Chapter Twenty-One – A Dragon’s Ending

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: Uh, I am so sorry for the delay… There will be a longer AN at the bottom.

Third POV

Fíli watched with horror as his one pushed up from the boat, rocking it slightly and began to shift. Her dress fluttered around them as she burst from human form to that of her true form and Fíli for the life of him couldn’t understand… or why she didn’t tell him.

My kind was hunted and killed out in the very beginning of the second age because of our true forms.

If I was a monster, if your kin saw me as a monster would you still love me?

I hope you’ll forgive me one day…

He snapped out of his horror filled thoughts as a mighty roar echoed across and over the screaming town of citizens and he felt his heart lodge in his throat as he watched his wife collide with the massive beast in the air.

“ISA!” He screamed as she was thrown from it.

))I WILL NOT LET YOU KILL ANYMORE INNOCENT!(( Bella roared in the sky as her talons locked onto the red beasts form and spun. She knew the worm could speak common and would not be able to understand her own. He was after all a Morgoth Dragon born and not Yavanna made. ))I WILL AVENGE MY KIN.((

Smaug roared in fury and turned upon the dragon-shifter, his gold red eyes locking onto the massive form in slight shock and fear. It was bigger than he, a glinting gold upon her breast and deep violet, but he will not be deterred.

))I will slaughter this town and all who are in it when I kill you!(( He chuckled before diving left, his breast aglow with flames.


Everyone that was fleeing watched as the dragons dueled in the air, fearful of what was to happen. One dragon had come and half their homes were now on fire, it brought desolation to Dale and the mountain, now there were two. They feared what would happen when the red drake of old was defeated, what would the other do, a one larger than the red drake.


“Another! Another Dragon!” Nori yelled in surprise as he caught the sight of another massive form in the sky, drawing the attention of the whole company, Thorin included.

“How can this be?!” He breathed out in shock but Bilbo, Bilbo knew the truth. Smaug’s words echoing in his head beyond the thought and weight of the Arkenstone.

I cannot forget the smell of another dragon, a shifter, a protector one at that.

“Mahal save us if it turns towards the mountain.” Balin whispered in shock, his heart hammering fearfully in his chest as he watched the lake burn and the two dragons fight above it in a vicious battle.


Ori clutched his brothers tightly. “Wouldn’t Isabella be able to stop them? Shouldn’t she be stopping them now?”

“It is her.” Bilbo blurted out, never tearing his eyes away from the sky; not even when he felt all the company’s eyes on him. “Smaug— Smaug said he could smell another Dragon on me. A— A Dragon-Shifter, a Protector.”

Every single member of the company breathed out in shock and snapped their eyes to the bigger form of the two in awe and horror. “This is why she would not tell us her form.” Balin whispered out. “She could have told us she was a Protector, nearly all Dwarrow of Durin’s folk would know… no, I don’t suppose they would but we learnt of the Protectors.”

“I thought they were all dead.” Glóin informed with a furrowed brow, he too couldn’t tear his eyes away from the beasts.

Balin shook his head. “No, one survived. I cannot recall the name, but the legend I knew all too well. The Protector was a friend of Durinfolk, had fought side by side with Durin himself and our… this explains much.” Balin sighed, turning his eyes away from the battle. “She said she was old, older than the creation of Arda and had been there when Mahal had carved the Seven Fathers.”

Mi targê.” Some of the Dwarrow breathed out and waited.


Bella roared furiously as Smaug’s claw sliced through her felt flank, tearing muscle and scales away from the bone. It would heal, the scales will regrow in time but it hurt. With a vicious snarl she twirl, breaking fire down upon him, it would do nothing but distract him, her flames would only work once he was dead but ice, ice would work.

))You are weak and lazy, no longer the Protector you once were.(( Smaug taunted as he circled around her. ))I can smell the dwarf on you, I can smell his pleasure… Mating with a pathetic creature, you are not a Dragon.((

She barrel rolled in the air away from his swiping claws once more and kicked up before leveling, chuckling darkly as Smaug spun and dropped till he too got the wind back under his wings. She had done considerable damage to him so far, her front claw ripping away the jewels and scales in his breast for Bard to have more of a chance to slay him if she fell.

))No, it is you who is a mockery of Dragons. My kind came first before yours, we were pure and made by Yavanna. No, you’re just a pathetic worm.(( She taunted, her laugh echoing across the burning embers of Laketown for all to hear before followed by a rumbling vicious snarl.

