Chapter Fourteen – Accursed Forest

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Third POV

The company stood before the forest with unease, their eyes shifting from the twisted trees to the stiff back of Isabella and Gandalf just before the entrance. Dragon eyes peered at the wizard. }}The forest is indeed sick, I never met Oropherion but there must be something wrong for him to let the forest be this tainted.{{

}}Thranduil has never been the same since the death of his father and wife, but that is no excuse…{{ Replied Gandalf as they made their way into the twisted entrance. Vines grew over the elven statues that Gandalf knew to be of Thranduil’s wife.


“This forest feels…sick, as if a disease lies upon it. Is there no way around?” Bilbo called out, pausing half way between the company and the forest. Nausea beginning to rise in his throat the closer he got to the forest.

Gandalf paused and looked back at Bilbo. “Not unless we go two hundred miles north, or twice that distance south.”

A deep thrum echoed in Kisenth’s ears as she stepped further down the path, her eyes locked onto a particular spot and couldn’t seem to look away; the thrum growing louder the closer she got. She felt her heart speed up as fear began to settle in the depths of her stomach, the feeling making her uneasy.

Something moves in the shadows unseen, hidden from our sight. Every day it grows in strength. Beware the Necromancer. He is not what he seems… Kisenth paused a step away from the statue as Galadriel’s voice washed over her.

Gandalf watched as Kisenth raised her arm slowly and grasped the vines in her clawed hand before ripping it away. A scream echoed the silent forest as Kisenth stumbled back and grasped her head in pain.

The company jolted as the scream reached them, jumping to their feet in an instant as they searched the forest for the danger. Fíli and Nori though knew that scream and rushed into the forest to see Gandalf hunched over, his hand covering Isabella’s eyes.

“Is she okay?” Fíli demanded as he sheathed his swords once more and rushed towards his One. But she and Gandalf both ignored him as they continued to stare at one another.

“If our enemy has returned, we must know. Go to the tombs in the mountains.”

}}You must go, it is more important than travelling with us. Olórin what I saw should not be possible, go and go now!{{ Kisenth ordered, shoving the wizard towards the exit in panic. Gandalf nodded before making haste, his voice echoing in the trees as he called out to the others not to let his horse go.

“What was that about?” Nori asked, his eyes flicking from Isabella to Gandalf’s retreating form and back with curiosity.

“Nothing good, this land is sick… sick with darkness that we had thought died out long ago. We must not step off the path, trickery is in the air.” Bella mumbled out as she stood to her feet once more with the aid of her mate. She could hear the land screaming silently in the back of her mind, she could hear the weeping of her Lady and it angered her.

“The elves will learn one day.” She muttered to herself before shaking her head. “My love, can you gather my packs?”

Fíli hesitated but nodded, giving Nori a look to tell him to look after her before rushing back out the forest. Bella whispered to herself and glanced around, her eyes wide and unseeing, it made Nori feel on edge.

“Nori, that Thu’um I taught you… do not use it here.” She instructed forcefully. “You will not like what you see and stay close to your brothers.”

The thief nodded but didn’t move until Fili was back with Kili at his side, their packs over their shoulder. It didn’t take long for the others to make their way in, grumbling over the fact that Gandalf had left them once again, but instead of leaving in a relatively safe environment, he left them on the edge of a darkened wood that made Isabella wary.

“What did Gandalf say?” Nori asked the others.

“To not leave the path, for we will not find it again if we do.” Bofur replied, making Nori unease and move quickly to his brothers’ sides. He would listen to Isabella and Gandalf both on this.

Thorin cast a look up at Isabella. “Do you know the way?”

“No, not this elven path, the last time I had reached Mirkwood was when Oropher still reigned. I will lead you for now, I can sense the stone but I must ask to not kill an animal in this forest Thorin, all of you.” She urged as she began to move forward, her mate at her side.

“Why’s that lass?” Glóin called out from behind.

