Chapter Thirty – Surprises

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the Elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: *hums*

Third POV

As Minas Tirith grew closer, Kisenth cursed herself for her stupidity. It had been over or near two hundred years since she had been here, since she had a friend in the kingdom and in her haste to flee the cursed land of Mordor she had forgotten this face.

The last steward was Belecthor II in T.A. 2762. Erebor fell in 2770 eight years after she left, oh valar she hoped her friend kept her tale alive. That he had told his children and they have told theirs, it was a tale she got all human rulers to pass down the line.

Before she could warn Bilbo she twisted, letting him drop from her back in shock and into her arms. She would have to apologise to him later for the fright but now was not the time to think on that as she could see the guards beginning to call for a warning. She clutched Bilbo close to her breast before folding in her wings to pick up momentum, her aim for the dying white tree of Gondor that was the focus point to the castle.

Bilbo screamed and clutched her claws as the ground grew closer and closer, his eyes squeezing shut waiting for the impact to come, for the pain to bloom but was surprised when he felt them jerking back. His eyes snapped open and looked up to see Isabella’s wings snapped open and caught the winds, slowing them.

Guards swarmed with their arrows ready and blades drawn, they too waited for what was to come next. Some shifting with unease and fear, others watching with hidden awe as Kisenth began to shrink her frame, her hands letting Bilbo down gently.

“HOLD YOUR FIRE!” A voice commanded and Kisenth turned to face the current Steward of Gondor who marched through the soldiers easily. He was old by human standards, his back hunched and hair a pure white, but she could see the strength under the frailty of his skin… his voice alone attested to that.

“Sire, the beast came from Mordor…” The general stated desperately trying to hold off his ruler from getting close to the beast.

The Steward eyed the dragon and then the burning molten sky behind it. “I am Turgon the current Steward of Gondor, state your name and business here Dragon.”

Any other time she would have laughed but this was not one of those times, she was tired and hungry, and her instincts flared to protect as the soldiers took another step close with their weapons. Flashes of war, of old and the one just passed crossed her mind and it made her on edge. She was thankful that she did not bring her Mate with her as she knew he would be furious and spewing curses from his lips at them for the disrespect.

Or attacking them in his own way as he panicked about her… she wouldn’t see that again… couldn’t hold back the flinch as the memory of her True Heart raging at his own when they sparred near her.

“Isabella.” Bilbo whispered, his eyes shining in concern and fear when he saw the sadness and horror on her face.

Kisenth shook her head and straightened, letting her form go back into the human visage keeping her horns, wings, tail and eyes stay. Reluctantly she let her scales fade in the most vulnerable parts of her, stomach and neck but kept the rest so she was not naked. “I am Kisenth Protector of the Weak; I have come to seek refuge while I gain back my strength.”

A middle aged man stepped forward from the others, he too like the Steward was dressed in nightwear but he had armour placed on over top. “You came from Mordor, what was your business there and why should we believe a word you say?”

“Do not speak to her that way.” Bilbo spluttered out, stepping from his hidden spot in Kisenth’s wings.

Kisenth jerked out to grab him. “Bilbo!”

“No Kisenth, I will not stand by while they disrespect you after everything you have done. It is unfair and unkind.” Bilbo huffed before spluttering as he found himself in her embrace, a blush creeping up his neck and cheeks.

“You have been spending too much time with Thorin.” She chuckled before facing the stunned Men before her

Her smile dropped as she stood taller once more and stared down the man who had questioned her. “Need I say again, I am Kisenth Protector of the Weak, Daughter of Yavanna and wife of Prince Fíli, son of Dís… heir apparent of Erebor.”

“Excuse my son Kisenth, he means no disrespect but we have been at war with the Orcs near the mountains. Many of our men slaughtered and towns lost due to them, the mountains beyond have been active for many months now and Ecthelion has seen much. Come my lady and we shall discuss inside what brought you here; I suspect it will be another tale to pass down generations.” Turgon offered before casting his son a stern look and dismissed his guards.

