Chapter Nineteen – A Lovers Passion

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: Nope.

Third POV

Everyone was in a celebratory mood and congratulating Fíli while Bella had escorted Oromë to the door.

“Thank you Oromë, you did not need to come.” She spoke causing the Valar before her to shake his head.

“You are the last of your clan Kisenth; this is what I could do for my sisters and my wife. Nessa could not come, she was furious at the dwarf shooting at her stag and Vána too. We may have our differences my kin but… I need to go, I will deal with the elves come time but I am being called back.” Oromë informed, placing his hand upon the dragons’ cheek and smiling wide.

“May the fire burn bright and keep you warm.” He farewelled softly. “I wish you all the luck on this journey.”

“And may the stars keep you company.” Kisenth replied with a cheeky smile. “Farewell my Lord.”

Thorin eyed the two at the door and snorted, shaking his head. He did not want to believe that the man who did the ceremony was a Valar, but there was no denying it as he could see the crest on the arrows and on the horn at his hip. His teachers growing up made him memorise the signs of the Valar, each Durin folk knew their creator and his mark but they made sure to know the others as well.

“Your mother may just kill me that I let you wed without her.” He greeted to his nephew, earning a snort.

“Aye, after she yells at me, but Isa wants to wait till we reclaim the mountain to have a Dwarven wedding.” Fíli replied with a laugh, keeping his eye on both Isa and Kíli who was looking green.

Thorin followed his sister-son’s eye and frowned at Kíli. “I’ll look after him, go enjoy your night with your new bride Fíli, we leave in the morn.”

With that Thorin turned from his nephew, a smirk on his face as he made his way back to Bilbo’s side and ignored the spluttering behind him. He couldn’t help but tease his nephew about the wedding night, he had done it to Víli and Víli in turn would have done it to his son.

“Stop teasing your nephew.” Bilbo chuckled, handing the king a pint of manmade ale. It was disgusting, watered down brew but it was all they had and all the Master of this forsaken town offered.

“Yes, stop teasing my yâsûn, Irak’Adad.”(husband, Uncle) The mouthful of ale Thorin just sipped sprayed across the room, causing him to cough in surprise and for the company to pause. Each pair of eyes turned towards their king smacking his chest while Isabella merely smiled down at him.

“Lass?” Balin asked with raised brows.

But Bella merely smiled towards the white haired dwarf and sashayed her way towards Fíli, pulling him along to their room for the night before pausing at the door and smiled over her shoulder, one that screamed mischief. “Gamut nanun Irak’Adad. Company.” (Goodnight Uncle.)

Fíli smiled up at his wife nervously as he opened the door to their room, originally it was his and Kíli’s but tonight it was theirs while Kee took Isa’s room. Bella shrunk down to her husband’s size once more and smiled softly.

“Are you nervous?” She asked. “Because I am.”

The fair-haired prince paused and swallowed, “I am, I cannot deny this.”

“I love you Fíli, son of Víli.” Bella whispered as she pressed her body against her husbands and lead him towards the bed, his hands instantly wrapped around his wife’s waist and pulled her flush against him as a moan escaped his lips. He moaned softly as his wife pressed open mouth kisses upon his neck and jaw, biting softly as she did so.

Her fingers deftly began to untie the laces to his tunic’s sleeves and bracers, letting the latter fall to the floor as she began to tug at the hem of the shirt and the clasps. Fíli shuddered in pleasure as her hands pressed into his bare skin while she continued the ministrations on his neck and jaw.

“When you pull my pleasure from me and I you, I will need to mark you, it will be instinctual as you are my mate and it will hurt I am afraid.” She whispered in his ear as he began — with shaky fingers — to untie her dress.

Bella stilled her husband’s hands as he began to push the dress off her shoulders. She was thankful to Bard and Sigrid that the dress she was given did not rest too far down for her imprinted wings and tail could be seen but now her husband will see them for the first time. But it was also her scales that she could not hide the ones that rested upon her chest and back that wrapped around to her stomach.

“I have markings on my body, they cover my whole body and they will feel like scars to your hands. Please do not ask till I am ready to tell you.” She pleads, dropping her gaze slightly as Fíli removed his hands before he tilted her head up so her eyes met his once more.

“I love you Uzfakuh (my greatest joy), all of you, it will not matter to me.” Fíli whispered honestly to his wife before humming softly and pulling off his tunic for her, he too had scars and he will let her see his first to comfort her. Her eyes instantly roamed over her husband’s exposed chest in interest, noting every scar and mark that adorned his skin.

She could see a few scars that ran from his left peck and disappeared under his chest hair that trailed down. Her finger ran down in softly, a soft whine in her throat as she did so at the fact that he had been hurt. “What did this?”

“I was on a protection duty with Dwalin and Uncle when we were attacked.” Was all he said and even though he longed for her to be closer, to touch her, but he also wanted her to keep staring at him the way she was. He loved the look on her face as she took him in like that, hunger in her eyes as she roamed his body, it made him feel warm and wanted– desired.

“Are you going to come closer or stare?” He asked softly, holding out his hand to her.

