Chapter Twenty-Six – Farewells

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the Elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: *angry mutters*

Third POV

The brothers Ri sat in what once was their home – For Dori and Nori – at least in quite. Neither of the brothers could say a word nor speak their grief verbally as they stitched the final patterns on the silver and Durin blue dress.

They had painstakingly made their friend, someone they could consider a Namad, her funeral dress. Each member of the company had been tasked to make something for Isabella to be buried in, The Ur’s designed her tomb, the Ri’s of course got her dress, the Fundin and In brothers had carved the jewels for the tomb with a devotion and love that Fíli and Kíli could not bear to do.

No one knew what the three royals had designed to lay with her in eternal rest.

Dís fiddled with the ring on her right hand, it was her mothers and the only thing she had left after the fall of Erebor. It was the only thing that they refused to sell and Dís was thankful for it but now, now it brought no comfort as she gazed at her two sons on the far side of the tent.

Erebor had been clean and ready for them but they did not wish to move yet, did not want to disturb the shroud behind them as they worked in sync to finish their token. After all tomorrow would be the day they lay the saviour to rest and Dís did not want to think of it.

“The men and elves have agreed to stand guard as we take her to the mountain.” Thorin supplied as he stepped into the tent. “They too wish to share their respect.”

Fíli lifted his head in acknowledgment but dared not say a word for he could not, he knew that if he made a sound now then he would free the cries that wished to escape and now was not the time to grieve; he must finish the engravings on the belt that his One would be buried with.

“The Ri’s have finished the dress, would you like for us to wash and dress her of yourself?” Thorin asked again and waited for Fíli to answer him, it had been a week since they had heard him speak from the month after Glorfindel’s arrival.

Kíli cast a look towards his brother and saw the sad frown before turning towards his amad and uncle. “He wishes to do it, if you can get everything ready and bring it here then that would be helpful.”

That was another thing that shocked everyone, Kíli – though still innocent in his ways – acted more like the adult they had hoped him to be long before. He still smiled and laughed but no longer did he shirk his responsibilities and cared for Fíli, made sure that the eldest prince was fed and rested, though little did that help.

Thorin nodded and cast his sister a look, gesturing for her to follow him. “We will gather a washbasin and combs as well.”

The two Durin siblings left the younger ones in the tent and made their way towards the tent that the company were waiting in. They weren’t surprised to see Beorn, Glorfindel, Erestor as they had been lingering till they farewelled Isabella but it was surprising to see Gandalf and Radagast.

“He wishes to ready her himself just as we figured, it is good to see you again Tharkûn.” Thorin greeted as the tent flap closed behind him and Dís.

Gandalf sighed deeply it seemed he had aged even more so. “I wish it was under better circumstances. Near all the leaders of the free people who know of Kisenth will be coming tomorrow to say farewell. How is Fíli?”

“My son has not spoken for a week now, he is but half of who he used to be. It takes Kíli forcing his brother to sleep and eat so he can function; it is because of her that he is suffering, he was better off dead.” No one could miss the disdain in Dís’s voice, everyone knew of her anger towards their fallen sister.

Maybe not everyone, Glorfindel shot to his feet and drew his sword, pointing it towards Dís’s throat in fury. The company reacted instantly, Thorin placing his hand upon his sister’s shoulder while Erestor grasped his chosen.

“I suggest you re-think your words dwarf, my sister has lived before your creator made you, she has walked this realm with no warmth of love and after the fall of her people she has suffered the duty of living. It is because of your son that she lived and it is because of your son that she is dead, she had saved the life of both your sons and your brother and yet you hate her. Would you prefer she be alive and your family dead or would you hate her because she did not save them when she could?” He asked barely above a whisper but it seemed to crack across the tight space and made the air spark.

Thorin gave the elf a nod before pulling his sister back. “We have talked about this Dís, now go to the mountain, we will deal with everything here.”

“Fine.” She gritted out before storming from the tent, causing many of the members to sigh in relief.

