Chapter Twenty-Nine – Grasp of Darkness

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the Elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: *hums*

Third POV

When the topic of children came up over the company’s shared meal had everyone pausing and turning their heads towards Enth at the end. It was amusing, her lips twitching as she conversed with Bilbo, completely ignoring the fact that there was silence.

“Âzyungel?” Fíli asked, his heart hammering in his chest. Dwarven pregnancies were harsh on their women; he had seen his mother nearly perish when Kíli was born because of it. He didn’t know how his One or her race could bare.

Isa sighed and turned towards the company now. “Yes?”

“We were talking about children Kisenth, we now just realised we didn’t know how your kind give birth or if…” Balin trailed off with a grimace.

They had gotten in the habit of using her real name instead of Isabella since she revealed it to them and the book Ori had found in the library about her and her deeds. In fact Kisenth was surprised that she had her own book in the great Dwarven Kingdom and when she asked, they found out it was written by Thráin I. Kisenth seemed to grow sad as they watched her finger the gold lined pages in remembrance.

“Dwarrowdam’s have a hard time carrying, we are just worried that if you and Fíli can get with child… We are worried.” Thorin this time was the one to stammer out, he too remembering the nights of Dís’s labour with Fíli and Kíli.

“It would be a blessing from Mahal for any babe, even if it is just one. None of the Dams that travelled with me were carrying and it has been near five years since the last birth of a Dwarrow.” Dís explained her usually strong voice warbling.

Isa frowned and stared at her husband, seeing his skin pale and eyes tight. “Do you want children Dii Lokaal?”

“I had hoped— I had hoped since Rivendell when I saw you with Estel that maybe… But if it risks you, then I am content to not have children.” Fíli explained a little pained at the thought. He could remember her glowing as she smiled down at the human child in her arms. He remembered for a second that he had hoped to have his own child with his One, only to dash it away and bury it.

When they wed, he had allowed himself to dream that dream once again. He had pictured a little one be it girl or boy who looked so much like their mother with his eyes. When he had known her true form the dream did not shift only the babe had little purple wings upon their back. But—but when she had died— when she had died, that dream went up in the flames.

“I can give you five.” Bella stated bluntly, ignoring the inhales of around the room. “My kind can lay five eggs, be it one at a time or all at once. We dragon-shifters can carry in our true form or our humanesque form, if you wish for a babe, I can give you five.”

Mahal…” She heard many of the company whisper in awe.

“And the dangers?” Fíli asked warily, his heart returning to normal as she placed her hand upon his cheek.

“My husband, there is no danger for our kind but I must warn you if children is what you wish… many may not like it.” She explained, her eyes flicking to Thorin and back.

“Why wouldn’t we like it? A babe is a miracle, two is the usual and three is rare and anything beyond is a blessing of our Maker but five?” Dís asked more demanded the first part.

Isa chuckled and nuzzled her Mate’s hair before turning back to the Dam who had finally, finally come around to her. “I need — as much as it pains me to say it — gold to lay my eggs. I will need to be in one form or another for nine months and surrounded by gold. My sister explained that it helps the babes grow and sooths the nerves. Though we Dragon-Shifters have no pull for gems or ores as such we need them for our nest. Our young have delicate scales, much like that of a Man’s Flesh and they need to be covered in gold or gems until they harden. I do not know of half shifters, it may not be the case.”

“Then you shall have it.” Thorin stated instantly. “If gold is what you need, then you can have as much as you need even if you nest in the treasury itself. We will tell the mountain, explain to them it is for the child and they will understand. Kisenth, my people adore you, they all mourned for you as it was you alone who killed Smaug and desiccated the Orcs.”

Bella hummed in her throat and turned back to her Mate while shifting her form. She felt her wings and tail form while her horns grew and the rest of her body shifted to her humanlike form. “I will need to be in this form once we know, does this bother you Fíli for it is you who will have to lay with it.”

“I know what you look like Uslukhuê kurdu and no matter what form you have I will love you, this does not bother me.” Fíli confessed with a small smile while standing and running his hands upon his One’s nose and up to the golden crown of horns upon her head. He was highly amused to see his bead nestled in between her scales like armour.

