Chapter Twenty-Eight – Burning Flames

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the Elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: *hums*

Third POV

Bella fell to the ground in a grunt, it didn’t hurt so she knew she was dreaming being pulled from one dream to another was not new but it hadn’t happened since her brother was killed. Her eyes snapped open as she felt the wet dirt and leaves below her palm and breathed in the fresh scent of rain, nature and a near nauseating mix of Shifter and Vampire.

“What…” She breathed out, her head snapping up to take in the view of the forest in Forks. In fact it was the very same spot that Edward decided to break her, it was the spot she had destroyed in her rage.

She pushed herself to her feet and frowned, her eyes scanning the area before landing on the familiar figure of her mate sitting against one of the fallen trees, his eyes closed and head tilted up to the dark sky. He wouldn’t feel the rain that trickled down thanks to the trees he sat under but he would feel the cold, the numbness that radiated through her followed by the rage.

But then again, from the looks of the view it was one of the times she had come to the forest simply to relax, trying to connect to Yavanna in some way as she felt homesick. Ironically it was Forks that gave her the feeling of Home; though there were other places around that made her feel that and then there were some places she dared not to venture into again. Aokigahara for example, even being what she was, she didn’t want to go back.

“Fíli?” She called and waited, watching as her mates eyes snapped open in shock and jerk his head towards her. “What are you doing?”

Fíli stared at the apparition before him with a confused frown before his eyes scanned the area. He had dreamed of this place before, had dreamed of seeing the monster his wife had destroyed after he broke her. It was this one that he enjoyed the most, resting in the woods with no worry of danger; he had figured that the peace was his Wife’s emotions after the first time.

But this was different; she had never spoken to him before.

Isa’s lips quirked up at the confusion before dropping into a grimace, he still thought her dead. “I am not a dream my prince, you pulled me into my memory.”

“I don’t… I don’t understand.” He stated, looking back at his wife as she held out her hand for him to take. He took it instantly, her warmth chasing away the chill that seemed to always linger in this place and followed her as she began to lead him down a natural path.

“When I gave you my heart Fíli, I gave you all that comes with it. For my kind, we both remember here.” She touched his head softly, her fingers running through his hair softly as she dropped her hand down to his chest. “And here. It was something I had forgotten, sometimes you get all and sometimes you get some. When you are bound to someone, be it a heart or a bond like mine and Darilth, you can pull them into the memory-dream.”

“I pulled you here?” Fíli asked after a few moments of silence, his brows pulled down in thought.

Isa came to a complete stop, her hands firmly placed on her mates face to tilt his eyes to hers. “Fíli, I am alive. I am not dead, I am here and I will always be here now.”

“Good.” He choked out, his eyes closing and leaning into his Wife’s hands. “What is this place?”

“This is called Forks, it is a town in the realm that I stayed in. This was my home for many years, would you like me to show you?” She asked, letting her hands drop from his face and grasping his own. When her mate nodded she smiled and suddenly the scene changed to her front yard, a little chuckle escaping her lips as he wobbled from the sudden change.

“This is your home?” Fíli asked in awe as he took in the strange and yet familiar home before him. It was unlike any he had ever seen in his travels, it seemed more, a house of a noble.

Kisenth laughed and smiled warmly at him. “Yes my love, it was a modest home that belonged to old friends. Come; let me show you the ocean.”

In a blink of an eye Fíli found himself standing upon a high cliff, the sound of laughter and roaring water reached his ears. The sun was warm and the scent of salt protruded the air. He watched as a man jumped off the cliff, his body jerking forward only to stop when Isa held him back.

“He is not harmed Fíli, the water below is safe and Ephraim has done it many times. It is called cliff diving, sort of like jumping into a river from a high ledge but more.” She explained, smiling fondly at her old friends. “Even if they were, they will heal. They are shapeshifters, skin-changers really like Beorn and heal quickly.”

“That is… amazing and fun.” He breathed out causing her to laugh.

“Then I shall take you to the ocean and you can try it.” She offered before casting a fond look towards her friends. She missed them dearly as well as the new pack, would Sam and Emily have a child by now? Has Paul found his mate? Is Leah happy?

All these questions and no ability to learn their answers, she could and would not go back, not now and not ever. Her own mate would not be happy there, the cultural differences, the cruelty of some and the loss of mountains and forests, pollution and decay.

No, she would not let him feel the earth scream at him and cry out, it would be torture.

The sun began to set and it was then that Fíli tore his eyes away from the view before him and to his wife. “It’s time to wake up isn’t it?”

“It is dii vahzah hil. We have things that must be done; I must destroy the Arkenstone and will need to eat.” Bella replied with a small smile. “There is a story to tell and people to inform. We can come back here in our dreams tomorrow.”


