Chapter Twenty-Three – Prelude to War

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the Elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: Uh, I am so sorry for the delay…

Third POV

When Fíli woke it was in a jolt, his breath hitched and heart racing, a sense of doom settling in the pit of his stomach.

“Fee? Are you alright Nadad?” Kíli asked softly, concerned as he saw his brothers ashen face.

Fíli waved Kíli’s concern away as he began to get up and move to his wife’s side. She was hotter today and they’ll need to change her bandages and poultices, he wasn’t sure if she could get infections or not but this wasn’t a normal creature but one of evil.

“The lass is strong.” Bofur murmured from his spot at the window. “She moved slightly last night, closer to you but not much.”

A sigh of relief escaped from his lips, tension he hadn’t realised he had letting go. But still the knot of dread, doom, stayed settled in the pit of his stomach only churning as he glanced at the mountain.

“We’ll need to keep her away from the treasury, who knows what that worm did to the gold, we better not risk it.” Óin muttered as he began to check the wounds, a frown on his face. “We need to leave immediately; there will be more herbs clean bandages and water.”

“Kíli, we need to move.” Fíli called out to his brother while hauling on the pack and grasping the makeshift wood that was used as the rails. “Now.”

Kíli, Óin and Bofur quickly gathered their things and lifted Isa into the air.

Bilbo roamed the vast halls of Erebor, anything to get away from Thorin and the others. They did not seem like themselves, Thorin most of all. He had been searching non-stop for the blasted shiny rock and left all open. There were more things to be done than dig and dig, Bilbo could see they were tired and starving.

Not only that, none seemed concerned for the others. Was Isabella okay? Fíli, Kíli? Bofur and Óin? Did they make it out or did one of them die. He had seen Isabella fall and fall, crashing into the burning embers of Laketown, he had seen her get back up and fall once more when Smaug fell. With a harsh sigh he began to wander again, he needed fresh air.

When Fíli, Kíli, Óin and Bofur got to the gates of Erebor they stopped and stared in concern at the gaping gates. Kíli and Fíli shared a look that said something was wrong; the doors should have been the first to be fixed or even have someone waiting to see if they lived.

“Hello! Bombur? Bifur? Anybody?” Bofur yelled, fear gripping his heart as they marched carefully over the fallen debris to get inside. Each of them called out while Óin navigated them through the hallways.

Erebor was vast and hollow, broken rocks and a husk of what it used to be. Decaying woodwork and cloth, bones scattered here and there that made the four of them uneasy. Where were the rest of the company? Did they even survive? They called once again, the princes staying silent while Bofur and Óin called out for their kin.

Bilbo at hearing the voices panicked. No, he wouldn’t allow the four Dwarrow seep to the same sickness that the others are following. “WAIT! WAIT!”

“It’s Bilbo! He’s alive!” Óin yelled relieved as he and the others came to a halt just in time for Bilbo to catch them.

“Stop! Stop! Stop! You need to leave. We all need to leave.” Bilbo gasped out urgently, trying to catch his breath.

Bofur stared at him confused. “We only just got here?!”

“We can’t leave; Isa needs clean water, bandages and more medicine.” Kíli explained since his brother was stoic faced. “What has happened Bilbo, can you tell us where the others are and where we can go to see them?”

Bilbo nodded and then cringed back, his pale face growing paler as he stared at the jagged wounds peeking out from the make shift bandages. This was worse, worse than he hoped but better then death. His heart dropped as he realised then that she wasn’t going to wake and it was up to him to break Thorin free from the madness.

“Come this way, quick. The others found a storage room away from the treasury when… before everything.” He explained, gesturing for them to follow and hurry, leading them the way he memorised that was the longest and furthest route away from the golden thrall of gold.

“What’s happened? Before what?” Kíli demanded, worry now churning in his chest.

“I have tried talking to him, but he won’t listen.” The fear and desperation made the Dwarrow uneasy. “Thorin. Thorin. He’s been out there for days looking for that blasted stone. He doesn’t sleep. He barely eats. He’s not been himself – not at all. It’s this – It’s this place. I think a sickness lies on it.” He tried to stress, tried to explain.

Sickness, this is the word that caught Fíli’s attention the most and he knew the curse upon his bloodline had struck again. A deep sigh escaped his lips as he looked down at his wife, glad that they had decided not to take her near the gold.

“It is as I feared then; Thorin has fallen to Thrór’s madness. Amad warned me before we left when Kíli was asleep.” He explained pained, wincing when Kíli shot him a look. “What else has happened?”