Fíli and Kíli kept their eyes to the sky as Tauriel pushed the boat through the canal, avoiding falling homes and more torrents of fire that Smaug laid before Isabella could stop him. Fíli had seen glances of his wife soar above them, it was then that Fíli could let his heart know she was alive beyond the sounds of growls and twisted darkness of speech he had heard leave the Defilers mouth.


“Oh Valar.” Kíli wheezed out as he felt a splash of something warm his arm, his skin bare skin burning painfully to the point he shoved his hand in the water and pulled it out enough to see his skin knitting back together. “That hurt.”

“What did?” Bofur asked before blinking at the singed clothing and pink flesh.

“Dragon blood, it burns… I don’t know if it was Namad’s or the worms but it hurt,” Kíli explained wincing as he saw his Nadad’s stricken face. “She’ll be okay Fee.”

Bofur nodded to this. “Oh aye, the lass is tough and this explains why… I’m concerned how the others will take it if they’re alive and can see it, a dragon. Ye married a dragon, if the other kingdoms won’t respect Thorin for taking back Erebor then they will now – even fear ‘I’m – fer havin’ a dragon as Kin.”

“The Dragon-Shifters are a noble line; many of the realms still hold artefacts and stories of their kind. Your Lady is the very last, the strongest of them all from what tales have said.” Tauriel explained and it was then that the children of Bard caught on, finally getting over their shock.

“But she came to Da and told him to kill it if she fell! He has a black arrow!” Tilda exclaimed worried her eyes shifting to Bain and back.

“Da!” Sigrid called out as her eyes spotted her father on top of the bell tower, bow in hand and shooting arrows at the dragons above. “We must get the arrow to Da and tell him not to hurt Lady Isabella!”

Bain blinked, his eyes going to the statue of the Master before looking down and seeing the boat, the boat in which he’d hidden the Black Arrow his father had asked him to keep safe. Bain cast a look towards his sisters, determination setting in as he made his decision. His father needed that arrow and so he shall give it to him, he will also need to tell his Da that the purple Dragon was not a foe. As their boat passed under a hanging hook, Bain leapt up and grabbed it, swinging clear of the boat.

“Come back! Bain, come back!” Fíli yelled as they tried to grab him, but it was too late, the boy was dashing across the fiery pathways with a determined stride.

He quickly gathered the arrow and pushed his legs the fastest he could go to reach the tower.

Kisenth and Smaug locked talons once more, her jaws wrapping around his throat and shook viciously. Blood flowed down her throat and onto her tongue as she finally ripped something vital enough to cause the beast to bleed as they battled. A victory cry left her lips as she pulled back, foolishly she had let her guard down and doing so Smaug was able to slash his free claw across her breast.

“NO!” She heard someone cry out as she fell the short distance down into the embers below and crushing the homes. She could not move beyond placing one arm against the slash to hold the blood flow and wait for it to heal. Dragons healed fast to mortal wounds but wounds inflicted by other dragons or beings of darkness took a little while.


“Da!” Bain cried out, the heat licking his skin as he made his way to the top.

Bard turned with horror and stared at his son. “Bain?! What are you doing?! Why didn’t you leave?! You were supposed to leave!”

Bain’s voice quivered. “I came to help you and to warn you!”

“No! Nothing can stop him now!” Bard replied to his son, shaking his head in dismay and casting a look out into the burning town. “Nothing can stop them!”

“But Da! The big one is Lady Isabella!” Bain cried out, his eyes going wide as the ground shook with the impact of said dragon’s body.

Bard whipped his head around to his son before looking back towards the felled dragon in horror; he was shooting at it as well as the red worm. He thought back to the visit she made that morning be arriving with the others, her face was set in a painful grimace that he knew she didn’t realise and her eyes glinted with determination.

I came along this quest to kill the beast that slaughtered my brother, his Mate and their unborn babes.

These blades are made from dragons, by a dragon.

If I fail to slay the worm then it’ll fall upon you to kill it if I shall fall

But please for the love of Eru; do not kill me if I do rid the world of this beast, those arrows hurt.

He turned to the fallen dragon in horror as the mighty worm Smaug landed near them with gleeful laughter escaping his jowls. He now knew what she meant by not killing her now, she had tried to hint it without telling him and she had failed. Smaug laughed again as he pushed up from the ground ready to finish off the wretched town of Men.

The tower rocked as Smaug crashed through the top, wood crunching and falling around them just as Bard fired his last arrow. Bain cried out as he fell over the edge, one hand snagging the edge and the other the black arrow as he did so. He called for his father when it settled, the heat licking at his flesh once more. Bard threw himself down, his hands grasping his sons just as the wood began to splinter and crack, yanking him up with a grunt.


