Chapter Eighteen – The Desolation of Smaug VIII

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Eighteen

Third POV

The next morning the company minus two made their way towards the boat that the Master had supplied with full bellies and new previsions and armour.

“You do know we’re two short; where’s Bofur and Lady Bella?” Bilbo asked over his shoulder to Thorin.

Thorin and Balin felt their shoulders sag at the mention of their kin, they had seen her leave with Bard a heavy sense of disappointment rolling off her in waves after the speech Thorin gave the night before.

“If they’re not here, we leave them behind.” Thorin replied, glancing at Balin.

“We have to, if we’re to find the door before nightfall. We can risk no more delays.” Balin replied with a sigh, marching past Thorin onto the boat.

The crowd was cheering and murmuring their joy as Thorin spun and struck his arm out, stopping Kili from getting on the boat. “Not you. We must travel with speed, you will slow us down.”


Kili smiled at his uncle before frowning as he took in the serious look his uncle was giving him. Anger burned in him at that. “What are you talking about? I’m coming with you.”

“No.” Thorin replied sternly, pushing his nephew back a few paces as he tried to push past. Worry ate away at him as he saw the chalky pallor of his nephew’s skin, no, he couldn’t risk Kili coming, here at least he had a chance to heal and recover.

Hurt replaced the anger. “I’m going to be there when that door is opened, when we first look upon the halls of our fathers, Thorin.” He managed to choke out, trying to get to the boat once more.

“Kili, stay here. Rest. Join us when you’re healed.” Thorin told him softly, resting his hand upon the back of his nephews head in comfort, trying not to wince at the look of betrayal on his face before turning away.

Kili choked, his chest tightening in grief and betrayal, turning away from his uncle and collapsing on the crates in defeat.

Óin sighed and stepped out of the boat. “I’ll stay with the lad. My duty lies with the wounded.” He informed as he made his way to Kili’s side.

Fili stared at his uncle in disbelief. “Uncle, we grew up on tales of the mountain. Tales you told us. You can’t take that away from him!” he stated desperately.

“Fili.” Thorin tried to interrupt but Fili was not having it.

“I will carry him if I must!” He spat out in a last attempt to persuade his uncle.

Thorin stared down at his kin. “One day you will be king, and you will understand. I cannot risk the fate of this quest for the sake of one dwarf, not even my own kin.”

Fili shot his brother a glance before clenching his jaw and stepped out of the boat, glaring at his uncle as he tried to stop him from going to his brother.

“Fili, don’t be a fool. You belong with the Company.” Thorin stated, blinking as Fili jerked out of his hold.

“I belong with my brother.” He stated before turning his back on him.

They watched bitterly as the others took off, not caring too much really. Fili and Kili were together, not even the prospect of being there when the door opens bothering them too much. Kili winced and jerked his head away from Óin as he tried to check his temperature, slumping as nausea and exhaustion swept over him.

“Ah! So you missed the boat as well?” Bofur asked as he saw the three Dwarrow’s before him, rushing forward in an instant as Kili fell forward moaning in pain.

“Kili? Kili!” Fili yelled in panic before glancing around. “Help!” He asked, watching as the townspeople just walked past, ignoring them.

“Help!” He tried again, stumbling back as the villager he grabbed shook him off.

“We must find bard!” Óin stated as he helped Kili up, Fili nodded and grabbed his brother Bofur leading them and shoving people who stood in their way before rushing towards Bards.

“Will he help us?” He asked, looking over his shoulder. “He was not happy last night, he may turn us away!”

Óin blinked and looked around. “Where is Moriel? Have you seen her Bofur?”

Bofur shook his head as they made their way up the steps of Bard’s home and knocked. Bard swung the door open and frowned, his eyes narrowing at the four Dwarrow’s on his doorstep.

“No. I’m done with dwarves. Go away.” He stated before trying to close the door, only for it to jerk as the dwarf in front steps forward.

“No, no, no! No one will help us; Kili’s sick. He’s very sick.” Bofur pleaded, moving slightly so Bard could see Kili being held up by Óin and his brother. Bard frowned, taking in the sick dwarf, he could refuse them but then again he would not turn away anyone that was ailing and needed help.

