Chapter Eleven – The Desolation of Smaug I

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Eleven

Third POV

Bella grunted in pain as she pressed the crushed bits and moss to her wound before tying it up once more. That will thankfully keep the bloody wound from infecting, who know what was on that goblin wood.

A day had passed and still there was no sign of the company, seriously who takes this long to get down from the Carrock? But then again Thorin was injured and she didn’t know if any of the others were or not, she could have checked but she was still too weak to form a connection with any of the others that far away.

“I swear, I’m going to hurt Gwaihir! He could have just dropped me off at the top with the others! But no, he dropped me off here to rest in a place that could be passed by the company and miss me completely!” She groaned out annoyed before hobbling to her feet.

She was down to one arrow and just her sword; she after all had given up her blades to save the foolish king. “I better at least get a thank you from him.”

A roar echoed in the distance causing Bella to jerk her head up and groan, now realising just how close she was to the Bear’s home. Another groan escaped her lips as she realised that the blasted eagle had placed her on the wrong side of the damn river, the wrong side of the Carrock and now her friends were near the beasts’ home.

“I’m gonna have to save them.” She sighed once again before taking off in a run, pushing the pain in her leg to the back of her mind.


Bilbo stared horrified at the big beast that looked over towards where he saw the pack before silently making his way back down the mountain to where the others were, he had to warn them.

“How close is the pack?” Dwalin asked as he caught sight of the hobbit coming back.

Bilbo sighed and stared at the dwarf. “Too close. A couple of leagues, no more, but that is not the worst of it.” He tried to explain.

“Have the Wargs picked up our scent?” Dwalin asked again, pressing the matter as he saw the fear on the hobbit’s face. Thorin moved closer to the Halfling as well, eyes scanning behind him for the danger.

“Not yet, but they will; we have another problem.” Bilbo sighed exasperated, hands on knees as he tried to catch his breath. It didn’t help that the others were crowding awfully close around him.

“Did they see you? They saw you!” Gandalf asked loudly, causing Bilbo to spin and look up at him, annoyance clear on his face. Oh how he wished Bella was here, at least she listened to him.

“No, that’s not it.” He gasped out with a frown, groaning as Gandalf simply smiled and looked at the others.

“What did I tell you? Quiet as a mouse. Excellent burglar material.” Gandalf praised while the others agreed and laughed, finally Bilbo just snapped at being ignored.

“Will you listen- Will you just listen? I’m trying to tell you there is something else out there.” He snapped furious, causing the laughter to die down and the Dwarrow’s to become worried.

Gandalf frowned concerned, his eyes trying to take in the surroundings. “What form did it take? Like a bear?”

Bilbo spun opening and closing his mouth a few times. “Y- yes. But bigger, much bigger.”

Bella cursed as she saw the company standing in the opening when she knew that the Bear was not far away. It was occupied on the orc pack at the moment but soon it will return to its lands and see them. “Why am I always the one that has to save you?” She shouted as she slid down the rock cliff, nearly laughing at the shocked faces.

“By Mahal’s beard!” Glóin choked out shocked as the elf landed next to him.

Everyone stared at Bella in shock, some not even believing that she was indeed there, just a figment of their imagination. Fili blinked and stepped forward, his hand going out hesitantly and touching Bella, eyes widening in joy as he felt her warmth.

“LADY BELLA!” He cried out, throwing himself into her arms. The others didn’t hesitate after that, practically throwing themselves at Bella and tackling her to the ground.

She laughed, her arms wrapping around those who was within reach, her head resting on Kili’s in greeting.

“Alright! Let her up, let her up!” Thorin ordered by Gandalf’s side, a small smile on his face.

“It is good to have you back Lady Bella.” He stated as he held out his hand to help her up, eyes taking in the bandaged leg.

Bella raised her brows curiously at the open nicety from Thorin. Yes he respected her somewhat, yes he was kind to her more than Bilbo but he had not openly shown her kindness like this. “Well, someone had to keep you all safe.”

Gandalf simply smiled and looked at his old friend. “What took you so long?”