“Who are you that would stand against me?!” Smaug rumbled out, his eyes locking onto the Man and Child.

Bard jerked as his eyes caught the arrow he shot buried into the beast’s chest but it was not enough to kill him. It was then that he realised that a good chunk of scales were gone and left them open, his eyes flickered to his broken bow and back, a curse escaping his lips. Smaug rumbled out a laugh, his claws and wings crushing the houses around him to dust as he stalked forward.

“Now that is a pity. What will you do now, Bowman? You are forsaken. No help will come. I killed the wretched protector. Is that your child?” Here he laughed tauntingly. “You cannot save them from the fire. They will BURN!” Smaug taunted, licking his jowls.

Before Bard could move a muscle the Dragon burst forth with a snarl, his breast aglow with flames. He held his son close and waited only to pause as another roar filled the air, louder and more vicious than Smaug’s. His eyes snapped open to see Lady Isabella, her body colliding with the red beasts sending them both into the river and burning homes.

“I TOLD YOU THAT YOU WILL NOT HARM THEM!” The purple dragon roared in a more guttural tone, but he could hear Lady Isabella under it, proving his son’s words to be true.

The dragons battled in the wreck, hovering in the air above them. He could see with ease that the lady was winning, her claws sharper and larger than the worms and her eyes glowing with fury as she clawed at Smaug’s wings.

“BARD NOW!” She roared and Bard didn’t hesitate for a second, he fixed his into the bell tower fixture that still stood and used his son to be his lance.


“Little to the left Bain, that’s it.” He whispered softly before letting the arrow fly as he saw his target. It landed solidly halfway through the Dragon’s breast causing it to cry out and struggle but Bella would not let it go. She spread her wings and pushed up, bringing the worm high into the air as it struggled by its neck and grinned as she hovered high in the sky.

“This is where you end.” She whispered gruffly, her vision tinting black and she knew that there was little time left. With a mighty roar, pausing all who could hear and see she pushed the arrow deeper into the beast’s breast and then opened his jowls, dislocating his jaw before letting her flames burn hot.


Everyone watched with baited breath as the large dragon breathed flames into the other, its body glowing bright before finally crumbling and glowing like the dying embers of a hearth. Fíli felt his heart lodge in his throat as he watched his mate stagger in the air and then fall, her body colliding on the far edge of the saw.

“ISA!” He cried, his heart breaking and agony tearing at him as he tried to jump from the boat. “Let me go Kee! I need to find her!”

“Fíli stop, STOP! You cannot swim that far, wait till we get to land and then we will find her, I promise!” Kíli explained as he pulled his brother back into the boat and locked him in his arms, his own heart heavy with the situation.

Fear not little prince, my sister has sustained more injuries, she will heal, she carries my mates heart. Apophis will keep her alive well and aid her in mending; it will be a time before she will be conscious. The voice whispered softly in Kíli’s mind, easing the grief slightly but it did not help much either.

By the time they had reached the shore, the sky was a dusty blue of a rising sun and Fíli quickly took off down the sands before they even hit sand with Kíli, Bofur and Óin on his heels. He jumped, dodged and jerked around debris of Laketown that washed up on shore until he finally found her.

She was no longer a dragon, but her height was the size of Beorn with her one wing covering her modesty. Red pooled under her and towards the lake, steam rising from it. He cried out, falling to his knees beside her and bowed over her head, hand tangled into her hair.

Óin pushed past Bofur and Kíli and made his way over to the Lass with sad eyes and stepped around her, carefully lifting the wing and sighing. Six long jagged wounds that would need to be tended too immediately, but he was relieved she was still breathing but now he needed to make sure she stayed that way.

“I need Yarrow, White Willow Bark and Blood Moss. Yarrow looks like little white flowers in clusters, Willow Bark is green leaves with a white underside, hard to miss and blood moss is everywhere. I’ll need some bandages and water, see if you can find clean water and fill this up for me.” Óin ordered, holding out his water pouch for one of the boys to take before looking to Fíli as the other two scrambled off. “She’ll live but I need you to help me Fíli, she needs to be covered and you are her husband. You’ll have to help me dress her wounds and stitch them closed.”

Fíli jerked up and nodded with a grim determined look before getting to his feet and walking back along the shore for anything that he could use beside his own tunic for coverings. Thankfully he found what was to be a curtain or even bedding, it was little damaged and not that damp, without hesitation he ripped the cloth down the middle and made his way back to his Wife.

