Chapter Twenty – Truth Revealed

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: Uh, I am so sorry for the de

Third POV

A sense of dread and grief weighed heavily on Kisenth as she dressed herself in a clean dress that Nori had acquired for her once more before strapping on her swords. She closed her eyes softly and fingered the wedding bead in her hair and waited for her husband to return.

As gross as she may feel, the comforting smell of her Mate on her skin kept her calm.

“Isa?” Fíli asked with a frown as he saw his Mate standing still by the window already ready and deep in thought.

Turning to her Mate she forced her face to relax and cast him a smile. “You go and get ready to leave with the others, I’ll meet you at the boat but there is something I must do before we leave.” She explained.

“Very well Ghivashel.” He replied, making his way to his one and pulling her down for a kiss, smiling as she let out a huff of laughter before bumping her forehead with his and leaping from the balcony, her Mates laughter trailing after her.

Though the second she could sense no dwarf and evaded the people as she made her way towards her destination all pretences of joy left and she felt bleak once more. She had allowed herself to be selfish and now she was wed – that definitely was not bad – but it would make her reveal all the more painful. Her chest ached painfully the further she got from her Mate but ignored it.

“Lady Isabella?” Sigrid greeted in surprise as she opened the door at the slight knock.

“Hello Miss Sigrid, is your father here?” She asked seriously, watching as the confusion flicker to a frown before the young girl opened the door and allowed her in. Kisenth turned to the man that stood at the table, a scowl upon his face as he caught sight of her.

“What are you doing here? Did I not make myself and my feelings known the other night when your company and leader explained his plan to awaken the beast?” Bard demanded, watching as the woman’s face seemed to shift from a blank stare to a scowl and then to a worried grimace.

Bella took several steps forward and stopping just at the end of the table where the herbs and other items hung above her. She cast Bard a look before unsheathing her swords and laying them on the table, watching as the Man’s eyes glanced wearily over them before widening.

“Do you know why I am with the company? Beside that my husband is the crown prince I mean, did one of them explain to you?” She asked softly with a sigh and to Bard it seemed she had aged years in that question.

He shook his head. “No.” His answer was short and though he wanted to ask when her betrothed became her husband, he dared not ask.

“Master Bard, I came along this quest to kill the beast that slaughtered my brother, his Mate and their unborn babes. These blades are made from dragons, by a dragon.” She explained, listening as he inhaled sharply.

“But if I should fail in my duty to rid this world of that Morgoth twisted snake.” She hissed. “Then you would be the only one to do so, as you are the only one on this forsaken floating village that has the means to do so.”

Bard watched as her eyes flickered above her and then back to him, though he could see the pain written in her eyes, he could see the gleam of mischief there too. But what he wanted to know was how she knew it was there, he had made sure to keep it hidden since his mother had passed it down to him.

“How did you know it was there?” He demanded causing the woman to smirk.

“Master Bard, who do you think gave the Dwarrow’s who forged it the materials to make it?” She asked in a teasing tone before her face was once again one of seriousness. “If I fail to slay the worm then it’ll fall upon you to kill it if I shall fall.”

With that she sheathed her swords once more and began for the door. “If I do fall and succeed to kill it then I thank you.” She paused at the door as a thought reached her. “But please for the love of Eru, do not kill me if I do rid the world of this beast, those arrows hurt.”

Bard stared after the woman in stunned silence as her words sunk in, he was honestly stunned speechless and was a little – if not at all – confused about what she meant do not kill her?

Kisenth quickly made her way back towards where the boat was to head off, she could hear the sounds of cheering and music as she grew close and sighed annoyed as she bustled her way through the crowd to get to where her husband was.

“Took you long enough,” Fíli chucked as the boat rocked slightly as his wife jumped in before snapping his head around as he heard his uncle’s voice.


The crowd was cheering and murmuring their joy as Thorin spun and struck his arm out, stopping Kili from getting on the boat. “Not you. We must travel with speed, you will slow us down.”

Kili smiled at his uncle before frowning as he took in the serious look his uncle was giving him. He realised then that it was not a joke, that he was indeed being serious. “What are you talking about? I’m coming with you.”

“No.” Thorin replied sternly, pushing his nephew back a few paces as he tried to push past. The knot of worry doubled as his eyes took in the chalky pallor of his sister-son. No, he would not risk the life of his nephew, he was better off here to get the medicine he needed.

Hurt replaced the anger. “I’m going to be there when that door is opened, when we first look upon the halls of our fathers, Thorin.” He managed to choke out, trying to get to the boat once more.