With a deep sigh he nodded. “Come in, hurry.”

They quickly rushed in side, following Bard and placing Kili on the bed, his cries becoming louder and pained, his skin feverish.

“Have you seen Lady Bella?” Fili asked desperately as he held his brother close while Óin fed him some sleeping drought and checked his leg.

Bard jerked his head, “No, I have not seen her since last night.”

“Don’t worry about her Lad she can take care of herself.” Bofur reassured as he chucked the soiled bandage into the fire.

Fili shook his head. “No, Bofur she’s sick! She could barely hold herself up yesterday; her wounds are giving her pain.” He rushed out causing all of them to still.

Bard spun around his eyes wide. “What do you mean? She was wounded when she was here by what? Why did she not say?”

“They’re old wounds, wounds caused by dragon fire and grief. She cannot heal properly and has had no time to restore her power.” Fili explained off handed while pressing his forehead to his brothers.


The company stood upon the rock edge staring at the wall waiting. Their chests heaved as they caught their breath from the long climb up, their legs and lungs burning.

“This must be it. The hidden door.” Thorin breathed, staggering slightly as he turned to look at the others. “Let all those who doubted us rue this day!” he finished, a wide smile upon his face as he held up the key.

Bilbo smiled as loud cheers went up around him, his body tired from the long journey.

Dwalin jumped to his feet excited and moved to the wall, feeling for the keyhole. “Right. We have our key, which means that somewhere, there is a keyhole.”

Thorin walks to the edge of the clearing and looks out at the setting sun. “The last light of Durin’s Day will shine upon the keyhole.”

He breathed in the fresh air once more before turning towards the wall, the golden light casting its shine upon the rock. Moments passed as he watched Dwalin search and finding nothing, panic began to replace the hope.

“Nori.” He snapped, eyes scanning the wall frantically as the sun began to set.

Bilbo watched from behind everyone else as the Dwarrow’s become frantic in their search and yell at one another. He watched as Dwalin punched and kicked the rock while Nori tapped away before glancing at Thorin, his eyes wide and panicked.

“Break it down!” Thorin ordered desperately, glancing between the setting sun, Balin and the others.

Bifur, Glóin and Dwalin began to move, their weapons smashing against the wall to no avail, sparks were the only thing to fly off the wall. There was not even a mark upon the area they struck.

Balin felt the grief begin as he watched them continue before glancing at Thorin. “It’s no good! The door’s sealed. It can’t be opened by force. Powerful magic on it.”

Everyone turned as the golden rays disappeared, the sun setting behind the distant mountains. No one moved, they had failed.

“No!” Thorin yelled staggering forward and re-examines the old map. There had to be something, something they missed. “The last light of Durin’s Day will shine upon the keyhole. That’s what it says.” He reads out loud, his voice breaking in confusion and grief.

The others looked down in sadness, disappointed as their king shook the map in his hands. It was too late, this adventure and hardship for naught.

“What did we miss?” He choked out, glancing up at Balin tears pooling in his eyes. “What did we miss, Balin?”

Balin swallowed heavily as he looked up into the teary eyes of his king, his king who looked at him for the answer. “We’ve lost the light. There’s no more to be done. We had but one chance.”

The others turn to leave, muttering their despair into the night.

“Come away; it’s…it’s over.” Balin sighed, gesturing for those who remained to follow.

Bilbo jerked, turning on the spot as the others walked past him. “Wait a minute! Where are they going? You can’t give up now!” He yelled desperately before turning to look at Thorin beseechingly.

Thorin turned away from the look, from the hopeful wide eyes of the Halfling and stared at the key in his hand. Despair and defeat filled him as he dropped the blasted thing to the floor, watching it clatter against the stone. He cast one last look out over the land that once was his before turning away. This would never be his home again, he failed.

“Thorin…you can’t give up now.” Bilbo stammered, jerking as Thorin slammed the map into his chest as he strode past not saying a word. He watched as they began to descend the mountain, it wasn’t right, they can’t give up.

When the last of the company was out of view he moved, muttering the riddle to himself as he did so, eyes searching for the keyhole. Oh how he wished Bella was here to help them, she could have convinced them to stay and not give up their quest.