“Here, these should do just to cover her modesty.” He explained handing Óin one while he knelt down at her legs and began to shimmy the cloth underneath, thankfully Óin helped and by the time the other two got back she was clothed somewhat. Her hips were clothed and thankfully the knot was just at the very edge of the jagged wound, sitting between the two claw swipes where one ended and another began.

Óin raised his brows at the plants the other two had, he thought they would be gone for longer as the plants would be hard to come by with the sickness. “That was quick; they are the right plants as well.”

Kíli and Bofur shared a look. “There was a small pond in the woods that seemed untouched by the sickness; they were near and around it, the tree weeping over it. The voice – her brother – whispered they were the correct plants and as we turned back around the pond was gone.”

“A blessing from the Valar then.” Óin replied relieved and thanked his Maker and her Lady. “We must hurry.”

Kíli, Fíli and Bofur worked tirelessly to make pastes and blends while Óin cleaned the wounds and instructed them to pack them before covering the wounds with the Blood Moss to use under the bandage, thankfully he was able to keep the ones Bard gave him for Kíli to use and they were long and plenty enough to wrap one wound at least. Kíli gave up his under tunic though with Fíli to use as a bandage for the wound that ran from her hip to her knee.

“You found her then.” The voice of Bard caused the four Dwarrow to jump in surprise, Fíli and Kíli with blades up and ready. “Peace, I saw her fall can came to offer aide. As well as these, I don’t know how she lost them or when but they were on the beach in the sand.”

Fíli jerked forward, putting away his dagger and quickly taking the blades from Bard, who instantly relaxed the second he let them go. “Thank you, her swords are always with her, she only trusts few to touch them because of the power.”

“They’re made from her brother and his mate.” Kíli blurted surprised at that titbit when it washed across his mind. “They’re made from their ashes, the hilt is their tooth.”

Bard dipped his head. “Then I am glad to return them, I will lead our people to the mountain when we gather all that is left. The elf had left with the prince, north where one had followed an orc. I must return, the people have appointed me their leader.”

“We will need passage across the lake and something to carry her, we cannot leave her.” Fíli gritted out.

“There is not much but there is the boat you came over in, we have very little but perhaps some debris and a blanket to make a makeshift stretcher?” Bard offered, watching as the blonde dwarf relax in relief. “It is the least I can do as they call me Dragon Slayer and yet it is she who killed him.”

Fíli shook his head. “She will not want that title, but I thank you.”

Bard nodded and then frowned before removing his own coat, shivering at the bitter brush of early winter and handing it to the dwarf. “I will help you get to the boat Master Dwarf; we will need to use our coats to carry her and her bulk easily.”

With that the four Dwarrow removed their coat while Bofur went to get two chunks of wood palings from debris to attach their coats to too carry Isabella. It was going to be a long day.

Author Note: Well there we go, it was a long chapterish. I was sitting on at least 1k for a week or so now and well, I wasn’t sure how to write the chapter and Smaug’s defeat but here ya go! Also thank you to whoever nominated this in the Non-Canon Awards. 


White willow has been used to combat fevers and pain for thousands of years. Willow bark may be the oldest herb known to treat pain and inflammation. Herbalists use white willow much the same as aspirin, ie; to reduce fevers, pain, and inflammation in conditions. Make a strong tea of the bark (decoction) and apply the cooled liquid to aid healing of sores, burns, or cuts.

yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Yarrow skin washes and leaf poultices can staunch bleeding and help to disinfect cuts and scrapes.

sphagnum in Cumbria credit Philip Precey

sphagnum cymbifolium – Bog Moss or Blood Moss – is remarkably absorbent. It was used as stuffing for menstrual pads, as toilet paper, and as a battlefield dressing for wartime wounds. The popular name for this moss is blood moss. Etymologists contend that this moniker comes from its use in battlefield first-aid. This account, of course, oozes of heroism and masculinity. But is more likely the case that blood moss earned its name by helping medieval women with their uniquely feminine problem.




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  1. love the chapter, hope she will wake up alright. glad no one is against who she really is and here is hoping that thorin still doesn’t go bat shit lol can’t wait till the next update.

  2. Loved this chapter, and am real happy to see that the dwarves aren’t against her being a dragon like she thought they would be. She sure will be surprised lol. I am sure looking forward to seeing if Thorin goes nutty over the gold again or not, cause if he does I have feeling Bells will be able to knock him out it in a hurry 😉

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