Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the Elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: Yeah, this is so going to be a short chapter my loves!

Third POV

Fíli paced the chamber anxiously, his hands switching from being clasped behind him or twiddling with his tunic or wedding braid. They had yet to wed in the way of Dwarrow but their original marriage was seen and recognised by the kingdom and many others as it was the way of her people and no one wanted to object to that when the story of her kind got out.

“You look just like your father.” Thorin uttered softly from the doorway a faraway look upon his face. “Some days I see him in you, some days I see Frerin but today I see Víli. He too was nervous and he did the exact same thing you are doing now when Dís was birthing you.”

“I don’t know how he didn’t throw up.” Fíli replied after a long moment, smiling when his uncle burst out in laughter and pulled him into a hug.

“Oh but he did Mim razdith. He threw up five times during the course of your birth and fainted twice.” Thorin teased while leading his nephew away from the door and to the chairs in front of the fireplace, gesturing for Dwalin to block the door into the birthing chamber.

Thorin knew the moment his One screamed Fíli would be up and fighting to get inside the room, like his father had done. Thorin still could feel the hit Víli gave him if he thought about it.

“Does she know what the babe will be?” Thorin asked softly before frowning. “No, it will be a boy, it’s always a boy born first in the Durin Line.”

Fíli stopped and cast his uncle a warm look, the smile stretching wide as it can across his face. “Vílith if it is a boy and Darlís if it is a girl. We could not agree on whether we gave them a Dragon or a Dwarven name.”

“Vílith? Oh hôfukel…” Dís whispered from the door, tears pooling in her blues eyes.

Thorin blinked and then cast a look back to the door. “Dís if you are here then who is with Kisenth?”

“She did not want me in the room. I believe Óin is with her.” Dís explained.

“Elrond is as well and another woman who came with him, she looked close to Lady Galadriel but…” Fíli explained trailing off, his body tensing as a cry filled the room. His body slammed into Dwalin’s trying to get pass, to get to his One who was in pain.

What if something was wrong? What if she was dying again? The Babe! }}Let me go! She needs me!{{

}}Fíli, Fíli! She doesn’t… she’s fine… that is the normal sounds of a woman giving birth. Relax, stop or Dwalin will knock you unconscious and I don’t wish to be on the end of your wife’s wrath.{{ Thorin tried to sooth before snapping his head around to Dís. “Go find Kíli and Glorfindel, they should be down in the treasury gathering gold and gems for the babes nest. Send the rest of the company up if you see them, she wanted them here and they should be.”

Dís nodded before pivoting on her foot and racing down the hall ordering the guards there to find the rest of the Company with her Son’s struggles behind her. She pushed herself as fast as she could, taking all the old shortcuts that she could remember to get there faster.

The golden hue of the treasury reached her eyes before the horde itself and with it she could see the familiar shine of her youngest standing in a pile with the Balrog slayer feet to his left shining just as bright as the gems.

Mizimith!” She yelled, her voice carrying throughout the treasury and catching her son’s and the elf’s attention.

Amad?” Kíli called back with a frown before meeting her half way as he saw the look upon her face. “What is it? Is it Namad? Nadad? Glorfindel!”

Dís took the moment to gather her breath as she watched the Elf stride over, his feet not even making a dint in the gold horde he walked over. She had first mistrusted the elf but that didn’t last long when her Son’s and the company explained who in fact he was.

“You need to gather what you have and make it to the rooms; she has gone into labor and has started to scream. Your brother is fighting Thorin and Dwalin to get in the room.” She explained before blinking as Kíli was already half way to the door but the elf was calmly waiting by her side. “Are you not going to go?”

“I will walk back with you. Fíli will not be able to breach the room to get to her until Estë deems it fit and safe. From what Kisenth has explained to me this pregnancy is not normal to her kind, she should have laid her egg many months ago in her form but she’s been unable to shift big enough again to do so.” Glorfindel explained as they made their way back to the rooms that were made for the birth.

Dís looked up sharply at that. “How come Fíli has no told us this.”

“Because I believe she did not tell Fíli in sake of him not worrying as he already does. It is not unknown to us the difficulties of a Dam carrying, it also has not gone unnoticed how much you have all hovered around her when she told you all. Dragons can fight, work and shift with their babes because of how their physiology is but…” He trailed off here with a frown, his eyes locked on the doors that led into the room connected to the birthing chamber. “We suspect that Yavanna had allowed her to carry this way when she died, we also suspect that there is no limit on the babes she may now have.”

This took Dís by surprise; it was enough to know that she could carry five but this? She could see her son surrounded by children of all ages and a little babe in his arms as he told them stories, could see her brother trying to fight them off as they wanted to play. Years and years of love and children, they will no longer be alone and she will miss the majority of their births.

Glorfindel left the dam in the hall as he made his way into the room, his brows cocked as he took in the scene before him. He turned his attention to the corner to see his Chosen and Ori sketching away with subtle smirks on their faces.

“I sometimes question my sanity on why I class you all as family.” He states amused, his eyes locking onto the twins. “I did not think you had joined your father here, where is Arwen?”

