Chapter Sixteen – Escaping Down the River

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: Uh, I am so sorry for the delay… There will be a longer AN at the bottom.

Third POV

If it weren’t for the fact that there were elves nearby, Bilbo was certain he would scream in frustration. But there were elves nearby and so he kept the screams of frustration to himself as he trudged through the halls of the elven king.

He did not know how long it had been since he had begun to look for a way out or Thorin, but he was beyond hungry and cannot recall the last time he slept. It didn’t help that he was bone weary of the fog world of this infernal ring upon his finger.

Madness, this is madness Bilbo Baggins! He screamed to himself as he jumped over a gap from one platform to another, delving deeper down into the elf’s kingdom. Though it was not as cold as it was where they kept Isabella.

His ears twitched as a sound reached them, a familiar sound that had his hopes rising and heart racing. It was Thorin, for that he was sure of and he was beyond angry. Bilbo quickened his pace and paused, placing his hand over his mouth as he was about to shout his joy at seeing Thorin, luckily he spotted the elves at the right time.

“Here you go dwarf.” The elf chuckled as he dropped the tray of food at his feet, just out of reach from the door and what would be Thorin’s reach.

“Gulion.” The other warned before glancing down at the dwarf in the corner. “Are you willing to speak to my lord now?”

And still Thorin did not reply, nor move, it caused Bilbo’s hearts to constrict. What had caused the great Thorin Oakenshield to become so still, silent and broken? Fury like none other burned in the depths of Bilbo as he thought about what they could have done to Thorin. Did they too chain him like some animal as they have done Isabella?

The elves snorted or as close to as one of those uppity creatures could do before spinning on their feet and striding back up the way they came from, one barely brushing Bilbo who had pressed himself against the wall. He waited till he could not hear the elves anymore before ripping the ring from his finger and gasping at the sudden shift of equilibrium and barely any light.

“Thorin?” He called barely above a whisper as he made his way to the door. “Thorin!” he hissed a little louder cause the Dwarf to jolt and spin around with his eyes wide.

“Bilbo?” Thorin asked in disbelief, he could scarcely believe what he was seeing. The elves had told him that his company was never found, his nephews and kin… Bilbo… Isabella. But it was Isabella who had kept his hope alive in the accursed place for he knew she was near unstoppable. He had seen swords graze across her flesh as if nothing and arrows reflecting from her too, but he brushed them away as she was Yavanna’s daughter and perhaps she was built differently more like him, the son of Mahal.

“Oh thank the goddess, Thorin! I have been looking everywhere for you all through these blasted halls. Mind you my views on elves have been tainted by this lot after I saw Isabella but…” Bilbo trailed off, his eyes scanning Thorin and staring in surprise.

Thorin’s appearance was bad, his hair once maintained the best it could be was in snares and tangles, his coat gone along with his armour and even his heavy boots were missing.

“They thought placing me like this in the dark and cold would break me more.” Was all Thorin said in explanation as he watched the Hobbit’s eyes roam him in horror.

“It’s not the coldest room. They have… Everyone is well as they can be.” Bilbo explained, trying not to get into too much depth. He had seen the reaction the Dwarrow’s gave when he told them about Isabella, he had seen the grief on Fíli, the rage… and he didn’t wish to see it on Thorin’s face knowing that Isabella was to be his kin.

“You have found them then? They are together? Dwalin, Balin? Kíli? Fíli? Isabella?” Thorin asked his eyes narrowing when catching the flinch upon the hobbit’s face at Isabella’s name. “What has happened Bilbo?”

“The others are many floors above, no maybe five if I recall and placed in three storage rooms. They are together but some separated like Fíli and Kíli. They can see one another but they cannot reach, thankfully Óin was with Fíli when I broke the news.” He explained with a tired sigh. “I found Isabella before the others and Thorin, they have chained her, she cannot shift without being stabbed by the blades in the cuffs. Fíli—Fíli did not take it well.”

Thorin snapped his mouth shut and growled. “Do the elves have no honour? I expected hatred and unkindness much like no but I didn’t expect them to be so cruel to women, to an obvious woman!”

