Chapter Twenty-Four – Do Not Go…

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the Elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: *builds barricade*

Third POV

The roar the echoed across the battlefield stilled every Man, Elf, Dwarrow and Orc. The pause in battle was decided by fear and horror of all side as each set of eyes snapped to the entrance of Erebor.

Loud booming sounds followed soon after the roar, and in a mere moment a large violet Dragon smashed through the door puffing smoke from its mouth with every snarl and rumble. Men, Elf and Dwarrow began to scramble out of the way of the Dragons furious stare before crying out as one when it burst forth.

Snapping teeth and burning flame joined the brutality of claws and tail. This, this was the wrath of a dragon, it was not desolating the land like Smaug had done but it was killing the Orcs in its wake and moving forth from the mountain. It was vicious, a spiral of death and fury.

“KISENTH!” Gandalf’s voice boomed across the field causing some of the eldest of Elves – including Thranduil – to double take the raging form.

But Kisenth didn’t dare acknowledge the wizard as she tore through the field of Orcs, even in her haze she didn’t harm her now Kin and friends as she searched for her Mate. She felt his pain, his fear and had felt the very second the blade pierced his flesh and the slowing of his heart echo in her ears. He was dying and she needed to find him, she would not, could not lose him.

Another roar escaped her lips as she scanned the land and battlefield before stretching out her wings and pushed up with such force that the downforce of her wings caused several to either fall to the ground or stumble over as she took to the air.

}}ZUN HAAL VIIK{{ To everyone’s astonishment – but of those who fought with Kisenth before in the Last Alliance – watched as the Orc’s weapons were suddenly ripped violently to the ground at the sound that left the dragon’s mouth in the air.

}}MID VUR SHAAN.{{ The voice echoed a second after the first across the field and the warriors of the free race found that their spirits for battle seem to rise as their weapons seemed to thrum with energy and strength that they could not explain.

The sound of a hurricane tore across the field followed by the heat of flame against the fleeing Orc’s as Kisenth finally caught sight of her beloved as she circled around. She pushed herself faster, throwing all her power into her wings as she hurtled towards Ravenhill. As she grew close she shifted into her smaller form and curled, a loud boom being heard as she landed on the stone sending up debris in her heroic landing.

“Isabella!” The voice caught her ears and her head snapped around towards Thorin who was struggling to fight off the Orc that she had seen at the Cliffside before she flew them to the Carrock. She breathed in sharply to let out a torrent of flames but only to freeze as she caught the scent of her Mate upon the Orc filth.

))WHERE IS MY MATE?(( She roared towards the filth charging forward just as he felled Thorin with a cheer. Her body collided with the white Orc harshly, her claws digging into his flesh and ripping out his arms. ))WHERE IS HE? YOU CARRY HIS BLOOD.((

The Orc just laughed in her face as he bled out beneath her. She snarled in fury, savouring the fear in the pale Orcs eyes as he glimpsed into hers and in a split second her teeth ripped out his jugular. With a rumbling snarl she tipped her head to the sky and roared before getting to her feet once more.

Her hand dug into her chest as she strode forward, not even caring of the fact she was now naked and dropped to her knees leaning over Thorin who was staring into the sky instead of her naked form. She didn’t say a word before ripping his tunic and shoving the heart into his chest none too gently before growling low in her throat as he began to thrash.

“Accept! Listen!” She growled low in her throat coming to her feet before crying out in agony, her hand clutching at her chest as she felt the bond to her mate snap with the last stutter of his heart. “FÍLI!

She flung herself towards where she felt her Mate – her Husband – and fell to her knees beside him. His body was slowly losing its warmth and his heart no longer beat in his chest. His eyes were open and his hair splayed around him, a cry tore from her lips as she pulled him close and without hesitation ripped her own heart from her chest and clumsily shoved it into her Mates.

Her words to him in Rivendell rippled across her mind. If you were to perish, then I would do anything to save you or – join you.

Her vision grew dark as she fell onto her side, her wing falling to cover her. She did not have much time but still used the last of her strength to push her heart one more time until finally her body seized and she drifted… the last thing she saw was her Mate taking a gasping breath.

