Chapter Thirteen – Interlude to Mirkwood

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Third POV

Beorn pulled the Dragon-Shifter to the side and away from the Dwarfs into the cool air.

“What are you doing Kisenth? What happens when they find out what you are?” He asked worried.

Bella looked into the window, her eyes landing on Fíli who was laughing with his brother. “The Flaxen-Haired one is my mate. I cannot leave him now, if I shall die in their hands, man, orc or elf then I shall die happy I found my mate. They know I shift, but know not of what my true form is. They will soon and it is a risk I will take to kill that bastard once and for all.” She growled her face hard and eyes dark causing Beorn to shudder.


“I do not want to see you fall, Sister.” He growled out, causing Bella’s face to soften.

“I will not Mal Zeymah (little brother). I have three hearts beating in my breast; I will not fall when I have much to live for.” She whispered, cupping his face with her hands before brushing back his mane. “What else worries you so?”

“The darkness in Greenwood, it is old much like you and I. I worry for you entering that cursed forest; the elves are not like their kinfolk.” He growled out.

Bella frowned and stepped back from Beorn, “I can resist the evil Björn. I have resisted like all my clan did in the beginning when Morgoth corrupted the others of Glaurung’s offspring. I am Yavanna’s creation, guardian.”

“I did not mean that, Violet.” He grumbled. He did not mean to offend his oldest friend and saviour; he was merely worried for her. “The forest makes me wild and I do not want to see you in these.” He finished holding up his still shackled wrist.

“I know you worry Beorn, I know the risks and…” She trailed off, her head snapping to the west. “Orcs.”

Bella quickly rushed inside, removing her cloak, weapons and shoes quickly. She paused as her eyes landed on Fíli and held out her swords for him to take. “Orcs are on the border, The Bear and I will deal with it will you look after these for me?” She explained slash asked before dashing outside.

The others followed, pausing at the doorway as they watched Isabella shift, her body vibrating and contorting before she burst into a great bear. Fíli felt his eyes to widen as he saw the golden fur upon her chest, going down in a Y shape. He would have to tell her.

“Mahal…” Several of the company whispered in shock. She had never shifted in front of them before, around them from view yes, before them? Never.

Fíli blinked and stared down at the weapons in his hands, it was the third time he was trusted to look after her weapons, a high praise and trust that he would rather die than break.

It was then he saw the etchings on the hilt of the blade, a series of slashes and dots. He looked at the other blade, the hilt slightly different than the other in colour and shape, a different marking than the other. He fingered the hilt softly, shuddering at the power that rolled over him.





“They’re names Master Fíli.” Gandalf supplied as he puffed his pipe.

“What does it say? Whose names? What writing is this?” He asked the wizard.

“That— is something you will have to ask Isabella yourself.” He replied before going back to ignoring them all.

Fíli nodded and strapped the blades to his back while the others began to converse once more. Kíli tried to get him to join the conversation but his mind was on Isa, his Ghivashel, his One.

It was late at night when laughter filled the air, the laughter of his one and of their hosts. All the Dwarrow jumped to their feet as the door burst open revealing a half-naked Beorn and a dwarf sized Isabella in just a very large tunic. Both covered in the black blood of orcs.

“What happened? Are you hurt?” Fíli rushed out as he dashed to her side.

“Little Violet is well; we had fun killing the filth.” Beorn chuckled with a wide toothy grin.

“Why are you naked Lass?” Bofur asked causing Bombur and Glóin to cringe.

Bella turned her dark eyes upon the hatted dwarf. “Did you see me shift?” She asked him sharply.

“Uh— yeah, that was mighty impressive.” He stated, scratching his head.

“Do you think my clothes shift with me? Well, they don’t, hence this.” She supplied gesturing to Beorn’s tunic.

Fíli glared at Bofur before stepping in front of his one protectively, causing her to smile. The others didn’t know how he minded her height shifts but to him it didn’t matter if she was Bilbo’s height or Beorn’s, she was still stunning. Plus she never made him feel inferior to her.

“I’ll go get cleaned up and wash this filth off me, and then you can braid my hair.” She whispered gently to him before stepping around and gathering her things.

He couldn’t help but follow with his eyes as she waltzed towards the bathing room, a frown pulling at his brows in confusion as he saw dark lines wrapping around her ankles and up the back of her neck from what he could see.

This caused him to frown, did she have scars? Was she hurt the same way Beorn was? The thought of that caused Fíli’s frown to deepen and for the rage to burst forth in his chest, just the mere image of his One shackled and chained angered him.

“Little Violet, says you’re her Mate.” Beorn stated suddenly, causing all to become silent once more.

Fíli cast a look up at the intimidating man. “Yes, though I’m not too sure what that means.”

“Mate is half of soul, for animals like her and I, it is instinct and permanent. She has claimed you already.” He stated as he inhaled the room. “Claimed all of you.”

“Really?” Gandalf asked stunned, his brows disappearing into his hairline.

“What do you mean?” Balin asked over the outbursts of the others.