Bella shot him a flat look. “Gwaihir placed me down at the bottom of the Carrock, on the wrong side! Took me a day to realise and heal properly, now we better hurry; he’s not far behind.” She explained with a sigh and an eye roll.

“There is a house; it’s not far from here, where we might take refuge.” Gandalf stated causing Bella to pause and shoulders to drop, muttered curses falling from her lips.

He will not take kind to Dwarrow’s being in his home!” She snapped in Sindarin, scowling when Gandalf simply ignored her.

Thorin frowned, eyes going from Gandalf to the scowling Bella and back again. “Whose house? Are they friend or foe?”

Gandalf glanced at Bella before looking back at Thorin. “Neither. He will help us, or he will kill us.”

A loud roar filled the night air causing everyone to freeze and push themselves towards the direction Bella and Gandalf were running. They didn’t stop, they did not slow as they came across streams and rocks or fallen trees.

The sun began to set as they came to a stop near the edge of the forest, Warg howls filling the forest followed by the roar of the beast who was tracking both.

“Quickly!” Gandalf yelled before running towards the open planes.

“They will be killed Gandalf!” Bella hissed as they rushed towards Beorn’s home. The ground rattling as the great bear charged towards them, she knew what to do but was reluctant to do so. She didn’t know if her old friend would have remembered her scent or not. That and she was wounded still, her leg throbbing.


They reached the gate to Beorn’s home just as the bear reached the outlining trees, his teeth glinting in the setting sun as he snarled at them.

“OPEN THE DOOR!” Gandalf yelled as Thorin pushed his way through the others who were trying to break the door down.

“Hurry!” Gandalf yelled and Bella knew they wouldn’t make it in time.

A curse left her lips as she dropped everything and rushed forward, a roar escaping her lips. The others made it inside when Thorin unhatched the lock.

“BELLA!” Fili yelled horrified, afraid as he turned and caught sight of the she-elf rushing towards the bear and collided with it just as the doors slammed shut from a gust of wind.

“No! NO!” Kili yelled struggling under his uncle’s grasp.

“Let me go you fools! Balin let me go!” Dwalin roared as he tried to struggle free, he couldn’t see her fall again. “Moriel could die! Do you want to lose our sister?”

Balin and Thorin stilled, one of horror the other in shock. “Mahal! She is Moriel DwarrowFriend?” Thorin gasped out, his hold on Kili slipping.

“Calm down, she will be fine.” Gandalf stated, eyes searching for the darkness as roars and screams filled the dark. He was concerned, he knew that she and Beorn are good friends but the bear sometimes was a struggle to see reason.

“How do you know that? We know she is a skilled warrior but how do you know that?” Glóin demanded, he too knew of Moriel and the thought of losing a friend brought fear to rise in his stomach.

“When did you know she was Moriel?” Gandalf asked turning back to Dwalin.

Dwalin frowned, “A guess when she lowered her hood in the Shire, for sure when Balin and I saw the bracers we made her.”

“Why did you not tell us? Is this why you braided her hair?” Óin asked with a frown.

“Yes it is and because, she asked us not to in Rivendell and we found it not wise to before that. Would you have believed what we said? Would you accept that she is Moriel DwarrowFriend HealerOfKin? She had saved the lives of us all in some time or another and you have done nothing but mistrust her and snipe.” Balin stated annoyed, his head whipping to the door as a loud cry of pain echoed the night followed by the deafening roar of the bear.

Then there was silence and it was more terrifying and deafening than the roars.

“Lady Bella has a title?” Ori asked from between his brothers.

“Aye Lad, Moriel is a good friend of the Durin Folk; she helped many after Smaug and healed those in need after the battle of Moria. She was given the name DwarrowFriend and Healerofkin.” Balin explained softly, a deep ache settling in his chest.

“What was that?” Ori gasped out suddenly as the image of the beast flashed across his mind.

Gandalf looked down with raised brows, he knew Bella was in danger and yet safe. “That is our host… His name is Beorn, and he is a skin-changer. There is nothing we can do now, we have no choice but to settle until he changes back.”


