Chapter Twenty-Seven – Blessing of the Valar

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the Elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: *hums*

Third POV

Bella – Kisenth – had her head tilted back; eyes closed enjoying the warmth on her face, listening to the sounds of nature.


She didn’t know where she was exactly or how she got here, but there was no longer the pain she felt burning through her breast and soul. In fact the more she thought about it the less she could remember why she was in pain in the first place.


“You do not belong here my child.” The voice of Yavanna had her eyes snapping open in shock.

“Yavanna?” She asked in disbelief, standing. She took in the woman before her in shock; it had been a very long time since she had laid eyes upon her Mother.

Long dark hair that was braided with leaves and flowers of all kind mixed in with tiny gems, creamy skin stained to the elbow with dirt, barefoot and in a flowing green dress; beside her stood her husband, Mahal. They were the same height of course, his beard long and tucked into his belt while his hair shone with gems of all kind and a flower of his One, his hands roughened and veins of Mithril and fire wound up his arms.

“My Lord Mahal, do forgive me I did not see you standing there.” She blurted out, her cheeks burning.


Mahal chuckled, the sound like a rock fall at the surprise and the fact she had called him Mahal instead of Aulë. It seems his children had rubbed off on her. “All is well Nâthuê kurdu.”

This had Kisenth jerking her head I’m in surprise and confusion. “I do not understand.” The sadness that washed over their faces made something deep within her clench.

“Where do you think you are Kisenth?” Yavanna asked, her heart weeping.

“Home… I do not understand… why are you sad? Why claim me as your daughter when I…” Kisenth trailed off as flashes of gold and blue swam across her vision, her hand clutched her chest as she staggered. Pain like any other washed over her as everything came rushing back. “Fíli.”

Mahal jerked forward and caught the Dragon-Shifter as she collapsed, her hand clutching at a now open wound upon her chest. His own heart hurt to see his One’s child in so much pain; after all she had sacrificed so much for his own children.

“Does he live? Did I reach him in time?” She choked out, as tears dripped from her face and burning the vibrant green grass when they dropped.

“Yes, your sacrifice was not in vain Kisenth, but he will forever feel your loss for you gave him your whole heart.” Mahal replied softly, jerking when his One scowled at him.

Kisenth chuckled slightly at the brashness of dwarfs. “Good… At least he lives.”

“And so can you Kisenth, we have watched as you protected Arda, watched as you suffered and watched as you found your mate just to die for him.” Yavanna informed lifting her child’s head up to stare into her eyes before holding up her hand and opening to reveal five little Dragon Heart stones.

“Whose are they?” Kisenth as she cupped them in her own hand, there was no sign of conscious life but there was life. It was so pure, not taint of corruption or age, it felt like blooming hope and spring.

“They were your nieces and nephews. Your brother and his mate have given them to you, to us, to create a new heart for you.” Yavanna explained softly, causing Kisenth’s breath to hitch.

She went to give them back but was stopped by Mahal. “They do not mind my wife’s-daughter; they were honoured for they could always feel you as their hearts beat in your breast for many of an age. This will give them closure; through you their little ones will have purpose. With them I made you this.” He explained, holding up a beautifully well detailed carved ruby, a heart.

“Do you accept Kisenth? With this you’ll be my daughter as much as my One’s. Do you accept the pain of life will have to be with your mate again?” He asked.

“Wait!” A voice called out and Bella turned to the new voice and blinked. Durin the Deathless stood before her, them.

“Durin.” She chuckled out as he wheezed.

“The Arkenstone… You must destroy it! And the rings, the Dwarven ring of power and the One ring.” He gasped out, causing the two valar to share a look. “I received a vision from Lord Irmo, please my old friend breathe your flames upon the stone and take that evil from my kin.”

“Then it shall be done Bâhaê’ugmul.” She whispered before standing and stepping away from her Lord and Lady. “I am ready; I freely accept the pain and this gift. I will stand by my oath to Eru and protect Arda.”

“No my child, it is time to rest, be happy… you are free of your oath.” Yavanna stated firmly.

“I will still help if they need me, if you call.” Kisenth replied softly before nodding towards Mahal, showing him she was ready.

Mahal smiled. “Good, but first let me fix these braids of yours.”

Bella laughed and turned around for him, kneeling as she did so and closed her eyes as the familiar movement caused her chest and soul to ache. She felt him weave her hair together, fixing the ones Fíli had done for her in Laketown and then she felt him add another but now was not the time to dwell on that.

Yavanna smiled as she brushed back the hair from Kisenth’s face. “You must tell Bilbo he must choose, he will know and you will know.”

“Rise my daughter, let this be done and you can return home.” Mahal and Yavanna stated together, her body complying with their demands.

