Chapter Four – Calming Effect

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom. … anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences. ))…(( anything between them is the black speech.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Third POV

Kisenth had not moved after they all went to sleep, she couldn’t in her right mind even pull away from the flaxen-haired prince behind her. His warmth – even to her – was comforting and his hand had curled into her hair as he drifted off to sleep, every now and then he would run his hand through it.

She chuckled softly as Kíli curled up into her side, mumbling about the warmth while surprisingly Nori curled up at her other side with Ori in his arms and Dori clutching them both. It was adorable really, the familial bonds between the Dwarrow and yet still very intimidating to others with their rumbling snores.

“The sky is starting to brighten.” She murmured to Gandalf who had woken up two hours after she had put everyone to sleep. That was amusing; he always hated it when she used her Voice on him.

“We should wake the others and go. I must say Kisenth; I didn’t think I would see the day.” He murmured back softly, careful not to wake the others.

She frowned at the Maiar. “See what day?”

“That you would find your mate.” Gandalf chuckled.

“WHAT!” She yelped, causing all the Dwarrow to jerk awake and up, hands ready and some with weapons.

“What! What is it?” Dwalin asked as he blinked the sleep haze away and turned to look at Lady Isabella glaring at the wizard.

Fíli jerked his hand back reluctantly as he cleared away the haze to see his hand tangled in Isa’s hair, his brother curled up on one side of her and she between his legs, head resting on his thigh.

Amad naked… Dwalin naked… Amad and Dwalin naked… NO! he thought as he felt something begin to stir, he couldn’t lose control now with her head in his lap, the warmth of her cheek radiating through him.

}}Look what you’ve done.{{ She hissed, standing up after she managed to peel the darkhaired prince away.

“I did nothing my dear, just merely pointed something out, it was you who woke them.” Gandalf chuckled.

“I don’t recall going to sleep.” Bofur drawled in a yawn.

“Aye, neither do I.” Glóin grumbled as he groaned and stretched.

“We need to leave immediately, everyone pack and I’ll go and wake Master Baggins.” Gandalf hummed, giving his old friend a secret smile as he made his way through the confused Dwarrow.

“Did you get any sleep lass?” Óin asked as he eyed the dark eyes of Lady Isabella.

She shook her head and looked towards the others. “He is right, we need to leave immediately.”

The others quickly moved, the others rushing out of the room to their own to gather their things, Fíli pausing at Isa’s door and held his hand out for her, in it rested her own hairclip. “I didn’t get to finish, but I thought you would want this back.” He explained as she took the small clasp.

“Thank you dii kulaan. You better gather your belongings and weapons; I will meet you at the stables.” Bella replied, twisting her bangs back and clasping them; it would have to do for now. She could not tear her eyes away from his, her hand twitching to touch his face and brush away the loose hair.

Mate, Olórin had called him my mate… she thought to herself, but how could he be her mate? Wouldn’t she know right away that this flaxen-haired prince before her was the missing piece to her soul?

Look closely Kisenth, you where there when I had found my mate… Darilth whispered, his heart beating a fraction of a second faster.

Fíli smiled and bowed his head before stepping around her and down to where his room was, he had to get ready in a hurry, he knew the time was crucial. The night before fresh in his mind, the feeling of her hair tangled around his fingers made them tingle and the warmth was still there, but now settled deep within his chest. She had stayed by his side throughout the night, she had not moved and he didn’t know whether to take that as a good sign or not.

By the time the first rays truly touched the sky, the Company of Thorin Oakenshield were a few miles away from Bree and taking the path around Weathertop. Bella ran by the side of the ponies, sometimes dashing in and out of the trees to run around them to make sure there were no scent of Orc’s nearby.

Two days went passed, each time Bella stayed up and kept the company safe, she knew when they were safe enough she would have to sleep but for now until her mate… her mate and his family and co were safe she would not rest.

By the time night fell on the third day everyone was tired, they had pushed their ponies as far as they could before finding a safe enough location for them to rest.

“You need to sleep Lady Isabella.” Bombur murmured as he went and gave her a bowl of soup, this one full of meat that she had acquired for them.

“I am fine, this place is too exposed.” She replied, giving the large Dwarrow a smile in thanks as she took the bowl from him.

“Yes, but we all know you’ve been up since the day before Bree keeping an ear out, you need to sleep or you’ll collapse. All of us are starting to worry, it is not your job to keep us safe Lady Isabella, that is our job to keep you safe.” Bombur replied, a blush creeping up on his face as he saw the raised brows and smirk.

“Okay Bombur, tonight I will let someone take over my shift when this one is complete.” She chuckled, quickly draining her soup bowl and handing it back to him. “The food is delicious; it’s been a while since I’ve had something that nice.”