Dís paced back and forth in the royal dining hall, her eyes flickering to the door and back for the sign of her son and his wife. Morning was almost over and soon lunch will be here, yet there was no sign of Fíli.

“Dís, you need to stop worrying, they will wake when they wake. You should be glad that Fíli is sleeping at all, he has not had a good night’s rest for days now.” Thorin stated as he walked through the door to see his sister just as she was when he left to oversee the mountain.

“They should have been awoken by now, why did you not allow Kíli to wake them?” She asked roughly, coming to a stop and levelling a glare at her brother. She was worried, so very worried.

Kíli snorted from his seat, hands busy with the jewellery set before him. “I wasn’t going to anyway amad. I have seen what happens when you wake Namad up and I don’t want to be on the sharp end of her blade.”

Dís frowned at her youngest before storming out the room and towards Fíli’s chambers. Thorin and Kíli shared a look before racing after her, dragging Dwalin and Ori with them as they rounded the corner.

“Dís, Dís STOP!” Thorin yelled before cursing as his sister threw the door open with a loud bang.

Kisenth’s eyes snapped open at the noise, her body moving and snatching the blade that rested at her Husband’s leg and snarled. Vibrant red, gold and purple eyes shone as she stared down at the threat to her True Heart.

A sharp inhale was heard from Fíli as his eyes snapped open to see his wife above him; her hair cascaded down hiding him from view of whatever startled her, a deep rumble escaping from her chest.

Uslukhuê kurdu?” He asked, flinching slightly as his wife flinched at the noise.

Thorin and Kíli slowly entered the room, all weapons gone and hands raised. Dís stood frozen, fixated on the scene before her, the eyes and pointed teeth. “Dís you need to slowly walk from the room, keep your eyes lowered.”

Fíli shifted his head back slightly and peaked through the gaps of hair to see his mother frozen with wide eyes, his uncle and brother behind each shoulder with their eyes down and hands on her arms to pull her back.

}}She is a threat!{{ Bella snarled causing all three who understand to flinch.

}}No my love, she did not know… she is my mother, she won’t hurt us.{{ Fíli tried to sooth, his hands raising to rest upon his wife’s side and leg. Kisenth blinked and shook her head, arm lowering slightly but still pointed at the Dam who came barging into their chamber.

A wide smile greeted her as she tilted her head down. “There you are, we’re safe and I’m safe. Take her out, we’ll be there soon.”

Thorin and Kíli nodded and abruptly yanked back Dís and pushed her into Dwalin’s and Ori’s awaiting arms before shutting the door. They didn’t even hesitate to stop until they were back in the dining area where the rest of the company awaited.

Nori looked up and took in the slightly pale king and prince, then to his brother and Dwalin before settling his eyes upon the shaken princess and smirked. “Didn’t listen did ya?” He asked with a chuckle, drawing the rest of the Companies — minus Bilbo, Óin and Bombur — attention.

The huff from Thorin and snort from Kíli and Dwalin answered his question.

“And where are the lovely couple? Getting reacquainted I hope.” He continued with a waggle of his brows before cursing as Dori smacked him up the back of his head followed by Fráli, Glóin’s wife.

“Nori, don’t be so crass.” Dori hissed as he returned to Nori’s side.

The thief held up his hands in surrender before looking at the princess. “Did you see what the king meant when he told you to see how she reacted?”

Dís blinked before nodding, never uttering a word as she sipped at the tea that someone handed her. She did indeed see, she saw how fast the dragon moved to protect her son, how she snarled and hissed with a blade held up in warning but did not move one inch away from Fíli.

The woman loved her son fiercely.

“No, reacquainting is for later.” The words took everyone off guard, not only because it was sudden but because they had not heard Fíli joke since before Laketown.

Everyone stood as they took in the couple, Fíli looked more like himself but they could see that he was holding up Isabella. Nori moved from his seat and gestured for her to sit, receiving a thankful smile from both of them as she basically collapsed in the chair.

“I’ve asked for some meat to be brought up.” Thorin supplied as he saw her eyes roam over every dish on the table.

Kisenth felt her shoulder relaxed. “Thank you; it’s been a while since I have eaten it. The goblins were filling but not…”

The silence in the room was near deafening, causing Kisenth to open her eyes and take in the shock and horror filled faces before her. It was then that her words caught up to her and she couldn’t help but blush furiously.

“You… you ate?” Ori stammered out horrified while Thorin turned green.

“When you made that quip on the Carrock I did not know you meant it.” The king gasped out, clenching his eyes shut as the bile in his throat at the memory churned dangerously in his stomach.