“Arwen is with Ada.” Elrohir replied from his spot under Kíli.

Elladan winced and cast a look over his shoulder from above Glóin. “Yes, we uh… didn’t want to miss this.”

A hum left the Balrog slayer’s mouth as he glanced over the pile of Dwarrow and elves. His hand shot out and grasped Fíli’s tunic and yanked him out from under his kin before placing him firmly at his side, his other hand yanking out Estel while hiding his surprise.

“And you young one, where is your mother?” He asked.

Estel looked down and toed the stone beneath his feet. “She is resting, where I should be too but Elladan and Elrohir said the baby was coming!”

“Yes and we will wake you when the babe has come, tomorrow you may see them if Enth allows us to.” This was Erestor who spoke, he had come in after the others when they were already piled on top of the father to be and did not see their young charge amongst the mess of limbs. “Elrohir, Elladan take our young Estel here to his bed chambers.”

While the others slowly untangled themselves from the floor Fíli cast another look at the door where his One was. She still screamed now and then after a long delay between, oh how he longed to be in that room with her.

}}I am worried.{{ He whispered up to Glorfindel. }}I know this pregnancy hasn’t been normal.{{

Glorfindel jerked at that, his head snapping down to stare at the flaxen haired prince, a deep sigh escaping when Fíli tapped his heart. Ah, yes, it seemed that he and Kisenth didn’t take into consideration that little titbit. Well, it wasn’t hard to forget when Fíli didn’t ask questions about what he has seen and wants to know more about.

}}We did not wish to alarm you. I and all who know about her kind have been worried enough, she didn’t want you to carry that burden.{{ He replied instantly, giving the young prince his full attention.

Fíli scowled. }}I have every right to know these things though. I would gladly take these burdens and…{{

}}Calm Fíli.{{ Thorin soothed, placing his hand upon his nephews shoulder. “That is not what Glorfindel meant.”

Shrugging the hand from his shoulder Fíli turned his scowl onto his uncle. “She’s been through too much and she kept this from me? What if something was wrong?”

“This is why she didn’t tell you.” Kíli stated firmly. “We’ve been hovering around her since she told us she was pregnant Nadad. You especially since she rose from her tomb, she understands and no one is saying that it isn’t but you keep working yourself up into a panic and that hurts her more than anything. You still think that this is all a dream.”

“Nothing is wrong Fíli, the babe is healthy and she is as well. You forget that she carried the babe in her womb like a Dam or a decedent of Men instead of laying eggs.” The words came off Glorfindel’s tongue odd.

He could never get over the fact that they were egg laid and born.

Fíli sighed harshly and thought over the words, his shoulders slumping as he realised that their words were true. He had been pulling her into his dreams every night and has practically been smelted to her side in worry that he was going to wake up and she would be gone again.

They were right.


The room was quiet beyond the scrape of Dwalin sharpening his weapons, the rasp of Bifur whittling in the corner and the odd huff above the crackling fire as Kíli created something with the metals at his feet.

Every now and then everyone would glance at the door in hopes as they hear the footsteps or the soft murmurs hoping that someone will come out to collect Fíli to tell him the good news but no, that wasn’t to be.

It was the rise of the morning sun that heralds a sharp cry, drawing all eyes to the door once more. Fíli jumped to his feet the second cry filled the air and moved closer to the door, waiting for someone to come out and let him in the room so he could see his Wife and child.

He could hear everyone shift and stand behind him in the room, they too waiting for what was to come.

When the door opened it was to an unknown face, the woman was tall like Kisenth, hair the colour of Mithril and gold was pulled back from a graceful face and allowed to flow down to her hips. She was clad in grey and Fíli felt himself relax the longer he stood in her presence, letting the strange sense of peace settle over him.

“You may come in to see them young one.” Her voice was barely above a whisper, heavy with the sense of sleep and yet oh so beautiful.

Fíli cast a look over his shoulder before stepping past the woman and into the room. His eyes were instantly drawn to his wife who looked utterly exhausted but smiling happily down at the bundle in her arms. A sound must have left his throat for her eyes shot to his frame instantly, a flash of warning in them before she saw who it was.

He was faintly aware as the others left the room, the door clicking shut behind them.

}}Di Lokaal.{{ Kisenth crooned. “Come see your children.”

“Children?” The words sounded as if they were uttered from behind layers of diamond, his feet heavy but led him to her side.

There was indeed two children in her arms, both wrapped tightly in the blankest that Dori and Ori had made for just their one. They were both made of Durin blue with violet stitching around the boarder and in swirls and runes of protection. The names they had decided that only Nori knew stitched at the bottom in both Khuzdul and Dovahzul.

“They’re precious.” He breathed out, his finger trailing gently down the smooth soft skin. “Are they?”

Bella cast her husband a quiet laugh. “They have little wings vahzah hil. Vílith has your colouring and the most beautiful pair of violet wings…”

His eyes snapped to the babe on her left, Vílith… a son. Indeed he had his golden colourings; he could see it in the soft tuft of nearly fine white hair that he knew would darken. His heart clenched as his son opened his eyes for the first time since he entered revealing his mother’s dark eyes, his little mouth opening in a soft yawn.

