Chapter Seven – Discussions of the Heart

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom. }}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences. ))…(( anything between them is the black speech.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Third POV

Fíli paced the balcony room that they had chosen to take instead of the rooms that were provided. None wanted to be separated let alone take up the hospitality of the elves after witnessing the treatment Lady Isabella got from them. They even turned down the offer of food, surprising the elves and causing Gandalf to raise his brows in amusement at their sudden loyalty to the woman.

It didn’t help that she had left with another elf that spoke her tongue and knew him in a friendly matter that she treated him opening and kind unlike with them. It had caused Fíli’s heart to twist and for a jealous rage to settle over him.

“Nori!” the sound of the thief’s name spewing from Ori’s lips in surprise caused Fíli to come to a complete stop.

The others watched as Nori ignored his brother and made a beeline straight to Fíli. Thorin and Kíli raised their brows and moved to stand beside him and listen in to what Nori had to tell Fíli.

“I cannot tell you why Isabella didn’t come with us, I made an oath. But I can tell you freely that the elf she left with is her Shield-Brother and nothing more.” Nori explained, watching as the young princes shoulders sagged with relief.

“That… that makes me feel better; to know that she is my One and I could be her half without any other competition.” Fíli breathed out causing the thief to snort and nod.

“She told me that she wouldn’t be long.” With that the thief returned to his brother’s side, waving off their own questions.

Thorin hummed as he saw this, it seems that Lady Isabella had acquired the complete trust and loyalty in their resident thief to the point he would not even utter her secret to them. “Come Fíli, eat something and soon you can speak to her.” He muttered to his nephew, leading him to the fire where Bombur was cooking the last of their cram.

In between laps of silence they could hear the faint clangs of metal in the distance, a sound that they were all familiar with but mostly Thorin as he was the blacksmith in the group of Dwarrow’s and it made him curious at the fact the Elves had a forge let alone it was being used.

Night had come and with Night’s embrace Thorin, Bilbo and Balin went to speak with Lord Elrond, only to come back with a foul mood.

“We are to stay the week, the moon runes cannot be read until then.” Balin explained with a tired sigh.

“We cannot stay that long!” Surprisingly it was Bombur who had voiced this. “I saw the way the elves treated Lady Isabella and I saw the way her eyes turned haunted when all took note of the mask she wore.”

Bifur nodded along with his cousin and let out a string of violent words and sharp hand movements. Bofur nodded sagely to his cousin and brother. “Aye, Bifur that is true. The Elves but a few held her at sword point; he is worried she is being held captive.”

“No, she told me she is not. I asked her as such and she explained she was fixing something, I…” Fíli trailed off with wide eyes and dove towards his pack, pulling out one of his father’s swords. “She is fixing adad’s sword?”

His words were directed to Nori who was trying to hide into the very wall, even pulling Dori to hide him from view. His shoulders sagged a little and figured he can tell him that small titbit. “If the Lass has my beard for this I won’t be pleased. But aye, she was going to fix your sword, she carried the pieces in her pack.”

The elder Dwarrow’s of the company raised their brows in surprise and wondered if the Lady knew what it meant to do something like that. It would be classed as a courting gift for one, to give a dwarf something that was made by their own hand. It also was even more classed as such as she was crafting or re crafting something of importance to Fíli.

“We will stay but as much as this pains me, do not do something to provoke the dainty leaf-eaters ire. We do not want our actions to be consequences for Lady Isabella.” Thorin stated and for once the whole company agreed.

When Bella was done she shifted back to her normal form and began to wrap her gifts up in her Mates jacket. Thankfully she didn’t damage it in any way, which would be a travesty.

“Let’s get you back to your True Heart before the Dwarrow’s decide to tear apart Rivendell to find you. It has been three days already.” Erestor stated with a twitch of his lips.

Kisenth blinked and just stared at her shield-brother. “Three days?”

“You were consumed by your work Kisenth; it shows great love to make something so beautiful for your chosen and his brother.” Glorfindel tried to sooth.

“We must hurry then.” Bella explained before pulling the bundle under her arm and rushing from the forge, Erestor and Glorfindel on her heels.

Bilbo jerked in surprise as he saw Lady Isabella making their way towards them, a smile widening on his face as he rushed towards the others. “Fíli! Lady Isabella is on her way.”

Fili and the company jumped to their feet and rushed out the door towards where Bilbo was pointing. A wide smile plastered on Fíli’s face as he saw his One make her way towards them, her face covered in ash.

“Ranyafairë!” An excited voice called, causing Bella to come to a complete halt and glare at Glorfindel. She quickly shoved her items into his hands before dropping to one knee and opening her arms.

The company watched with confusion as this happened, even Fíli coming to a complete halt as he saw a blur jump into his One’s arms, a serene smile on her face.

Mal Jun, look how big you have grown.” Kisenth crooned softly, she had helped Estel and his mother make their way to Rivendell from the North when Arathorn had been killed in battle. They had fled to the Old Forest and she had found them, Gilraen pleaded her for aid and Aragorn had been the deciding factor.