“Because they are either infected with what has tainted this land Glóin or they are the watchers of Oromë but stags, deer in this forest belong to his sister Nessa. It is bad luck to kill them if you see them.” She explained, her voice drifting in the forest.


She led them through the winding tainted trees, her fingers twitching as she heard the screams. Yavanna bless this poor wood, save them from this darkness. Her eyes scanned the tree tops periodically looking for any sign of the sun but could not see. The trees had grown over in a way to block the light, the view of the sky.

The further they went the darker it got and it made Bella on edge, her eyes scanned the trees as her ears picked up the sound of scratching in the distance. Beyond the screams and the sounds of the company there was nothing.

“Air… I need air…” Bofur gasped out.

Óin blinked and looked up to see spores above them. “My head, it’s spinning.”


“We found the bridge!” Fíli yelled out as Isa pointed to the crumbling ruins. The others at hearing him quickly rushed over to see Bofur and Bilbo pushing a head.

“Oh… we could try and swim it?” Bofur suggested while eying the grey water before him. Bella moved and quickly caught Bilbo as he leant forward, his eyes locked onto the bubbling stream – the sound of his heart beating in his ears. His wide eyes snapped to hers as she shook him from the allure.


“Didn’t you hear what Gandalf said? A dark magic lies upon this forest. The waters of this stream is enchanted.” Thorin’s voice echoed around them, swirling like the mist. Bella hummed deep in her throat before breathing across Bilbo’s face, watching as his eyes grew clear. She had been doing it to both Fíli and Kíli along the way when they grew unsteady or uneasy without them knowing.

Bofur frowned. “Doesn’t look very enchanting to me.”

“We must find another way across.” Thorin ordered, moving towards his sister sons.

Kíli rushed forward as he saw the vines, his hands centimetres from the branch when a rumbling sound reached their ears. All eyes turned to Isabella who took a few steps back and then launched herself across the gap, her body rolling the instant her feet touched the ground.

“Boat. Rope.” She snarled out, gesturing to the small boat on the other side of the bridge half hidden by the tree roots. “Two.”

The others quickly scrambled to get out a rope long enough and a hook to toss across so she could pull them. “You heard her, two at a time. Kíli, Fíli you first.”

When Bella finally got the rope tied to the boat she kicked it across, waiting for her mate and brother to step in before slowly pulling them, making sure she didn’t tip the boat. She could smell and taste the sleeping enchantment in the air from the mist that curled up from the water.

“We got it Namad.” Kíli uttered as he took the rope from her hands. He and Fíli both had been worried, she had stopped talking a day ago and they were unsure if she knew how much time had passed exactly.

“Bombur and Bilbo will need to go last.” Thorin pointed out as he and Dwalin got into the boat. Bombur frowned but nodded, he knew he was the biggest of the lot and the heaviest. If he went with Bilbo then there was more of a chance he wouldn’t capsize the boat, though it didn’t make him any happier about the situation.


As Thorin crosses he casts his eyes upon a white stag off in the distance, it seemed to glow in the patch of light that it stood in. Bella watched in slow motion as Thorin raised the bow in his hands, her brows pulling down before jerking her head up as a whisper reached her mind.

“NO!” She screamed, throwing her whole body at Thorin as he let the arrow fly. Her head whipped around to see it miss but chased the deer away from the path; she could feel the anger washing off of it as it did so. “I told you not to do that! It is bad luck!”

tumblr_ndssaztzR31t6saleo3_500 (1)

“I don’t believe in luck. We make our own luck.” Thorin growled as he lowered the bow and went to help the others to pull Bombur and Bilbo across. The sound of hooves and snapping twigs had the company on edge, Bella did not move but closed her eyes; she had warned Thorin.

The company jerked as a white stag jumped out of the shrubbery and jumping over them all as they dived out of the way, its back legs knocking into Bombur, sending him spiralling backwards into the river.

“Bombur!” Bofur yelled, trying to get to his feet.