“Kili, stay here. Rest. Join us when you’re healed.” Thorin told him softly, resting his hand upon the back of his nephews head in comfort. He closed his eyes quickly as his nephew shot him a look of betrayal, but Thorin would not be budged. He was up all night nearly listening to him shivering and moan in pain in his sleep.

Kili choked, his chest tightening in grief and betrayal, turning away from his uncle and collapsing on the crates in defeat.

Óin sighed and stepped out of the boat. “I’ll stay with the lad. My duty lies with the wounded.” He informed as he made his way to Kili’s side. Fili stared at his uncle in disbelief but Kisenth understood, she could see that her brother was not well and if she could smell anything beyond the stench of decay and death, she would be able to smell the sickness too.

“Uncle!” Fíli hissed. “We grew up on tales of the mountain. Tales you told us. You can’t take that away from him!” He stated desperately.


“Fili.” Kíli called trying to stop his brother only to be ignored.

“I will carry him if I must!” He spat out in a last attempt to persuade his uncle. Isa placed her hand upon her Mates shoulder in comfort as she saw them tense in his anger. She did not want him to lose it and strike out or even raise his voice loud enough for the town folk to hear.

Thorin stared down at his kin. “One day you will be king, and you will understand. I cannot risk the fate of this quest for the sake of one dwarf, not even my own kin.”

Fili shot his brother a glance before clenching his jaw and stepped out of the boat, glaring at his uncle as he tried to stop him from going to his brother.


“Fili, don’t be a fool. You belong with the Company.” Thorin stated as he rested his hand upon his nephew’s chest stopping, blinking as Fili jerked out of his hold.


“I belong with my brother.” He stated before turning his back on him.

Kisenth cast a look up to the mountain and then back to her Mate before nodding. She could not leave him here, if they woke the beast then, well he would come here and either way he would die. But though her priorities warred within here against one another… she knew what she had to do.

“Lass?” Dwalin asked in confusion as she stepped off the boat, drawing the attention of all the company to her, her One and brother as well.

“My duty lies with Fíli. I cannot, will not go with you without him or Kíli. I am sorry.” She informed them, her eyes scanning over the company in the boat before locking eyes with Bilbo and flicking them to Thorin and back, reminding him of their silent promise in Rivendell. She turned her gaze away from the hobbit to Thorin who though looked disappointed seemed to understand and gave her a nod of approval.

“We will see you soon, try not to get eaten by the worm.” She sighed out with a twitch of her lips before turning back to her Mate and helped him and Óin tend to Kíli.

She focused on her brother and on her Mate while the town around them cheered, while the boat sailed down the canal and while Bofur and Óin spoke. Her hands were pressed upon Kíli’s uninjured leg and hoisted him into her arms as they began to move.

No one said a word to the dragon-shifter as she carried her brother through the town like a hatchling, her eyes narrowed as she watched the Master’s guards shove everyone away while Fíli and Bofur lead her through the passageways. She held her tongue as Kíli pled for help, as Óin pled for help to the Master but being denied and harshly shoved way from the foul humans’ home and for the first time in a long time… She had the desire to eat Man flesh.

Kíli looked up at the loud growl that echoed the open courtyard platform that seemed to still the men around them including his brother, Bofur and Óin. “I would suggest you let go of my husband and stop shoving me and mine before I kicked you across the way and into the building over.”

The Men instantly let go and backed away as the woman bared her jagged teeth and scrambled away as they saw her eyes flash with a deadly glint before turning around and began her march once more. She followed the familiar path towards Bard’s holding her brother close.

“I will find you help Mal Zeymahv.” (Little brother) She promised as she held him closer to her warmth while making sure that her Kin were following. Bofur seeing where she was going quickly rushed a head over the bridge and up the stairs, knocking frantically on the door.

Bard swung the door open and frowned, his eyes narrowing at the dwarf on his doorstep.

“No. I’m done with dwarves. Go away.” He stated before trying to close the door, only for it to jerk as the dwarf grasps the edge of it.

“No, no, no! No one will help us; Kili’s sick. He’s very sick.” Bofur pleaded, moving slightly so Bard could see Kili. Bard frowned, his eyes shifting past the dwarf before landing on the woman and the dwarf in her arms. He was sick, his pallor pale and sickly, he knew that he could not turn them down.

With a deep sigh he nodded. “Come in, hurry.”

“Sigrid, Bain! We need hot water and fresh linen hurry!” He ordered his children while Kisenth stepped through the door once more and walked over to the bed in the corner and laying down her brother.

“He will be alright Fíli.” She whispered to her husband as he rushed to Kíli’s side and grasped his brother’s hand while he moaned in pain.