Aulë held out his palm with the ruby heart, gesturing for her to place the hearthstones in it. She hesitated for a second before nodding, cutting open her hand and bathing the stones in her blood before pushing them into the ruby heart, jerking in surprise when Mahal and Yavanna added their own blood.

When they felt the heartbeat beneath their palms did they remove them. “Now or never.” Kisenth whispered, bidding her lord and lady goodbye before screaming out as she pushed her heart in the gaping wound of her chest.

She felt the whole world around her tilt and drop out from below her feet as she screamed and screamed, she could feel life flow through her veins once more, scorching her very being and oh goddess how she wished to never experience this life again. When the pain finally stopped, her eyes snapped open to darkness.

It wasn’t darkness of death or power; no it was darkness of stone. }}Laas Nah Nir.{{ She breathed out and blinked as the only signs of life were far up above her and in clusters.

Where on earth was she? Oh… the last vision of her life on Arda was seeing the breath of her mate as she shoved her heart into his chest before collapsing and waking up in Yavanna’s garden; of course they would cast her back to stone.

“Well…” She rasped before pushing her hands upon the tombs lid and pushing it. Orange light flickered through the crack; giving her enough light to see that she was indeed in a tomb, a coffin of jaded marble and precious ores.

A grunt escaped her lips as she pushed the rest of the stone off and pulled herself up to the edge, her body aching in a way she hadn’t felt in a very long time before stretching out her wings. It was then when she looked down upon herself did she realise what she was wearing, a deep blue gown with flowing sleeves and silver clasped belt with embodiments of those she held dear and her accomplishments.

Her blades rested haphazardly by her side from where they tumbled when she first moved. Her eyes scanned the rest of the tomb and she was equally surprised and relieved to see that though she was in the family tombs of Durin, her mate or his kin had not returned to stone with her.

“How is this possible?” A voice gasped out causing Bella to jerk her head up and smile at the star-haired dwarf.

“Blessing… Hello Nori.” She rasped out her greeting before chuckling as the dwarf in question promptly fainted.

When Nori came too he was confused as to why he was surrounded by warmth, for the last thing he remembered was the cold and why his head was resting on something soft when he indeed remembered the impact of his body on the stone. Yet, Nori for the life of him couldn’t remember why he was rendered unconscious.

“Are you going to pass out upon me again Nori?” Bella asked in an amused rasp, causing the thief’s eyes to snap open and stare into the deep flaming red, violet and melted gold eyes of Isabella.

“Are you real or am I dreamin’?” He asked out in a slur trying desperately to wake up and gather his wits.

“Real.” She replied, giving him a soft smile before lifting her wings up and out.

He just stared at her before sitting up and turning to face this illusion. But as his eyes scanned the darkness he took in everything, the fact that the tomb was disturbed when he knew that the lid had been closed for near a month now and no other beyond the company came down here and none would desecrate the grave. He saw the wings shift and the wounds that never healed were now scarred flesh and cracked scales, so he asked. “How?”

“Water?” She asked softly, causing him to curse and pull out his waterskin, a habit that he had kept since the end of the battle.

Bella took the waterskin with a smile of thanks before taking a sip, sighing as the cool liquid glided down her parched throat and eased the aches that still lingered before handing it back. “I am the daughter of Yavanna, Nori; it was the power of my Lord and Lady along with the lives of my unborn Kin that I now live. But that can be explained in full later, for now I need to see my mate… he… he still lives yes?”

Nori looked down in shame as he replied. “Fíli has not spoken for near a month since we entombed you; he barely eats and sleeps due to his grief and nightmares. No celebration was held for winning the battle for you had died and it was you who won it for us. He cannot fade, for you gave him your heart… he feels you, so he lives but he lives a shadow of himself.”

A keening sound escaped Bella’s lips. “Then I must see him immediately, take me to him Nori!” She demanded standing, her whole frame wobbling as she tried to get her bearings straight. Nori quickly rushed to her side and steadied her, his hands grasping her arm to keep her up. “Thank you, a little help is all I need.”

From thence they moved without word or sound as they made their way from the very depths of the tombs towards the loud sounds of life. Erebor was in the stages of returning to the great city it once was, that was what Isabella could tell as she gazed at the working Dwarrow’s who had suddenly become still as they caught sight of her.

She ignored the whispers of gossip around her as she and Nori slowly navigated the stone halls, coming to a complete stop as they came face to face with Glóin who was staring with wide eyes and pale skin.

“Please don’t pass out on me too.” She pleaded teasingly before suddenly she found herself with another lending hand of aid as he dropped his tools and rushed to her other side. It was a slow walk to the Royal Quarters and by the time they reached the hall half the company had joined them.

“Kíli stays with Fíli all day; Thorin is with Balin, Bilbo and Dwalin it is why they are not here.” Ori supplied for her as he saw her confused stare before coming to a sudden stop as one of the doors opened and out stepped a dwarrowdam, her eyes locking onto everyone and widening.