Now here he was no longer a babe that was still clutched in his mother’s arms but a small child who shone like a lone star amongst the darkest of night. She had thought that he would forget her as she could not stay with them in Rivendell for more than a day to gather provisions to return home but she had every now and then received word from Glorfindel and Gilraen.

The company stood frozen as they watched their Lady smile down at the child in her arms, her eyes soft and she seemed to glow. Fíli though disappointed that she was delayed couldn’t help but grow warm at the sight before him, he hoped one day if she were to give him a chance that they would have their own babe if Mahal blessed them.

“She truly does have that motherly glow.” A soft voice stated causing the company to jerk and stare at the woman in surprise; they had not heard her arrive. “My little Estel had Ranyafairë wrapped around his little finger and I hope one day she can have the children she had always hoped to have.”

Kisenth tensed as she heard the words and snapped her head around to the stunned company, her body tensed and the others saw her eyes flash before she was once again relaxed. “Come Mal Jun I have people for you to meet.”

Estel turned towards where Ranyafairë had turned her attention to and felt his eyes widen as he took in the dwarfs. He quickly burrowed his head shyly into his friend’s arms causing her to laugh slightly and pull him away from her.

“Do not fret little one, they are my friends.” She explained, kneeling once more and gesturing to the company. “That is Bofur, Bombur and Bifur. The ones next to them are Dori, Ori and Nori, they’re brothers. Then there is Balin, Dwalin, Glóin and Óin, after that is Kíli and Fíli with their uncle Thorin who is standing next to Bilbo Baggins of the Shire.”

At each mention of their name the company bowed, smiled or gave a wave causing Estel to stare up at them in awe. He had never seen dwarves before and now there were thirteen of them before him.

“This is Estel and his mother Gilraen.” Bella introduced, giving Thorin and Balin a hard stare as they jerked their head to the woman in surprise.

“He is the rightful chieftain of the Dúnedain and King of Gondor. He does not know this, so do not utter it to him.” She grunted out in Khuzdul so they were warned before turning to Gilraen. “I explained, King Thorin will not utter a word.”

Whatever Bella had said to the woman the company would not know but whatever it was seemed to relax the lady quite well though they were not expecting the child, the heir of Isildur to stare at them in awe and make his way up to Thorin.

“You are a king?” Estel asked in awe.

Thorin smiled and knelt down toward the child. “That I am little one.”

“Are you lost too? Is Ranyafairë helping you?” He asked causing the others to look at Lady Isabella who now held the tall regal elf who she left with by the ear with a mighty scowl upon her face.

“I hate that name with a passion, a free spirit I may be but I ain’t a dainty little fae!” She scolded the elf.

“Ah! Sister please!” Glorfindel cried out as she twisted his ear harder like mothers do to their elflings.

Erestor sighed next to Gilraen. “One would think he would have not tormented his sister so.”

Gilraen laughed from his side. “It is hard to believe that he is the mighty Barlog slayer.”

“WHAT!” Nori yelled shocked before doubling over in laughter, clutching his brothers arm for support.

“Nori? What is funny?” Ori asked confused as he watched his brother splutter and wheeze in merriment.

“Elf! Baby… Barlog Slayer! Look!” He gasped out and pointed towards where Isabella and Glorfindel were. He was nearly to his knees whining and trying to get away from her as she scolded at him still.

“What he means to say is that my Chosen the Mighty Barlog Slayer has been reduced to a elfling by our Shield-Sister for teaching and encouraging young Estel here to call her by Ranyafairë, a name she woefully despises.” Erestor explained exasperated before turning to the two. “I thought you had important things to do spaan briinah.” (Shield Sister)

Bella froze and glared down at Glorfindel with ire before practically yanking the wrapped items from his hand and turned towards the others, ignoring the mutterings of pain behind her. “Fíli, Kíli may I speak with you both.”

Estel turned and rushed towards his friend with fear. “You’re not leaving already are you? I just saw you!” He whimpered, giving his friend a trembling pout.

Bella cursed silently to herself before turning to look at Gilraen. “This is important; I need to speak with my Chosen… I will see you before I leave, but please he will not go unless you explain.”

Gilraen felt her eyes widen and snap her head around to the blonde dwarf her friend had pointed to and back, a wide smile gracing her face. “Estel, come Enth will see you before she leaves but there are important things to be done.” Estel looked like he was about to argue but just gave his friend a pout and rushed after his mother.

Glorfindel and Erestor quickly took the company back towards their alcove while Bella gestured for Kíli and Fíli to follow her towards one of the more concealed spots. The brothers said nothing but follow, Fíli’s stomach churning with worry while Kíli kept a sturdy hand on his brother in silent support.

When they finally reached their destination, a small gazebo hidden by trees and thriving vines did Bella stop and turn to face her Mate and brother.

“I am sorry that I took so long to come back to you Hes Kulaan.” Bella started softly as she sat down upon one of the stone benches, patting the spot next to her for Fíli to take, who was more than willing to do so.

“You have called me that before, what does it mean?” He asked curious while Kíli took a seat across from them confused as to why he too had been summoned.