“No— no, no.” Bilbo stammered out fearful as his heart heavily and rapidly thumped in his chest. He stared fearfully up at the dragon before him, he knew that his parents along with his ancestors would be furious.

“No, indeed.” Smaug hummed before he began to move once again. “You seem familiar with my name, but I don’t remember smelling your kind before. Who are you, and where do you come from, may I ask?”

Smaug snakes his head closer to the little being and breathed. Bilbo shook his head and jerked his eyes down as he saw a white glow to the right of him; of course, there nestled in the gold was the Arkenstone.

Bilbo stammered soundlessly before managing to get any form of words out. “I- I come from under the hill.”

“Underhill?” The furnace with wings hummed bored. Bilbo nods, and sneaks another peek at the Arkenstone. It is not far away from him. Maybe he could get closer to it.

“And under hills and over hills my path has led. And– and, through the air. I am he who walks unseen.” He continued to stammer out while taking little steps towards the glowing stone. His body wanted it, craved the jewel but he shook that darkness free. He did NOT want that blasted mathom.

“Impressive. What else do you claim to be?” Smaug snakes his head forward until his teeth are inches from Bilbo’s face. As Smaug exhales, Bilbo grimaces at his smell of death and decay. He continued to stammer out self-proclaimed titles from the incidents getting here all the while getting closer to the stone… It was the next question that caught him off guard.

“…And what about your little dwarf friends? Where are they hiding?” Smaug asked angry, leaning close to the creature and following it around the column while still breathing it in.

“Dw—Dwarves? No, no, no dwarves here. You’ve got that all wrong.” Bilbo tried to lie, but really he knew it was of no use.

“Oh, I don’t think so, barrel-rider. They sent you in here to do their dirty work while they skulk about outside.” He roared furious throwing out the gold around him. “But I want to know where you got the other scent.”

“Where is that pitiful, weak creature hmmm? I can smell it on you, thief. I cannot forget the smell of another dragon, a shifter, a protector one at that.” The dragon roared causing Bilbo to freeze on the spot and breathe out in shock.

“What? Another Dragon?” He stammered out in horror before an image of Isabella in the goblin caves came back to him.

My kind was hunted and killed out in the very beginning of the second age because of our true forms.

“No it can’t be.”


Bella pressed her hand down on Kíli’s wound as Bofur left to get the kingsfoil. She had ignored everyone as Bard spoke to her about the dragon, answering him in a clipped tone that family came first and she would not be able to… she couldn’t.

“Fuck.” She hissed as she jerked to her feet and rushed towards Sigrid, yanking her back just in time as an orc dropped down from the ceiling. She doesn’t know how she missed them coming but then all her focus was on Kíli and the poison that was spread throughout his system.

She shoved the child and her siblings under the table before withdrawing her swords and began her attack as several more dropped from the roof. Her ears hurt from the loud screams, but she would not let it deter her.

))YOU WILL NOT GET THEM!(( She roared in the black tongue.

Protect… kill… protect… kill… repeated over and over through her mind as the orc pack just kept coming. Her body shifted as she sensed a presence at the door and swung up just as the elven guard ducked from her attack before joining the fray.

It was chaos, the pack never seemed to stop coming until the black speech filled the air and they began to retreat. Kisenth let the Princeling and his captain to deal with the rest while she helped to pick Kíli up from the floor and lay him on the table.

A sense of calm settled over her as another rumble reached the village. Her eyes slipped closed as she centred her mind before snapping them open as Bofur came running back into the small home with the plant in his hand.

The earth shook under their feet as a familiar roar reached her ears. Her eyes snapped to her husbands in horror as her hands pressed down on Kíli as Óin tried to heal him but it was of no use, she could smell that the poison had spread too far.

“There is no time; Smaug will soon be upon us! The poison has spread beyond Altheas’ reach.” She hissed before giving her young brother a sad look. “I hope you can forgive me one day, but we cannot lose you.” She whispered before shoving her fingers and hand into her breast.

Fíli cried out in shock and horror as he watched his One – his wife – rip out her heart, blood flowing from the starburst wound she made along with the trails that flowed down her hand from the still beating heart before snapping out of it as Kíli screamed.

“What are you doing?!” Óin yelled as he took over holding Kíli down.

“I’m giving him a heart; it will heal his wound and more.” She explained before shoving her brothers’ heart into Kíli’s chest, forcing it in and willing the bone and flesh to mould around it– accept it.

Legolas and Tauriel inhaled sharply as they watched on. They knew the significance of a Dragon giving away a heart, the pros and cons that came with it as well. Yes, it healed any wound of any kind and could in some cases bring the dead back… But it prolonged life by a dragon’s age, immortal like the elves and in some cases it can corrupt the hearts holder.

