Chapter Two – Night of Hunting to Bree

Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon’s heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom. »…« anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Third POV

True to her word Lady Isabella kept pace with them all, even on ponies as they made their way to Bree. She was even able to stay in stride and converse with either Gandalf, Bilbo and more surprisingly Fíli and Kíli. Though they did notice she kept a safe distance away from the ponies as she did so.

And when the sky grew dark half way to Bree Thorin called halt and to make camp, everyone bar Isabella and Gandalf sagged in relief. Each Dwarrow began to set to work, laying out their rolls and setting up a fire while Bilbo winced and groaned at the saddle sores.

»Zu’u praag wah nir.« (I need to hunt) She muttered to the wizard, the words flowing from her tongue with a growl. She had not had use for dragon voice for quite some time and now she seemed to be speaking it freely. But she needed to hunt, the taste of blood on her tongue.

Gandalf frowned at the words and cocked his head to the side. “When was the last time you ate?”

“I was to leave the afternoon you showed up on my doorstep. I only need to eat raw meat like this once a month, more if I so deem it but I do not hibernate now.” She replied in common talk before twitching, her hand clenching as the craving burst forth. She had no desire to eat people; animals sufficed her unlike her kinlike.

“What is the matter Lady Isabella?” Ori asked timidly as he caught sight of the scowling lady and wary wizard.

“I need to eat.” She clenched out, snapping her jaw and clenching her eyes. “Now.”

“Food will be ready soon Lass, worry not.” Bofur called over from the stew Bombur was making causing her to snort and snap her eyes open.

“I am… hesitant to tell you that food holds no appeal to me. I need… different food than you, at this moment.” She explained simply, her eyes flicking from the ponies, to the forest and back to the wizard.

Kíli and Fíli shared a look. “What will suffice, we don’t have much till we get to Bree.”

“Can you not wait until then and just eat the stew?” Gandalf closed his eyes at this question before outwardly groaning at Thorin’s next words.

“Is the food we eat not good enough for you?” The king spat out bitterly, nearly flinching at the dark look the woman shot him, baring her pointed teeth.

Bella snapped her teeth at the rude king. “I need raw meet hefahus Hefmun.” She growled out, eyes shifting from a dark oak to flaming red, violet and melted gold.

“Isabella!” Gandalf warned wary causing her to blink and suddenly all darkness that loomed on the lasses face was gone in a blink of an eye that had many questioning if what they saw happened or not.

“I’m going to hunt Gandalf. I shall be back when the sun sets fully.” She grumbled before marching to the forest edge of the little field they set up in and pausing, her shoulders sagging as she looked back over her shoulder. “I’ll bring back some meat.”

With that she was gone, leaving the company in stunned silence and for Gandalf to sigh wearily before staring at Thorin. “I would suggest you not anger her, Isabella is no mere Woman. If you have not noticed that already then what she called you is Idiotic Dwarf.”

“I noticed her height change.” Fíli muttered before blushing as all eyes swing to him. “What, it’s true, one moment she’s taller than Gandalf and the next she’s the size of a Man!” He defended himself.

It was then the company thought back to earlier in the day when they had met Lady Isabella and realised that what Fíli had said was true, they remember her height tall and intimidating back when Gandalf had mentioned Smaug. She wasn’t an elf as she had no pointed ears and what they just saw proved she wasn’t a man as her teeth were jagged and sharp, ones that they clearly remembered were normal.

“Gandalf?” Dori called after a while, drawing the Wizard’s attention.

“Hmm?” He hummed, not once glancing away from the direction Kisenth disappeared into.

A roar echoed the silence followed by trees splintering causing the company to jerk to their feet, weapons in hand as they readied themselves for an attack, all bar Gandalf that was who still sat back and puffed at his pipe.

“That was closer than I thought you would be.” Gandalf called out confusing the others, even more so when a very feminine laugh followed.

“Well this was a tricky thing to catch and herd back.” Lady Isabella stated as she stepped into the firelight a large boar on her shoulder. The front of her was covered in blood and her teeth gleamed like rubies in the firelight that had many of the company tip their remaining stew into the pot, suddenly losing their appetite and gaining a hunger for boar.

“Bless my beard lass! How’d you get that?” Glóin asked stunned from his spot next to Óin.

“Are you hurt?” Óin demanded, eyeing he blood on the woman. The question caused all the company to pause and stare at the bloodstained garment and flesh in worry. They had let a woman go out and hunt alone, it didn’t matter if she had killed dragons or not.

