Chapter Seventeen – To Laketown

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: Uh…

Third POV

Bella thought it was both exhilarating and unnerving being in the water. Exhilarating due to the rapids guiding her quickly, the way she could breathe and exhale air even though she’s underwater, it was a rush… What was unnerving because though she was what would be classed as a fish, her flame burned hot and she felt smothered. It also didn’t help that her dress was floating around her, but thankfully it didn’t rip because her pack and none of the others got returned.

She made sure the company were safe, that they didn’t wedge on rocks or that Bilbo didn’t slip into the water for long, she knew hobbits did not swim. It didn’t help that she could taste Kíli’s blood in the water.

“Where is Isa?” Fíli yelled as he glanced around frantically all the while avoiding being struck.

“She dove into the water!” Glóin yelled back to the prince as he last out with the borrowed axe. Only to curse as a flicker of a beast jumped from the water over him and tore into the orc that had jumped from the shore and disappeared back into the rapids. “Mahal bless.”

The elves on the side paused as they watched what had emerged from the water as they pursue the escaping dwarves and the orcs chasing them. They had not seen such a creature in their waters before; they had never even seen a creature in their book learnings either and many wondered what exactly it was.

The only ones who knew beside the company was Legolas and Tauriel, the prince nearly jerking with surprise as he jumped from barrel to barrel only to completely miss one due to a sharp current pull and nearly plunged into the water only to be tossed up by a strong force, his eyes snapping down in a flash to see black hair, ashen skin and golden tail as the dragon disappeared under the water. He would have to thank her later.

Bella tore through the bodies with malicious glee, using both claws and teeth as they fell into the water whether it be by dwarf, elf or simply because they fell. She would take out her anger upon them while protecting the ones she has claimed as kin.

Her body weaved in and out of the rocks, barrels and other bits as she swished through the current making sure the barrels would not be stopped in anyway, only for her eyes to snap up as she picked up the sound of Bombur’s name being called.

“Bombur!” Dwalin called, throwing the axe to the heavy dwarf behind him. Bombur quickly catches the axe just as his barrel connects with a dead orcs spear, the wood groaning before catapulting it and him through the air and onto the riverbank. He heard bones breaking as he landed on a group of Orc’s his nose scrunching at the smell before the barrel flipped and landed on another set.

Barrel-Escape-the-hobbit-the-desolation-of-smaug-36852284-400-167 (1) tumblr_n2vgwzdmXn1rpk9exo8_r1_400 bombur

A groan escaped his lips and he thanked Mahal he finally came to a stop before realising he was surrounded, his barrel crumbling around him. With a wicked grin he smashed out his arms, a spear and axe in one hands before spinning, his weapons slicing into the flesh of the Orcs as his barrel crumpled. He – though not small by any means – could still fight and fight he did before jumping back into an awaiting barrel.


Legolas continued to make sure the dwarves were untouched by the Orcs, his main focus on the gold haired one that he knew to be the shifters mate. It would not do anyone any good if he were to get hurt, he has seen the wrath of a dragon and he did not wish to see another in his home. He pushed forward a head of the hunting party, using the dwarves as stepping stones from one side of the other before coming to a stop and killing off the two on the slight cliff face, jerking when he felt a blade fly past him and into the orc that was about to strike out.



His eyes snapped to the king and Legolas begrudging admitted he owed the exiled king for saving his life. Though he did not have the same views as his father, he did not care much for the king and his rudeness but then again the dragon had caused his kin more harm that the dwarf but at least that he understood.

“Tauriel! Wait! This one we keep alive.” He ordered as he spun around in surprise to see his captain force the last orc near them to its knees. Legolas turns back and stares after the dwarves for a second before turning back towards the Woodland Realm. Tauriel watches the dwarves floating away, being chased by orcs.

“Should we follow them?” She asked as softly to her prince while handing off the Orc filth to one of the others, her eyes catching a glimpse of the dragon before she disappeared into the white rapids once more.

We will once we question this. But we must not delay; all will be well until we find out why this filth was in our home.” Legolas ordered before pushing back towards his home where he knew his father would be beyond angry. He would have to lie through his teeth to make his father believe that he and Tauriel were not part of this.


The rapids tapered off a little ways down the stream, causing the Dwarrow to thank their maker as they hit the soft current. Bella stayed a ways back from the others but let her mate see her as she pushed his and Kíli’s barrels towards the edge, smiling up at his awed face. She still couldn’t understand why he saw her in such a light when she shifted, though it gave her hope for when… for when her time to slay Smaug came.

“Anything behind us?” Thorin called out as he used a stick to pull himself to shore.


“I think we’ve outrun the orcs.” Bofur yelled in relief.

“Not for long; we’ve lost the current.” Thorin replied as he helped the others. “Make for the shore! Come on, let’s go!”