Bilbo jerked as Thorin slammed his hands angrily on the wall while nervously looking up the stairs for any sign of the elves return. “Shhh Thorin, they will come back. I…I’m trying my best to find a way out of here.”

“I’m sorry Bilbo.” Thorin sighed, slumping back down to the ground and casting his eyes upon the burglar. “I have been nothing but impatient and cruel, yet here you are helping me and my kin. I have been a fool and you have every right to leave us.”

“Thorin Oakenshield! You can be a bit of an idiot yes, I agree. But I will dare not leave, I am a Baggins and we Baggins keep our word. I will help you get your home back so help me, if it’s the last thing I ever do. But for now, you need to be ready, where are your things?” Bilbo ranted, not caring for the fact that Thorin was now staring at him open mouthed.

Thorin stared at Bilbo in surprise, his eyes seeing every twitch of Bilbo’s eyes and nose, the lantern behind him haloing in a blanket of gold. “The elves took them; I believe they are in where they took our weapons. Bilbo, I need you to do me something.”

Bilbo stood and looked at Thorin with wide eyes. “It’s not something I am going to like is it?”

The deep rumble that escaped Thorin’s lips threw Bilbo and it took a second for him to realise he was laughing. “Yes but this is important. If you can find out weapons I need to you bring my boots but nothing else of mine. You need to get Isabella’s swords and Fíli’s, the courting gifts… do you understand me?” He asked softly, reaching through the bars and resting his hand on the hobbits shoulder. “They’re the important ones; my nephew cannot leave his father’s swords and the courting gifts.”

He understood, he had seen Fíli treasure his father’s swords, he understood why he panicked when they were lost. “I will, I will go and seek Isabella first on her blades, she does not let anyone bar Fíli touch them.”

“Yes, I have noticed too, now go, and be safe Bilbo.” Thorin whispered as he watched Bilbo turn and disappear into the darkness.


Bella snarled and thrashed as more elves came in her cell, she had peace as Legolas ordered the elves to leave her be but now the bloody elven king wants to see her and she will not be led by some forsaken creature on a chain. SHE WAS NOT A PET!

But then she stilled and smiled, it was a smile that made the warrior elves wary as well as the sudden compliance. Bella was thinking, thinking of how she could help Bilbo seek for a way out of this accursed hell and as well as to see if they will lead her past her Mate.

Chains rattled as she walked, each one held by the four guards, each with a dagger at various points of her body. She chuckled low in her throat at the fact, the blades would not pierce her flesh and the only reason why the spikes of her collar did was because they were in the soft part where the scales melted into soft vulnerable flesh.

Kisenth hummed low in her throat as she was marched up stairs and down hallways, she could sense her mate grow closer and held back her wrath as she heard the elves taunt about showing them that she was bound as such. She knew elves could be cruel, could be monsters but this was beyond right. She knew the elves under Oropher were never this harsh and heartless; how far had the sickness spread?

]]I hope you have a plan hobbit, for I will keep them distracted while you save them.[[ She drawled out in Green Speech, the hobbit’s tongue she had learned long ago and she had hoped that Bilbo knew it because no many of the hobbits did but mind you it was the ones in Bree. Her ears picked up Bilbo’s quickened heart and knew he understood.

]]Three doors back with silver curls is the armoury. Three floors down is the cellars, make a quick plan hobbit for escaping and gather the keys when I stop.[[ She continued the soft trills, smirking as the elves shifted at what they would consider a song.

The company paused as the sound of clinking chains reached their ears and pressed themselves to the bars. Only it was Dwalin who saw first and cursed loudly. Fíli be calm, someone hold him!” Was all he managed to get out when Isabella came into view.

Rage and horror like anything he had ever felt before struck him as his bloody and pale One marched barefoot down the hall, four elves with blades at her body and each holding the chain. “LET HER GO YOU BASTARDS!” He roared smashing up against the bars while the others struggled to hold him back.

The elves moved as one only stopping as they were yanked back and the company stilled when Isabella opened her eyes and spoke. “Calm and relax, yes that is it. Let me speak and do not listen, do not recall.”

When Bella was satisfied that the Elves of her guard were under her spell she turned to her mate and sighed deeply, his hands running across her face and fingering the shackles with undisguised hate and anger.

