Chapter Twenty-Two – Interlude to Erebor

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: Uh, I am so sorry for the delay… There will be a longer AN at the bottom.

Third POV

It took them half an hour to walk back towards where they had their boat, Óin and Bofur had the back while Bard and Kíli took the front of the makeshift stretcher. Fíli had walked at the side, his hand clutching his wife’s tightly.

The people of Laketown had stopped the second they saw them, each bowing their heads in respect. They had heard what Bard’s children had told them, what Bard had told them when he had joined them on the shore. The other dragon was of no risk, being that it was her duty to protect the people of the free race.

“I say we should kill her, before anything twisted latches on.” A slimy voice rang out and Bard had barely enough time to catch the support Kíli was holding as he dropped it and rushed forward.

Fíli clutched the dagger at his hip tightly as he glowered at the bastard who dared to threaten his wife, pride swirling in his chest as he watched his little brother tackle the Man to the ground and hold his own blade to the bastards’ throat.

No one dared to move and helped Alfrid, there was not a soul on Arda and amongst them that cared what happened or will happen to him.

“I dare you to threaten my sister again. It is because of she that you still live your petty excuse of a life.” The words were clear and guttural, a sound the Dwarrow, including Fíli had never head leave Kíli’s throat before. It was usually a tone that Thorin had the same as Dwalin and most definitely Beorn and Isabella.

Alfrid went to say something only to swallow hard as the blade nicked his throat. The dwarf above him was terrifying, eyes near black with rage and a youthful face twisted into a scowl. Kíli narrowed his eyes and shoved the man into the ground harsher before standing up and glaring at the people of Laketown, causing many to shuffle.

“My sister has sacrificed herself to save you all, if she did not intervene with Smaug when she did there would be more of you dead. She married my brother on your lake; she nearly gave her life to protect it. If I or my kin hear more about killing her, you will have no friends among Durin Folk.” With that Kíli turned his back upon the people and strode towards his kin and Bard.

“Well, that sure shocked me.” Bofur stammered out in an awkward laugh.

“Thank you Kee.” Fíli whispered as he brother reached his side, it made him realise that his little babe of a brother had grown up. No longer was he tottering around behind him, his little hands tugging at his coat or even laughing, no Kíli had grown up and Fíli was glad to see it.

A woman that Bard knew to be Ellyn stepped forward, a blanket in hand. “Take this; you will need it to keep her warm.”

“Let us help you get her into the boat.” William, one of his guardsmen offered with his brother and two others. Ones that Bard knew to be honourable and respected in the community, two were widows who had never found another love – like he – who could not find another to live up to their departed.

The Dwarrow watched with wary eyes as the Men lifted Isabella up and towards the boat with Bard. Fíli was the first in, his body at the head of the ship while the Men rested his One out across the boat the best they could with her head in his lap. Kíli, Óin and Bofur climbed on next.

“Take these as well, just in case.” Ellyn explained, handing them the clean bandages from her dress pocket.

Fíli bowed his head to her. “Thank you.”

“Hurry, we will be there when all that can be taken with us is gathered and our sick are tended too. Will you be okay to carry her up the mountain?” Bard asked worried, his eyes flicking from the body that expanded across the boat to the mountain.

“We’ll be fine, thank you Bard. If all goes well then you will have friends in Durin Folk, at least with Kíli and I.” Fíli explained with a frown and brushed her wife’s hair back from her face. “With my wife as well when she wakes, she chose to protect you all at her own cost. She was the last of her kind, the last of the protectors of Arda.”

Bard’s eyes grew solemn as the words finally clicked in his head. “I have heard of her kind and now I feel more shamed than I did before. When she wakes, tell her that I wish to speak with her when able.”

“I will, thank you again Bard Dovahfrey.” Fíli stated with a regal dip of his head in his wife’s tongue, giving the bowman a title of Dragonaid. He knew that the Man didn’t like the title of Dragon Slayer and he knew that his wife would hate the title beyond belief.

He shook his head free of the thoughts and gave the new leader a smile as his men pushed them off the bank. “We’ll row Fee; just make sure she is okay.” Kíli whispered to his brother, earning a thankful glance in return.

Fíli sighed and leant forward, pressing his forehead to his wife’s and frowning. She was still hot, but he knew she could increase her body temperature; this is what would make Óin’s job harder. For Fíli or Óin or anyone else, didn’t know what a dragon’s true temperature was at all.

“Kee?” Fíli called, his eyes flashing to his brother. “You know bits about dragons?”

