Chapter Three – Bounty on Your Head

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom. }}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentances. ))…(( anything between them is the black speech.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Third POV

Bella laughed as she leant back against the wall as the Company insulted one another while they drank drink after drink of mead. Even Gandalf was finding it amusing as he sat in the corner and puffed at his pipe; of course Master Baggins was greeting a cousin and sharing a meal with them before they left.

Though she was enjoying the company slightly she still felt overwhelmed. Ever since returning from the other realm, actually, ever since her kin had died and the wars ended she could not deal with people well. It wasn’t anxiety perse but it was a close agitation, her senses got loud and bright to her already heightened abilities.

On top of this she could feel Fíli’s eyes upon her for periods of time when his brother wasn’t distracting him or someone else. She didn’t know why all of a sudden he was staring intently at her, much with a scowl as to only the other night he was joking with her. What on earth had she done since then and to the point she arrived in the tavern to anger him so?

“Ah Miss Isabella, here you go, your usual.” Bella smiled up at Bertran as she took the large plate of rare meat from him while the two cooks placed the food for the Dwarrow’s down.

“Thank you Bertran, I’m sorry for the short notice.” She explained causing the keeper to snort.

“There’s no need Miss, Valerie sent Audouin when you left to inform me. It truly is no problem at all, the least I could do since you helped with bringing in game so we could support ourselves more.” Bertran explained honestly as he stared at the kind woman before him. He like the others were always nervous around her, something screaming she was dangerous but she has been nothing but kind to his small family and others.

“Ah yes, your wife is a wonderful woman. Thank you again Betran, this is for you in kind for the food and what not. It’ll also cover the Dwarves and the Hobbit’s drinks for tonight.” She explained before pulling out a small leather pouch and handed it to him.

“I know better than to argue with you Miss. I’ll leave you to it, I’ll let the hobbits know their drink for the night is paid for, valar help us.” He chuckled before making his way over to the hobbits company.

The Dwarrow’s stared at her in stunned silence watching as she began to eat her food as if nothing had just happened; Gandalf simply smirked at what he had just witnessed, though Yavanna’s daughter she may be, Kisenth was still a dragon.

Bella’s ears twitched as she looked up from her food and stared directly at Gandalf. “Not a word Olórin, meddling lahzey. (mage)”

It was then that she caught the untouched food and staring eyes of the Dwarrow, this caused her to straighten up and frown at them all as she placed her food back down on the table. “What?”

“They are merely stunned; you bought them dinner and paid for everything else without asking for a thing in return.” Gandalf explained to his old friend causing her to raise her brows and look down at her hand. He could see the wheels turning in her head as she thought over everything before unconsciously glancing at Fíli. It was then he knew that the trip would be far more entertaining than he hoped but he was pleased as well. Kisenth deserved happiness.

“Well okay… eat. It was nothing.” She stated slowly before laughing as the hobbits began to break out in song, a quick glance over her shoulder she could see Master Baggins just sipping at his drink and shaking his head fondly at his friends and kin.

The Dwarrow just shook their heads and began to eat, still unsure as to why the Lass had bought them food. It was uncustomed for people to show them kindness in any form of way and so far they have ignored her and angered her, treated her suspiciously but here she was buying them food and ale.

Bella’s ears twitched causing her head to shoot up, nose flaring. She couldn’t smell anything beyond the people, ale and food in the tavern but she could hear the wheezing growls of Orc’s and Wargs heading towards Bree.

“Olórin.” She growled low standing, all eyes snapping to her in shock at her sudden movement. “I need to go, I’ll be back soon. Dein niin tahriik. (keep them safe)

The Company watched as she fled the tavern, a mighty scowl upon her face and eyes flashing with fire. Fíli stood to follow her, pausing when Gandalf shook his head.

“It would not be wise; Isabella has caught the sound of something that must be taken care of. She will be well and back when her business is done.” He hummed before eyeing the company once again, his knowing eyes pausing on Fíli. “I suggest you all go and get some rest.”

Kíli stood, pulling his brother with him and dragged him to the room, Thorin following soon after. They both wanted to know why Fíli had been acting odd since they met the strange woman and now was the time to get some answers.

“What?” Fíli asked as he was pushed into the room by his brother, Thorin closing the door behind them.