“Fíli! Kíli! BOFUR! ÓIN!” Ori’s voice called out cheerfully and soon the company, those that were not in the treasury were rushing towards them, halting when they saw the body they carried.

Nori swallowed. “Is she?” He didn’t want to know, he really didn’t.

“She’s alive, but we need medicine, fresh water and bandages.” Óin explained in a rush while the others began to scatter and clean the table for the four to lay her on.

“Someone needs to explain to me what has happened and what has been done.” Fíli demanded as he moved to stand at his wife’s head, eyes landing on Balin.

“Before Thorin went… mad… he sent a raven summoning Dain. He was informed by the ravens the humans intend to come here with an Elven Army at their backs.” Balin began to explain before settling his eyes on Isabella. “It’s best he never leaves the treasury, he threatened to hurt Bilbo and accused Isabella herself for stealing the Arkenstone, even though she was not here.”

Each word had Fíli growing angrier and angrier, for now he will tend to his wife and then he will deal with Thorin. A growl left his lips as he thought of the gates and turned towards the Ri brothers and Dwalin. “I need you to go fix the gate, we will need it soon. I gave sanctuary to the Men of Laketown, Tauriel and Legolas had helped them but they left to ride north.”

“And Thorin?” Dwalin asked gruffly, keeping his eyes away from Isabella. Either in shame, anger or something else and modesty, she was still a woman.

“I’ll deal with him later, hopefully.” Fíli muttered in reply.

Kíli turned towards Balin and Dwalin with a scowl. “Take me to Thorin.”

The Fundin brothers hesitated for a second before nodding and began to lead the youngest prince deeper into the mountain to where Thorin was. Kíli didn’t dare take his eyes away from what was before him, he didn’t want to see the empty shell that was to be their home and tarnish the childish views of his dreams. He wanted to see Erebor like what his Amad and Uncle told him, what all the others had told him of its splendour.

His heart stammered and the voice whispered in the back of his mind that the twisted worm’s magic rested over the gold, making the pull to it even stronger. It was a lure, a safety measure that they – the twisted worms – all did. A haze settled over their minds, trapping them in their greed and thrall for gold and then death, they would be eaten.

You will not be affected little raven… My heart will not let you be trapped in this curse; their magic does not work on us.

Kíli felt at eased by the words, before tensing as he stepped into the treasure room. Gold upon more gold, reaching far back as he can see it piled high to one end of the room and swept down, the ground barely visible.

A voice rang out, causing Kíli to tense and the Fundin brothers to cringe as they watched Thorin, a Thorin they didn’t know walk out from a passage way. His voice was wrong, deeper and gravelly than they recalled. “Gold… Gold beyond measure. Beyond sorrow and grief.”

A rage that Kíli hadn’t felt before settled over him as he stood stoic as he stared at the unknown king and watched as he picked up a handful of gold and let it fall through his fingers in a haze. Even when Thorin looked up towards him he could not see his uncle but a stranger, his uncle was never obsessed for gold like this.

“Behold – the great treasure hoard of Thrór.” He welcomed, throwing what was ever in his other hand. Kíli did not catch it, did not move to catch it and it was only Dwalin’s fast reflexes that kept the stone from flying over the young prince. “Welcome, my sister’s son, to the kingdom of EREBOR.”

Kíli did not look back when he turned his back upon the king and left.


That night when only Kíli, Fíli and Nori were left in the room to look after Isa while the others searched did Kíli tell his brother.

“I don’t know who that dwarf is, but it isn’t Thorin. He looked crazed Fíli, he didn’t even care that you weren’t there. He didn’t even yell when I turned my back on him, he just went right back to the gold.” Kíli explained to his brother who was wiping away the grime from his wife’s face and neck.

Fíli didn’t turn to his brother but kept his eyes focused on his wife. “There isn’t anything we can do Kíli. Amad warned me of this sickness, warned me what Thrór was like. Nothing could break the king from his madness.”

“Fíli is right; the only person who could have helped him is lying unconscious on this table.” Nori replied with a tired sigh. “We’ve all tried but one by one we all lose our thoughts for the gold.”

“Fíli you need to come with me.” Balin called from the door, his hands twisting together in nervousness. He left Dwalin and Bilbo in the throne room with Thorin discussing he Arkenstone.

“Why?” He asked plainly, annoyed.

Balin sighed. “I apologise lad but the king is summoning you.”