“I am sorry Glorfindel, she was not with us, she does not know Isabella and all she can see is the pieces of her One crumbling before her.” Thorin explained tiredly while collapsing into the chair.

Glorfindel sighed and sheathed his sword once more before flopping back down in the seat he had just vacated. “I’m sorry but Enth is… was my saviour, if it wasn’t for her and Erestor I would not have lived after my reawakening. She grounded me, showed me that even though I have lost all there is, I still had hope. I get very defensive when people hate her for her hard decisions.”

“You must understand that Enth giving you, Kíli and Fíli her hearts was something that comes with a lot of consequences and mainly at her expense. You carry her sister’s heart, a heart she has held since the second age and if she had not died she would have to live with that loss and come time when you resent her.” Erestor explained softly his eyes flickering to the dwarf king and then to the others. The only ones who knew the extent of life and age was Elves and the Istari, even Beorn.

Balin frowned. “Resent her?”

“We would never resent her.” Thorin supplied causing Gandalf to sigh.

“Thorin I have explained this, you have the same lifespan as an elf, as Beorn, as me… a Dragon’s Life. You will have to watch all those you love, including children to grow old and die. You will see all that is to come to pass and heal just as quick by any blow. You have been dragon cursed, the life expectancy and durability as one. You would have come to resent her as others of the past who has been blessed to their chosen’s.” Gandalf explained calmly. “You are no longer mortal.”

It began to dawn on Thorin at that and his eyes scanned his cousins, his friends and it was then he understood. He would not pass on, he would live forever to see the world change with Kíli and Fíli at his side, he would not see his kin again because Isabella saved him. His eyes closed softly and a sigh escaped his lips. “Then so be it. When times we will deal with it but now we have to gather the things for Fíli to ready his wife, tomorrow will be a long day and we must prepare to say goodbye.”

“I’ll take the dress to Fíli.” Nori offered softly, he was another that surprised the others but as some pointed out it was Nori who had gotten close to the lass first.

The thief’s thumbs brushed over the soft material and beadwork as he made his way towards the tent, he had tried his best to ignore it, to not see his friend. Isabella was one who had never judged him, who treated him equal and shared her gifts with him. He knew from Glorfindel that it was an honour to use the Dragon’s voice, once blessed with it by one. No one but him or those blessed with it could use it, as such Glorfindel could only use the one she gave him.

When he stepped into the tent his eyes instantly went to Isabella, his heart clenching and hands crinkling the dress.

“Nori?” Kíli called concerned as he saw the grief upon their normally silent and stoic thief, it was not like Nori to show displays of emotion.

Shaking his head free of his thoughts, Nori turned his attention back to Kíli. “I chose to bring the dress for Isabella.”

Kíli cast a look to his brother and back before moving forward and taking the dress from Nori’s hands, his eyes sad as he fingered the silver beading. “She would have loved it, thank you Nori.”

Fíli ignored the conversation behind him as he began to finish the last of the engravings for his One’s belt. It was his sigil with a dragon wrapped around it while the one next to it was Kíli’s with the same and below it was Erebor. The rest had her deeds on them from the quest and the familiar sigils of the others. The one at the very end of the belt though was a blessing of Yavanna and Mahal in her kind’s hand.

“It’s done?” Kíli asked his brother softly as he moved to his brothers side once more.

“Yes.” Fíli breathed out, his voice hoarse from disuse. “Is it time then?”

“Everything to get her ready is here and waiting for you Nadad. Rest tonight, tomorrow… tomorrow we say goodbye.” Kíli whispered sadly, trying to hold back the croak and sadness in his voice.

The golden haired prince nodded his thanks and watched as Kíli took his leave before turning to where the dress, water basin, combs and cloths rested. He fingered the bottle of liquid with a frown and pulled out the cork, blinking when the familiar scent of his mate invaded his senses. It was the soap she had used at Beorn’s.