“And the other? We do not have another name.” He asked, his eyes snapping to the still sleeping babe in her right. He was the opposite of his brother and echoed his mother in colouring; Fíli felt a sense of pride and love that she was reflected back in their children and oh how he was curious to see if he gained his eyes and what his wing colour would be.

A laugh drew his eyes away from his children to his wife, a smile stretched across her tired face as she gazed at him in affection. “We do Vahzah hil… Meet Darlís your daughter.”

“Daughter?” He whooshed out, his legs shaking and if it weren’t for the strong grip he had on the bed his legs would have surely given out.

Bella nodded. “Yes, she was the first to be born into this world. They are the sun and the moon, a ying yang. She is our moon my love, with my colourings and your eyes, her wings shining gold and he our Sun… he burns bright in the light with your golden mane and dark eyes and wings.”

Ghivashel, amrâlimê… Men lananubukhs me.” He breathed out while taking his daughter from his wife’s arms gently.

“I love you too my True-Heart but I believe you have names to give them.” She chuckled out, that’s what was decided. They had named their children together for their outer names but she knew it was the Father to give his daughter an inner name but she decided to let him name them both.

He breathed in and raised his daughter up higher while pressing his forehead to hers as gently as he was able, wincing when her little hand tugged on his moustache braid. “I name you Matarradrukûnasulluikh-khazâd. She who continues to (Keep) watch over all the dwarves.”

“And our son?” She asked with a fond smile.

I name you my son Ulkhudukurûdmâ… Light of Our Hearts.” He breathed out as he eyed his son, the voice whispering softly in his mind and oh how did it suit him, his own little sun.

“The names have been chosen, now we need to let Thorin in and announce them.” She whispered, her eyes flickering to the door and back. She could move with only slight discomfort but she really didn’t want to. “Kíli as well.”

Fíli nodded and walked over to the door and positioned himself in a way that the babe in his arms was hidden from view while he opened the door. Thankfully Thorin was already waiting, a soft smile on his face while the others waited anxiously in the background but they knew their traditions.

The parents name the children or spend time with them before announcing them to the head of their family to be recognised; in this case it was Thorin and he who had to announce his heir. Royalty was always different.

“Kíli as well, she asked… Glorfindel too.” He explained before stepping back towards his wife while his uncle and brother stepped in with Glorfindel closing the door.

Thorin and Kíli felt their breath hitch as they took in the scene before them, a babe in Fíli’s arms while another rested in Kisenth’s. Two? Mahal has blessed them so to give them such treasures. Fíli chuckled as he turned to face them, holding his daughter in a way for them to see, he would announce Vílith first just to see their reactions when he announced his daughter.

“Thorin son of Thráin, son of Thrór, King Under the Mountain. I would like to announce Vílith, son of Fíli, son of Dís our second born.” Kisenth stated first, a wide smile on her lips as she held her son up for the king to take.

With gentleness and ease from long practise Thorin lifted the babe from her arms and held him close, pressing a kiss to the babe’s crown. “I name you nûrayad (Second heir), Vílith son of Fíli.”

Kisenth took her son back with a smile before passing him to Glorfindel and waited for what was to come. She knew that Thorin and Kíli would be shocked, much like her husband so she knew that placing Vílith in Glorfindel’s arms was the best bet.

“I had expected one treasure, not two. Mahal has blessed our line.” Thorin explained while turning to his sister-son.

“I too expected only one; Vílith was a surprise as he was born second.” Fíli chuckled before sobering and facing his king. “Thorin son of Thráin, son of Thrór, King Under the Mountain. I would like to announce Darlís, daughter of Kisenth Protector of the Weak our first born.”

“What!” Kíli blurted out, his eyes widening in shock while Thorin stood with complete awe.

Bella laughed softly, her kin did not disappoint.

Mahal!” Thorin breathed while he reverently took her from his sister-son and held her close. I name you rayad(heir), Darlís daughter of Kisenth Protector of the Weak.”

“Lady Yavanna has laid her blessing down on you both.” Glorfindel whispered as he rocked the babe in his arms, a sense of warmth and fierce protectiveness washing over him. He would protect them both for the rest of his life just like all that will love them.

Kíli wiped the tear that spilled down his cheek as he cast a look down at his Nadadnathith. “They’re perfect Fee, she will be the most beloved and treasured. A daughter.”

“I know Kee, they’ll both be loved and cherished.” Fíli replied smiling softly at his One, her hand resting gently in his own.

He will need to create another set of beads for her, one that showed all her battle she went through carrying his babes. One bead that would reflect his daughter completely as he had only made a set for his son, she will need to add it to her Mother Braid.

But for now he would enjoy this moment with his family.

They had all the time in the world.

Author Note: Well this is it, the end. I will post all the outtakes or well chunks of story I had written but never finished that was originally going to go in the story but either A) It didn’t fit in the story or B) I went a completely different direction.




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