“So do I get a niece?” Kíli piped up before yelping as his mother smacked the back of his head.

“Do you wish for one Babe first or all?” Isa asked her husband with a twitch of her lips.

Laughter followed them as Fíli dragged his One from the room and to their chambers.

But Fíli and Bella did not mind, they hurried towards their chambers with haste. Since her reawakening a week ago, they couldn’t get enough of each other, so desperate to remind each other that they’re alive and well.

The second the door was closed behind them Bella growled low and dangerously in her throat, his hand ripping her husband’s tunic from his body in one swift move. Fíli watched and waited as his wife let her eyes trail hungrily over him, pausing slightly on the starburst that rest across his chest.

“I am alive; now let me prove it to you.” He rasped out, hands moving swiftly to tug the laces of her dress free and letting it slip down to the floor, raising his brows in amusement as he realised she had no smallclothes. “You tease me so.”

A feral smirk returned as he ran his hands over her dragon form. He had not seen it like this, he had seen her Man like form with her wings and tail imprinted, he had seen her as animals, a mermaid and her dragon form but this was different.

Her scales were warm and smooth, smoother than any rock or metal, close to a pearl. They were a vibrant purple with shimmers of green and his gold upon her chest but they grew softer the closer to her stomach, blending in with the soft velvety feel of her skin. A growl escaped her lips followed by a moan as her husband’s lips teasingly trailed along the edge where her skin met scales, his hands burning their way up and down her spine in a most delicious way.

She didn’t know how he would feel to lay with her like this, all scales and tail, wings and horns. She had her face normal, she didn’t bother to elongate her jaw and shift her face… she might not even need to be the way she was now only shifting her organs back as how they should be but she wasn’t too sure if that was right or not, she can’t sense that shift anymore.

“I love you.” Fíli whispered as he kissed the soft pulse point before smirking deviously and biting down right where he knew drove Kisenth wild.


When the moon was full Kisenth slipped from her husband’s arms and placed a kiss upon his brow before silently slipping from the room. She knew that she should wake him but Kisenth couldn’t risk him on this task.

I’ll return soon my love, forgive me. She wrote swiftly and rested the note upon the chair in front of the fireplace before making her way silently towards Bilbo’s and Thorin’s room. She had never seen them blush and stammer so much as to when she told him Yavanna’s words.

For Hobbits, a blessing of Yavanna had given her children the ability to share their loved ones – their heart-chosen’s – lifespan. All they had to do was choose to do so, to give their heart and soul to the one they loved and in Bilbo’s case, he had admitted already doing so but didn’t know if the old tales were a myth or not.

It had taken her being dead and them to mourn for the two to admit their feelings and had not been separated since she spoken to them, since Thorin had found that Bilbo will be by his side forevermore.

“Bilbo.” She knocked softly on the door and waited. A minute went by when the sleep dazed hobbit stepped from the room, even now in his sleeping attire she could feel the ring on his person and now was the time to strike. Luckily for her and her plans, he was wearing Thorin’s coat over his attire.

Her hands flung out and she grasped him, wrapping one arm around his waist and the other around his mouth before bodily carrying him quickly out of the mountain via the secret entrance that Kíli had shown her. She of course, avoided all living souls and guards as she did so, while Bilbo kicked and bucked in her hands while muffled demands to be let down went ignored.

She did not stop till the door behind her was closed and then finally let Bilbo down.

“WHY ARE YOU KIDNAPPING ME?” He yelled furiously in a huff.

“We are going for a flight.” She stated simply, apathetic by the fuming hobbit before her.

This had Bilbo pausing mid-rant and stared at the woman aghast. “Why? At this late hour? Was carrying me bloody necessary?”

“Yes.” The Dragon stated bluntly. “For your other question we are leaving now because the others cannot know, only you can help. Now will you come with me willingly or will I have to carry you all the way to the bloody destination Bilbo?”

The hobbits shoulders slumped in defeat and exhaustion. “Fine, but where are we going?”