With a heavy heart Fíli lifted one of the cloths up and dipped it into the cool water before wringing it, his eyes shifted to his wife and with a sad sigh he began to tenderly clean her skin. He did this nearly daily but this time he took his time to make sure there was no dirt and dust from the day, that her hair shined from the soap and… and for a moment to allow himself that she was just sleeping, but his eyes would always catch the unhealed wounds and that fantasy shattered.

“I miss you.” He breathed out softly as he ran his hands through her now damp hair, his forehead pressing onto hers. “I miss your voice, your smile and warmth… I love you.”

A deep sigh escaped his lips as he willed his tears not to spill before pulling back and began to brush and braid his wife’s hair, his fingers fumbling with the courting and marriage bead. His eyes slipped shut and cast a look over to the dress before coming to a decision, he knew Kíli was outside and he knew that he needed help.

“Kíli?” He called, blinking when his brother suddenly appeared before him. “Can you get Glorfindel?”

Kíli’s brows rose in surprise but nodded his head and turned to leave the tent once more, his feet carried him towards the tent that the company shared between the Dwarven and Elf camps and sighed in relief when he saw that Glorfindel was there for a change.

“Fíli has requested you.” He stated, watching as the Balrog Slayer’s head snap up in surprise. “I don’t know why but he asked for you.”

“Then let’s not keep him waiting.” Glorfindel replied before abandoning his work and strode towards the tent that held his sister. No one stopped them or even looked their way now and Glorfindel was thankful, it took a while but Dwarrow, Elf and Man did not stop and gawk at the site of him.

When he entered the tent his eyes softened as he saw Fíli bent over his sister’s head, his forehead pressed to hers. “You wished to see me?”

“I need help dressing her as I cannot lift and dress her at the same time, if you and Kíli can help me then I will be thankful.” The words were muffled but both Glorfindel and Kíli heard and were touched.

“Of course we will help Nadad.” Kíli replied instantly and softly, his eyes flicking up to the elf beside him.

Glorfindel nodded even though the prince could not see it before clearing his throat. }}It will be an honour to help you Zeymahv.{{

Fíli lifted his head at the soft sounds of his wife’s language and nodded before standing back and gathering the dress, it was finely made and fit for a queen, his heart clenched and eyes squeezed shut for a second before he made his way back to his wife.

What he began to unfold the dress, Kíli and Glorfindel lifted Kisenth into a sitting position, their eyes firmly locked on each other to give their sister privacy even in death as Fíli removed the shroud and the simple shift beneath. It did not take long until the dress was pulled down and fitted snugly to her frame, they did not move until Fíli turned and clasped his gift around her waist, laying it gently down her front.


“Her swords?” Glorfindel asked as he and Kíli slowly lowered their sister back down upon her death bed.

“There.” Fíli replied, pointing to the bundle in the corner. Glorfindel nodded and made his way towards them, picking them up and then moving them to their rightful place. Kisenth was never separated from all that was left of her brother and his mate; even in death she would want them with her.

“Get some rest Zeymahv, you’ll need all your strength for tomorrow.” The elf stated softly, placing a hand on the princes shoulder in comfort before leaving to find his own Chosen to battle the grief.


When morning came it was with a heavy silence in the air, a sense of grief and finality of the situation. The company was all gathered in front of Fíli’s tent dressed in their armour; beyond them were the Elf lords, Beorn and the two Istari.

When Fíli stepped out from the tent all who saw him inhaled sharply at the shattered look upon the Princes face. Thorin stepped forward and gave his sister-son a hug, tapping his forehead softly with Fíli’s before turning to face the crowd. The camps had been dismantled and cleared before dawn rose so that every Man, Dwarf and Elf could make an isle that lead to the mountain.

“Today is a sad day, it is the day we say goodbye to Lady Isabella.” Thorin spoke, his voice carrying across the wind. “We say goodbye to a Wife, Sister, Friend and Hero.”

As one Glorfindel, Erestor, Kíli and Dwalin moved into the tent and came back out carrying Kisenth on the stretcher. She looked peaceful, her face serene that it looked to be as if she was asleep but all knew she was not. Thorin, Dís and Fíli lead the march forward while the Elf Lords, Wizards, Beorn and Bard followed behind with the rest of the company.