Kisenth and Bilbo felt the relief instantly, their shoulders drooping with it as they followed the Steward towards the keep. She took note of what had changed and what was the same, things had been added and some had been removed but her breath caught as she saw the armour that sat proudly in the inner chamber that led to the throne room.

It was her armour, both dragon and human. Though the dragon one was more for ceremonial events than battle it still was there before her. It was made by Durin himself long ago, on his second reawakening… it bore gold and Mithril, blended together perfectly. Four pieces was what made it, a chest plate, greaves, the helmet and the spikes that rested along her tail.


Her human armour was merely more decoration as well. It would be classed as a sarong on the other side but made of leather and metal, a Mithril dragon sat on her hip, its wings wrapping around to rest where her spine would be, rubies curled around its tail and at the wing joints as well as set in the leather. She could remember Darilth making it for her long ago and after many battles and years it still looked as if he had just made it.


Her pauldron was all leather spikes that set like scales; she could see that someone still oiled it to keep it soft and pliable. It was her sister Apophis who made it for her; she was glad that she kept them here instead of Moria or Erebor long ago… Kisenth didn’t know what she would have done if she lost them.


“They’re beautiful.” Bilbo whispered softly.

Kisenth tore her eyes away from her armour and down to the hobbit with a fond smile. “They were made long ago by my family. Apophis and Darilth made the pauldron and the dragon while Durin made the armour for my dragon form. I did not know if you would have kept them or stored them.”

Turgon smiled softly, turning his eyes upon the items. “They were stored for a long time, but well cared for. My father told me the stories of the Protectors and the last of them; I grew up on those tales. When I came of age it was I who looked after them, kept them cleaned and when he passed I moved them here. Passed the tales down to my son and grandson. I had always hoped to meet you but all knew you had disappeared.”

“I could not take all the wars, the constant death and passing of my friends. I gathered my magic and left, I had been back for several years in the forests hidden until Gandalf the Grey found me.” She explained, turning her attention to Turgon. “Smaug has been killed; Erebor is free once more to start trades and alliances again.”

“Yes, I know this. I am curious to know how you came back, I was informed that you had passed, I sent representatives… my son to show our respects and though I am not as suspicious of you like my son… I am curious as to know why you came from Mordor. You can see why we are suspicious.” He explained, leading them into the room off to the side that he used for meetings.

“The One Ring is destroyed.” Kisenth explained the second the door clicked shut behind them, her lips twitching as Turgon whipped his head up with wide eyes before calling for his son at the door to enter.

Ecthelion cast a look to the woman and child with her before rushing to his father’s side in worry. “What’s happened?”

Kisenth sighed exhausted, her hand rubbing at her eyes. “I just told your father that the One Ring has been destroyed.”

“Impossible! That cursed ring has been lost since Isildur’s death.” Ecthelion exclaimed in disbelief.

“And yet a hobbit found it in the Misty Mountains in the hands of another corrupted by the magic.” Kisenth explained, cringing as she heard Bilbo inhale sharply. “I apologise Bilbo, I did not mean to let that slip.”

“Gollum was a hobbit?” He asked breathlessly.

She pulled him close and let him curl into her embrace as grief marred his features. “Aye, he was a hobbit long ago. I suspect he carried the ring from the time of Isildur’s death. The power of the ring will keep its host alive until it reached its master. But a hobbit’s will is strong and it takes many years for it to bend and corrupt. Do not let this worry you so Bilbo, it is gone and the hobbit is at peace.”

Bilbo didn’t reply just buried deeper into Kisenth’s embrace and Thorin’s jacket, letting his scent calm him. He could mourn later, could give an offering to Yavanna when he was back at the mountain but for now he will take comfort in Kisenth’s arms.

“We cannot stay for long, just enough to recoup our strength. I did not inform my husband or the king that we left and they will know by now that we have.” Kisenth explained softly a little nauseous. “There are a few things I wish to collect, my armour for one before I fly back…”

Bilbo jerked back and out of Kisenth’s lap as he watched her face turn pale, her eyes turning glassy as her body spasmed slightly. “Kisenth?! What is it what’s wrong?”