“I know whatever the whispers tell me, like I know she will be fine but it takes time for wounds inflicted by darkness to heal.” Kíli replied before blinking and frowning confused. “I don’t know, I just seem to know these things now and he’s not always helpful, but I can understand the words you said when you called Bard Dragonaid clearly. Why?”

“I just need to know if she has a fever, her temperature is hotter than I’ve felt it and I am unsure if it’s a dragon thing or fever.” At Fíli’s words Óin frowned and placed his hand on the lasses wrist, she was indeed hotter than before.

Kíli frowned and they stopped rowing, carefully shifting his body to place his hand upon his Namad’s forehead.

She is colder than what we normally would be, we as dragons run hotter than that of the twisted worms. I am unsure little raven if it is because she knows her True-Heart is nearby, instinct or she is ill.

“Her brother cannot answer. She is colder than what they would be; they’re hotter than that of the twisted worms.

Fíli frowned but nodded and placed his hand back in his wife’s hair, when they’re not above water, when he can feel the steady thrum of the earth below his feet then he will fix her braids. Right now his stomach was in knots of the thought that the boat could rock and tip, his unconscious wife drawing in the lake. But he worried for how the others would react to her, he would give up his right to rule and live apart from his kin if they could not accept his One– his wife.

“I am worried for the others.” Fíli supplied after a long tense moment of silence as Kíli and Bofur began to row. “I know they’d be alive, all too stubborn to die but I worry about their reaction to Enth.”

“It’ll be right Lad; they’ll be wary at first but will accept her.” Bofur explained his usually jovial tone now serious. “I and my kin will accept her as she had saved our lives many of times, though the Ur family is loyal to Durin and its line… she too is Durin and has done more than any of us expected. She has helped Bifur and no longer suffers battle dreams; he has peace and has claimed a debt.”

“I follow you brother, always and you know this.” Kíli replied as he put together his brother’s worries. He too would leave with his brother, he didn’t and never should hope for the throne and he’d rather never set foot on Dwarrow land again if it meant he got to be with his brother and sister.

He had never been separated from his brother for more than a day or two and it wasn’t going to happen now.

“I cannot speak for both myself and Glóin as Thorin is our cousin but I will never think poorly of the Lass. I will support you in this and stand before all with a ready axe if many disagree.” Óin replied as he checked the wounds with a frown. There was no change, surprising since he had seen her heal wounds instantly.

“Fíli.” Hearing his name from his One’s lips caused his eyes to snap down, hope blooming in his chest that she was awake but to see that she as still trapped in unconsciousness but though his hope dwindled a little, he felt warm that even in her unconsciousness she still thought of him.

“You’ll find yours one day.” Fíli whispered to Kíli as he looked up into the dark longing eyes of his brother.

“I know this, I will be blessed if my One loved me even a fraction of what Isa holds for you.” Kíli replied earnestly and it was then again that Fíli saw how grown his brother had become.

Bofur chuckled. “I agree Kíli, her love for you Fíli eclipse all the stories I know. You’d be the most envious dwarf in history, a Dragon for a wife who loves you above all, who has seen Mahal himself and was made by Yavanna.”

“Fíli Dragon-Heart.” Kíli chuckled grinning boyishly as Fíli cast him a scowl.

“Get to rowing you annoying burr.” Fíli muttered back with a slight grin before focusing his attention back to his wife, softly caressing her face with his free hand.


When they finally got to the edge of the shore, it took all four of them to lift Isa out of the boat, nearly dropping her as Óin slipped on the loose rocky sand. It had taken them a good solid day and more after that, walking from the bottom of Long Lake to the ruins of Dale, where they finally rested.

“I’m glad she is not awake now.” Fíli whispered as they walked through Smaug’s desolation. He and Kíli along with Bofur had been told tales of Dale and Erebor and of course the destruction that hit it.

His eyes cast sadly around the scorch marks and corpses mainly the children. He knew his wife adored children, had seen it with Estel in Rivendell and then to Bards Children back in Laketown, she would be devastated to see the demise of so many and not been there to stop it when she could have.

“She would be devastated, so many children.” He finished just as even toned, but yet unable to hide his grief.

Bofur, Óin and Kíli looked down, they too thinking back to the times when they actually saw her around children. The way she seemed to glow unlike her time with Fíli, she was tender and vulnerable beyond what she allowed them to see. A vulnerability that the company would never admit to as they watched her openly express her words and feelings to the elves.

Then they remembered her time with Bard and his children, the way she seemed to transform before their very eyes as she regaled him with stories of old, of stories they had never heard of before. She told them of Durin and his wandering years, of Beren and Lúthien… she had even obliged them of the tale of Glorfindel and her role in Gondolin.