“It means Balin, I have claimed you as kin, I did it after Rivendell when Fíli accepted my courting gift and then again when I joined you at the Carrock after the Goblins. You are part of the Dovah-Vuldiik Brod now, my scent clings onto you.” Bella stated as she stepped back into the room clean and at her usual height.

Fíli gaped at his One as she stood in the doorway, her hair flowing down in soft waves to her calves and clad in a simple dress that hugged her form, her hair had gotten longer.

Thorin frowned. “Will others of your clan not mind about this decision?” He asked causing Fíli, Gandalf and Beorn to cringe.

“Master Oakenshield, I am the last of my kind. I am a shifter not a skin-changer. My kind was hunted and killed out in the very beginning of the second age because of our true forms.” She stated seriously but there was no emotion beyond that.

Dii Lokaal, will you?” She asks fondly, gesturing to her hair.

Fíli smiled and nodded, chuckling as she practically collapsed at his feet. With a shake of his head, he began to pull out his combs to brush and braid her hair. His hands paused as the silence became too much, his eyes shooting up to see the surprise in the other’s eyes and then shot down to his One and his brother lying in her lap, her hands braiding.

“This isn’t new. It started the night after we began to court.” Fíli explained.

Ori was frowning as he churned over what she said. “How… How old are you?” He stammered out causing the others to groan and Bella to laugh.

Jewels of Fëanor

Jewels of Fëanor

“I am the second oldest in this room Master Ori, I was created in the year of the trees by Yavanna. I was born before the elves, watched as Aulë crafted Durin… But those times are not as … pleasant as history states. I watched as the Elves woke in Cuiviénen, as Melkor slew Finwë and stole the Jewels of Fëanor that contained light of the Two Trees, from his vault, and destroyed the Trees of the Valar themselves. My clan left Aman to Arda as the Sun and Moon were crafted; to put it bluntly I am old Master Ori.” Bella stated as she finished off Kíli’s braids.

Though what she told them was true, not to the full extent. She was a Maiar who along with her brother and clan agreed to be changed by Yavanna who had mothered them. They loved the form of a Dragon the most and stayed that way but shifted to suit the cause. This of course was when Melkor learnt that you could corrupt the newly made or born.

“You’ve met Mahal?” Balin asked slowly after a few minutes of silence.

“Of course I have, as has Gandalf. Thorin looks most like Mahal as Durin was crafted to look like him.” She explained and raised her brows as everyone gaped.

“I do believe you broke them.” Gandalf chuckled.

“What of hobbits Isabella?” Bilbo asked curious causing me to give him a fond smile.

“My dear hobbit, you were crafted by Yavanna herself the day after she and Mahal wed. It was a splendid wedding and your creation Eru allowed it, a gift.” She chuckled before standing, her back cracking as she stretched.

“What is your true form?” Fíli asked suddenly, curious to know as she always seemed to skirt around it causing her to tense.

“Aye, what form caused people to hunt and kill your clan?” Dwalin rumbled out, a hiss escaping her lips.

“I will not say for I cannot…” She choked out before shaking her head and leaving, her heart heavy.

She found her Mate in a Dwarrow, a Dwarrow whom was raised to hate and fear dragons. Even if she was not like those twisted beings, her whole clan killed… She was a liability and the proof to that was her time with the elves…

The elves know who she is; they can see it, sense it. So she hid away from them, did not utter a word in their presence and dealt with the constant shadow or arrow at her back.

So if the Dwarrow – her Mate – were to find out… He would hate her, would he try to kill her if that was the command?

Ghivashel?” Fíli asked concerned as he followed her out into the night.

Bella sighed as her Mate knelt by her, Kíli at his side with matching worried eyes. Fíli brushed away the lone tear that spilt over and held back the frown at the scalding hot liquid.

What is wrong Namad?” Kíli asked as he curled up into her side while Fíli sat before her, taking her hands in his.

“If I was a monster, if your kin saw me as a monster would you still love me?” She asked softly, letting her fear shine through.

Fíli and Kíli frowned on the spot at the words. “Of course we would Isa.”

“Your true form can’t be that bad!” Kíli replied causing her hearts to clench, guilt churning in her stomach.

Another tear slipped free of her eye leaving an angry red mark behind. She was quick to wipe it away before it evaporated and stood. “I hope one day you’ll forgive me… You and Mal Zeymah both.”

“You’ve called me that before, what does it mean?” Kíli asked changing the subject. No matter what the others may see or think, he knew when one wished not to continue a discussion any further.

This time Bella chuckled. “It means little brother in my mother tongue.”

“Can you teach us some words?” Kíli asked excited and both she and Fíli exchanged find looks.

“… I can but it is much like your Khuzdul.” She explained sitting back down once more.


Two days later found them all ready to leave towards Mirkwood, no one was eager to leave and the ones that were most eager to stay was Bilbo and surprisingly Isabella. The company had awoken that morn with the sounds of arguing, all storming from the skin-changers house battle ready only to stop as they saw Isabella screaming at Beorn as she beat him on the chest.