“It means Sweet Prince in my mother tongue. But I now have some things I wish to explain to you and to ask, first this is for you.” She stated before pulling out his father’s remade sword and handed it to him.

Fíli and Kíli both stared stunned as the blade, it shone brilliantly like it was crafted anew. Almost hesitantly and most reverently Fíli’s hand wrapped around the hilt and near gasped in surprise. The blade was not as he remembered it being, yes the design was the same but the blade itself was shined as if new and no longer did it weigh as it used to.

“I know how much your father’s swords mean to you Fíli, so I saw fit to fix it for you. It will not break for it is made by the same ingredients that mine were made. I know it is not your father’s sword like you remember but I melted the original metal and used it to reforge the blade.” She explained worried as her Mate simply stared blankly at it, she was worried of course that he would take it badly and condemn her for destroying something so important to him.

“You do know what this means do you not?” He asked silently and softly as he continued to stare at his blade and not let his hope rise. Unlike his brother and Ori he knew the meaning of this gift as he had been bored one day and decided to look up courting rituals… well no that was a lie, his mother had explained in full when Kíli was with their uncle when he had been accosted by a few Dams and Dwarfs.

“That is why I wished to speak to you and Kíli.” She explained simply and seriously causing his head to shoot up.

Kíli frowned and got up from his spot, moving closer to the Lady and his brother. “I do not understand?”

Bella turned to look a Kíli with a soft fond smile and pulled a dagger from the folded coat and held it out to him. “I asked you here for I wished to court your brother. In my clan it is custom to forge a dagger to give their Mate’s twin-like, I know with Fíli comes you Kíli and this is my proof that with courting Fíli I have a brother in you, that I have given you proof of my skill to protect and provide. Will you allow me the honour to claim you as my kin and court my True Heart?” She explained.


Fíli and Kíli bother gaped at her before turning their eyes down at the dagger she held and gasped, it was a simple dagger but they knew it was not simply just that either. The metal was layered, a way that was lost when Erebor fell but one of the strongest ways to craft a blade of any size, yet the metal itself had a pattern that seemed when it moved it looked like water lapping at the shore. What stunned them the most was the twisted handle, how on earth did she get wood to bend that way?

“You truly mean it?” Kíli asked for once sounding his true age and not the dwarfling he usually acted. “You will accept me into your life and not part me from my brother if I were to agree with this?”

“Of course Kíli. My brother and I, we were twins and near inseparable. When my brother found his Mate, I too worried she would keep him from me but my brothers-heart made me a dagger like I have done to you. It is not a normal custom among my clan to give a dagger to their brother or sister only to those who your True Heart is twin like with, a sign of acceptance… It’s hard to explain.” She found herself repeating before fear truly gripped her heart and her head whipped around to Fíli in horror as she realised one thing.

“That is if my courtship will be accepted by you Fíli… I did… I did not think that you would not feel the same way as I do you, I know I have not given you any verbal cues as to my own but only in actions. I should have known from the very start that you were my True Heart but it was Gandalf who pointed it out to me in Bree.” She explained pained, her hand curling around the dagger tightly as she looked down at the dagger, her mind resting on the other and the bead that lay left in his folded coat.

“You are my One, how could I not accept your courtship? We may have not known each other long but I have known you were my One from when we left the Old Forest. You are a beautiful beyond words, a fierce woman who though trusts easily but not without caution, you speak bluntly and freely if something was to concern you and you have of course saved our lives more than once… How can I deny you – myself this courtship?” Fíli stated with such emotion that Bella could feel the tears pool in her eyes.

“Then will you allow me to braid your hair?” She asked before unfolding his own coat and showing him the bead that rests with the blade. Fíli blinked as he took in the two items nestled in the soft fur and leather. His hand moved and he let his fingers brush over the blade and the bead softly.

“I wanted to follow your traditions and mine; I know that a bead is given as sign of courtship so I had made it for you when I made you my courting dagger. It is like Kíli’s but darker more detailed and the pattern of the metal was different. But it was the hilt itself that caught his attention, black stone and twisted silver.


“Is that a dragons head?” He asked stunned causing her to laugh and nod.

bella bead

“You made this?” Kíli asked in awe as he held up the bead, she had made three really of various sizes and chose the middle of them both to set it in. The bead she had made for Fíli Bella had weaved Celtic knots, something she had seen on the other plane before returning here and thought it would be fitting.

“I did, I have lived among many races since my time on Arda, Durin was a good friend of mine as was his son and sons after that.” Bella explained with a fond smile, taking the bead from his hand while looking expectantly at her Mate.

Fíli removed the clasp his mother had made him from the back of his hair and removed the bead he made long ago, a bead that he had made before he could even see over the forge before his father had passed. It was silver and inlaid with amethyst.

fili bead

“If you will allow me to braid yours in return?” He asked with a wide smile, holding up his own bead for her; he had the perfect braid idea in mind.

Author Note: *Chuckles* look Aragorn! Also, all images can be found on my WP, FB group or AO3. Also, I know Glorfindel is usually the serious looking but funny one, I just couldn’t help myself having them act like squabbling children since they’ve known each other since the first age. 



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