“The setting sun…and the last light of Durin’s Day will shine.” he murmured, shaking his head as he turned away from the wall. “Hmm. The last light. Last light…”

Blinking he looked up, the clouds above him drifting slowly from the moon and allowing it to cast its rays upon the mountain. Hearing a noise, Bilbo turned back and glanced at the Thrush that was tapping at the base of the wall. His eyes widen as the moonlight shined over the wall, he couldn’t help but laugh with relief and delight.

“The last light!” he breathed out, pointing to it as the Thrush flies off. He watched with wide awe filled eyes as the moonlight swept over the rock, revealing the keyhole to him. He let out a cry of joy before rushing to the cliff edge in hopes to see the others.

“The keyhole! Come back! Come back! It’s the light of the moon, the last moon of autumn! Ha ha ha!” He yelled down to them, hoping they heard him before turning back to the wall, his eyes scanning the ground for the key Thorin dropped.

“Where’s the- Where’s the key? Where’s the- it was here…but it was here, it was here! It was just…” He stammered out desperately as he used his feet to search the ground, his heart clenching in fear as he kicks it towards the edge and sagged in relief as Thorin stepped down on the string.

tumblr_mo9jblJu5x1qm0ktxo1_500 Thorin_key2

The company stared as their king lifted the key from the ground, turning his eyes back towards the hobbit and then to the door. He did not utter a word as he hazily moved towards where the keyhole was and placing the key inside.

Thorin listened as he heard something grinding behind the rock and with a deep breath he pushed. The door opened with a groan, sending stagnant air rushing past Thorin, but he did not care, no, he was… he could not care for he could hear the rock whisper, welcoming him back into its embrace. He had not heard the whisper of his home and had nearly forgotten what it sounded like.

“Erebor.” He breathed, casting hooded gaze back to Balin.

Balin moved closer, he too hearing the whisper. “Thorin.” He choked, his chest constricting with joy.

“We’re home.”


Kili moaned as he thrashed, his body burning with pain. Fili held him while Bofur rushed over with a bowl of hot water and a rag.

“Can you not do something?” Fili asked Óin desperately

Óin glanced up at the fair-haired prince. “I need herbs, something to bring down his fever.”

“I have nightshade, feverfew…” he called as he placed the medicine on the table.

“What is that you are giving her?” Óin asked the skin-changer.

Beorn turned to look at the Dwarf. “It is Altheas or kingsfoil.”

“Kingsfoil, but that’s a weed!” Óin spluttered, jerking back as Beorn growled.

“To you but it is the only thing that will cure the poison that those fell creatures use.”

“They’re no use to me. Do you have any Kingsfoil?” Óin asked, shaking his head of the memory.

Bard jerked his head up with a frown. “No, it’s a weed. We feed it to the pigs.”

“Pigs? Weed? Right.” Bofur nodded before dashing out into the night to search for what he needed.

The ground rumbled, causing Bard to jerk his head up in fear and casting a look out the window.

“Da?” Sigrid called worried, moving closer to her brother.

“It’s coming from the mountain.” Bain stated, his eyes shifting to the Dwarrow’s.

Fili moved, leaving his brothers side for an instant and turning Bard to look at him. “You should leave us. Take your children; get out of here.”

“And go where? There is nowhere to go. Lady Bella warned me to leave but we have no place to run, no place to hide but here.” He explained defeated, it seems that what she had said was true… they had failed and awoken the beast.

“Are we going to die, Da?” Tilda asked scared, her eyes wide with terror.

Bard stared down at Tilda, his little one who looked so much like her mother. “No, darling.”

“The dragon, it’s going to kill us.” She whimpered causing Bard to glance at Sigrid and Bain worriedly before becoming determined; no he would not let them die.

With a quick movement he grasped what seemed to be an iron rack on the roof before he yanked, pulling it from the wall and letting all that was hanging from it fall. He grasped the last black arrow before glancing at his children once more. “Not before I kill it first.”

Bard glanced at the Dwarrow’s behind him before marching out the door, holding the arrow at his side to hide it as part of his body.

“Da!” Bain cried out causing Bard to slow.

“Go back home.” He ordered, sighing when he saw the familiar look his wife held when she wouldn’t budge.