Kíli frowned. “Fee, what’s gotten into you?”

“What do you mean? Nothing has!” Fíli replied, his smile dropping.

This time it was Thorin who stepped forward, grasping his nephews shoulder. “You’ve not stopped looking at Lady Isabella, you grew jealous when she left with the Ri brothers and you have followed her. We just want to know if you are alright.”

Fíli’s shoulders sagged, his head bowing at the words. “She is my One.” He whispered.

Thorin raised his brows in shock and surprise while Kíli tackled his brother in joy even though his own heart was clenching with pain that he may now loose him. “That is a good thing brother!”

“Is it? She isn’t a Dwarf, she’s a shapeshifter and what if she doesn’t want me?” He asked his eyes glassy as he lifted his head up from Kíli’s shoulder to look at his uncle.

“I do not know what to tell you Fíli for I have not found my One. I can only tell you to keep trying, I have noticed that Lady Isabella has taken a liking to you but whether that be friendship or more I do not know but I will not stop you from now on.” Thorin sighed out, shaking his head. “Dis will skin me alive if you were hurt, but this is something you must learn to do by yourself. Get some rest boys, we leave early in the morning.”

Kíli and Fíli watched Thorin leave the room silently, Fíli deep in thought and Kíli clutching his brother tightly. “Fee, you’re not going to leave me right?”

“No Kee, I won’t.” Fíli replied reassuringly, he just hoped that his One would understand that with him came Kíli.


I promise Nadadith.”


Bella didn’t hesitate to leave Bree, heading for the direction of the Warg Pack. She didn’t know why the urge to destroy them was strong but her instincts screamed at her to kill them all. So here she stood far away from Bree, standing in the field with the moonlight glinting off her blades.

She waited until they reached the forests edge, her eyes glowing and teeth gleaming, laughter spilling from her lips as the warg’s came to a sudden stop and whimpered.

))Tell me why you are heading to Bree.(( She hissed in the black speech, watching as the Orc’s shared a look. ))Pillaging or a bounty?((

))What are you? You’re not Elf, Man or Dwarf.(( One of the riders snarled.

She snapped her teeth at him before looking back to the leader. ))Tell me what is your purpose in these lands and I won’t kill you if it’s worth it.(( She lied.

))My Master wants Oakenshield’s head and all that run in that filthy bloodline. He took two now he wants the rest.(( The leader informed, ragged lips pulling back in a decaying smile.

))And who is your master?(( She asked, lowering her swords ever so slowly to show that she was no threat, no matter how much the warg’s refused to budge.

))Azog.(( The leader chuckled out, licking his lips as the others laughed. She had no idea why they were laughing but she knew why she was laughing.

))Well then, that proves he is alive still. Thank you, but I am taking back my promise. You see, Thorin Oakenshield and Co are under my protection.(( She chuckled darkly before raising her wings up high with her swords and roaring.

))What are you!?(( The leader snarled furiously now.

A wide toothy grin stretched across her face, revealing her jagged teeth. ))Death.((

Screams and snarls pierced the air as Bella attacked, using her blades, wings and teeth to rip apart the orc filth and wargs, making sure to keep one alive to report back to its master. Though she didn’t care that she was covered from head to toe in blood or the fact that she had ruined another dress no, she didn’t care for that trivial stuff.

All she cared about was that there was seven less orcs after her – the prince.

When the last warg dropped and the fleeting cry of the orc was carried away by the wind she turned back to the one she had pinned to the tree with her blade and grinned at its cowering form.

))Tell your master that Death is waiting for him if he tries to take them. I will not allow the line of Durin to be culled, I will take his head before he takes what is mine.(( She snarled, snapping her blackened teeth at the filths face before yanking her sword out of the body and bark.

She watched as the orc filth scrambled to run away, heading east and towards Weathertop. With a grunt Kisenth curled up her wings once more before making her way back to Bree, she needed to sleep and to get clean.

“Lady Isabella?” Nori choked out as he saw the woman walk among the shadows. In fact if he wasn’t hidden where he was right now, he wouldn’t have caught her at all.

“Master Nori and what may I ask are you doing?” She asked, sighing at the fact she had been seen and amused at the startled look upon the Dwarrow’s face as he climbed out of a window.