The large skin-changer didn’t say a word as she beat upon his chest and snarled at him in a language they couldn’t understand and when one asked, they received no reply. In fact, Isabella has not said or made a single sound since they left. Even Gandalf became worried, for he had seen the despondency once before and it was after her kin had been killed and she was the only one to survive.

Ghivashel?” Fíli asked concerned as he took in his One’s blank expression. In fact the whole company was concerned to see the lass so silent as she walked absentmindedly between them all. When she did not respond Fíli tried once more, this time in her own tongue. }}Dii Kun?{{ (My Light)

“I am worried.” Fíli finally announced as they stopped for the night.

“Aye I am too Laddie.” Glóin replied softly as he stared at the rigid form of Isabella.

“Gandalf, do you know what she and Beorn argued about? We know you speak her tongue.” Dori asked this time as he moved towards the frowning Wizard.

“Beorn is worried about the forest and the effect it has on her. He was trying to convince her to just go around, fly do something other than walk through it but she would not leave his side.” Gandalf explained, casting a look towards Fíli.

“What is bad about the forest that concerns Master Beorn so? We know he said that there was a darkness upon the forest, but how bad is it?” Balin asked this time as he listened in on the conversation.

Gandalf spared him a glance. “The forest is sick with a darkness that has not been felt in an age or more, he knows it… she knows it… it is like the twisted sickness that killed her kin and I believe he told her the truth of it and she’s just… I remember that time quite well you know the darkness of the lands that twisted into the hearts of all free people and corrupting them. Isabella’s clan was the guardians of Arda and they had just been wiped out with only her left. The war was horrific; she was coated in blood of all kinds including her own as she tore through the army with unseeing rage. I fear that the forest will be a horrible reminder and it’s starting to bring back the smell of war and death, she won’t be the same once we step foot into the forest of Mirkwood.”

The company stopped and stood frozen as Gandalf spoke, watching as his eyes glazed over and rambled, they knew he spoke more than he intended too but they would not utter a word about it to the Lass for many of them knew those types of memories do not go away.

“I will be more animalistic.” Bella said no more than a whisper, but everyone heard it. “Beorn was worried if the elves caught us I will be like he.” She murmured, her hands rubbing her wrists.

“We won’t let them!” Fíli snarled as the action finally clicked and he could recall the chain and cuff that rested on the skin-changers wrist.

“Oh my sweet kulaan… Just promise me you won’t do anything foolish, all of you for I won’t be able to hold my temper. I will not be hurt but if you are in danger, run… run and do not stop.” She expressed, stressing the point.

“And if I don’t?” He asked in return, watching as her face darkened.

“Death will find them swiftly.” The others had never heard her speak that dark or rough before, it sent a shiver of fear down their spines. “Now rest, Beorn and I will be on shift tonight.”


The company noticed the change in Isabella the closer they got to the forest. She walked hunched most of the time; her teeth bared as she circled around them and stuck herself between them and the forest, any form of shrubbery that they could not see behind.

What worried them the most was her inability to talk. Every time she tried it came out in rumbling snarls or her own language but even Gandalf had explained that he couldn’t understand the structure of her words.

“Violet.” Beorn’s rumbling voice caused the others to jerk as he stepped out from behind a cluster of rocks. “There be a pack coming, no more than three, go.” Bella didn’t waste any time, she was gone in a blink of an eye, leaving the company with the larger shifter.

“She is like mother bear with cubs.” Beorn explained. “You be her cubs. I had hoped that she would be better off than I but… I was wrong, she is worse more animal than being.”

“Will she get better?” Fíli asked worried.

“I do not know, she was not happy when we last spoke and I think it is because of that she is like mother bear. I hope this kill and her feed will get her to calm down, you will enter the forest tomorrow.” Beorn grumbles out, shaking his head. Dwalin and Thorin eyed the twitching Shifter before them; they could see that Beorn was holding back the change being this close to the forest.

“Björn. Olórin. You are making Aulë’s Children restless.” Isabella’s clear crisp voice utters from the darkness.

Gandalf blinked and then grimaced. “Formality.”

“This or growls.” Was her reply as she stepped from the shadows in all her bloody glory once more, though this time, it was only her hands to her elbows that were stained black and red.

“Olórin?” One of the company asked confused. “But your name is Gandalf or is it like how we call you Tharkûn and the elves Mithrandir?”

Gandalf choked on his pipe and glared at a smirking Kisenth. “Olórin is my—uh—”

“It is what my clan call him, for now we must sleep; tomorrow we reach the forest gate and enter the forest of The Firstborn’s. The pack is close and we will need all speed and strength to move quickly tomorrow. Come my True-Heart, Brother.” Kisenth gestured for Fíli and Kíli to join her as she moved towards the bed rolls, curling around them both protectively her sword clutched in one hand.

“You heard her, rest; tomorrow we ride hard and enter the Khurb-takhrabmî zars-tamanâl relm.”(Horse-riding tree-dweller.) Thorin grunted out as he too began to take his spot by the fire.

Author Note: Well here you go! Another chapter and then Mirkwood, damn its gonna be a hard chapter to write.




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