Everyone quickly gathered onto the shore, many of them groaning as they gripped the blessed rocks and willed the nausea away. Bilbo gasped and wretched over behind one of the larger outcroppings as he tried to will the vertigo away, Hobbits were not made for water.

Though near everything stilled when Kíli stumbled and gasped out in pain drawing: Fíli’s, Bella’s and Bofur’s eyes in the meantime. Two sets of eyes locking onto the gaping wound as he tossed away the arrow. “I’m fine, it’s nothing.”

Thorin growled. “On your feet, we keep moving!”

“Kili’s wounded, his leg needs binding!” Bofur stated worried as he stared at Thorin while Fíli moved to help his brother bind his leg.

“It’s fine!” Kili hissed as his brother pressed down on the wound.

“Bind his leg, quickly. You have two minutes.” Thorin ordered, worry churning in his chest, eyes scanning up the river for the Orcs. He caught the sight of something dark and gold in the still water and had to blink as his eyes finally took in the sight of Isabella just beneath the surface. Her image was distorted but he wondered why she did not come to shore just yet.

In fact Bella was wondering the same thing, why hadn’t she returned to the shore yet. The sensation of being underwater – though oddly calming – was near stifling as the water around her turned warm due to the flame in her chest.

Three fish sailed from the water and landed near Bombur’s feet as she tossed them out when they came within reach, curious fish. Though her amusement left when she caught sight of a figure upon the rocks just above her kin with an arrow, Ori squeaked as he turned his eyes upwards when he felt something watching him.

At the sound the company jump up and Dwalin, holding a branch leaps in front of Ori. He raises the branch and begins to charge the man, but the man shoots his arrow and it embeds itself right in the middle of the branch, between Dwalin’s hands. Kili raises a rock to throw, but the man shoots the rock out of his hand too.

“Do it again, and you’re dead.” Bard warns as he eyes the darkhaired dwarf and raised another arrow to the blonde one next to him who held the dagger in his hand. A low cut of laughter filled the tense silence, drawing eyes to Thorin. “What is so funny?”

“I would not point an arrow at them if I were you. She does not like it when you threaten her One.” He replied with a slight twitch of a smile.

Bard frowned and drew the string back at the threat, his eyes scanning the company before him and saw no female. “I do not see…” He trailed off as a body rose from the water, eyes flashing with swirling colours and jagged teeth.


“Do not shoot at my kin Human or you will not like the consequences.” Bella hissed before lowering herself back into the water so her gills were submerged enough.

Balin shifted and raised his hands in a placating manner as he eyed the company, Isabella and the Man. “Excuse me, but, uh, you’re from Laketown, if I’m not mistaken? That barge over there, it wouldn’t be available for hire, by any chance?”

They could see the distrust in the human as he lowered his bow reluctantly. He did not answer them as he made his way back towards his barge to collect the barrels that rested in the catching bay the elves had made long ago. He did not know how they always ended up in the same spot but he was thankful for it.

“What makes you think I will help you?” He asked as he began to lift the barrels from the water all the while making sure the dwarves didn’t grow any closer and still keeping an eye on the woman who glared at him.

“Those boots have seen better days.” Balin started. “As has that coat. No doubt you have some hungry mouths to feed. How many bairns?”

Bard paused and stared at the dwarf in surprise. “A boy and two girls.”

“And your wife, I’d imagine she’s a beauty.” Balin asked trying to flatter the bargeman only to cringe as he saw the pain flash in the human’s eyes.

“Aye. She was.”

“Enough with the niceties, we need to keep moving.” Dwalin growled out as he pushed himself up from the rock, his eyes flashing to the water and then to Fíli.

Fíli ignored his kin as he moved closer to the water, at the edge of the stone platform and knelt down, his eyes scanning his mates neck and face for the damage, completely ignoring the odd gills. “Are you hurt?” He asked.

“I am better now, the water is soothing and I heal quick.” She whispers, pushing herself up on the rock platform and bumped her head with her mates to comfort him. “I feel better I am no longer in chains.”

“Chains?” Bard asked startled as he caught the tail end of the creatures words.

A few of the dwarves bristled but it was the one who began to speak to him that explained. “We were trying to pass through Mirkwood but the elves captured us. One shot at him and Lady Isabella didn’t take to well of her One being threatened and attacked. Because of th…”

“The King thought I was a monster and demanded me to tell him what I was, when I refused he had me chained by the devices that the Orcs used on the skinchangers with spikes in the shackles resting against the skin. He tried to break me.” Bella explained in a feral hiss.

Bard felt nauseous at the woman’s words. “I will take you, but payment will be needed.”

As the company began to murmur and gather onto the boat, asking Bard if they could be supplied with clothes and weapons as well once they reached the town as Thorin only managed to grab three packs when Bilbo got the blades, Fíli and Bella were still conversing. Bella of course kept the tail and just shifted away the gills as she leant against her one and allowed his heart to sooth her.

“I tried to make sure you would not be hurt.” She whispered.