I am sorry my love…


Fíli was drifting in the dark abyss, his body no longer in pain as he did so. The memories of war fresh on his mind as well as the terrifying roar of his wife, his sweet Enth who had risked her life to save him, his kin and the town of Men.

Yet he had gone and foolishly gotten himself captured and killed; now he will never be able to tell her he was sorry. That he did not view her in the way she feared he did, there was nothing that could wipe away the agony on his wife’s face as she turned hers away from his. She had nearly died with that knowledge and now she will never know that he loved her.

Wings and all.

All is well son-of-stone. The voice reminded him of home, of his father and the mountain. It eased his mind and lulled him as he drifted.

Then there was pain, fire hot agony that coupled with memories not of his own. A scream tore from his lips as the pain radiated from his chest outwards in pulsing waves and with it came more memories, one upon the other.

Memories of golden light and silver glow.

Caverns and gems, deep rumbling laughter with the sound of clicking metal and stone.

Harmonious sounds of the trees, of starlight whispering gently from the night sky.

Memories of laughter and love, peace and security.

Pain and anger, horror beyond words as he watched kin fall to the darkness, as the trees burned.

War, agony.


Friends dying and falling, homes destroyed.

Friends turning their backs upon me, attacking with viciousness she did not deserve.

Darilth and Apophis, more laughter and love. Home.

Scene after scene washed through his brain, searing their way into his own memories. He knew that they were his Ones now, he should have known but they could not register till now. Till he saw himself sitting on the back of a pony, his hair glowing softly in the sun and eyes warm, no fear to be seen.

Bree. Confusion and affection.

The trolls and her fury at seeing him hurt, the viciousness she dealt to the trolls.

Rivendell. A deep understanding washed with exhaustion and deep affection.

The mountains, his name whispered fondly.

The fear she felt when she charged from the tunnels and rescued them, the amusement and concern as she helped Thorin down the cliff.

I love you, sweet prince more than all gold in Arda…

He watched it all in pained silence, felt her agony on top of his own and then he jolted, a scream tearing from his lips once more, the taste of blood upon his lips.

“Fíli!” He could hear his brother’s cry, sense his concern. His hands flew to his head, blocking the sound of clanging metal and death. He could hear it all, smell and taste it all, it was overwhelming and then it was silent.

He could not hear, smell or taste the battle around him as he saw his One’s still form, blood pooled around her and staining the snow. His hands shook with disbelief, pleading to his maker that this was just a nightmare, that this was not true.

“Kisenth? Uslukhuê kurdu?” He called, pleading as he rolled her. A deep keen escaped his lips, morphing into a scream of agony as he saw the gaping wound upon her chest. Fíli didn’t care that the blood burned his flesh as he pulled her close to his body, her head resting under his chin begging for her wake up. “Wake up, please wake up… don’t leave me Mizim. Please I cannot lose you.”

“Fíli NO!” Kíli’s cry echoed through the silence as he saw his brother and sister. “Thorin! THORIN!”

“She won’t wake up! Why won’t she wake up?” Fíli cried out, his eyes clenched shut. Thorin came to a sudden halt, his heart breaking as he saw the scene before him, his eyes closing with regret before kneeling down.

Mim razdith, you need to let go. She’s gone Fíli, she’s gone.” Thorin whispered painful, pulling Fíli into his arms as he broke down, his eyes turned up towards Kíli and Dwalin. “Build a stretcher, we can’t leave her here.”


Everyone in the camps fell silent as they caught sight of four Dwarrow walking in from the battlefield, but their gaze didn’t stay on the King of Erebor and his nephews along with the other. No, their eyes were on the makeshift stretcher and the creature-woman laying limp on it that they carried.

The company rushed forward, horror in their eyes as they caught sight of Isabella, everyone freezing as they took in the blank face of Fíli who was covered in blood, his clothes tattered. He didn’t even look at them, his eyes unfocused as they made their way towards the Durin’s tent.

