Chapter Eight – An Unexpected Journey VIII

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Eight

Third POV

Bella soon found herself in the great library, eyes closed as she tilted her head up in the beam of moonlight. She ignored her brother and the others as they spoke about her and simply enjoyed the sounds and smells of home.

Elrond glanced at his sister, smiling a little as he saw her standing serenely in one of the larger moonlit rays. “I must thank you for agreeing to keep her under oath until she is home once more, besides my children I only have Ca-Isabella left.” He stated, correcting the name at the last second. She and Gandalf had told him that the Dwarves don’t know that she is Canadriel and only as Moriel but so far only two know she is in fact Moriel.

He was confused at first why she chose to have a Man name but softened as she explained truly as to why she kept Isabella now.

“She has saved us when we needed aid. She speaks our mother tongue, she fights in harmony by our sides and two of my kin have labelled her sister. It is the least I can do for them; Balin and Dwalin would not want to lose her so soon.” He explained, voice lowering slightly.

Elrond’s shoulders sagged in relief a little. “Good, now what can I help you with, why where you on the eastern road?”

Thorin stiffened, his eyes shooting to Gandalf in annoyance. He was fine being courteous to the elf before him as he was the brother of Lady Bella but he did not trust him with the secrets of his kin. “Our business is no concern of elves.”

“For goodness sake, Thorin, show him the map.” Gandalf scolded exasperated. Bilbo shifted uncomfortably as he stood next to Gandalf, his eyes flickering from face to face. Balin looked to be waging a war within himself as he paced by the kings side while Lord Elrond simply looked amused, yet his face seemed set in a serious mask.

Thorin didn’t glance at Gandalf, refusing to let his gaze go from Lord Elrond. “It is the legacy of my people; it is mine to protect, as are its secrets.”

“Save me from the stubbornness of Dwarves. Your pride will be your downfall. You stand here in the presence of one of the few in Middle-earth who can read that map. Show it to Lord Elrond.” Gandalf snapped irritated, exasperated.

Elrond simply cocked his brow as he watched Thorin reach into his coat and pulled out the paper, the map. It took all his power not to smile at the Dwarf King as he handed it over to him with a clenched jaw.

Does he not know you can read this? Elrond thought to his sister, earning a silent snort of laughter.

Do you really think he would let me if I suggested it? He has been more kind to me now than he has since he attacked me in Master Bilbo’s home… She replied, causing Lord Elrond to falter, his eyes snapping to the dwarf.

Thorin jerked his head back slightly as he saw the unmasked rage flit across the elf’s face, one that he had seen mere hours ago but this time the rage was directed at him.

Hanar, no. Let us test his trust. Bella stated a sense of mirth in her tone.

“Erebor. What is your interest in this map?” He asked as he finally took in the Lonely Mountain.

“It’s mainly academic. As you know, this sort of artefact sometimes contains hidden text.” Gandalf spoke quickly, pointing a stern look at Thorin to not insult the Lord before him. “You still read Ancient Dwarvish, do you not?”

“Yes, but I am not the only one in the room who can.” Elrond replied, a smile tugging at his lips as the two Dwarrow’s and the hobbit swung their heads around to Canadriel.

“Why did you not say anything?” Thorin demanded her, ignoring the scolding looks of those around him.

Bella sighed and turned to look at him, scolding her brother, this is not what she meant. “Tell me Master Oakenshield, if I offered to look at the map before now would you let me? But, I offer it now. Would you prefer me to read the map instead of my Hanar, my king?” She asked simply, bowing her head slightly in respect.

“King!?” Lord Elrond exclaimed, his eyes shooting to Gandalf. “When you told me she swore and oath, you didn’t tell me she swore fealty to him as well!”

“Calm Hanar, it is done and so shall it remain until he sees fit to release me. I have seen… many things and many of them make him a kind and just ruler.” Bella replied softly, soothingly while never removing her eyes from Thorin.

Thorin hesitated, his jaw relaxing just a bit before letting his shoulders slump. He could see she looked worn, her eyes hollow in the moonlight and the grimace that sat upon her lips. She needed rest and this… Mahal above, he was caring for the elf. “No Lady Bella, go rest.”

Bella jerked a little surprised, eyes flickering to her brothers before bowing and making her way to her chambers, pausing at the door and throwing a smirk over her shoulders. “Cirth Ithil.