A cry of pain filled the air followed by the doors slamming open; causing all of the Dwarrow’s to jump to their feet armed.

Beorn rushed to the kitchen table, lifting it up and letting everything on it fall to the floor before placing Canadriel on it. “I told you to stop! Why do you never listen, little bird?” He snarled as he saw the wound on his friend’s arm and the arrow.

“Get away from her!” Kili yelled bow drawn.

Beorn let out a rumbling snarl, “why did you bring dwarves to my home? Why did you allow her to face the beast and orcs?” He snapped at the wizard as he carefully removed his friend’s tunic and leathers.

Bella cried out, a scream ripping from her throat as the cool breeze brushed her heated flesh. “Just rip it out and sear them closed!” She hissed through clenched teeth.

“What can we do to help?” Thorin asked as he made his way to the table, eyes landing on the marred flesh and fresh wounds. Wounds on top of wounds he knew were made by dragon fire, wounds he had seen twice before on this journey and knew that his kin were the reason she had them.

Beorn growled low in his throat. “Heat blades to sear the wounds closed, I need to clean the wounds and remove the arrow.”

Everyone moved quickly, Bilbo and Óin mixing some herbs into water, ones that will help with the pain while Gandalf held her down.

“God fucking dammit! This stings like a bitch!” She roared as Beorn snapped the arrow shaft and ripped it out. The company looked taken back at the cursing while Beorn simply chuckled.

“My, what words they taught you Little Bird, now are you ready?” Beorn asked once the little bunny and dwarf forced her to drink.

“As I’ll ever be. Dwalin I need your hand and I need something to bite down on!” She hissed out. Everyone scrambled to find something while Dwalin held out his hand for her. He knew she needed to squeeze something and out of the company he had the knuckle dusters.

“Here bite this.” Thorin said softly placing the leather strap of his belt between her teeth. “Nori, Bofur, Bifur hold her legs!”

Beorn waited with the hot blades in his hands. When Bella gave her okay he pressed them down against the open wounds, the scent of burning flesh wafting through the space.

The company shuddered, Dori covering his brother’s ears while Fili and Kili covered each other’s. Yet it couldn’t block out the scream fully, couldn’t stop the sound and view from searing its way into their and everyone’s memory forever to haunt them.

When Bella finally passed out Beorn turned his attention to the others in the room. He didn’t know whether to allow them to stay or kick them out of his home and keep Little Bird here. “Give me one good reason why I should allow you here? You brought orcs to my home, you caused me to hurt my only friend and she took an arrow for me in the process. Tell me why I should allow you to stay!”

It was then that everyone realised how tall this skin-walker was, he was even taller than Gandalf and for once the Dwarrow’s felt like dwarflings again. No one knew what to say, not even Gandalf.

Beorn…” Bella hissed in warning as she snapped back to consciousness though delirious in state. “Th-they’re kin.” With that she passed out once more into a deep pain filled sleep.

A growl escaped Beorn’s lips as he stared down at his friend. “Kin. Then I will help whatever you need. You will need to stay here for two days while she heals.” He grumbled before turning to the sheep at his side.

“I need Athelas, as much as you can find.” He murmured to them, patting them softly before they left.

“Will she be alright?” Ori asked softly, hesitantly up at the man.

Beorn scrunched his nose before sighing. “Yes, Little Bird will be well. If I get the herbs I need it will stop the poison, she is strong, she will be well.”

Thorin frowned down at the elf he still held, taking the belt that fell beside her head when she spoke with a sigh. She kept proving herself over and over again for them, proving to him that not all Elves were traitorous snakes.

“Tomorrow we will talk about why you are here, tonight is time to rest.” Beorn spoke as he gently hoisted up Isabella into his arms before making his way to his room. The others marvelled at how small she actually was then, how frail she seemed to be.

“She’s going to make me grey!” Dwalin moaned as he fell back into the chair behind him, causing Balin to give a strained chuckle.

“At least you know how I would feel then.” He teased his brother who just levelled him with a flat look.