The company present watched with caution as Fíli jerked up, his back ramrod straight and a twist of fury on his face. He didn’t utter a word as he kissed his wife softly before storming past Balin towards the Throne room. Oh, he knew where his uncle was at all times thanks to Nori and he was furious.

“Thorin, we have searched and searched…” Dwalin growled out.

He was cut off by the king. “Not well enough!”

Dwalin glanced at his brother wearily as they marched into the room. “Thorin, we all would see the stone returned.”

“And yet, it is still not FOUND!” The rage caused three to flinch but Fíli; he just stared at the dwarf before him with a stoic face.

“You called my king?” Fíli gritted out, his eyes staring through him.

“Fíli, it took you long enough to come see me.” Thorin replied unimpressed as he took a seat on the throne once more.

It took all of Fíli’s willpower not to snarl at him, his hands clenching by his side. “I was busy making sure my Wife was tended to…”

Bilbo and the Fundin brothers cringed as they saw the king begin to grow red in the face and they stepped closer to the prince, be it for his protection or the kings.

“That creature does not deserve your attention.” Thorin hissed furiously. “She is nothing but a worm and will steal my gold from me. The Arkenstone must be found and then I can have my armies destroy all that…”

“It is nothing but a rock!” Fíli roared, “A rock you waste time on searching for! The gates were open and our food grows low, my wife lay unconscious and wounded… and all you care about is a rock.”

“It is the King’s Jewel. AM I NOT THE KING?!” Thorin roared, causing Bilbo, Dwalin and Balin to flinch back at the harshness. “And that creature is not your wife, she will be killed first.”

Before anyone could react Fíli attacked His hands curling around Thorin’s hair and throat in a vicious vice. His elbow connecting with Dwalin’s ribs before kicking out his leg and knocking down Balin. A dull roar was all he could hear as he pushed his uncle forward, his head down and marched his struggling form forwards towards his wife.

Wide eyes watched and then followed Fíli who did not look like Fíli and Thorin who was spitting and screaming treason, but could not risk breaking Fíli’s hold as the majority of his hair was curled around the blonde’s fingers.

Kíli jumped to his feet and froze as he saw his brothers’ face and then Thorin. His heart dropped as he moved out of the way and shoved Thorin’s face towards Isabella with a snarl on his lips.

“Look at her, LOOK AT HER! She was nearly KILLED by that worm who took your home. She does not fight now because the last thing she saw was MY FACE, MY HORROR! She died fighting to bring back your HOME not your GOLD! LOOK AT HER! LOOK AT WHAT YOUR GREED HAS DONE!” The words echoed around the room in a shattering boom. No one, not even Kíli had seen Fíli so unhinged, so vicious and even now committing treason for attacking Thorin, insane or not he was still the king.

Thorin stilled, his eyes roaming the body before him, the haze lifting ever so slowly. It was a struggle, the whispers in his head screaming at him that this was what they wanted, ease him and then kill him for his gold.

A roar escaped the king’s lips a mix of insanity and anger, his hands clutching at his head. Fíli let him go and watched with flat eyes as his uncle stormed from the room, the others following after them.


How did it get to this? That was what the majority of the company were thinking when they saw the army of Elves and the Men, the Arkenstone in Bard’s hands. Fíli knew of course, giving a note of what was going on to Bilbo as he caught him trying to leave the gates, but he had hoped beyond hope that this would send his Uncle out of his downward spiral, only it made it worse.

“He will kill you if you come back Bilbo.” Fili whispered as he lowered Bilbo down over the wall.

Green eyes stared up at him with determination. “It doesn’t matter.”

Bilbo regretted many things, many but not this. He would never regret giving the Arkenstone to Bard to barter what was owed to them. Bard understood the second he read the letter that Bilbo gave to him and hid the jewel in his pocket before anyone else saw it.

But now, now he regrets hurting Thorin even though it was necessary. It was not his Thorin anymore, not the Thorin he had shared smiles with, stories and not the Thorin… Bilbo had given his heart to. A war was coming and so he did what he must to protect the ones they love, to make sure that Isabella was not harmed any more than what she has been.

Thorin felt his breath become shallow, his heart beating loudly in his chest as a wave of anger rushed forth at the sight of a Man holding what was rightfully his. He felt his arms lower the bow in his hands as he became enthralled with the gem of his family.

“They have the Arkenstone? How?” Kíli whispered to his brother.

“Thieves! How came you by the heirloom of our house? That stone belongs to the king!” Glóin yelled furious.

“And the king may have it…” Bard stated, tossing the gem up and catching it. “…in our good will.”