And ain’t that the truth, there was nice food on the other side, on earth where she had been for quite some time but there was nothing more satisfying than food cooked from the plants and meats of your home. Bombur blushed and gave her a smile before making his way back over to the fire where everyone was either talking or resting.

“Did you tell him the truth or lie?” Nori asked as he dropped down from the tree, he had taken a liking to the Lady and it was an odd feeling. He knew she was not his one, for he saw the looks Fíli shot him and his brothers but he felt a sort of kinship towards her.

“No I will sleep, I can’t keep going on for much longer without the dangers of sleeping for three days.” Bella stated, casting a look to the star haired Dwarrow. “You need to be more quite on your feet, I heard you the second you made your way here.”

Nori chuckled. “Well usually I can sneak up on people with ease but you’ve got better hearing than others.”

“It’s the animal in me Master Nori, now what can I help you with Master Baggins.” Bella asked, laughing as Nori jerked in surprise as he glanced down to see Bilbo at his elbow, giving him an apologetic stare.

“I came to apologise.” Bilbo stated and Nori took his que to leave, he and the others knew that Bilbo had tried hard to get Lady Isabella alone since they left Bree.

“There is no need to apologise Master Baggins. I understand.” Bella hummed, turning her head to look back out across the hillside.

Bilbo shook his head. “No, I do need to apologise. I had believed many of what the others told me about the forest but the hobbits in Bree told me about you and all you have done for the town. I-It would seem impolite and rude not to apologise and thank you for paying for our drinks.” He stammered out.

“Master Baggins, it is alright, go and rest you’ve had a long day and I can feel your anxiety.” She urged, gesturing for him to head back to his bed roll. Bilbo opened and closed his mouth a few times and nodded, heading back to the others.

“What is it you see Kisenth?” Gandalf asked as he made his way over to the dragon-shifter when he saw her head jerk up sharply, her eyes flashing.

“Orcs.” She growled out, her body jerking forward to go and cull the horde once again but stopped when she felt a hand upon her arm.

“Not tonight, they won’t come close for they know you are here. You need to rest, I can see how much of a toll being up for so long has started to affect you. Rest now dear, Fíli and Kíli have taken the next shift.” Gandalf hummed softly, patting her shoulder before making his way back to his own spot.

She didn’t know when she finally fell asleep but she knew the very second she woke up as a screech filled the air.

“What was that?” Bilbo gasped as another scream pierced the air, his eyes jerking to .

Kíli jerked worriedly, his eyes scanning the dark “Orcs.”

“Orcs?” Bilbo stammered out panicked as he rushed towards them, disbelieving in what he was hearing.

Fíli and Kíli shared a look. “Throat-cutters. There’ll be dozens of them out there. The lowlands are crawling with them.” Fíli explained casually.

“They strike in the wee small hours, when everyone’s asleep. Quick and quiet; no screams, just lots of blood.” Kíli continued, casting his brother a look as Bilbo looked away in fright, the both of them laughing.

Bella stood, pulling out one of her swords as she stood on the cliffs edge, her eyes locked on the pack across from them on the other cliff a kilometre or so away. Far enough for them not to be seen by the Dwarrow but still close enough for her to see and hear them.

Thorin had jerked awake at the mention of Orc’s, a scream in the distance while his sister-sons laughed at it all. “You think that’s funny? You think a night raid by orcs is a joke?” He spat out standing, glaring down at them both.

Kíli looked down in shame. “We didn’t mean anything by it.”

“No, you didn’t. You know nothing of the world.” He hissed out as he walked past them, his eyes locking on the rigid form of Isabella who he knew was asleep before they were.

“Can you see them?” He asked, trying to block out the sounds of the story behind him. Trying to hold back the flashes of fire and death, he didn’t want to relive that battle anymore.

“Yes. There.” She replied, jerking her chin up at the spot the pack was. She felt the muscles in her arm tensing as Thorin moved closer to her, to see the spot better. “They didn’t mean to cause such distress.”

“I know, they are still young in our ways. I and Dis had tried to keep them sheltered as much as we could from the dangers and pain of this world.” Thorin sighed, casting a look out the corner of his eye towards his nephews. “We will be safe tonight, go back to sleep Lady Isabella.”

Bella cast a confused look down at the king and nodded, he didn’t understand why the sudden concern or even the kindness he’s been showing since Bree but she wasn’t going to look a gift-horse in the mouth and settled back in for the night.

The next time she woke it was to the sounds of shouting, her body jerking up and hand clenching the hilt of her sword as she looked for any sign of trouble. Only there was no trouble just the company gathered around a raging Bifur, the camp a mess.

“What’s going on?” She asked Olórin warily as she made her way to his side.

“Bifur had a battle dream after the story, he can’t calm down or tell friend from foe.” Gandalf explained causing Bella to frown and sigh.