A laugh escaped her lips as she heard her brother reply in jest and Gandalf’s stammering to make up some excuse about how moon runes could be overlooked. It was an easy thing to miss but Gandalf should have looked in all light and possibilities. Instead of making her way to her rooms, she went towards the orange glow of fire where she knew the company had decided to sleep.

She leant against one of the columns with a fond smile as she watched all the Dwarrow’s before her laugh and eat. They had not heard her and had not seen her resting against the pillar, oh how she loved to be an elf with things like this.

Bofur inhaled the scent of meat, the sausage rich and was about to take a bite when he saw his brother about to tuck into his own dinner, the table groaning under his weight. A mischievous smile pulled at his lips as he looked at the meat and then to his brother once again.

“Bombur!” He called, catching his brother’s attention before chucking the sausage, laughing as the table collapsed.

“Destroying my kins furniture I see?” She drawled lazily, stilling the company, their laughter dying immediately as they caught the mock scowl on her face. Though they did not know it was a playful one in jest, she did and it took all her will power not to laugh at the sheepish horrified looks.

“Lady Bella! We-we ah…” The words trailed off as her body jerked.

Can-nín, hên nín … we had thought you to be lost iell nín… Bella gasped as she heard her mother’s voice in her head, the pain and sadness gracing her tones. The quest needs you to succeed for I see death in the end without you. Go my Daughter; my Canadriel for the others will surely stop you.

“Namad?” Dwalin asked worried as her sight began to clear.

“We need to leave immediately.” She gasped out Khuzdul. “Hurry! The White Council has been summoned.”

She did not wait to see if the others had begun to get ready, she had pushed her legs as fast as they could in the dress she was in and slammed the door open, pausing as she saw three figures within her rooms and her bags at their feet.

Gi suilon noss!” Bella greeted before pausing as she saw their faces.

We return from Lórien with grandmother and find Dwarrow’s in our home, destroying our furniture and causing a mess.” Elladan stated unamused.

“We thought they were pillaging until Lindir informs us that they are with you.” Elrohir finished, his dark blue eyes, much like their mothers shone with something Bella could not place.

Arwen scolded her brothers before stepping forward. “Is it true?” She asked softly, hoping that what they were told was a tale.

Bella slumped and nodded. “If you mean that I am fading then yes, it is true my little elflings.” She whispered and grunted when she found herself in a suffocating grasp by her niece. She looked much like Celebrian, the cheek bones and the nose, but she had her father’s eyes.

“No my little one, do not cry… it is… do not cry.” Bella tried to sooth her sobbing niece, her eyes on the twins before her. Though they did not move to embrace her, their faces set, she could see the tears welling in them. “I will be okay and I shall come back, you will see me before I leave Middle-Earth… this I promise.”

“We know but it makes it hurt more. You will not be sailing to the undying lands to be with mother… you will be given back to the earth. Grandmother said that this quest needs you so we packed your things and more hunting armour, weapons, herbs for healing and more.” Elladan explained before moving to pull his sister off their aunt.

Hurry and change, we will help you and your company to escape. Grandmother came with Saruman, he does not seem like himself. It is he out of them all that will stop you for he came with dark bearings.” Elrohir stated before he and his brother turned around while Bella quickly stripped out of her dress and into her travelling gear, thankful.

“We must hurry then.” Bella whispered, placing on all her weapons before grasping her bag and racing out the door towards where she heard the Dwarrow’s.

“Lady Bella?” Ori asked worried as she saw the elf’s face and three people chasing her. Ori seeing them as danger raised his slingshot and took aim, stopping only when Bella shook her head.

“No Ori, family! Hurry, we must hurry, are you all ready?” Bella asked, demanded more like it as she scanned the ready Dwarrow’s and hobbit in front of her.

“You all must hurry, Grandmother is distracting the White Wizard at the moment… it will give you enough time to escape before the journey is lost.” Arwen explained, gesturing for them to follow her.

Thorin cast Bella a dark look, “should we trust them? How do we know that this is not a lie?”

A sound cross between a scream of frustration and a laugh escaped Bella’s lips. “They are my Sisters children; they’re the sons and daughter of Elrond. They are my niece and nephews; they would not lead me- us into failure or traps.” Bella explained causing Elladan to falter in step and turn to face the dwarf who spoke.