“Are you sure his will is strong enough?” Legolas asked the Dragon causing her to snarl at him, the house shaking and scaring the young ones behind them. Fíli watched this all with a sense of horror and relief as he watched the wound on his wife’s chest close, he would have to ask her later.

“He carries my brother-heart. I cannot let my Mate’s brother die!” She snapped back in Sindarin.



“Kíli, I need you to listen okay— Listen!” Bella ordered as Kíli screamed and asked for the voice to stop. “The voice you are hearing is my brother Darilth. It is his heart that is healing you, you need to calm and just listen to him. Please Mal Zeymah, it’ll pass.”

Kíli did as she asked, letting the voice clear into a soothing hum as he felt something settle within him. He could feel the poison leaving his body; it was a strange sensation before finally there was no more pain.

My sister chose well young Prince… A voice whispered softly in his mind. You will be a worthy protector of my heart and spirit…

What did you do? How did you do that?” Óin asked stunned as he looked at the starburst scar on Kíli and then to the black ooze that seeped from the wound. He watched until there was no more poison and then the wound healing.

“Now is not the time, we need to leave.” She sighed before jerking up as she felt the monster fly above her head again.

“We’re not leaving. Not without our father.” Bain stated loudly, pushing past the two elves.

Bella turned and cast her gaze upon the children. “If you stay here, you and your sisters will die. Is that what your father would want?”

They cast a look, one that told her they knew she was right. Bard, wherever he may be, would not want them to stay. Another roar filled the air causing everyone to burst into action, Bella hoisted her little brother into her arms and followed the children down to the boat and carefully placed him next to her Mate.

“I’ll go and make sure the orcs have fled the town, help people along the way.” Legolas informed before jumping to the next walkway.

“I need you to come with me; you’ll need to protect them.” Bella stated suddenly causing the Dwarrow to frown and for the elf to pause before stepping onto the boat.

Fíli stared at his One intently as he held his brother, something seemed wrong. He knew something was wrong the night of their wedding and even more so the day after, her body stiff and a sense of sadness seemed to cling over her when she looked at him. It made him dread something, he could not shake it.

Smaug flew over once more and released a torrent of fire in the channel next to theirs. Bella snarled and turned to face her Mate, her hearts clenching as she realised that this may very well be the last time she would see her husband… and if she did survive then it would be the last time to see him look at her without horror, fear or disgust.

Dii lokaal, remember what I asked you at Beorn’s?” She asked softly, drawing his attention back to her. “If I was a monster, if your kin saw me as a monster would you still love me?”

“Of course I would Ghivashel I will love you no matter what you are. You’re my One and my wife.” He replied matter of fact and without delay, it gave her hope and the courage she needed. Yet, that hope was small.

She kissed him one last time and pressed her forehead to both Fíli and Kíli before looking back up, letting her Mate and brother to see her real eyes.

“Then I hope you’ll forgive me one day Dii lokaal.” She whispered to him before jerking up and staring down the elf. “Protect them.”

She could hear that snake Smaug laughing in the sky and tonight was the night she will avenge her brother and his Mate. She cast her friends, brother and husband one last look before flinging her wings out, her back hunching and body growing before she pushed off in the air. The last thing she saw before transforming fully into her natural form was the surprise and horror on her Mate’s face.

giphy (5)

Kisenth will have to live with the consequences.

Author Note: well here you go! And come on! You guys said you weren’t bored with this and yet hardly anything! I gave you all smut! That’s hard to write! LOL. Hopefully this will get you in a twist.




9 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty – Truth Revealed

  1. *screams* This is so good! Smaug’s out, Bilbo knows- possibly the rest of the Company at the mountain knows, Kili’s got a 2nd heart, and Bella’s revealed herself!!! This has got me so pumped you have no idea! I can’t wait for the next chapter!

  2. I am all for a good cliff hanger, but only when I am the one writing them. lol I loved this chapter, and I am unsure if I will have the patience for the next update lmao. 😉 I am hoping his horror is because he realized he may lose her in her fight against Smaug and not because she is a dragon. I would hate to have to feel like spanking Fili. (Hmm spanking Fili lol there’s a good thought.)

  3. I don’t know how I missed these next few chapters, didn’t realize I was behind.
    Oh boy was this a great chapter!! Loved it so much!!
    Like how she healed Kili with her brother’s heart. Curious to how that will change him.
    Fingers crossed Fili really is just shocked and not really horrified that she’s a dragon.

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