“Bifur! It’s us? Bofur and Bombur, you’re safe and with the company!” Bofur yelled as he dodged another blow from his cousin.

The others in the company were not armed, hoping that the dazed Bifur could see that they meant no harm to him but so far it wasn’t working. Many had been struck by the mattock in his hands and were sporting brilliant bruises under their tunics.

“Lady Isabella no!” Dori yelled as Bella walked straight past the others and into Bifur’s striking range, her hand deflecting the oncoming mattock and grasped Bifur’s arm. Kíli and Thorin quickly grabbed Fíli as he launched forward to stop her. Bella knelt before the enraged dwarf and grasped his face tightly, letting her true eyes shine through.

“Shhhh you are safe, hear my voice, feel my hands upon your face and let it ground you.” She spoke, calm and soft. The others watched amazed as Bifur stilled under her words.

}}Kos stiildus. Kos tul.{{ (Be quiet. Be still.) She whispered to him, over and over letting her Dragon Voice wash over him and take effect, his eyes never leaving hers. It had been a while since she used it to calm down a person.

What happened?” Bifur asked as the images of orcs died away and found himself staring into the swirling eyes of Lady Isabella. He couldn’t tear his gaze away from them and in a blink her eyes were normal once more and he was able to see the worried faces of his cousins and the company.

Horror settled into his chest as he saw the bruises on them, his hands dropping Bofur’s mattock and instantly tried to back away as everything clicked.

Ever since his head wound he not only could no longer speak common, forgets things sometimes or can no longer remember other things, he also had terrible episodes that he was back in that attack once more. It always ended violently as he could no longer tell friend from foe in these episodes.

“Back up!” Bella ordered the others as she saw the panic and fear in Bifur’s eyes before getting him to focus on her once more.

You did not hurt them, just a bruise. You defended not attacked, all is well Master Bifur. Kos stiildus. Kos tul.” She crooned, cupping his face once more, putting more allure into her voice.

Gandalf watched all this with raised brows and a soft smile. It had been many of an age since he had seen the allure of a Dragon up close that was calming and not controlling. He knew that in the short time together that Kisenth had come to care for the company as he knew if she didn’t, she would not have done all she has done.

When Bifur finally calmed down she gave him a wide smile before standing up. “All is well Master Bifur; I won’t let you hurt them on this journey.”

When Bella stepped back she found herself stiffening as three sets of bodies slammed into her. It took a moment to realise that the Ur family was hugging her, all three muttering their gratitude into her tunic. She patted Bombur on the back awkwardly before chuckling.

“Thanks is not needed, now I suggest we all get some rest. I’ll take the next shift.” She stated stepping away from the Ur’s, she was not expecting the outcry.

“But Lass you took the first shift!” Glóin exclaimed.

“And last night’s shift!” Dori inputted gutting, his hands twisting into his tunic as he stared at her. She knew he was the mother hen of the group and she felt something stir within her at the action.

“No, we’ll take the rest of the night shift… You sleep!” Bofur stated jerking his head to Bifur who was furiously frowning.

“I agree, you have taken many night shifts Lady Isabella, it is time for you to rest.” Thorin spoke up causing her shoulders to sag and to nod. “You have not had a proper sleep since before Bree, before you joined this company, go back and rest.

“Alright.” She sighed before moving towards her roll, giving Olórin a hard look as he smirked at her. With a heavy sigh she settled back into her spot and forced her eyes to close and her body to sleep.

When Lady Isabella finally went back to sleep or hoped went back to sleep Bifur turned to his cousins and eyed them critically. There were no wounds beyond bruises, nothing serious but it didn’t make him feel any better.

“I am sorry.” He whispered out, sighing sadly.

“It’s fine cousin, just a few bruises and scrapes. Lady Isabella is right, you were defending not attacking.” Bofur explained with a shrug as he pulled out his pipe.

Bombur scowled at his brother before turning back to Bifur. “Are you alright?”

“I am now, guilty but no more pain or torment. What Lady Isabella did, I do not know but I feel calm.” Bifur replied honestly, glancing at the woman and frowning as he saw she slept further away from the company. Had she always done that? Did she not feel comfortable around them because they were male or because she felt excluded from the group…

The more Bifur thought about it the more he realised that it was the latter. The only ones who truly spoke to her were the princes and the Ri brothers.

“I owe her thanks, she’s done much for us at her own expense and we treat her like an outsider. She is a woman and we treat her poorly, Mahal will strike us down.” He grunted out loudly causing half to near all the camp to pause and frown.

“Shh Cousin, we will make it up to her. We will.” Bombur soothed, he too had felt the nagging sensation of shame and quilt since they left Bree. His One would kick him from the kitchen and ban him from their bed if she were to find out he had treated a lady with such neglect. “Yes, we’ll make up for it.”

Author Note: Well two chapters! How about that? What did you guys think?



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