When she did not respond he whirled around and demanded for a healer, “we need a healer, she has moments when she gets like this and the herbs that our healer give are not with her. It’s something to do with her magic settling from her rebirth.”

Turgon nodded and got up from his seat, ordering the soldiers at the door for them to fetch the healer while his Son went to the dragon shifter to help her over to the chaise lounge near the fire. He didn’t know what to expect when he helped her up but the warmth and the muscle he felt was not it. She radiated heat that was hotter than the flames in the hearth and his fingers didn’t give under her weight like they would with normal flesh.

He could smell fire and smoke cling to her, a hint of something masculine and spicy but when he breathed in again it was gone.

“I should not have shifted so soon.” Kisenth wheezed out, her facing turning green as she tried to keep the nausea at bay. “I have yet to settle the raw magic within and I shifted too soon.”

“The healer will be here soon Kisenth.” Bilbo murmured as he smoothed back her hair, careful not to touch the braids. He had learned from Thorin about the Dwarrow culture and it started with Braids, their meanings and how only kin or lovers could touch them. It’s still frowned upon that anyone outside of this touched a Dwarrow’s hair freely without consent because how sensitive it is but those that were able to was given trust from said Dwarrow or person. Trust that they wouldn’t rip it out, cut it or hurt them in some way.

Kisenth wheezed a laugh but groaned as her stomach rolled once more. “Fíli is going to be furious but this needed to be done, I was told to do so and I have. My mission is complete and now I no longer have to worry.”

“Tell me of your husband.” Ecthelion asked after a long moment of silence. He still didn’t trust the woman but he could believe her, she hadn’t attacked them and her story seemed to match up to what has happened and been told.

“My husband is a Dwarrow; he is stubborn and proud but kind and loving.” She explained softly. “He is young for their culture still, not yet a hundred years but is wise beyond them. He’s the heir to Erebor; he’s had to grow up so fast and has seen as much suffering in his short years as I have in my long life.”

Ecthelion’s brows rose with surprise. “A dwarf? I was always told they were greedy selfish creatures.”

“Oh they can be, but they love fiercely and with their entire being. That’s what makes them greedy, oh they love jewels and ores yes… but it’s always to enhance their One, to provide for them and connect to the voice of their creator. A sickness laid over the race for so long and now they can be free.” She explained a little harsher at first before softening her voice once more as she saw Bilbo’s wince and tense shoulders. “My Fíli watched me die… he still wakes most nights with my name on his lips thinking my rebirth was just a dream. It tears at my heart.”

Nothing was said after that, the three men unknowing in what to say to comfort her. It didn’t take long for the healer to arrive and when he did, he asked for the others to leave him so he could speak to her in peace. Surprisingly he did not double take or seem surprised by her appearance.

“I just need a tear of Chamomile, Meadowsweet and ginger.” She explained softly, her eyes flickering to the door and back knowing how sensitive Hobbit ears were and she knew that he would know the meaning behind the three herbs in an instant if he heard it.

The healers’ brows rose and understanding shone in his eyes, a smile pulling at his craggy features. “Lucky m’daughter makes sure I keep those with me at all times. I’ll brew them for you and then you must rest. I know your legend Lass and your appearance has been shared amongst the people so no shifting until that is drunk and you’ve rested. ”

It did not take long for the tea to steep and for her to drink, nor did it take long for the effects to take hold. She let her eyes drift shut as exhaustion washed over her once more and when she opened them again she was in the forest of Forks, her husband pacing angrily.

“I am sorry dii vahzah hil,” Was the first thing she said when she regained her bearings.

Fíli snapped his head around with fire in his eyes but his hands were soft as he gathered her in his arms. “Do not do this again Enth, my heart cannot bear it. I have watched you push yourself to exhaustion, held you for four days in that state, fall from the edges of the Misty Mountains, face Goblins and thought you lost. I have seen you lose your nature in the forest of Mirkwood, chained by the elves in shackles made by Orcs… You faced down Smaug and I watched you bleed upon the rocky shore of Long Lake… I have held you in your death and every day after that till you were entombed. My heart cannot take another loss; you cannot keep doing this to me… please stop making me stand by and watch you come back hurt.”