“We cannot lose her; we cannot see her suffer like we did our naneth. Lindir explained all to us when we arrived and we know that the only reason she has yet to fade as she should have by now is because of you and your quest. We cannot risk her failing; we cannot deny her this last request.” He uttered, face pulling into an angry scowl that seems to be a trend for the family.

“Thorin, we need to leave, Bella is correct in what she had said about the White Counsel. We must leave and they can help us.” Balin explained to his king, a little hesitant for he like Thorin didn’t trust all Elves, only the one he claims sister and it is only because they are her kin would he suggest it.

“Aye, we do need to leave.” Glóin agreed eyes wary as he scans the three new elves before them.

Thorin sighed harshly before casting a glance at his company and nodded. “Fine, but this better not be trickery, nothing will stop my rage if you betray us.”

The three elves rolled their eyes before pulling Bella into step with them, each one grasping some part of her as they made their way to the mountain path that would lead them up to the misty mountains. It did not take them long to reach the paths edge when they came to a stop, the three siblings turning and pulling their aunt into a tight hug.

“Hortho le huil vaer.” Arwen stated, letting her aunt go and stepping back.

Navaer Aunt, be safe.” The twins stated, bowing their heads in farewell.

Nîn velui a lalaith veren nalú en-agovaded vín.” She replied sadly, bowing her head in return before shuffling the Dwarrow’s up the hill.

“Masters Balin and Dwalin!” Arwen called, racing after the two that Lindir had told them about.

Balin and Dwalin paused in step, letting the others go before them before turning to face the young elf who was calling for them.

“Please, we know you claimed her as Kin, but please… please keep her safe and don’t let her die. We wish to see her once again before she Fades.” Arwen explained, pleaded with them to understand.

“We will try, the woman is stubborn as a dwarf.” Dwalin grunted before racing after the others, he did not want to anger Throin any further tonight. Balin bowed his head in kind before leaving the three elves behind, ignoring the sadness upon their young faces.


Galadriel left the place of meeting swiftly, leaving Mithrandir standing alone as she made her way towards her son’s chambers where she knew he was waiting for her.

“El-nîn, tell me of Canadriel? What burdens you so, why would she not come see me?” She asked as she swept into the room, pausing as she saw her sons face. It was full of sorrow and not joy as she had hoped at least.

“Hiril nín, it is not news that I wish to tell you but I must… We had thought that Canadriel was lost to us, but she was merely walking among another plane much like ours but not.” He began to explain, pausing slightly as his children entered the room before sighing and explaining the story she had told them.

The room shuddered as power rippled out of Galadriel in her rage, the walls cracking under the force of it before suddenly it was gone. Galadriel hunched, burying her face into her hands and let out a sob; only one before pushing the pain away.

We are still losing her; I cannot see her fate… I see death upon the end of journey if she were not to be with them… and death I still see but now I know… now I know that Can-nín, hên nín… We must be strong, we must give her strength to last and give hope.” She stated, her eyes closing in pain as darkness and death flashed across her mind’s eye. “We will give aid if needed, be ready.”

She could not lose another daughter.

Author Note: Okay so this is really a well… what the hell chapter… I have been stuck on this path and this section of movie… Hopefully the mountain pass will be much easier and the chapter much longer than this one!

Can-nín – My Can(adriel) term of endearment for Canadriel.

hên nín – My Child

iell nín – My Daughter

“Gi suilon noss!” – I greet you kindred/family/clan

“Hortho le huil vaer.” – May useful winds speed you on (farewell)

Navaer – Farewell

Nîn velui a lalaith veren nalú en-agovaded vín – Sweet waters and light laughter until next we meet.



8 thoughts on “Chapter Eight – An Unexpected Journey VIII

  1. whoa! that’s a different twist, Saruman already corrupted. this should be exciting. Thorin doesn’t even realize that he is gaining more allies as they go. 😀 can’t wait for more!!!

  2. man why did u stop?! this chapter rocks! poor Galadriel, thinking her daughter lost to them only when she finally feels her again, she is already dying. i feel so bad for her. i can only imagine what bella’s father will do or say. i am really hoping she lives and does not die. cause that would really really make me cry. especially if she meet legolas only to die in the end. cannot wait until the next chapter. hoping it is soon.

  3. Saruman was already corrupted at that point. Sorry, but I had to say it. The movie made it more plain, but if you go back and retread the series, it’s there also.

    But great job!! I had always wondered what told them to leave. I never believed on happenstance.

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