Bilbo stepped up to Thorin’s side and the King could not be more thankful to the hobbit in offering his support. It had been Bilbo who made sure that the company were fed and that Thorin himself didn’t break down at the state of his sister-son.

The crowd, the people who were saying farewell muttered prayers as they passed or threw a flower upon Kisenth. Near everyone they passed had tears in their eyes or upon their cheeks. Several times Dís and Thorin had to steady Fíli as they heard his breath hitch and a sob lodge itself in his throat, they worried when he seemed to close off from them.

“Oh Mother Yavanna do you hear our voice,
Do you hear our pleas?
Another child of yours has fallen
And now we all grieve…”

Fíli sang softly as they grew closer to the mountain. Thorin, Galadriel, Glorfindel and Kíli jerked. It was Glorfindel who took up the next chorus, joining Fíli in the song he had heard many of times.

“Mother Yavanna, of all things green
Do you hear our voice?
Do you hear our pleas?
Kisenth our sister, our friend and wife fell
And now we all grieve.

Come to our call Mother
Come take her to the Garden
For war has felled our sister
And she has earned her peace
Please Mother, hear our pleas.”

People who heard began to hum, following the rhythm of the song in sadness, adding music to the prayer song. It was soft, the elves voices adding a light sound while the Dwarrow’s hums added a rumbling, all in all it sounded like wind rustling through the leaves near a rumbling brook.

“Father Mahal, we call upon you

Our sister Kisenth, she now rests with you

Greet her kindly, treat her fair

For she has saved us all

And has suffered unfair.”

Thorin’s voice was deep as it usually was, it reminded Bilbo of the night back in his smial when they – he had sung of home. Now instead of home he sung for, he sung for Isabella, the emotion of longing and sadness turning into grief.

“Mahal our creator, father to all
Protect her in your great halls
Let our kin greet her and welcome her
Show her Dwarven fare
Let her rest well and freely
Till we all meet her there

Please Father, the great creator
Hear our pleas and our grief
Treat her with kindness, ale and meats
Let her know we all miss her
And wish she were still here”

The company sung as one with their King, asking their Maker to take care of their friend, their sister. It was the least they could do as they walked down the narrow path that lead to the tombs, those that had yet to see her tomb were surprised as they took in the solitary room and the lone marble slab before them.

It truly was a work of art, a coffin of jaded marble and precious ores.

“But she must rest now,

Her pain no more

Farewell our sister, our friend and wife

Farewell Kisenth our sister of Flight.”

Everyone watched as Kisenth was lowered into her tomb carefully while two of the company secured the lid and hiding Kisenth from view forever. The sound of stone scraping seemed to be the very thing that made everything final and a white noise settled over Fíli while his uncle gave a speech.

He felt hollow, the gaping wound in his chest weeping with agony and loss. Yet, yet he could still feel her presence with every beat of her freely given heart and it broke Fíli with every pump. There would be no more dreaming that she was merely asleep and no more lies to tell himself, she was gone.


Fíli heard his name being called as he fell to his knees, a scream echoing over the roar in his ears.



He let the darkness take him.

Author Note: This chapter has been so hard; writing angst when you’re not in an angsty mood is hard. But here you go! ALSO Holy crap Dragon Heart won 3rd place in the Fanatic Fanfic Multi Awards for Favourite Undiscovered Fic, thank you to those who voted.




7 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty-Six – Farewells

  1. it still makes me cry knowing she is dead and never coming back. i really wish she would come back. if anything they deserve their happiness. its killing me that they won’t get to be happy together. still a wonderful chapter very well written, still very sad and heartbreaking tho.

  2. While it was a very heartbreaking chapter it was a very well written one. I am hoping that there is still a miracle in the making for poor Fili though, because he does deserve he hea 😉 they all do after all this. Hope to have another update soon 🙂

  3. I had tears when I read this I hope there’s a miracle and Bella comes back so they can have a happy ending please bring Bella back

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