“You’ll see, wait here and I’ll shift. You will have to jump on my back and sit where my wings connect to my back and grasp the horns for support. I’ll try to keep my body and flight steady but if you do fall, I’ll catch you.” Kisenth supplied before taking a leaping jump off the Cliffside and shifting into her Dragon form.

She did a quick U-turn and clutched to the side of the cliff letting Bilbo nervously jump on her back and get situated before taking off. She chuckled low in her throat as he yelped at the sudden movement and pressed closer to her.

“I knew you were this big but I didn’t think you were bigger than Smaug!” Bilbo yelled over the roaring wind.

“Yavanna’s creations were, the next generation was smaller and the ones corrupted.” She explained back, ignoring the shudder she felt Bilbo gave at her voice. She knew that there would be a fear in those who spoke to the corrupted worms at her voice, the elves being an example.

Bilbo felt guilty as he saw his friend turn her head away from him with sadness as she spoke. He could not help the fear that shot through him every time she spoke, even more so in her Dragon form because of Smaug. He remembered that feeling, the utter lack of control when he ripped the ring from his finger when Smaug demanded to show himself.

He felt guilty because now Kisenth tries all her might not to speak in his presence and the Company nearly hit the roof one dinner, the first since she returned and spoke properly. It was the night after she had returned from the dead and they were celebrating over dinner, she began to tell her story and stopped mid-sentence when she saw him tense and flinch when he was addressed by her.

The hurt in her eyes was replaced by blankness as she stood and asked if Fíli had kept her bag, she had left quickly, leaving everyone in stunned silence that was shattered when she stepped back in the room a mask in her hand and ready to be placed.

She whispered to her mate softly, her eyes flicking to him and back to Fíli when he questioned her.

Fíli… Bilbo had seen the young prince furious but Bilbo had never seen Fíli furious towards him. It honestly shocked him and everyone to the core as he tore into the hobbit.


“I’m sorry.” Bilbo whispered to Isabella but she ignored it.

They flew for an hour, two or more… Bilbo could not tell but he watched the land shift and change, from the trees of Mirkwood to flatlands, swamp and then mountains once more but his heart began to race as he saw that the land was dead and decaying. The taint of foul magic he had sensed from Mirkwood in the air but stronger, his head shot up and stared in horror at the volcanic mountain before him.



Kisenth flew around the mountain, her sharp eyes seeing every Orc, Warg and twisted creature before spotting the entrance to Mount Doom. She turned towards the entrance and made her descent, ignoring as Bilbo shouted at her in fright, demanding to know why she brought him here.

Bilbo shook as his feet landed on the Cliffside and watched as Isabella shifted back and wrapped her wings around her to keep her modesty and led him into the mountain. The heat was harsh on his skin, whirring around him and he thanked that he was a hobbit and couldn’t feel the heat of stone beneath his feet.

“Cast the ring, Master Baggins.” She uttered staring at the ledge before them, her eyes closing softly at the heat.

“What ring? Why did you bring me here?” He demanded trying to back away as he clutched at the pocket he stitched into his sleeping trousers.

The look Isabella cast him was frightening. “Do not take me for a fool Hobbit, the ring you carry is the One, not a trinket. You must let it go of your own choice for the hold it has on you to be removed! It must be destroyed!”

Bilbo snarled and he lashed out, Kisenth was honestly surprised and cried out when a sharp rock connected with her face and split her brow. But she did not let go of the hobbit. “IT’S MINE! MY PRECIOUS! YOU WILL NOT TAKE IT FROM ME!”

“Bilbo!” Bella snapped, slapping the hobbit across the face and knocking sense back into him. “Do you hear yourself? You are corrupted by that ring, it is evil and it must be destroyed or the darkness will come back and destroy everyone!”

The Dragons’ shoulders slumped tired. “If you do not throw it into the belly of this mountain to be destroyed then I will throw you in. I will not risk Sauron coming back and tainting this land… I cannot fight that evil once more Bilbo, I am tired and I will not risk my family even if I have to kill one of my own to do so!” The words were harsh but lacked the bite and Bilbo stilled in her hands.

He felt horror and disgust rise in him as he realised what he was doing, what he done to her. What he had said. The twisted wraith like being in the goblin tunnels she had killed came to mind and before Bilbo knew it he was standing at the edge of the rock, his hand out ready to drop the ring into the molten rock below.