“I should have listened to you Khajimel, because of me you were shackled.” He whispers into her hair, letting the tear escape into it. “Men lananubukhs me.”

It is not your fault Fíli; they would have done it either way. I will gladly be chained if it meant you were safe.” She explained firmly. }}Zu’u lokaal hi, hes kulaan zos wey pah yuvon ko Arda.{{ (I love you, sweet prince more than all gold in Arda)

Fíli smiled at the words, remembering when she had first told him that and yet now he knew the full meaning and impact of them. Though Bella knew her Mate understood the phrase, he would not know the whole truth till it was time and then hopefully he would understand.


Laketown was something that made Bella’s skin crawl as she peered up at the rotting timber and even under water she could smell the filth, she could taste it. If the water was this bad, she did not want to know what the air above tasted like. She swam along to the sound of her Mate’s heartbeat to keep track of it and soon enough she was face to face with Dwalin under the water, his eyes wide as he took her in.

Mahal bless… Dwalin thought as he took in the golden tail that seemed to swish around her, the dress floating around it. His eyes snapped to Isabella before him and widened as he took in the jagged toothy smile and was she laughing at him.

“Now Dwalin, you can’t breathe underwater.” She teased once she helped him up to the surface under a home, grinning at his gasping breaths. The others stared and then ducked under the water when Dwalin began to splutter the word tail, golden, what…

“What did you shift into lass? You be some kind of fish!” Glóin whispered loudly as he earned a smack from Óin when he began to look like he was about to yell.

“This is what people in the other place called a mermaid. It is a creature of myth, each one different from the others… it was this form I liked the most when it came to mind. Now why are you all in the water?” She asked and then suddenly the smell invaded her senses causing her to gag.

If the taint was bad under the water it was surely worse above it, but now it was acquainted with the stench of dragon. Not her clan, no she to others would smell like fire and earth, a forge burning with timber and not coals. She was natural, formed from the Valar of all things green and growing. No, this dragon smelt like death, brimstone and darkness.

“What is it Isabella?” She heard Nori ask while she felt her Mate and Kíli by her side as she slipped into the water.

“The dragon still lives.” She gasped out. “His stench floats down from the mountain.” She warbled before shaking her head.

“We need to move, Bard is expecting us and then we can get into some warm clothes. Hurry.” Thorin grunted concerned but for now it was not the time to dawdle.

Soon enough they were near where they were told to go, scrunching up their noses at the fact that they had to come up into the bargeman’s latrine. None were too happy about it but Bella couldn’t help but giggle as she listened to them moan and whine about it.

“seriously, we’re swimming in the water you do know this?” She remarked softly causing the Dwarrow’s above to still and curse at her.

“Tilda, Sigrid, I need you to gather a dress and go down to get…” Bard began to explain, trailing off as he realised he didn’t know the Lady’s name.

“Isabella. Her name is Isabella.” The golden-haired one who he suspected was her betrothed explained.

Sigrid turned onto her father with a scowl much like the one her mother gave. “You let a Lady crawl up through the latrine father?”

“Well, no… Can she come up or does she need to stay in the water?” Bard asked the Dwarves unsure.

Bella huffed and pulled herself up with a grunt as the tail began to shift back into legs. She moaned in pain as the bones shifted and merged and swore to never shift into it again. Bella learned that fish bones were a little different to shift to and fro her normal form. Splitting and groaning, for once a shift was painful and don’t even start on the scales. A water dragon was more fitting now; at least he had shifted into that before.

Sigrid and Fíli rushed down the stairs as they heard the pain, the latter going right for his One while the girl gaped and stared with wide eyes as she watched the golden scaled tail disappear. Bella looked up in surprise to see a dark haired child holding tightly to a bundle of fabric.

“Hullo.” She greets smiling softly as the girl blinked and continued to stare. “I am Isabella.”

“What are you?” The girl blurts before blushing a brilliant red in mortification.

Fíli smiled as his One laughed freely once she stood. “I am a shifter little miss, now who may you be?”

Sigrid gasped softly as she craned her neck up to the woman before frowning and looking down at the dress in her arms, it was her mother’s but the lady before her was larger than her da! “I’m Sigrid, Da told me to bring you a dress but… but I don’t know if it’ll fit.”

“It will little one, do not fret.” Bella tried to sooth, shrinking her size down to an appropriate human size while holding of the grimace as the wet dress clung to her frame. Fíli watched with a warm smile as his mate comforted the girl before him, still a child by human standards and once again he wished for the future. He fingered the bead that rested blank behind his ear, the bead one was to engrave and offer on their wedding day, many patterns coming to mind for it.

Fíli knew that one day he would marry her, for that he was certain.

Author Note: Well here you go! And holy crap guys, when I stated you were all bored I never ever expected the outcome that it brought, you all nearly blew up my inbox with the reviews! Lol so maybe some fluffy angst next chapter and a wedding the dragon clan way…




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