“I need you all to listen and listen well. NO! When Bilbo comes he will help you, I have my own way out, do not wait for me. I am… the distraction. I love you Fíli so please, do this for me.” She begged in Westron, ignoring the sudden inhales of the others around at her admission before placing a soft kiss upon his brow when he reluctantly agreed.

His heart twisted and the anger, the fury burned in the depths of his soul as he took in the shackles once again. How could he have done this? Maybe if he did not react the way he did then she would not be in them, but then he would have for Kíli.

The company watched as the elves shook off whatever spell Isabella had placed on them and began to march her down the hall once more, leaving them and Bilbo in shock. One, Bilbo didn’t understand how she knew Green Tongue; none outside of the shire know it. But he had gathered the keys for the ‘cells’ when she stopped, as asked.

I was created in the year of the trees by Yavanna… Maybe it was his Lady who taught her the hobbit’s tongue. Bilbo thought before shaking his head and ripping off the ring from his finger. He had managed to get Fíli and Kíli’s courting daggers as well as Thorin’s shoes and Fíli’s double blades but had not touched Isabella’s swords as he could not get to her in time.

“Bilbo!” Bofur asked in shock as the hobbit appeared before them, blades on his back and a dagger in each hand.

“I know that touching your weapons is frowned upon without consent, but Thorin told me to get these and these alone. I could not get Isabella’s; I didn’t wish to touch them without her consent.” Bilbo whispered urgently shoving the dagger at Kíli and Fíli before struggling to take off the blades and hand them too through the gaps.

“Get her blades Bilbo if you can. Do you have a plan?” Fíli asked, tuning out the others.

“Y-yes. I did as she asked and got the keys, I will look for a way out and come back with Thorin.” Bilbo stammered out tiredly before stumbling away and quickly rushed back the way he came all the while shoving the ring upon his finger.

He ran as fast and silent as he could staying tightly pressed to the walls and from any form of light that could cast his shadow. He would go to the cellars first once he grabbed Isabella’s swords and see why exactly she had bothered to mention it, only to widen his eyes as he took in the view before him as he came to a stumbling stop.

Barrel after barrel of wine lined in rows but filled the small room; only three elves were here, grunting as they lined up the empty barrels.

“These empty barrels should have been sent back to Esgaroth hours ago. The bargeman will be waiting for them.” One of the elves said. Bilbo was ever so thankful of his mother teaching him Sindarin even though there was a slight dialect change between Rivendell and Mirkwood.

His eyes scanned the area as the three elves began to drink and Bilbo grinned as he saw that there was a leaver to the door below to allow the barrels down. His smirk turned mischievous as he began to tip toe around the shelves and looked for the strongest wine they had, grinning when he found some with two empty flagons by its side hidden. Someone was taking little sips of the when they could; well now he will just have to give them more.

As quietly as he could, Bilbo filled the two flagons full of the wine and made his way over to the elves, sneakily depositing the full flagons. Thankfully they were already half way there to being drunk and it took all of his Baggins willpower to not snort at that, elves seemed they couldn’t hold their liquor.

He gave the barrels a glance and double checked there would be enough for the company, he ran up the memorized path to Thorin’s cell.

“Thorin!” Bilbo hissed as he began to try key after key to open the door.

“I cannot see you Bilbo.” Thorin stated with a frown before jerking back as Bilbo appeared right before his very eyes, close enough to feel the hobbits pants across his face.

“We need to leave now, here.” He explained, dropping the shoes at Thorin’s feet once the door opened. “Hurry, I don’t know how much time Isabella can give us.”

That caused the Dwarven king to jerk and quickly pull on his shoes, waiting for their hobbit to lead the way just as a rumbling roar in the distance echoed. Bilbo and Thorin shared a glance at the sound, knowing that was the signal from their fair-haired princes intended to move.

Dwarven boots echoed in the hallway, barely heard over the rumbling that was Isabella, they twisted and turned through the corridors making sure to be unseen before finding themselves before the company once more. Thorin felt relief as he saw his kin, relatively okay but together.

“Thorin!” Kíli cheered, shoving himself into his uncles arms.