Tears pooled and spilled over as she listened to her True Heart break down, his voice hitching and breaking as he pleaded to her… She felt her heart clench and shatter, her own sobs rising and lodging in her own throat while she clutched him closer to her. Grief and guilt warred, shame upon the memories as she thought over what she had done.

It had always been her job since the fall of her kin to look after the other races, she knew the risks and gladly took them without thought of how the others would feel because that’s what she’s always done… because it was expected of her.

Two more pairs of arms joined the embrace, Thorin and Kíli’s scent mingling with the scent of the forest and her mates.

“I cannot promise that things will change now. But I promise to think first or to bring you with me,” She whispered softly but knew they could hear her. }}Dii lokaal, dii fron… Zu’u drey ni seik wah ahraan hi ful.{{ (My love, my kin… I did not mean to wound you so.)

“We know you didn’t Namad.” Kíli whispered back while still trying to wrap his head around where he was and how he got here when he was with his Uncle in the study.

Thorin was on the same mind, he and Kíli were in his study speaking with Balin, Dwalin and Nori while Fíli rested about what was happening and what exactly Kisenth had left to accomplish with Bilbo. He was in such a state as Fíli but not to the point of panic, he after all knew Bilbo would be safe and unharmed if something were to happen. He was more worried about his Niece than his One for she would take the pain instead. Dwalin and Balin would be in a state by now in worry for his sudden disappearance.

“Where are we?” He asked after a moment, letting his nephews and Kisenth to take comfort.

Kisenth pulled back slightly, watching as Kíli and Thorin stepped back and look around while Fíli kept close to her side once more. “This is Forks, the place I resided in when I left Arda. Fíli seems to like this spot and pulled you in or I did. You’re dreaming.”

“I pulled them in.” Fíli explained. “They too were worried, furious just as I but not by much. Where did you go?”

“Bilbo carried the One Ring. It is now destroyed.” She explained watching as Thorin paled and staggered back.

“His little trinket? The one he wore to save us, which we relied on to help us?” Thorin asked in horror. “He wore that evil?”

Kíli helped guide his uncle to a fallen log before facing his brother and sister. “How did he find it and how did you destroy it? Could you not melt it?”

Bella laughed ruefully. “Kíli the One Ring was forged in the fires of Mordor; it can only be unforged by it as well. Before you panic, Bilbo and I are safe in Minas Tirith but I am unsure when we can return.”

Something in her voice had Fíli stiffening and stepping back to look at his wife, taking in a proper look. She looked pale, frail almost with sunken eyes. “You’re sick again, have you called for their healers to see if they have the herbs you need?”

“Sick? What do you mean sick? You cannot get sick!” Kíli demanded while moving close to his sister. Thorin felt his brows rise and took a closer look at his niece, he could see subtle differences that he knew to look for and when his eyes met hers she nodded before casting a look down at Fíli quickly and shook her head.

Yes his suspicions were true and no Fíli did yet know.

“It’s just my magic settling Kíli, it has been fluctuating for a week or two now. It makes me tired and nauseous that is all. Yes I have called for the healer and he gave me the right herbs.” She answered hoping that her brothers’ spirit would not hint at what it may be. She had yet to tell Fíli and the only one to know properly was Óin as he was the one who examined her.

Kisenth did not know that she could be with child so quick but she could recall Yavanna’s hand resting upon her stomach and a promise she would know when time comes. She knew of course, she knew the cycle of life and what to expect. She knew that shifting would not harm the babe that grew within her womb as they could control the shifting organs when doing so and can remember Apophis shifting a plenty when pregnant.

She just wanted to make sure the babe will hold before telling Fíli.

“These bouts still seem to becoming more frequent and I am getting worried.” Her husband replied before she felt herself being jerked back into consciousness.

“We will discuss it when I return my love, for now I need to awaken. The quicker I wake and eat, gather all I need here the quicker Bilbo and I will be home.” She stated while pressing a kiss to her husband’s lips and turning her attention to Thorin. “You will need to gather clothes for Bilbo; I do believe he is only wearing your Tunic and Coat.