“A black arrow? Why did you never tell me?” Bain demanded quietly causing his father to sigh as they quickly moved into the shadows as soldiers passed.

“Because you didn’t need to know.” He murmured before looking to make sure all was clear. “Listen to me carefully: I need you to distract the guards. Once I’m at the top of the tower, I’ll set the arrow to the bow.”

“There he is! Bard! After him!” They heard, causing Bain and Bard to stare at the guards just down a ways rushing towards them. They took off in a run, weaving in and out of the walkways and stalls that were still open causing them to cry out in anger.

“Bain! Bain. Keep it safe. Don’t let anyone find it. I’ll deal with them.” Bard told his son, placing the arrow in his hands. “Go!” He ordered roughly before his son could speak and turns to face the soldiers while his son ran.

“You’re under arrest.” Braga stated as he came to a stop in front of Bard.

“Under what offence?” He snapped, glancing around at all the guards.

“Any charge the Master chooses.” Braga spat before groaning as he felt Bard hit him, his body falling hard against the walk way. “AFTER HIM!” He ordered gripping his bleeding nose.


Sigrid screamed as the monster dropped down, alerting Bofur in time to dodge the oncoming attack. He held up his arms as he fell, clenching his eyes for the killing strike only it didn’t come. He snapped his eyes open to see an elven blade above him, red hair fanning down.

“Oh thank you lass.” He breathed out, his head falling back in relief as he watched the elf dispatch the orcs.

“I was told you need to hurry, take that to the sick one immediately before it is too late.” Tauriel ordered before decapitating another orc, clearing a path for the strange looking dwarf.

Bella snarled as she exploded into the room, blades out as she culled through the orcs that were after her kin and the children. She will not let them get harmed by the monsters. Óin sagged in relief as he saw her, his arms tightening around the two wee lasses in his arms.

Kili screamed in agony and fear as an Orc grabbed his leg and pulled him to the floor. Lorelei dropped down and threw her dagger as she moved towards him, watching with awe as her prince and the lady Canadriel danced around the small space and killing those that came near.

“Thank you!” Bella laughed as she jerked her hands back and pulled Legolas’s daggers free, using them to kill two orcs before putting them back and jerking the one she threw out of the wall. “Lorelei protect him!” She ordered towards Kili as he scrambled to get away.

It was chaos, the pack never seemed to stop coming until the black speech filled the air and they began to retreat. Legolas snarled as he shoved the body out the door and over the railing, his eyes catching sight of the Larger Orc disappear before swinging his daggers out and smirking at the stunned surprised on the head before him.

“You killed them all.” Bain gasped in awe causing Legolas to turn back inside.

“There are others. Meleth nín we need to go, we cannot let them leave.” Legolas stated to Bella, holding his hand out for her to take.

“We’re losing him!” Óin cried as he knelt down by Kili, casting a glance up at the elves.

“Lorelei, if he is your Chosen then only you can save him.” Bella whispered as she knelt down and picked up Kili and laid him down on the table.

“I will need kingsfoil then.” Lorelei stated firmly as she moved.

“Bofur went to get some he isn’t back yet.” Óin replied while Bella went to leave, stopping when Fili grasped her arm.

“Be safe Namad.” He whispered before glancing at the blonde prince with a scowl. “Protect her.”

Bella laughed and placed a kiss upon his brow before jumping over the railing, Legolas following. She would not let that beast get away; she will cull him and taint the earth with his blood before he could come to harm her kin.

Author Note: Oooo OOOOOOO OOOOOO *wild cackle* Well at least you know where Bella went… We’re getting closer to the end of The Desolation of Smaug. More Love = Chapters!



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  1. I love! love! and yeah kili will live because of his chosen 😀 i am glad she went back for help. but i do hope that no one dies because of the dragon fire. and if Thorin becomes an ass.. can we just get Bella to punch some sense into him cause he is already becoming a pain. cannot wait until the next update. crazy excited here. like nutso excited 😀

  2. YAY! Bella and Legolas are so kick ass together. and Thorin needs to have a “come to Jesus” experience. knock some sense into him. but i have faith…Lady Canadriel will come to save the day. 😀
    so exciting!!!

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