“We must hurry, we don’t know how much time we have.” Thorin explained, after tapping his forehead against Kíli’s to comfort him.

“Fíli you must take these.” Bilbo stammered out, gesturing to the swords on his back. “They don’t feel right, the magic is uncomfortable.”

“Thank you Bilbo.” Fíli murmured, while taking the blades and strapping them with his own. “Lead the way.”

The hobbit nodded before turning on his foot and rushing back towards the cellar. They didn’t have much time, he didn’t know how he could tell but something nagged in the back of his mind to hurry and the silence behind him, showed Bilbo that the others thought so too.

Bilbo jerked to a stop, grunting softly as Kíli ran into his back, his heart hammering as he locked his eyes upon one of the elves woke, sighing in relief when he just collapsed back into their drunk stupor.

“I don’t believe it; we’re in the cellars!” Kili cried out in anger as he took a look at the room.

“You were supposed to be leading us out, not further in!” Bofur exclaimed slightly betrayed. The others began to grumble their annoyance causing Bilbo to snap.

“Oh excuse me, why don’t you just go back to your nice little cells and three meals a day while Lady Isabella is risking herself! Now get in the barrels.” He hissed, jerking his hand towards the said items.

Dwalin glanced between the wooden barrels and the hobbit in disbelief. “Are you mad?! They’ll find us!”

“Just trust me! Trust me. Lady Isabella told me the cellars were down here, would she lead you astray? Bebother and confusticate these dwarves.” Bilbo hissed silently before looking up at Thorin, near pleading him with his eyes to get his kin to do it.

“Do as he says!” he ordered roughly before jumping into the closest barrel while the others scrambled to get in their own. He was a little uncomfortable at the exposure and the unknown, more so since he did not have his armour or protection but at least he had his shoes.

Fíli was the reluctant one that took both Kíli and Bilbo to convince him to get in his own barrel. He was still reluctant to do so, the only thing to comfort him was his One’s words and the fact he held her blades. He was not letting her out of his sight though when this was over, by Durin’s beard.

Bilbo quickly helped in the last few who were struggling before counting them all, sagging in relief when he counted all thirteen. He quickly made his way towards the lever and prayed to the Green Lady that his guess was correct when he saw the barrels and leavers.


“What do we do now?” Bofur asked urgently, sticking his head out of the barrel. Bilbo sighed and spun around just as all the others stuck their heads out and looked at him expectantly.


“Hold your breath.” He informed them, before turning on his foot and jerking his weight into the leaver, smirking in relief as the door below began to shift. Everyone groaned and cried out as they hit the water hard, no one happy at the prospect of being wet and vulnerable but they did not question it.

image (1)

“Hold! Wait for Bilbo!” Thorin ordered before throwing his hands out and stopping them from floating away with the aid of Dwalin and all eyed the wooden planks above as soft thumping noises sounded before Bilbo came sliding down and crashing into the water.

“Well done Master Baggins.” Thorin smirked before turning around and began to paddle his way out of the cave. “HOLD ON!” He yelled as he saw the rapids begin before him and prayed to Mahal that this was going to be an easy trip.


Bella let out another roar as she spun, whipping the chains out like whips and sending another two elves away from her. She could feel the pull in her chest to find her mate as the skirmish around her set her instincts on high.

She could not shift yet, not until she was near Fíli. But by Yavanna once this was done, she would be marking her mate so she could feel that he was well and safe.

“YOU DARE CHAIN ME?” She roared, satisfied as she threw back another few guards, her eyes locking onto the Prince who was gesturing for her to come. “You will rue the day when the truth comes.” She hissed before coming to a complete stop, glowering at the bloodied Elf king.

Thranduil was tainted, she could see the evil that clung to his soul like that of his realm and she longed for the days when Oropher was still around.

“Ada, I will take her back to the cells.” Legolas informs, stepping from the shadows with Tauriel at his side. Kisenth waited for the Elven bastard to decide, a continuous snarl rumbling from her lips as she allowed the red haired captain to place a blade at her throat to show him, she was no harm to his son.

“Lock her in the depths, maybe the cold will do more to break her. I will get the answers I desire beast.” The king hissed dismissing her with a wave of his hand. Tauriel and Legolas winced as they jerked her chains, earning a hiss in warning before hurryingly pulling her form the chamber and down a series of pathways that she knew lead outside.