Oh she took great pleasure in seeing Thorin blush.

“One day and then I will be riding to Minas Tirth. I will send a raven to Beorn if I must to ask him to carry me or I will tell Glorfindel and get him to guide you home.” Fíli warned before pulling his wife into a kiss, tapping his forehead with hers.

Kíli nodded along with his brother. “I will join him.”


Kisenth stood in the chambers that once belonged to her a long time ago and sealed off with a door that only she could open and cast a look out over Mordor. After she had awoken to find Bilbo in a fuss, she had taken him and Ecthelion to these chambers to talk and for Bilbo to rest before they had to leave.

With Ecthelion came his young Son, Denethor. With Denethor came questions and stories until he was called away for tutoring.

“I thank you for the tales you told my Son, for humouring him as not many people do because of who he is.” Ecthelion thanked, he too cast a looked out over the open plains.

She couldn’t help but smile. “He may be a Steward one day but he is still a child that needs nurturing and stories, no matter the brave face he puts on. You must nurture him still, even when he is older he will always need you… do not forget that.”

“I admit I sometimes forget that he is still young, his mother had died when he was just a babe and his care was passed to a nursemaid when I had my duties… In a blink of an eye… that’s all it feels like. I blinked and now he’s grown.” Ecthelion whispered sadly, turning his eyes downwards in shame. “I try to make up for that loss but I fear he resents me.”

“He may now but do not give up hope, if you do then all chances you may have will be taken from you before you try. Now go be with your son, take him from his lessons and just spend the day with him, teach him sword work or sneak pastries from the kitchen… perhaps tell him stories of his mother. If you ever need advice then you can send me letters in Erebor, maybe you can bring him with you for a visit in time.” She advised softly letting her hand fall and rest on her stomach protectively, lovingly.

Ecthelion nodded and saying his goodbyes before making his way towards where his son would be. When the door clicked shut Bella moved to the small bathing chambers and pulled on the simple dress before adding her armour. She had missed the weight of the dragon at her hip and the pauldron on her shoulder.

“How long was I asleep?” Bilbo asked through a yawn as she stepped back into the room.

“Four hours, it’s nearly time to leave.” She whispered while rolling her shoulders and sighing as they cracked. “I just need to gather a few things.”


Kisenth laughed at Bilbo’s curiosity, his eyes tracking hers as she pulled a stone out from the mantle of her hearth. “There is a ring I had made long ago that I swore to give to my husband in time; I thought Fíli would wear it.”


The ring was made of gold, a dragon wrapped around the first fire opal she had made. She just hoped he would like it and that it would fit, though it’s not like it cannot be resized. Bilbo raised his brows as she held it down for him to see before turning back to the little hidden spot and pulling out what remained, a small blue fire opal dagger and…


“Oh…” She whispered holding the necklace up.

Bilbo tore his eyes away from the ring to stare up at Kisenth’s surprised face and the pendant. “What is it?”

Kisenth quickly snatched the necklace to her body and into the hidden pocket between the leather and the metal dragon of her armour. “Nothing of importance.”

It was a lie and they both knew it but she couldn’t let Bilbo get a proper glance at it, it was something Thorin would have to show him as it belonged to Durin’s wife. She didn’t know why she had it or kept it safe maybe because Durin’s wife was a hobbit lass and it belonged to Bilbo now? Who knows, she’ll let Thorin decide.


She just wished that she had her brothers and sisters rings but she knew that their keep was resting deep within Moria in a room hidden much like the chambers in Erebor.

“We better hurry, Fíli threatened to come or send for Glorfindel.” She rushed out while shoving all she needed into a bag and passing it to Bilbo. “I’m not shifting beyond my wings and it’ll take us a bit longer to get back so we should leave now.”

Bilbo nodded and handed back the ring while shouldering the knapsack and waited outside the door, watching with amazement as the door closed behind them and you would never know that there was a door there to begin with, it was stunning and he wondered how… magic of course, much like the door he found in Erebor.