Bella smiled and placed her hand in her husbands and let him pull her into him, her hands splayed across his chest. She looked up to him with a grin and started to place kisses along his jawline and down his neck, smirking as he let out a soft moan as she did so.

“I believe you have me at a disadvantage yâsith.”(wife)He growled out softly in Khuzdul. His hands shook as he grasped her hips and he knew his knees were weak as well. If she continued to tease him like this, he feared he would not last.

A little huff of laughter escaped Kisenth’s lips as she pulled back and turned around for her husband to finish the ties, pulling her hair to one side to allow him access. Though his fingers shook, he was able to deftly undo them and he once again began to pull the dress from her shoulders, his fingers never stilling as he felt the first bump of the markings.

The dress pooled to the floor at her feet and she waited for Fíli’s judgment, inhaling sharply as his warm calloused hands ran softly down her back, trailing her left wing and gasped as his tongue followed his hands leaving trails of fire down her back.

You are beautiful; there are no words in mine or any other language to describe your beauty.” He murmured into her neck softly, catching her as her legs buckled when he nipped the spot she favoured on him; chuckling when she moaned.

With a confident smile he bit the spot harder and in an instant Fíli found himself pressed into the wall with his wife pinning him to the wall, violet-red and molten gold eyes peered back at him. “You play a dangerous game my prince and now you have me at the disadvantage.”

While she gently slipped down to her knees before him, his eyes were locked onto her chest, just above it to the starburst scar that rested above her heart and he knew that he would be asking her about it when– oh merciful Mahal.

This time it was his turn to buckle as she nipped and kissed his thigh and hip while her fingers brushed the shaft of his member and rose to her feet. “That is better.” She whispered before pressing her naked form against her Mates.

Her eyes slipped closed as did his, they had not cleaved together yet but they could feel the connection thrum between them, their hearts beating as one. It felt as if their bodies were on fire, the warmth spreading and it took Kisenth all her willpower not to lose control of her nature.

She had lain with other before, a comfort thing for those who were not yet mated as there was not chance for them to become with child or bite their mating claim. She had never felt this between her past lovers and now she would never be able to get enough of her husband.

Fíli’s hands started to explore her body with gentle caresses, memorizing every dip of her curves and ridges of her markings all the while trying to ignore the parts that felt like scales. Tonight was one of celebration, joining of their love and he will not spoil it with his curious questions, not now. Not when he had her pressed against him, oh how he longed for this moment.

“Fíli… take me to bed.” she whispered, plead as he nuzzled the crook of her neck and placed a soft kiss just below her ear. He didn’t hesitate to lift her into his arms and took a few steps towards the bed while laying her down upon the furs. She yanked him up as the bed was man sized and chuckled as he fell on top of her.

“Why have I not noticed your mischievous side before?” Fíli chuckled amused as he lifted his weight off of his wife. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered softly, his hand cupping her cheek before kissing her once more.

“Your skin tastes so sweetly.” He whispered as he trailed down her throat to her collarbone, paying attention to every sound she made to know if he was doing this correctly or not.

“Fíli… Dii Kulaan.” (my prince) She moaned out as he continued his ministrations. “Please, no teasing…” She whimpered, squirming at the sensation of his hair and moustache had upon her body as well as the kisses.

“Shh, let me love you, yâsith.”He breathed, his breath cooling the spot he had just sucked causing her body to shiver in delight, a slight purr escaping her lips and making her chest vibrate under his palm.

“Please Fee.” She half whimpered, half growled while taking his hand and placed it on her heat, she was wet down there, she wanted more. She demanded more as she looked at him. “Please.”

He lightly ran his fingers over her lips, exploring as he had done with the rest of her body. She shuddered underneath him and he curiously inserted a finger inside of her, causing her to moan loudly. Shifting so that he had better access, he covered her mouth with his, as he wiggled the finger around.

Her body arched into his, her moans stifled by his kiss. It felt as if every fibre of her being was burning as hot as the sun, and she couldn’t wait until she’d explode. She buried a hand in his hair as he continued with a second finger, her body yet again moving against her will. It had been a long time since she felt this pleasure and her mate knew – though innocent – what to do without her having to explain it to him.

He groaned into her mouth as her hand snuck down between them and caressed the soft head of his erection, feeling the tiny veins running across his flesh. Fíli removed his lips from his wife’s and pressed his forehead against hers, he was already walking the very thin line and her touch nearly drove him over edge.

“If you wish me to continue Âzyungel, to feel me inside of you, please, withdraw your hand for I am fear I will not be able too.” He whispered to her and whimpered at the loss of the warmth around him.

}}Hurry then,{{ she demanded, her hips rocking against his fingers inside of her. She was on fire and the coil in her belly was tightening.

“As you wish,” he grinned while moving his hand and fingers once again, grinning as his wife bucked into him and yanked him closer by his hair. It hurt, hair being sensitive and all but it seemed to rile him up also, earning a huff of a laugh as he growled – or tried to.

As he felt her tighten around his hand he withdrew his fingers from her and shifted so that he was hovering above her. “Are you ready Âzyungel?” He asked softly, brushing back a loose strand of hair from her face and trailing his fingertips down her jaw.