“They have left, but you must hurry because we cannot allow my father to find that I have betrayed him too.” Legolas informed as he quickly unlatched her chains.

Kisenth shook her legs and arms at the sudden loss of the weight and breathed deeply, cracking her neck as she did so. “I thank you then child of Ilúvatar.”

“There is no need of thanks, just slay that dragon and we shall be considered even.” Legolas replied. “Your weapons are missing as well, we are unsure how.”

“Were there any others taken?” She demanded in a growl. If one of the elves took her blades she would tear through this kingdom to get them back.

Tauriel spoke up then. “Yes, the twin blades and two daggers.”

“My Mate has them then good; he is the only one I allow to touch my kin for long periods of time without my presence.” She rumbled shocking them with the information. She cocked her head to the side and smirked as the sounds of Dwarrow yelling over the stream, but another sound caught her ear. “Orcs!”

The two elves jerked in surprise at the sudden viciousness on the word before jolting as the dragon pushed off the ledge and jumped, just as a horn sounded the air. Kisenth pushed her legs as she felt her body shift, half eyeing the water in thought before jerking and spinning as she culled an orc.

“NO!” Thorin yelled as the gates closed before his eyes widened as the heavily armed Elf lurched forward, a black arrow sticking from his neck. Fear sprung up in Thorin’s throat as a platoon of Orcs crawled over the wall snarling and growling. They were stuck and weaponless beyond Fíli.

Kili glanced up as the others around them fought off the orcs, his eyes spying the leaver and groaned. His brother was going to kill him, his uncle and so was every other member he thought as he pushed himself out of his barrel and made his way towards it. He needed to get them out of here before they were all slaughtered.

“Kili!” Dwalin called, throwing one of Fíli’s swords towards him as the other fought off two others with his One’s blades.

With ease Kili grabbed the blade from the air and drove it into the orc several times before making his way up the stairs, ducking, dodging and slicing his way to it. He even managed to slice the head off of one orc while his brother killed another with his courting dagger. He quickly jerked the blade free and threw it back towards his brother, killing an orc in return.

A cry left Kíli’s lips as he felt the arrow collide with his leg, sending a jolting burn up and down his leg. He could hear his brother scream as he groaned in pain and strained to pull the lever, his fingers brushing against the wood as his leg gave out, a haze growing on his mind. He could hear his uncle call for him but he could only hear the roaring of water.

Bella roared, her body soaring over the others as she slashed out with her claws and tail, making sure it was quick and painful while she pushed her way to Kíli. Her hands clutched the leaver to open the gates while her tail wrapped around her brother and lowered him into the barrel, the others be dammed she can just explain the shift.

“GO!” She roared as the gates opened before diving after them into the rapids, her body shifting into a mythical creature of earth than Arda. She’s never had to grow gills before that’s for sure.

Author Note: Well, I assume you all are getting bored of the story. *shrugs* I’ve been begged to update but not much comments or reviews on the chapters! Bah, maybe if I gave you a choice to make… Either something really angsty is going to happen or Bella and Fíli wed in the next few chapters… hmmm…




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  1. Oh darlin’ there is no way in hell that I am getting bored with this story. In fact I was sad that this update wasn’t a little bit longer 😦 Can’t wait for more 🙂 I am loving this one and your other one Braveheart 😉

  2. Id love to read about their wedding that would be wow. And Ur story boring…no freaking way!! I seriously ignore everyone around me in favor of reading this. Including my boyfriend lol. This story and brave heart always get my attention. hope u write about them getting married that would be fun to read. Cant sit till the next chapter.

  3. Your story is magnificent! I love how you write the characters, and the plot is just amazing. Fili and Bella are killing me with how sweet they are. I say go for angst, it’s always a classic no matter how much you put in (at least in my opinion). They can get married when everything’s calmed down, it’d be a little too hectic at this point for a marriage. Also I want to thank you for writing this. You got me hooked on Bella in the Hobbit, and you seem to be the only one writing this crossover. I eagerly await your next update, whether it be this story or Brave Heart.

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