“Getting something for Ori, an ink he saw today. What… is that orc blood?” He stammered out shocked, truly shocked as he saw the inky blood upon her exposed skin and dripping from the strands of her hair… there were even chunks in her hair!

Now, Bella knew she had two options, tell the truth or lie. Her mind screamed lie but her instincts said truth. “I culled an orc pack; I need to report to Thorin but I cannot be seen by others like this.”

Nori nodded understandable. “Ori, Dori and I are sharing with the Ur family; the window is the second one up from the side door. Go in there and wait, I’ll gather the others.”

A relieved sigh escaped her lips and Nori watched as she rushed across to the Inn and with some outstanding manoeuvres managed to get into the window. He would have to hurry now for he knew that Dori and Ori along with Bifur and Bombur had returned to the room. Thankfully he didn’t have to go far as Dwalin had caught him by the coat collar as he rushed towards the door.

“Where have you been thief?” The tattooed dwarf demanded.

“Look, now is not the time. Lady Isabella needs to see all of us in mine and the others rooms, immediately.” He grunted out as the guard shoved him in the door to where the others were.

“Dwalin?” Balin asked eyeing the two of them.

“We need to get to my room…” A horrified scream filled the air causing Nori to groan and for the others to rush upstairs. He quickly followed and shoved passed the frozen Dwarrow in the hallway to see Lady Isabella casually sitting on the only wooden chair in the room looking apologetically at Dori.

“What happened?” He asked her.

“Well I came in through the window and…” she gestured to the light and then to his brother. “… I did not think I was this bad. I apologise Master Dori for frightening you.”

Everyone blinked and shuffled in the room when Gandalf stepped out of his room and ushered them in quickly as he saw Kisenth. Everyone but Bilbo who was dead asleep in his room managed to find space in the small room to stand and give the lady her space.

“What happened?” Thorin demanded, eyeing the woman before him. Her clothes were ripped and she was saturated in Orc blood and flesh in a way that made him think she bathed in it.

Kisenth blinked and stood, staring down the king with all seriousness. To the others her pose screamed warrior, to Fíli even covered in blood she was stunning. “I heard the sounds of wargs and orcs upon my hearing range heading this way; I went to… intercept them. I played nice and got information you will… not be pleased to hear.”

Gandalf frowned and moved forward, grasping his friends shoulder. “What was it my old friend?”

Bella cast a look up at Olórin before looking at the Durin princes before finally facing Thorin once more. “The orc pack came for yours and your nephew’s heads. There is a bounty upon the line of Durin and all intend to collect.”

Thorin frowned and glanced at his nephews. “I already knew I had one on my head but we knew not who it was, are you telling me they want my nephews as well?”

“No, all Dwarrow of Durin’s line.” She explained blandly, her eyes glinting with rage.

Fíli stepped forwards then, a worried frown upon his face. “Do you know who?”

“Yes.” She sighed out, shoulders slumping once more and returned to her seat near the fire. “They told me it was Azog.”

The reaction was loud and instantaneous. “HE IS DEAD! He died of his wounds long ago!”

“Believe me, believe me not, either way you have a bounty upon your head. It is what they told me.” She sighed before looking into the flickering flames. The colours soothed her as she watched the blues, oranges and reds dance.

“Thorin, she is right. We may need to leave before sun’s light if we wish to get a head of them, they could come back.” Balin whispered to his old friend and king.

“Master Balin is indeed correct, there will be more. I killed seven but there will be more.” Bella hummed tiredly.

Dori finally snapped out of his shock and gasped horrified once more. “Oh dear look at you, you are covered in blood and your clothes are torn. You need to be cleaned up right away, oh look at your hair!”

“Y-you have chunks of flesh in your hair Lass.” Glóin spluttered out as he finally took in every last detail of the woman before him.

“Well when one rips apart orcs and wargs it tends to happen.” She replied snorting, completely ignoring the fact that Dori was hovering around her and plucking out the chunks with little whines. She knew all too well what Dwarrow were like with their hair.

“Someone go get a basin and water, Kíli can you go and grab Isa’s bag from her room and our combs from our room. Nori, we need towels and more clothes for her can… Dwalin, Glóin stand guard, Bombur can you go and get her something to eat? Everyone, out!” Fíli ordered out, the only one moving on command was Nori who was more than glad to steal something like this for the Lady.