Bilbo struggled as the whisper began once again, promising things: power, respect, Thorin on his knees, gold and jewels… eternal life… but it was not what Bilbo wanted and he was a hobbit who loved all things green and comfortable. His hand shook and he willed his fingers to unclench one by one until his eyes watched as the ring fell.

Kisenth jerked forward and caught Bilbo by the waist as he leaped after the ring before running out the cave as the mountain shook, leaping over the cracking and crumbling pathway and dodging falling rocks and lava. She could not die here—would not die here and would not allow Bilbo to either.

“I’m sorry Bilbo!” She yelled as she hurled him up high in the air and shifted, catching him harshly on her back as she took flight. Bilbo gripped on as he gasped for breath and tried not to fall as he was stunned.

She stretched her wings wide and took to the sky, making her way towards Minas Tirith.


Thorin jerked up as the warning bells in the mountain rang, the earth beneath his feet groaning and rumbling. His eyes shoot to the empty spot beside him and missing coat, his heart thudding as he ran out the door, banging on Dwalin’s door as he did.

He’d have to find Bilbo later but now there was danger.

Dwalin was up in a flash and out the door with sleep pants, shoes and his Warhammers. Dís, Kíli and Fíli rushing out with their own weapons and various states of dress, the rest of the company following soon after as they ran towards the gates of the mountain.

“What’s happened?” Thorin yelled as guards ran towards the door and scattered about.

“Fire has been seen from the south, Your Majesty!” Someone shouted and Fíli felt his heart drop before sprinting up the stairs, shoving all in his way to the side till he threw himself as far over the ramparts he could that gave him view of the south.

There in the distance was a soft orange glow, black plumes of smoke wafting out from the centre.

“Mordor?” Fíli whispered horrified, his eyes scanning the rampart or sky for any sign of his wife but something akin to dread filled his entire being making his stomach churn.

“There is still one thing left I need to do my love.” His wife whispered as they curled around one another, his head resting upon her chest.

“Oh?” He couldn’t say more than that.

A deep rumble akin to a purr left her chest followed by a sigh. “Yes, just one more thing.”

“No…No… No!” Dwarrow jerked out of the way as the fair hair prince ran back down the stairs and towards the royal wing with the chant getting more and more panicked.

Kíli and Nori shared a look before pivoting on their feet and following Fíli, picking up their pace as a scream pierced the eerily silent hallway. Kíli grimaced while Nori cursed when they came to the open door to see the sitting room a mess and Fíli in the centre with his eyes screwed shut and hands clenched.

“Fee?” Kíli asked wearily, making sure to stay out of his brothers reach, flinching as he shoved the crumpled parchment outwards.

Nori snatched it up before the young prince could and scanned it over; cursing in every tongue he knew when everything began to click together. The frowns directed at their burglar, the needing to know where the secret door was, watching… always watching the guards.

The youngest prince sighed. “Tell me that she didn’t?”

“Of course she did and by my guess, she took the burglar with her.” Nori replied before making his way towards Thorin’s rooms and slipping inside to see that, though Bilbo’s robes were still there, Thorin’s surcoat was gone and he knew that the king wasn’t wearing it.

Great, just great…

Author Note: So sorry for the weird skip, i just meshed two chunks I wrote ages ago together and filled it in the best I could… Honestly the story is wrapping up now and there really isn’t that much more i can add… 




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  2. Really loved this chapter, although I didn’t really expect to all but kidnapped poor Bilbo lol. Now I am waiting for the next update, for 3 reasons, 1) to see if my suspicions of her reasons for heading to Minas Tirith are correct 😉 (Armor??) 2) to know if she is pregnant with 1 or all 5 lol, and 3) just because I want the next update 😀 This story has been one of my all time favorites, and I am beginning to dread the ending that is coming lol, but all good stories must come to an end. Also, I will always reread it like I have done so a few times, like your others. I really hope you do some more within the Hobbit World, because I really love the way you bring it to life. I also am keeping my fingers crossed for a Bella/Kili 😉

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