The children including Sigrid the eldest had been regaled of the tales, their laughter ringing though the night as they curled around her by the fire.

It was also that night she had admitted that she regrets leaving Arda and letting the fire drake take Durin’s home. She would have fought for them, with them and they would not have lost so much.

She was fit to be a mother, yes; this would have utterly destroyed her and blamed herself.

“We’ll stay here for tonight and then make our way to Erebor tomorrow to see if all is well, something dreadful has settled in the pit of my stomach and I can’t quite shake it.” Kíli murmured and the others agreed while clearing a small body free home and starting a fire.

Óin moved over to where they rested Isabella and began to inspect the injuries again, they were slightly healed, less red which means there would be no infection setting in but he still didn’t want to risk the wounds. He would have preferred to redress them but there were no more clean bandages or water to do so.

“How is she?” Fíli asked softly taking a seat by the healer’s side.

“Better than when we found her, she no longer bleeds, but tomorrow we will need to reach the mountain quickly. The bandages need to be changed so does the paste in her wounds but we have no clean water to speak of or cloth to use.” Óin replied without looking up, thankfully the young prince was on his good side.

Fíli sighed. “That is what I feared, can you check her… wings to see if they’re right and her tail?”

“I can check but I don’t know how good I’ll be at it. I’m a healer for people not animals, no offence lad but the things you’re asking me to look at are animal parts.” Óin replied giving the lad a stern look before grunting as he ran his hand over the bone in the lass’s wings. How did she hide them when she was with them?

Her tail too to be exact?

“I have a question and it’s bothering me greatly, but how did she hide these?” He asked finally causing Fíli to blush brilliantly.

“Uh… Do you recall when Dori asked her about the markings on her skin in Bree?” Fíli waited until Óin, Kíli and Bofur nodded before continuing. “Her tail must have wrapped around one of her legs and her wings around her frame completely… When we uh… joined the markings covered her and I could have sworn when we were at Beorn’s the markings were in different places.”

Óin nodded with thought. “We’ll have to ask the lass when she wakes, I’m sure all will be curious when the time comes. Now, everyone get some rest, we eat tomorrow and make our way to Erebor, it’ll take another day to get there.”

Fíli nodded and leant back against the wall, with Kíli at his side and his wife’s head on his lap. His and his brothers’ hands curled in her hair to reassure that she was still there with them. Kíli let out a little sniffle and clenched his eyes shut, willing the tears not to spill as he pressed his face into his brothers shoulder. He will be strong like Fíli who had yet to cry, who had yet to break.

“How do you do it?” He whispered softly to his brother. “She’s your One and I can’t help but cry.”

In truth, Fíli didn’t know how to feel, he knew that his heart was lodged in his throat. That the tears burned at the back of his eyes and his throat ached with the need to scream to the Valar to heal her. But he could not do that now, not when they’re in the open, not when his wife was so defenceless and his brother upset.

“Because I need to be strong for her and for you right now, when we are safe and if all else is to fail… then—then I will let the tears fall and my walls crumble.” He whispered back. “Sleep Kee, I’ll take the first watch.”

Fíli would not be getting sleep tonight, his mind too preoccupied with everything that had happened. He had been raised from a young age to hate Dragons as much as Elves but his One, the one that Mahal had chosen for him or maybe he for her was unlike the creature his mother and uncle told him.

There was no darkness or hate beyond the hate of said darkness and she loved him beyond anything he has seen. She has proven that, the gold through her hair has proven that and her giving Kíli a heart had proven that as well. For no twisted-dragon would give their heart to another, for they only loved gold and all things that glittered.

He finds his gaze firmly locked onto his wife’s face, how it seemed to be carved from stone much like they. But she was just as beautiful now as she has ever been and his dreams for them has not changed, no, he would not give up hope for his own babes… he hoped that it was something he could give her. A child of their own, even just one with her colourings, his eyes and little purple wings.

He swore that when she woke up, he would prove every day how much he loved her and that if – Mahal forbid – everyone else hated her or mistrusted her, that he and Kíli both would be forever by her side.

She has suffered too much to lose the ounce of happiness in her life, this he knew.

Author Note: This chapter isn’t as good as I hoped it will be, I’m trying to figure out the next one with Erebor, the others knowing what she is and Thorin. Who will break him out, Bilbo or Fíli for I know Bella wont be awake till then. I have three sections actually could class as chapters that will be in CH 24 if I get what I need done for the next CH.




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