With a deep breath she nodded, trying to relax her body as he settled between her legs.

He took hold of his length and gently pressed it against her entrance. He gently nudged her legs up with his free hand so that he had better access and took a calming breath as he slowly started to push himself inside of her. His eyes never leaving her face.

Men lananubukhs me.” He breathed out once he was fully inside of her. His eyes clenched shut as he buried his face into her neck and hair, waiting. More willing not to spill instead of waiting before he pleasured her, but the warmth, the sensation… It was nearly too much.

}}Zu’u lokaal hi ahk, Fíli.{{ (I love you too) Bella whispered to her husband, she was close even by just him being within her, but she wanted him to move. She bucked her hips softly, moaning at the same time as her Mate as she created friction.

Fíli slipped one arm under her back and caressed her shoulder, pulling her closer to him as he began to move, eager to give Isa what she and he both so desire. But he needed to be closer, his heart near bursting as he felt their bond strengthen. With every shift and thrust, she could feel the coil of ecstasy deep within her tightening and a steady rumble was flowing from her lips.

Fíli.” The sound of his name falling from her lips in a growl has his vision turning white as he felt something within him snap and the passion grow. An animalistic possessive side of him. His thrusts quickened somewhat awkward and clumsily from inexperience; but pleasurable nevertheless.

“Kisenth.” He moaned out hoarsely as she ran her blunt nails down his back in ecstasy, her name tumbling from her lips over and over again. “So close.”

Kisenth growled and flipped them over, Fíli’s hands instantly grasping her hips tightly as she began to rock, her hips twisting as she did so that seemed to bring them closer to the edge. Bella kept the pace fast and steady as she leant forward to kiss her mate. She was so close, so very close and soon he will be hers.

“FÍLI!” She cried out as she felt the coil finally break free like a tidal wave, causing her vision to grow white and leaving her past the point of no return. She faintly found feel her teeth burying into the soft crevice below her mates ear as she claimed him while her name tumbled hoarsely from his lips.

He felt his release happened the second her teeth sunk into his neck, the odd sensation of pain being the very thing that caused him to tumble over in pleasure. Both their bodies quivered with their release and pleasure, a constant purr escaping Bella’s lips as she bathed the bite on her husband’s neck and collapsed upon him tiredly, content.

They were finally one and with that, they both fell asleep. Hearts beating as one.


The next morning Fíli and Kisenth woke curled next to each other as the sun began to rise over the horizon and the sky began to brighten. To Fíli – as he looked upon his slowly awakening wife – had never seen anything more beautiful in his life. She was still flushed and pressed against him, her hair a mess and her braid clear in view.

“I love you Kisenth.” He whispered to her, pressing his forehead to hers softly in the Dwarven display of affection.

“And I you Fíli. How is your neck?” She asked worried while getting up to rest on her arm as she used her free hand to brush away the hair clinging to her mate’s neck from sweat and blood. Her brows raised in surprise as she took in the soft pink indents that should, by right, still be a wound.

“It never pained me at all.” He admitted before raising his hand at her shocked expression and felt the bite, it was healed over – that too surprising him – but it made him feel warm inside at the thought it would be there. “What does this mean exactly?”

“It is instinctual for my kind to bite their mate, if you were like I, then you would feel to do it too. It’s a claim, stating to others you are mine. Mind you it’s a little possessive and whatnot but its instinct for some animals to do so and though I may look like a descendant of Man, I am animal in the sense. I am sorry if you hate it, it could easily be covered.” She added on at the last second as her mind finally seemed to catch up. She knew that species beyond her own and Beorn’s didn’t like to be claimed as such before suddenly bright laughter filled the room.

Âzyungel I do not mind this, it makes me happy. Dwarrow are a possessive bunch, the beads we give and actions as well. I feel loved to know that I will wear your mark and for all to see and know I am yours.” He chuckled softly. “At least I won’t have suitors to worry about now.”

The growl that left Bella’s lips startled her and Fíli both. She had been jealously possessive before both over her items and Fíli but that was new, they couldn’t help but both laugh at the fact before silencing as a knocked rang through the room.

“Sorry to disturb you two, but Thorin wants to leave soon so you best get ready.” Balin explained through the door, though muffled they both could hear his amusement.

“We’ll be right out!” Fíli chuckled before reluctantly pulling the furs off of him and getting up. “We better hurry and wash before Uncle throws a fit, newly wed or not.”

Bella smirked at her husband. “Oh this I know time limit and all.”

“Home to reach and a dragon to kill.” Fíli chuckled over his shoulder as he entered the washroom, completely missing the way his Wife suddenly tensed and drained of all colour.

Author note: Well shit…. I didn’t expect this chapter to be well… this… so next chapter we’ll get right on track! Also the Fanatic Fanfics MultiFandom Awards are on again! Go to .com to nominate your favourites!

Men lananubukhs me – Khuzdul for I love you
Âzyungel – love of loves
yâsith – wife
yâsûn – Husband
Irak’Adad – Uncle
Gamut nanun – Goodnight
Uzfakuh my greatest joy

Zu’u lokaal hi ahk – Dovahzul for I love you too




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