Bella blushed as she looked down at the remains of her kill’s partner. “I’m not hurt.” She stated simply with a shrug before dropping the boar down by the fire.

“Then why are you covered in blood?” Kili asked causing Bella to grin as she began to skin the animal.

“My dinner was a little messy.” She chuckled.

“What are you?” Ori blurted out before blushing.

Bella chuckled. “I am a shifter, Master Dwarf.”

“You’re the monster in the woods?” Bilbo asked wary before flinching at Lady Bella’s scowl and the sudden harsh jerk of the knife in the dead animal’s chest.

“Yes. But answer me this Master Baggins, after that winter thirty years ago has the Shire been raided by Orcs and Wargs? Wolves? Has any of your kin been taken by the spirits that live in the ruins? It is because of my presence in that wood, that your Shire has been safe. So tell me, who the monster is.” She growled out lowly, Bilbo stammered and blushed from the tips of his ears to the hair on his feet.

“My shifts cause me to crave raw meat on a monthly basis, the larger the shift the more I need to eat. Please excuse me, I’m going to clean up and then rest.” She sighed out before sheathing her dagger and making her way towards the dark forest. Her clothes were fine with the bloody mess but her skin needed to be clean.

With a sigh she sat down and began to focus on her inner flame, letting it to flicker and letting it rise her body temperature. It took several beats of her hearts for the blood to dry and burn away leaving her skin clean.

That was a good point of having a high body temperature you could control at whim, you can dry off in seconds or melt anything with a touch if needed, well not melt perse but soften it.

With a sigh Bella laid back in the leaves and dirt, casting her eyes up into the sky or what she could see of the sky between the gaps in the branches. She could still hear the others talking or trying to get answers out of Gandalf as they cooked up the meat she had brought back for them. This time a frown pulled at her brows as she thought over her actions she was used to solitary life, she was used to little interaction even if she was in a group.

Why now was she feeding the company that sent her distrustful looks, who feared her and ignored her?

Because of what the yuvon om kulaan (Gold hair prince) makes you feel… the voice that sounded suspiciously like her brother whispered in her mind, causing her to jolt up.

He doesn’t make you feel like a monster, he does not fear you… This time it was Apophis’s voice.

Her hearts quickened and clenched as the thoughts finally sunk in and as she scanned back through the last day, since meeting the flaxen-haired prince it was then she realised the truth of the words. He had not reeked of fear like his kin, had not looked upon her with anything but awe filled eyes.

“I will not turn you away if you wished to talk.” She murmured as the earthy scent of the prince reached her nose. She heard him make his way towards her of course but decided to wait as he seemed to hesitate in the beginning.

“Bilbo did not mean what he said.” Fíli explained softly as he sat by her side. “The others do not think you are a monster, just different. They’re worried, give them time.”

Bella simply raised a single brow at the prince. “Fíli, they fear me and I can smell it. I smelt it when they first saw me, I smelt it when I lost my temper and I smelt it strongly when I walked out the woods and told them what I was… though that last one could be my fault. I am a messy eater.” She finished off in a chuckle which Fíli returned.

“You’re not goin’ to eat us right?” He asked, putting a light tone to the question causing her to snort.

“Master Durinson it has been many of age since I ate anything but the raw meat of an animal for when the craving starts. I am a protector of this world Fíli, it will do me no good to harm those who I protect, no matter how much the race of Man, Dwarrow and Elf has hurt me.” She explained sadly, looking away from the striking blue eyes and to the sky once more.

Fíli frowned at the sadness in the Lady’s tone, something within him tightening and desiring to comfort her. “Lady Isab…”

“Isa, you can call me Isa.” She interrupted suddenly before frowning; she had never let anyone call her by Bella, even in the other realm.

“Isa…” Fíli drawled out, sending a shiver down her spine. In that moment she had wondered for a second what her real name from his lips sounded like but shook that thought away immediately. She couldn’t risk that, she could risk getting close.

“We should head back, I can hear your brother becoming frantic and the king is pacing.” She murmured with a sigh before getting up, pulling Fíli to his feet with her.

They made their way back, Thorin scowling at her while pulling Fíli over towards the fire. She just shook her head and sat down upon her set up bedroll by Olórin while the others munched happily on the cooking boar. She couldn’t help but look over towards the Flaxen-Haired Prince with a slight frown as the king and his brother fussed over him.