Thorin and Balin were amused. “If I didn’t know any better I would think he was trying to usurp me of my throne before I reclaim it.” He chuckled to Balin. “Go on, you heard him!”

At Thorin’s loud command they all jumped to do what Fíli asked for, causing Bella and Gandalf to chuckle. Everyone bar Dori left who was still mothering over Bella and Ori who decided to help him get the chunks of flesh from her hair.

“What got up the lad’s jacksie?” Dwalin rumbled out as he stood guard outside the room with Glóin on the other side.

Thorin turned to look at them before glancing in the room and closing the door, replying to his friend in Iglishmêk for he knew Fíli wanted to tell her himself. ‘She is Fíli’s One.’

All three raised their brows in wonder. “Really? No wonder the Lad’s been all scowling at the Ri brothers.” Glóin chuckled amused but he understood all too well. He had been very possessive when he found is One Bruni, especially when she paid more attention to other male Dwarrow’s.

Isabella stared at the blonde prince in wonder and amusement as he ordered around the Dwarrow, kicking his uncle out of the room. “Breathe Dii Kulaan, all is well.”

“Are you hurt Lass?” Óin asked as he stepped back in the room with a water basin.

“No.” She replied simply with a shake of her head. Both Fíli and Óin caught the frowns Dori and Ori shared as they stood at her back, moving her hair over to one side and seeing the two large rips down her spine. Bella stiffened as she felt one of them trail a finger down her imprinted wings.

“What are these markings?” Dori asked before jerking his hand back as she stood.

“Tribe markings. I can clean up and change on my own, I will let you do my hair when I am done.” She stated, directing the last of her sentence to Fíli.

“Very well Isa, what about your clothes?” He asked, “Dori and Ori can try to mend them f you want?”

Both of the Ri brothers nodded vigorously at that.

“No, just burn them; I will have to get more tomorrow before we leave.” She hummed her reply, her voice tired as she picked at the half dried bloody clothes.

“Oh no, ye don’t need to worry ’bout that, I got all you’ll need clothes included.” Nori replied happily as he walked inside with a few towels and a few new clothes on top, an assortment of dresses and leathers. Dori shot his brother a scowl but said nothing for even though they were stolen Lady Isabella did need new clothes. She had been through two dresses already and he didn’t know if she had brought more or not.

“I would ask you how you know my size but I can see that your family are tailors and dressmakers, plus I know your skill sets Master Nori.” Isabella chuckled as she grasped the basin from Óin and the clothes before walking into the washroom off to the side.

There was no chance for her to just burn away the blood this time for she knew they would find it suspicious if the water was still clean and she was clean as well. With a deep sigh Bella got to work to clean the blood from her body, stripping off the dress and letting it crumple to the floor.

“Ew.” She grunted as she lifted her wings up and saw the chunks and blood in the cracks and crevices of the folds.

Thirty minutes later Bella was finally done, her hair rinsed and up in the towel while she pulled the very finely made dress over her body. She would have to thank Nori; it was easy to move in and very practical, something of an everyday dress with enough give for her height shifts.

“Sorry to keep you all up.” She apologised as she stepped out and saw that everyone was once again back in the room. “You should go rest; I’ll go back to my own room.”

“No, you did us a kind gesture this is the least we can do.” Balin replied from his spot by the door.

Fíli stepped forward, his eyes pinned on Isa with awe. She was radiant, her skin glowing in its usual way and even her hair shone with light strands of gold he could have sworn were not there before. “May I?” he asked, holding up the combs.

Everyone waited in baited breath for her answer; Gandalf just smiled as Kisenth simply placed herself at his feet and shook her hair out. She looked over at the fire and hummed, her eyes flickering up to Olórin. }}They need to sleep, we must leave early.{{

}}I know, but they will not leave.{{ Gandalf replied, both of them ignoring the looks from the others.

“You all need to sleep, sleep… sleep.” She breathed out, her voice rumbling and soothing at the same time, each word she spoke after that made them drowsy and soon enough one by one began to give into the exhaustion.

Author Note: Well there you go! *Chuckles*



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