Bard put the Arkenstone back into his robe. “But first he must honour his word.”

Rage turned Thorin’s vision red. “They are taking us for fools. This is a ruse, a filthy lie. THE ARKENSTONE IS IN THIS MOUNTAIN! IT IS A TRICK!”

“It is no trick…” Bilbo trailed off, swallowing heavily as the Company, minus the princes, turned to face him with disbelieving betrayed eyes. “I gave it to them. The stone is real, I gave it to them.”

Thorin let out a growl of anger before he turned his steel blue eyes upon the thief, the traitor. Bilbo pushed around the company that blocked him in and made his way bravely towards the King, knowing that he was surly to perish under the wrath of Thorin.

“You.” Thorin breathed out in disbelief. “You would steal from me?”

“Steal from you? No. No. I may be a burglar, but I like to think I’m an honest one. I’m willing to let it stand against my claim. I took it as my fourteenth share.” He explained, never looking up at the King before him, he didn’t want to see the sick dwarf before him, he had to believe that Thorin Oakenshield was still there and not King Under the Mountain.

In a blink of an eye, before anyone could move Thorin had his hand around Bilbo’s neck and had him pressed against the wall. “CURSE YOU! Cursed be the Wizard that forced you on this Company!”

“IF YOU DON’T LIKE MY BURGLAR…” Gandalf’s voice boomed over the others. “Then please don’t damage him. Return him to me! You’re not making a very splendid figure as king under the mountain, are you? Thorin son of Thráin!”

Kíli and Bofur quickly moved forward and pulled Bilbo from their king and towards Fíli who in turn gently pushes Bilbo toward the rope he’d hung the night before to climb down the walls. “Be safe Bilbo, if a war is to truly come then stay hidden, stay safe.”

“I’ll try, be careful as well Fíli, if you were to die or get hurt than nothing in Arda will stop Isabella from her wrath,” Bilbo replied while throwing his coiled rope over the wall. The prince gave him a sad smile as he disappeared, it did not bode well for anyone that smile.

Fíli and Kíli did not stay to hear what was said next, making their way quietly back to Isabella’s side. If there was to be a war then they would like to spend time with her before it started, before Mahal forbid, they get injured or died. Neither of the brothers wanted to leave her, but they would have no choice, as their honour and their status wouldn’t allow them to sit out. All kings and princes must join the battle, must be on the frontlines where it is most dangerous.

They sat with that for a while, until Nori came and told them that Dain had arrived and a battle has begun but Thorin would not allow them to join, they must stay and protect the gold.

“I’d like to be alone with her, go and put your armour on brother.” Fíli muttered to Kíli who didn’t dare protest. When he was finally alone with his wife, he placed his head upon her chest and listened to her heart beat steadily, the only sound that comforted him.

“I need you to wake up soon Uslukhuê kurdu.” (Dragon of my heart) He whispers into her skin. “I need you to hear that I love you, that I don’t care what you are.”

He let one tear spill over before jerking up, a blade at the ready as the door opened, his eyes locking onto Thorin’s. “Get out.”

Thorin’s heart twisted. “Fíli how is she?”

“How does she look, now leave or I will cut the braids from your hair myself.” Fíli snarled furious, the last time he had spoken to his uncle was when he was once again threatening to kill his One.

The King stumbled back in surprise, his eyes flicking from Fíli to his wife and back, snippets of words and memories in a golden haze resurfacing. “I am well again Mim razdith. (Little Sun)”

Fíli narrowed his eyes and stared at his uncle before nodding and lowering the dagger when he saw the truth. Thorin was no longer garbed in cloths and fur, the crown no longer upon his head. “If you threaten to kill my One again because of what she is then you will have no heir and your braids will be mine.”

Thorin’s eyes closed and his shoulders slumped. “I understand and I am sorry Fíli, I truly am.”

“We shall see.” Fíli muttered before placing a kiss upon his Wife’s lips and whispering his love to her before turning to face his uncle, picking up his swords as he did so. “We have a war to win first.”

Author Note: Well, shit… I just wanted this chapter out of the way! So this mess is yours!

Uslukhuê kurdu – Dragon of my heart or My dragon of heart
Mim razdith. – Little Sun = little sun (Oroc.)* that is young/new/fresh (*blaze).




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  1. i know what is to happen next, the battle. i’m just hoping bella wakes before that part of the battle. we don’t need fili dying and especially not kili. i hope she wakes soon. can’t wait till ur next update.

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