“How?” The unfamiliar Dam asked to the Dwarrow’s around her. But Bella did not hear the words, her ears were tuned to the occupants in the room, she could hear the beating hearts and slight hitch in breath.

The Dwarrow’s froze as they watched the wings fold and disappear as Isabella seemed to glide across the stone, their eyes firmly locked on the braids in her hair, specifically the one that ran down her back in a thick and multiple braids braid with the sigil of Mahal on the clasp at the end.

Kíli looked up slowly and away from his brother who wept into his hands, his eyes widening as he took in the figure at the door. His heart sped up in surprise and hope as his sister walked into the room, her eyes only for Fíli.

It was a heartbreaking sight, one that made her collapse to her knees before her mate, her hands curling around his wrists as he cried and gently pulled them from his face. }}Dreh ni luvmah dii lokaal.{{ (Do not cry my love)

It was the soft syllables of her voice that caused his head to shoot up; his vision blurry from the tears but there was no mistaking the voice or the warmth that radiated from the touch. Before him was his One, alive and well.

“Enth?” He asked hopeful, blinking away the lingering tears for his vision to clear, her face coming closer to his.

“I am here my love, cry no more.” She replied, letting one wrist go and brushing the tears away from his cheek before leaning forward and pressing her forehead to his. He wanted to be angry and to scream at her, but he could not find words as he rested his hand upon her chest where the scar now rested and could feel the thumping heart beneath his palm. Though he could also sense the ruby stone that lay beneath his palm as well– that he wondered at.

Ghivashel? You’re real, this is not a dream?” Fíli breathed out hopeful, his heart picking up as his One gives him a soft smile.

Hes Kulaan, dii vahzah hil (Sweet Prince, my true heart). This is not a dream; Mahal and Yavanna have blessed me with another life.” She explained, pressing his hand firmly against her chest where her beating heart lies. “Mahal had carved me a ruby heart and both my Lady and my Lord along with the power of my unborn kin gave life. I awoke in my tomb.”

“I should not have left you alone!” Fíli choked out, collapsing heavily against her.

“No Fíli, do not blame yourself for you did not know, I did not know.” She soothed, giving the others in the doorway a look before turning back to her husband. “It was selfish of me to leave you walking this plain alone, with my heart beating in your chest, but I could not walk this earth if I knew I could save you and did not.”

The Arkenstone… You must destroy it! And the rings, the Dwarven ring of power and the One ring… Durin’s voice echoed through her mind, causing her eyes to snap to Thorin’s who now stood in front of everyone.

“The Arkenstone?” She rumbled out her question, pulling back from Fíli and stood, pulling her Mate closer to her side as he was unwilling to let go.

Thorin frowned and the others tensed, she was not awake for the gold madness or the lead up before the war. “It is locked away.”

“I need it and the ring you wear, Durin III’s ring.” She explained seriously, her eyes flicking to Bilbo as he fidgeted with something in his pocket; a something she knew was the ring of power. It surprised her that he could use it, hold it and not let the darkness corrupt him but it will be he who will have to fly with her to Mount Doom as not even her own fire could destroy the ring of power. But she was surprised she could not sense it as she should have.

“Why? Why do you need two heirlooms of my family?” The Dam asked sharply, it was then that Bella could see who exactly the Dam was. Lady Dís, daughter of Thráin, mother of her Mate.

“Deathless told me to destroy them for the Arkenstone is cursed and the ring is one of the Dwarven rings of power. He asked me to destroy them, to rid his kin of its evil.” She explained sharply, a rumbling growl escaping her lips. “It is an oath I will not break to my old friend, so I will do the duty I was asked to do for I swore it in front of my maker and yours.”

“How do I know you speak the truth Salkhûna? You could be deceiving us; you could have my son under a spell!Dís hissed out causing the Dwarrow’s around to tense and try to stop her from speaking out. Fíli shifted but let go instantly as Isa tensed and stepped forward, her frame towering over Dís.

“I am not a Morgoth twisted snake! I am a dovah-vuldiik!” Isa snarled; smoke rising from her mouth.

“Dís I would advise you to not say any more.” Thorin tried to warn his sister.

Amad…” Kíli whispered as he shifted his gaze between his sister and his mother.

“I am old dwarf much older than this earth. I am one of the most powerful beings in this room but I am the creation of Yavanna. My name strikes fear in the darkness and hope in the light, I am Kisenth Protector of the Weak.” She snarled out, snapping her teeth down to the shaken dwarrowdam. “Fíli is my mate, my other half to my soul…MY HUSBAND! I gave him my whole heart so he could live and I took his death… so do not accuse me of holding him under a spell.”