The walk back to the white tree and the open skies was done in silence, but there was nothing really much to say and for that both of them were grateful for Bilbo was still weary around Isabella speaking and she herself didn’t really wish to talk as the memories of times passed played in her mind.

She remembered the building of Minas Tirith, of every king and its people. It hurt sometimes to think of it and she did what she did here like she did in Erebor, pushed the memories back to the deepest parts of her mind.

“I wish you could stay longer but I understand why you cannot.” Turgon stated now dressed in fine clothes and fur Ecthelion and Denethor at his side.

A day would come when Estel would be old enough to take the throne and soon Gondor would have its rightful king. It was a day she could not wait to see.

With a bow of her head she flung out her wings. “If you should need of me I will be in Erebor, you may hear from the King Under the Mountain soon for trade routes and alliances. Remember what I said Ecthelion. Until next we meet my lords.”

“Until next we meet Kisenth Protector of the Weak.”


Bella was right, it took longer to get back than it did to reach Mordor, the sun had set and it was on the rise once more when the gates of Erebor came into view. She was tired and her wings ached, Bilbo had fallen asleep some time pass in her arms and they too grew weary. It had been such a long time since she had flown that great of a distance in this current form.

A horn sounded behind the great doors and it was then really that she saw the damage done and repaired from her bursting from them. Repaired but forever changed and altered, thankfully she didn’t destroy the doors and the gate completely.

She waited before the bridge, there was no point walking further until Fíli came to greet her for she knew that if she went to their rooms now or got delayed by the Dwarrow’s under the mountain then Fíli would become frantic in his need to find her.

“Bilbo wake up.” She whispered, huffing a laugh as he nearly toppled from her arms in confusion. “We are home.”

Bilbo rubbed the palm of his hand across his eyes and yawned, stretching to ease the ache of being curled up and carried like a faunt for hours before blinking up at the front gate. “Why have we not gone inside?”

“Because they alerted the king already, Fíli will come to me and I’d rather he not become worried when he does not find me here. Thorin will be with him, it’s easier on all.” She explained and Bilbo couldn’t help but to agree with her sound reasoning.

True to her word Fíli was first out of the gate, followed by Kíli and Thorin and the rest of the company, all in various states of dress. Fíli pulled his wife into his embrace and murmured his love and greeting in her ear.

“What took you so long?” Kíli asked with a yawn earning a smack in the head from his mother.

“I could not shift; I did not wish to destroy my armour.” Kisenth explained with a laugh.

Thorin raised his brows and smiled gesturing for her to lean down so he could greet her properly, his forehead brushing against hers before stepping back and pulling his One into his own embrace. “I have clothes here for you Ghivashel.”

“Ah-ah-oh… thank you.” Bilbo stammered out, his cheeks aflame as he realised that he was still in his chosen nightwear.

Óin pushed through and stared up into the shifters eyes. “Fíli said you felt sick again, did you get the herbs you needed? Yes? Good, now we better get inside so she can rest!”

The rest of the company greeted her, promised that they would come and see her later in the day or at breakfast. Nori warning to keep an eye on her at all times and Dwalin threatened to lock her up. It earned them grumbling from Fíli but laughter from her, easing the tension in the air.

“There is something I must tell you. It is to do with why I have been sick.” She whispered down to Fíli once they reached the chambers, Kíli on the floor in front of the hearth, Dís on the lounge and Thorin and Bilbo in their own chairs.

Fíli cast a look up into his wife’s face, seeing nothing but worry but something soft seemed to shine in her eyes. “Is it bad? Should I worry? Did the healer there know what caused it, how long will it last?”

She couldn’t help but smile at her husband’s frantic worry and pulled his hands to press against her stomach softly. She ignored the sharp inhales from the three people in the room as she watched her husband’s face slowly transform into one of understanding and awe.

His eyes snapped to hers and her heart skipped a beat with the love that shone from them. “Are you? Am I?”

“My love, I am with child, you’re going to be a father.” She whispered softly, a smile tugging at her lips.

She was not expecting him to faint… but Thorin was.

Author Note: okay… holy shit… haha 5,400 words. One chapter left guys, that’s it… So I thought I’d go out with something soft.




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