. The rest of you stay up here and make sure there’s nothing else around.” Thorin ordered as he and Gandalf stood at the mouth of the cave.

Kisenth frowned as she smelt the air, tasted it really. Beyond the smell of troll was the familiar tang of metals. “There is treasure in that cave, old treasure.” She murmured to herself. Her ears twitched as the sound of fast approaching footsteps in the distance, a horde or two from different directions. One from the east and one from the west, they didn’t have much time.

It didn’t take long for the others to exit the cave, Thorin carrying a brand new blade in his hand. This of course caught Bella’s interest. She knew that blade, she knew it well and even had wielded it for a brief time, but how on earth did it and the one Gandalf carried get in a troll horde.

“Someone’s coming!” Dwalin roared as he and Thorin dashed off into the forest away from the troll horde. Bella grunted as she pushed herself up from the rocks she had unknowingly sat on, her whole body now beginning to ache with shifting from one for to another so soon.

Oh how your body forgets that feeling all too quick.

“Stay together! Hurry now. Arm yourselves.” Gandalf yelled as he strode forward, how own sword drawn and staff up. The others quickly got ready, all with weapons drawn and waited for what was to come.

“Dori, Ori!” Nori hissed as he circled around Isabella, earning a nod in thanks from Fíli as he stood by his uncles’ side. Now that’s interesting… maybe I’ll have to up the wager… He thought while his brothers circled around Isabella.

“Thieves! Fire! Murder!” Radagast yelled as he and his Rhosgobel Rabbits burst through the trees.

“Radagast. Radagast the Brown. Ah. What on earth are you doing here?” Gandalf asked relieved, staring at the wizard before him.

The others quickly lowered their weapons as they saw that Gandalf knew him but they kept their guard up, never taking their eyes off the odd wizard before them. Each of them watched with varying looks of confusion, amusement and annoyance as the wizard became flustered and as Gandalf pulled out a stick insect from Radagast’s mouth.

Bella let out a huff of amusement as she watched this, she knew that though Radagast was one of the better Istari, one who she quite honestly liked but chose animals over people as he was a servant of Yavanna.

}}It is good to see you again Aiwendil.{{ She greeted in her tongue as he and Gandalf passed by.

Radagast jerked in surprise, his eyes lightening as he grasped her forearms, completely ignoring the dwarfs around them. }}Kisenth, I was told by Lord Oromë that you had left this realm. It is good to see you… but I fear the timing of your return was not a coincidence.{{

Bella frowned her hands clenching around Radagast’s.

“What do you mean my old friend?” Gandalf asked worried, leading them both away from the others.

“The Greenwood is sick, Gandalf. A darkness has fallen over it. Nothing grows any more, at least nothing good. The air is foul with decay. But worst are the webs.” Radagast explains, his eyes flicking around nervously for something to jump out at him.

“Sick? Webs?” Bella asked slowly, something nudging at her memory.

“Spiders. Giant ones. Some kind of spawn of Ungoliant, or I am not a Wizard. I followed their trail. They came from Dol Guldur.” He explained switching his attention between Bella and Gandalf, jerking when he saw Kisenth’s eyes flash.

“Dol Guldur? But the old fortress is abandoned.” Gandalf stated confused, it had been abandoned for the last four hundred years.

Radagast shook his head. “No, Gandalf, it is not.”

“A dark power dwells there, such as I have never felt before. It is the shadow of an ancient horror. One that can summon the spirits of the dead.” Radagast began to explain, stopping when the hands around his arms tightened even more so.

“The dead? A Necromancer?” Bella demanded, her voice husky and rough, a puff of smoke escaping her lips and eyes glassy.

Gandalf quickly blocked the view of that from the others as he stared at Radagast. “Are you sure?”

“I saw him, Gandalf. From out of the darkness, a Necromancer has come.” He explained, quickly pulling out a wrapped item from beneath his robes. Gandalf quickly unties it and opens it, jerking back as he takes in the blade. “That is not from the world of the living.”

Kisenth hissed as her eyes landed on the familiar blade, a blade that should no longer see the light. A Blade that she had helped bury with nine others and… no.

Suddenly, a howl is heard in the distance causing her to close her eyes, they had come… she should have paid more attention.

Author Note: Oh look! Another chapter, a longer one too!

Lord Oromë – is an Ainu, one of the Aratar and a Vala who was responsible for the hunt. He is the brother of Nessa and the husband of Vána the sister of Yavanna.



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  1. loving it! hope when they learn more of what she is they let her fully explain and they listen to the truth that she is nothing like that snake in their home. but most thrilling chapter to read loved it. will be here looking forward to reading what happens next 🙂

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