“No!” Bella roared, pushing her way to the edge of the stream. “You cannot touch the water.”

The others paused as they watched her enter the stream.

“Isa!” Fíli yelled causing his One to pause and turn.

“Water doesn’t affect. Magic cannot taint.” She grumbled out before hoisting Bombur up into her arms as if he weighed no more than a babe. She continued to hold him while the others began to make a makeshift stretcher with their coats and two long bits of wood before placing him on the bedding.

“Will be fine… wake up when wear off.” The words to her own ears sounded garbled and she shook her head, trying to clear the haze that began to settle over her mind.

Join us…

… you will have power…

Join ussss Dragon….

…be free to kill…

They don’t care…

… join us…

No, she won’t.

… Death…


…You will be feared…

Join us…


The stinging on her check caused her to blink and her vision began to clear. The first thing she took in was the webs, the black ooze that dripped from the branches and everything around it before she focused on the dwarf before her.

“Ori?” She asked, raising her hand to her cheek. “You hit me. That… stung a little.”

His whole face bloomed into redness. “I’m sorry Lady Isabella but you were… not well.”

Fíli jerked himself free and made his way to his One and taking her face carefully into his hand. There was no mark which was a surprise and though he was pissed at Ori, he was glad that she was fine. After she had rescued Bombur from the river and they began to walk only to lose their way from the path did things go downhill.

They ran out of food, hunger began to set in and then so did the voices. Isa, his Isa’s eyes changed from colours to her rich brown as she switched between a guttural speech and her own. She looked crazed; it made the company wary and fearful when they had a clear mind.

They had lost Thorin on the third day. They had chased the lights, the smell of meat and laughter, and in a flash they were on the floor in the dark once more with Thorin missing. It was then that Isabella started to speak once again, pointed teeth and screaming.

“What happened, amrâlimê?” Fíli asked softly.

“There were voices, taunting me to join them.” She whispered, her head clearer than it had been in days. “I felt a darkness latch onto me, and then Ori slapped me. I feel it no longer.”

But she could still hear the whispers.

Her head shot up and her eyes widened as she took in the surrounding area. All around them were webs, large webs she had thought belonged to a creature long since gone. Branches began to snap and the sound of Bilbo yelling reached her ears.


“SPIDERS!” She snarled just seconds before the chaos began. “RUN! RUN!”

The company did as she asked and ran towards the opposite direction of the beasts, slashing and hacking their way through the trees and the beasts that attacked them while a roar echoed the woods at their back.

Bella snarled as screams reached her ears, she spun on her heel and followed the voices of her friends and adopted kin, her mate. The scream of her one reached her, sending her into a rage as it cut off abruptly followed by the others.

“Isabella.” She spun her glowing eyes locking onto the spot where she heard Bilbo’s voice, blinking when he suddenly appeared before her.

“Help them; I will deal with the spiders. They will rue the day they hurt my kin.” She snarled before jerking her head up towards where she heard the spiders chattering. Bilbo nodded and placed the ring on once more before climbing the tree.

It didn’t take long for her to cull half the spider pack while the sound of Dwarven battle cries filled the forest from the direction she came. It made her relax and in that made her pay less attention to her surroundings, which was how she came across her company surrounded by elves.

Fíli blinked and turned his eyes to the left as he felt the sensation of being watched to see his mate staring at them with violet, red and melted gold eyes full of fury. Kíli’s scream of pain and agony reached his ears and he turned to give his One a look, recalling her promise before jerking free of his captor and running towards his brother.

“… Just promise me you won’t do anything foolish, all of you for I won’t be able to hold my temper. I will not be hurt but if you are in danger, run… run and do not stop.” She expressed, stressing the point.

“And if I don’t?” He asked in return, watching as her face darkened.

“Death will find them swiftly.”

A cry tore from his lips as he felt an arrow graze across his leg, causing him to tumble down to the ground.