The dragon roar that left her lips echoed through the whole mountain striking fear into everyone’s heart, but they knew it was no threat due to the whispers of the Dragon who had been carried from the tombs alive and well. The room shook with the force before Fíli jerked forward and caught his One as she collapsed her breathing harsh.

Amad… I just got her back and you wish to accuse her of such things? She was the reason I, Kíli and Thorin still live. She is the reason Erebor is now our home once again and that the worm is dead. She wears Mahal’s braid in her hair and carries the mark of our maker and you still accuse her of being like Smaug?” Fíli scolded his mother, turning to his One when his mother simply frowned and turned her head down ashamed.

“I am still weary, my power has not yet returned and I worry I will need to remaster them once again. Darilth and Apophis gave me their children’s heart-stones for Mahal and Yavanna to give me power – life – once more.” Kisenth breathed out, curling up against her mate as he joined her on the floor. “I need the ring Thorin.”


Thorin twisted the ring from his finger albeit reluctantly his whole form sagging as soon as the warmed metal slipped from his fingertips into Isabella’s waiting palm. The constant nagging call of the precious ore and gems disappeared immediately; it soothed him and pained his very soul that the reason why his line had fallen to dragon sickness was because of that ring.

“My love you need to move.” Kisenth whispered to her chosen before sighing when he simply shook his head. “Then be clear of my face.” She sighed.

Like back in Rivendell she shifted her face and the organs within her, hoping to Eru that her flames and powers were easy to control. Her power resided within her mate’s chest and she had acquired those of her unborn kin and with that came raw power yet to be mastered.

The Company and Dís watched amazed as Isabella held the ring up in her open hand and breathed, fire spewing from her lips and around her hand. When she stopped the ring and stone was no more but a puddle, her hand collapsing and the liquid cooling on the floor as she slumped over.

“Óin!” Fíli called as her eyes fluttered close, his heart clenching in fear that she was going to die once more.

“M’fine, need sleep.” Bella slurred before jerking when she felt her Mate lift her up and move. She felt him lay her down upon the soft bed and crawled in beside her, pleading softly into her ear to wake up.

Thorin turned to Dwalin, “Send word to Rivendell, Lothlórien and Mirkwood, I swore that if something would to happen, I would send word to Glorfindel the Balrog Slayer. Send a raven to Beorn as well, make sure he knows. Dori, you will need to prepare some rooms it seems our halls will be filled with elves once more when news of her awakening reaches them.”

Dwalin and Dori nodded before quickly doing what their King asked of them. Thorin cast everyone else a look and instantly they were gone, albeit reluctantly, the only ones who stayed beside himself were Dís and Kíli.

“When Fíli and Isabella wake you will need to apologise Dís.” Thorin explained softly to his sister. “What possessed you to even ask those questions when everyone in the company including me and Kíli told you all she has done for us. Yes, we didn’t know she was a dragon but that should not matter for she has stated and proven over and over again that she is not like Smaug.”

“She hurt my baby, when I came at Balin’s word because Fíli was… when I saw him he was… he was so broken Thorin. He just broke before me and that stuck… but now… I will apologise.” She finished and truthfully.

She just could remember the way Fíli screamed and cried, utterly breaking before her before shutting down. It reminded her of when she had lost Víli. She felt so helpless that she could not ease her baby’s pain, could not comfort him. “Is this how you felt when Víli died?”

“I’ll stay here.” Kíli whispered as Thorin cast him a look.

Thorin gave his nephew a thankful nod before leading his sister from the room and into her own chamber just down the hall. “Yes, it was. I felt so helpless because you just broke before me and shut down, you ignored me and you ignored your sons. This is a blessing Dís, get to know her, just watch how she is around Fíli and you will see all that we do.”

With that he kissed the crown of her head and left for his own chamber, his hand rubbing the spot where the ring once sat, feeling lighter than he did mere moments before. Tomorrow was a new day and hope bloomed within his chest as he felt life wash around him, Isabella was alive…

Author Note: I seriously have to wear a raincoat when reading my mail now along with chainmail from attacks. I would never kill her off permanently lol. Still got a lot more to go, liiiiiike destroying the ring.




9 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty-Seven – Blessing of the Valar

  1. i cried tears of joy! i love you for not killing her off! the last chapters have all been sad and I’ve needed to go to the store for new tissue boxes which i will need to do so again. but worry not it is for happy tears. i cannot wait to read what happens next truly excited.

  2. Thank you for bringing her back let them have a celebration of Welcome her back to life please let them be with them have a happy ending

  3. Have enjoyed re-reading this chapter along with the others for, I think the 5th time ;), and I am still in love with this story. Along with Braveheart and The Unexpected, this story is 1 of my all time favorite Hobbitverse stories. Hoping against all hope for more updates =^..^= but will be patient until you get the chance to update. 🙂 Until them I will just re-read them again. lol.

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