“No! Say it ain’t so!” Nori choked out shocked, rushing with them into the tent.

Thorin sighed as he lowered the stretcher down on the ground with the others, stepping back as Fíli moved and lifted his wife from the ground making sure he didn’t jostle her wings, her body lax in his arms as he carried her towards one of the cots.

“What happened?” Gandalf asked morosely as he stepped into the tent. He had heard the whispers of a woman being carried through the camps by the Dwarrow’s and knew something bad had happened. He moved closer, his eyes landing on the open wound upon her chest. “Oh…”

“Can you help her?” Fíli asked, never tearing his eyes away from his One’s face.

“No, I cannot.” Gandalf sighed, leaning heavily on his staff. “She gave you her heart Fíli; it is the greatest sacrifice for a Dragon-Shifter.”

“But she gave me a heart in Laketown!” Kíli stated confused, causing Gandalf to frown.

Thorin spoke next. “And I up on Ravenhill.”

“Tell me; do you here a voice in the back of your head if it is needed?” Gandalf asked curiously.

“Yes, it was painful until Isa told me to listen to it. She said it was her brother.” Kíli replied causing Gandalf’s eyes to widen.

“Darilth, which means Thorin, carries Apophis’s heart. I had always wondered.” He sighed before turning his eyes back upon Fíli.

“I cannot hear her but I can feel her still, with each beat of her heart I can… can you not just pull it from my chest and give it back?” He asked, turning to look at the wizard with tears in his eyes.

“No Fíli it does not work that way. She knew what she was doing when she had saved you, she knew that her death would mean your life and after thousands of years… The three of you need to know that it is a blessing to receive a Dragon-Shifter’s heart, even just a piece of it. You’ll be stronger, heal faster… but you will not age. A dragon’s heart comes with a dragon’s life and she has gifted you the most precious gift one could give.” Gandalf explained, stopping as Fíli let out a choked sob, collapsing over his One – his wife – and scrunching his hand over his jacket that covered her naked form.

He would live a life without his One, but he could not have the mercy of feeling the pain, of joining her wherever she may be. No, he was cursed to walk the lands with two hearts beating in his chest and a sense of his One without her physically being here.

“Why did you do this to me Âzyungel? How can I carry on without you?” He choked out before praying to Mahal to bring her back. He let out a few more tears before sucking in a deep breath and locking the pain away, he lifted his head slowly and cast a hollow look towards the company.

“I would like to clean her up; will you give me a few moments to do this? I shall call for you when I am done.” His voice was monotonous and it caused many to worry for they have never heard Fíli speak in such a way, for he and Kíli both were always full of life.

“Would you like for me to help you Nadad?” Kíli asked softly.

Fíli shook his head, standing and began to gather the things he would need. “No, I would like to do this alone.”

Kili opened and closed his mouth a few times but finally gave up with a sigh, his shoulders slumping forward as he followed his uncle from the tent. They all lingered around, pulling up branches or crates to sit on while havoc ran around them. Óin began to assess the King as he saw the torn tunic, his eyes widening as he stared at the scar tissue that he knew was never there before.

“Bless my beard! That’s new but it looks old!” He blurted out, poking the scarred tissue with slight awed confusion. He had seen the effect of an instant heal before his very eyes but still, this was… astounding. It was a life threatening wound, it should have killed him and yet…

“I was speared through the chest by Azog; she had killed him before shoving the heart in my chest. It was painful, feeling the blood and power rush through my veins and heal my flesh.” He explained, pulling his tunic aside to show the starburst pattern upon his chest where she had shoved the heart in. His face was a grimace as he remembered the pain, even though he could not feel it now beyond a dull ache of worn muscles… but he remembered the cry that left her lips screaming for Fíli.

While the others outside spoke or sat in silence, Fíli was in the tent peeling back the coats from his One’s body. She had deep gouges from her fight with Smaug that were half healed and had been torn open once again, as well as the gaping wound in her chest that was a reminder she was dead.