The elves and Dwarrow shuddered as a snarl of fury echoed the trees before Bella’s massive frame broke through into the clearing while tossing the elves out of her way like they were nothing. The company stared in horror as the elves began to attack her, arrows and swords but none were matched against her.

“I’d still your rage if I were you monster.” An icy voice threatened causing Bella to still as her eyes landed on the elf that held her mate with a blade at his throat.

Legolas frowned as the beast snarled, her eyes flicking between the blond dwarf and his lieutenant. He gestured for his guard to take the beast down, watching with a frown as it did so without complaint, her eyes never tearing away from the dwarf before dragging her off. Only then did the dwarves struggle.

“We will deal with that later; take them back to the halls and to the king. He wishes to have a word with them.” He instructed before following after the creature.


The company struggled as they were marched down to the cells, many throwing insults at the tree-shagging bastards. They had no clue on where Bilbo, Thorin and Lady Isabella were, nor were they told about them.

They all cursed the blasted forest.

“Fee!” Kíli yelled, shoving his face against the bars and reaching out to his brother in hopes he would be in the cell beside him.

“Kee! I’m okay!” Fíli called out, the voice echoing in the halls. “I’m over here; Dwalin is to your right and Bofur to the left.”


Kíli sagged in relief at hearing his brother’s voice but his fear and worry didn’t fully go away as he took in the grief on his brother’s face. “It’ll be right Fee, Uncle and Namad will be safe.”


“I don’t know Kíli; the elves took her down because of me. I risked myself and she attacked, she warned us what would happen and now I don’t know where my One is. Thorin was gone before we realised it, it’s been days Kee.” Fee whispered his voice drifting up the hall.

“Don’ worry about Thorin lads, he’s a fighter.” Dwalin mumbled even though he too was worried for his king. “An’ that lass of yours Fíli is a warrior, she’ll be fine.”

“But what about Bilbo?” Kíli asked worried. “He wasn’t with us when we were caught but he was with us just before.”

“Oh Bilbo might just surprise us. He popped in an out of the spiders like magic.” Bofur chuckled as he pressed himself to the door to see the young dark haired prince.

“Can you see anyone?” Fíli asked after a long silence as he looked at the hall again, or the best he could.

“Nay, you’re the only cell door on that side, the rest is storage.” Dwalin rumbled darkly as he began to punch at the walls.

They don’t know how long it had been but they knew it had been days when suddenly a terrible roar filled the halls shaking the foundation with such a rumble they feared that something like an explosion or even a dragon of all things had brought its wrath to the Elven king’s halls.

“What was that?” Kíli asked as he shuffled to the door in panic as the sound happened again followed by elves running past them with drawn swords.

“An attack maybe?” Bofur supplied as he squinted down the hall.

Suddenly more elves appeared some sporting cuts and bruises as they led the rest of their company to their cells and shoved them inside. Many of the others struggled to get free but stopped when they saw the four. Dori and Bifur were shoved in with Kíli. Nori and Glóin was shoved in with Dwalin. Ori and Balin were shoved in with Bofur and lastly Bombur and Óin were shoved in with Fíli.

“We were told to keep you all apart but it isn’t safe with that beast down there, prisoners or not.” The redheaded lass stated, her eyes shifting back down to where the faint rumbles now were, her face bruised and cut.

The company began to question her but nothing more was shared as the prince ordered her away and even those that delivered them their meals dared not to utter a word. No matter the amount of insults, pleading or threats they threw at the guards, none would spill word about what happened and if they had found Lady Isabella or Thorin.

They never got their answer.

Author Note: Okay, so I’ve been busy as all hell between writing for FAGE, Fandom Anon Gift Exchange that had a time limit mind you and RL… Seriously, when you’re the only other employee at the damn place and the other is on holidays for six weeks you tend to take their shifts. It sucks.

But I hoped you enjoyed, trust me the next chapter is going to be Angst and some Fíli rage.

amrâlimê – my love




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