Kisenth shrugged. “It wouldn’t be the first time. You saw how big my form is Thorin, the more I shift the more I need to eat and the bigger the shift, the more the hunger really. It was the first time since… since… well I decided rotting flesh would be better than anyone else.”

“Well at least now no one will have to worry about crossing the Misty Mountains beyond the giants.” Dwalin rumbled while gathering food, earning a thankful smile from Fíli.

It didn’t take long for the servants to bring in the plates of meat, the only thing the tree-shaggers were good for. They had given the kingdom meats and other food for jewels, Thorin had cursed them but now he was thankful for it.

Everyone watched as Isabella ate, brows raised and their food untouched as she ate with the swiftness of their resident hobbit. But a quick look from both Nori and Fíli everyone began to eat and chatter while their dragon-shifter regained her strength.

Kisenth looked up once the food was gone, her hunger ebbed enough where she wasn’t starving but would need to eat again soon. But thankfully she knew that the food she would need would be anything really since she had her feed of raw meat. Her attention turned to the king and frowned, she knew how important the Arkenstone was to the Dwarrow, how that he needed the stone to regain his ‘right’ to rule or for the others to recognise him as king.

It was foolish really, she had known the Durin line kings all the way to Thrór and before Thrór they needed not a stone to show proof that they were chosen to be king, a sign of their right to rule.

“I will destroy the Arkenstone today and scatter the ashes in the deepest of mines.” She stated bringing all conversations to a sudden stop and all eyes locked onto her in shock. “If you need a gem as proof of your right to rule, I will give you one more precious than the cursed stone.”

“What stone can you give to replace an heirloom of our house?” Dís asked harshly, causing the dragon’s eyes to shift to her.

Kisenth growled low in her throat in annoyance. “I can make a Fire Opal, one that has not been seen since it was lost to sea. One made from Dragons Breath that holds smoke and blue fire, I will make you two if I must one for your crown and one for your throne.”

“How is the Arkenstone cursed?” Balin asked softly, interested.

“Really?” Kisenth asked incredulous. “You are Dwarrow that stone is close to something of the Silmarils but it has been under a dragons belly for many years and soaking the taint. You sense stone, many sense the sickness but do not understand… the stone is sick, it will make you sick.”

Thorin nodded and removed the stone from his inner pocket causing the others to look at him shocked. “I had a feeling, Thrór grew worse when grandmother passed away but it grew rapidly when he found the stone. Here, take it.”

Fíli jerked forward as his wife shot up and then promptly began to topple over. Kíli frowned as he grasped the stone and handed it to his sister. With a nod Kisenth stood once more, her hand clenched tight around the stone enough for it to crack. Fíli and Nori helped her to move away from the chair and towards the door that Kíli now held open.

“There is the mine in the south east quadrant that no one will be able to go into. It’s not the deepest mine, but it’ll never be safe enough for anyone to venture, we inspected it last week and the mine is full of spores. Lucky for us it was marked as an empty diamond mine.” Bofur explained as he began to take over the lead.

Everyone they passed in the halls stopped and stared with a bow, but no one uttered a word or even dared approach the entourage, only lowering their eyes when the King and his Guard narrowed their eyes at them for their open staring towards Isabella.

Kisenth took in the restoration of Erebor as she followed Bofur towards the mine, they had come far but it won’t be as it used to be. She could see the slight variations between the new and old stone even though they tried to match the colourings. It was all turning out well, soon they will have it complete and it will be a liveable safe mountain once more.

It took little time to reach the mine that Bofur suggested and Kisenth had a flashback to the time that it was discovered. She was here… she had been given the first gem after the king that was found it was no bigger than the nail on her pinkie but it was flawless.

“Here you go.” Bofur exclaimed, jerking her from her thoughts.

“Thank you Bofur, I need you all to stand back.” She informed, shooting her husband a look when he didn’t budge. “I am serious, you need to move back. The flames I use to melt the gem and burn it will burn you.”

“Be careful then.” Fíli whispered, his eyes slipping shut in exhaustion before snapping open as Kíli moved him to where everyone was waiting, his eyes never leaving his wife’s.

Everyone watched as Isabella seemed to shift before them, they could not see her face but they saw her height change once more. A deep rumble filled the cavern before bright brilliant light and heat followed, it felt like they were standing next to the great forges.

A loud crack filled the air before Kisenth slumped. Fíli rushed forward to help before jerking to a stop as his wife held up her hand to halt.

“I’m too hot to touch.” She whispered softly before opening her hand and letting the ashes drift down into the cavern. Her body relaxed as she felt the taint disappear, she had two things left to do… and both involved speaking to Bilbo who she had not yet seen.

But that could wait for now, now she had other things to do, mainly spending time with her Fíli.

Author Note: So sorry for the long delay…




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