“Not a word Olórin.” She warned as he cast her an amused look.

“I was not going to say a thing Kisenth.” He chuckled softly causing her to snort.

“You don’t need to; I can see it in your eyes and sense it.” She grumbled before getting comfortable on the ground. She continued to watch from her spot away from the others as they ate and laughed the hobbit slightly further back from them but closer than she was.

“I’ll be watching tonight, it isn’t safe in these parts anymore.” She murmured to the wizard her eyes scanning the darkened forest. “The Rangers do so much but people have still been attacked by Orcs or even just robbers.”

Gandalf hummed and continued to puff his pipe as he gazed off into the distance deep in thought.


The next morning the company woke to Lady Isabella standing over the fire and kicking out the embers, her eyes scanning the tree lines. No one said a word beyond mutters of early mornings and food before beginning to gather their supplies as Thorin ordered them to move out.

“We will stay in Bree tonight to gather the supplies we need and leave at first ray tomorrow.” Thorin explained as they rode onwards, some of the company munching on the leftover boar or tiredly rubbing their eyes.

“How are you not tired?” Kíli asked as he slowed down his pony so he was riding beside Lady Isabella. “You were up all night, Nori told me you sat awake through his shift and you sat through all of mine too.”

Bella laughed and cast the young one a fond smile. “I am tired yes, but sleep eludes me sometimes Master Kíli. I’d rather stay awake to keep watch then toss and turn all night. I shall sleep tonight in the inn if there is room for me after I gather all I need.” She explained.

“Is there anything specific you need Lady Isabella?” Dori asked as he too slowed down to converse with her, he was curious and suspicious.

“I need to gather my payment and order from one of the butchers and I need to gather a few other bits and bobs for the road.” She told the silver haired Dwarrow, she didn’t mind him much, always finding it amusing how he fussed like a mother hen over his youngest brother and scolded the other.

“Would you like some company? I’ve been to Bree a few times on my travels and if you are going to the butcher I would like to visit the herbal store next door.” Dori replied eyeing his brothers whom were talking quietly to themselves.

Bella hummed and thought it over. “Yes, I would like some company Master Dori and to help you keep an eye on your brother.” She whispered the last part to him causing the silver-haired Dwarrow to laugh.

Fíli looked back and scowled as he saw Isa and Dori laughing and talking, the scowl being caught by his brother of course. Kíli frowned at his brother’s scowl and cast a look over his shoulder to see his displeasure and snorted amused.

“Maybe you will have to fight for her attention Fee; you might not be so special after all.” Kíli chuckled amused, teasingly, his smile slipping as he saw the dark look flash across his brothers eyes before he turned his head back around and stared blankly at their uncles back.

A frown pulled at Bella’s brows as she heard the comment from Kíli, what on Arda did he mean by that?

They made it to Bree in the late afternoon, when the hustle and bustle of the town thrived from people going from store to store to trade, sell or just simply look. It was something Bella found amusing and hated all at once; it reminded her of Seattle to be frank, but messier and smellier. Too many people, too much noise and arrogance in between the peace and whatnot.

“Mistress Isabella, I did not think to see you so soon.” The gatekeeper stated startled as he saw her standing amongst the group of dwarves. “…Are you in trouble Mistress?” He hesitantly added.

The Dwarrow’s stiffened at the remark, their eyes flickering to the Man before them while Bella snorted. “No Mister Goatleaf, they are my companions. I am early due to having to travel to the Iron Hills for trade, these Gentlemen have offered me a place to travel with them so I not be alone.” She explained with a soft smile and the Dwarrow’s had to do a double take at the soft innocence that rested on the woman’s face. Gandalf just chuckled silently to himself as he pushed on forward.

“Shall I send word to Mistress Valerie that you will be by shortly?” He asked causing her to smile wide.

“That would be wonderful Mister Goatleaf, would you be able to send word that myself and my companions will require rooms at the Inn for tonight?” She asked with a slight laugh to her voice as she watched the Man nod his head enthusiastically calling for his son Harry to do some errands. “Thank you ever so much; some of my companions will go to the stables first before making their way to the Inn.”

They bid farewell to each other before finally the company moved on following Lady Isabella towards the Inn.

“How did you do that?” Nori asked surprised, both by what he just witnessed and by the question slipping out.