With gentle and soft movements Fíli soaked a cloth and began to rub away the blood from her flesh the best he could making sure that she was clean and lay in a resting position. He ran his hands reverently over her wings before dragging over two more cots for them to rest on. It was now that he realised that the markings that he had felt and saw on their wedding night were her wings and her scales.

“I didn’t even get to tell you that I forgive you, that I could never hate you for what you are.” He choked out as he began to clean her hair, pulling apart the braids and setting the beads on the small table next to him. “I was horrified at first when I saw you shift but then I really saw you, you were beautiful as you fought with Smaug and I can never forgive myself for that being the last thing you saw besides my ‘death’.”

Oh my sweet kulaan… His whole body stiffened as her voice whispered in his mind.

“I will never get to hear your voice from your lips again… why did you do this to me Âzyungel?” He finished, braiding the courting braid, the familial braid and lastly the marital braid back in before standing and pressing a kiss upon her lips as he covered her with furs.

“You can come back in.” He whispered hoarsely as he opened the tent flaps. The company jumped to their feet and made their way back inside, Bilbo joining them this time since he had been free to leave from one of the elven healer’s tents.

“Gandalf, what are her kinds… what did they do when they…” He trailed off, unsure on how to ask the question.

Gandalf sighed softly. “They burnt them and cast the ashes out over a far range… but since it cannot be done as she was the last of her kind, I am sure she wouldn’t mind being cast back into stone.”

Fíli nodded and turned to look at his uncle. “I wish to entomb her.”

“Then it shall be done once all have been returned to stone, she will be the last as your One and as your wife.” Thorin stated softly, placing his hand upon Fíli’s shoulder.

The tears welled up in his eyes and he felt the world around him slowly crumble as he buried his face into his palms. “We will need to tell Glorfindel.”

“I have already called for them,” Gandalf sighed slumping tiredly on his borrowed staff. “I did so as soon as the battle began and they should be here soon along with Radagast. They will not take the news well either.”

“Should someone send word to the forest?” Ori asked softly with a frown. “Wouldn’t Lord Oromë need to know as well? He called her Kin.”

Gandalf blinked and blinked again in stunned silence. “Lord Oromë?”

“Yes, he performed Isabella’s and Fíli’s wedding in Lake Town, she summoned for the woodland master but he came.” Kíli piped up this time as he laid a hand upon his brothers back in silent comfort. “Couldn’t he help? He’s a Valar is he not?”

“No, he cannot help…” Gandalf stated slowly in shock. “He was not the one to create her; he cannot fix or bring back the dead Kíli.”

The others slumped at the news disheartened; there was not saving Isabella then, no chance of bringing her back. Fíli felt his breath quicken and began to struggle to take breath as he clutched at the coat and furs on his wife.

“Someone grab him!” Óin roared as he saw the young prince began to pale and tip. Dwalin reached out and snatched up Fíli as he fainted and laid him gently next to his wife. The healer sighed as he made it to the young prince’s side. “He fainted. I was waiting for this to happen the second I saw you with her, it hadn’t sunk in yet this I could see and I was waiting for him to finally snap and panic.”

Thorin sighed and pulled Kíli into an embrace as the younger burst into tears at seeing his brother fall apart. “I too was waiting for it. What shall we expect and do when he wakes?”

“Nothing but be there for him, he won’t be well and I don’t know how he will take it. He may fade.” Óin warned causing the company to inhale sharply, their own tears falling freely.

Gandalf sighed and fell heavily into the only free chair. “He won’t, her heart won’t allow it.”

Author Note: *runs away* I’M SORRY!




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    • My thoughts exactly!! I hope she isnt dead permantly. I feel so sad for Fili for almost loosing her several times over the course of the journey and for Kili for loosing a sister that he loved as much as he loved Fili.

      Please update soon!

  2. Thats mean falling. You can’t keep her dead. I’m seriously crying here. I just my God. This is making cry so hard..maybe yavanna can come and heal her..make it so she is living pls for jolkys sake. Let her come back.

  3. AHH!! and this is why I should not read these things at work…
    I look forward to the next (hopefully happier) chapter!!

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