“I have lived a long life Master Nori and you of all people should know to use what you can to get what you want or need.” She stated over her shoulder causing him to blink in confusion.

“How so?” He asked warily as she laughed.

“A thief knows when to use all they got to their advantage, to twist something to go their way.” She replied, coming to a stop and gesturing to the stables before turning to face Dori who was staring at her with wide eyes. “Shall we go to then?”

Dori nodded and stepped to her side as they made their way towards the Butcher and for once Nori followed without his brother having to pierce him with a hard stare or a strong grip. Ori on the other hand was looking between Lady Isabella and his brothers with bubbling amusement, one his older brother was relaxed enough to not fuss and Nori was stunned into silent obedience.

“How did you know? Did the others tell you?” He asked shortly after they began to walk causing her to laugh and turn to face him.

“No, you told me when you stole the silver bauble that rested upon my windowsill.” She explained simply, raising her brows to dare him to deny it.

Dori spluttered, Nori blushed and Ori clutched his book to his chest as he shook with laughter as he and Lady Isabella shared an amused glance, all the while his older brother handed back the silver bauble.

“Please excuse my brother Lady Isabella, he meant no disrespect.” Dori stammered out before finishing with a harsh glare towards Nori.

Bella simple waved him off. “No harm, no fowl Master Dori. I knew he had it and it was the only thing he took from my home and it is insignificant, only used as a pretty little decoration. You may keep it Master Nori; take it as a gesture of good will.” She chuckled while throwing the bauble back to the surprised Dwarrow before entering the Butcher.

“Mistress Isabella, Henry Goatleaf rushed and told me you will be on your way. I have your payment for you from the meat of the last visit.” Mistress Valerie stated as she popped out from behind the counter. Bella smiled as she looked at the woman and her ever growing belly.

“I will only need a quarter of the payment if you can use the rest to pay for what I need on top of my usual supply. I will need dried or prepared meat for a long journey to last myself and thirteen others.” She explained causing the woman to nod.

“Is this the company of Dwarves, a hobbit and a Wizard?” Valerie asked amused to the strangely intimidating woman she called friend.

Bella smirked. “That it would be, the wizard is an old friend and they are allowing me to join them to the Iron Hills. I need to check up on a few things out that way and visit a few friends on the way.” She lied; she couldn’t really tell her that she was going to face a dragon.

Valerie eyed her friend and the blades that rested upon her back. “Prepared for a battle too I take it?”

“I’m accompanying Dwarves and a Wizard.” Was all she had to say for Valerie to burst out into laughter.

“Is there anything particularly favour to eat Master Ori?” Bella asked as the scribe hesitantly stepped through the door.

“I am not fussy Lady Isabella, I like all meat… but goats… they don’t taste right.” He stammered out causing both her and Valerie to laugh.

“Here you go Isabella, may your journey be a safe one.” Valerie stated as she handed over the satchels of wrapped meat. Bella thanked her friend and smiled as Ori’s eyes bulged at the five bags of meat in her hands.

Both Ori and Bella left the butcher laughing before making their way over to where Nori and Dori were waiting, Dori with a fresh bag of herbs that smelt like special blends of tea’s and Nori who was just trying not to flinch under his brother’s scowl.

“Shall we head back?” Bella asked as she came to a stop in front of them. “Have you got everything?”

Dori nodded. “Aye, I do Lady Isabella. May I take one of those for you?” He asked politely gesturing to the bulging bag.

“If you would be so kind, they’re not heavy but a bit awkward to carry so many.” She replied before handing over a bag each to the brothers.

They made their way to the inn where the others were already waiting, having caught up with Glóin and Óin just as they too reached the door, familiar smells of medicines and herbs from the apothecary caught Bella’s senses.

“You need to rest tonight Lady Isabella.” Óin stated slightly louder than normal as they reached the others who had claimed a large table in the back corner.

“Don’t argue with him Lass, he’s stubborn as they come.” Glóin chuckled as she went to argue. With a sigh Bella nodded and began to converse with Dori once again about his tea blends and Nori, all the while trying to ignore the scowl that was rested on the Flaxen-Haired prince’s face.

Author Note: Well here you go, so sorry for the delay between Work and being sick it’s just bleh… Depression sucks guys, motivation leaves me too… But I decided to try a different chapter then Braveheart and TU. I didn’t mention Bree that much and well yeah!

Let me know what you think



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