“The scars on her back, I thought Elves didn’t scar?” Nori asked causing four of the people in the room to tense. Bilbo blinked and shot glanced at Gandalf, Thorin, Balin and Dwalin as they snapped their eyes to Nori.

“They do not and then they do.” Gandalf supplied in his usual riddle way.

Bombur frowned and nudged his brother. “Then why is half her back scarred? I saw it at the troll camp but I didn’t realise it took up one side.” Bofur spoke, causing the others to nod in agreeance with him.

“That is caused by Dragonfire.” I helped your kin flee and I was burned doing so… The words thrusting a spike of guilt into Thorin’s chest.

He knew Moriel personally, not as well as others but he had met her twice, once after the attack of Smaug and then again another after the battle of Moria. It was he who gave her the titles she bore and he had shunned her.

“Aye laddie, don’t take it personally. Namad doesn’t look like she once did; Grief does that to an elf.” Balin explained as he saw his friend and kings face twist in guilt.

With a sigh Thorin slouched, feeling tired. “You are correct but it is time we make up for it. You, Dwalin, Kili, Fili and Ori are the only ones who treat her with full respect and kindness, the rest of you all have taken my lead and ignored her or simply just accepted her being there. Tonight rest, tomorrow we will sort out everything for our journey and see how she is.”

Bilbo frowned and looked up at Gandalf. “Is she really alright Gandalf?”

“No, she is weak and hurt but she will live. Elves are fast healers and Beorn will make sure she is well once more.”

The frown deepened before he replied. “What about her mother and father? I know who she is, can they not help? Not with just this but her grief?”

Gandalf choked on his pipe, the smoke coming out in rough puffs as he stared down at the hobbit beside him. “She told you?”

You must not tell the others until I am ready to share… Bilbo grimaced as he realised what he had done causing Gandalf to laugh slightly.

“I know who she is truly Master Bilbo, but they do not. Even back then they knew her as Moriel only, not many people but Elves know who Bella is truly. If she trusted you with it, keep it buried until she is ready. But they cannot help her, Grief can only be stopped by one thing and it has been said before.” He explained sadly before turning back to the door on the other side of the house.

Bella tossed and turned in her sleep, flashes of images and sounds consuming her. She could see death and fire burn the town, cries of people. The scene changed from Dale to Lake Town, a man standing upon a tower with a black arrow.


She could feel sunlight on her skin, warming her. The smell of leaves and rain invaded her senses as she curled against a figure; deep laughter filling her mind.


Death and burnt lands upon the horizon, gold and black mixed with red. Kili… Fili… lay dead at her feet, eyes wide and open with pain upon their faces. She screamed, dropping to her knees as she pulled the young Dwarrow’s to her chest and moaned their names in pain. They were but mere children, barely over their mature age in their culture.


The scene shifted again… warmth and cool breeze replaced cold and blood. “Le annon veleth nín…” Her voice echoes.


Blue eyes and white hair… sun and leaves of green and orange…

Gerich veleth nín.” Was the reply.

Author Note: Well here you go! and YAAAAY 100 Reviews, now remember, more love I get the more I will update!

Also, I got a review saying I needed to change my history because following the story seems boring. Need I remind you? Well I’ll remind you of my AN in ch 1

“Okay, so basically this is the movies with Bella scenes thrown in, really I just wanted to do a twi crossover with this and then hopefully lord of the rings. SO story is for myself, no hate cause I’m warning you now so you know what to expect!”

That means the story will be LIKE the movies with Bella scenes and slight changes… find it boring? Stop reading… I made myself clear.

So how you like it so far though?

Le annon veleth nín – I give my love to you

Gerich veleth nín – You have my love



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  1. Omg!! Who cares what they think!! This is freaking awesome!! You do change it up with her appearance, but heck, how else were you going to get to Legolas?!?!

  2. i know Thorin is kicking himself right now, but in fairness, after what happened to him, who could really blame him for being such a grump. and i’m pretty sure things are better in Gandalf’s head when he makes this snap decisions. unfortunately things don’t go as planned sometimes. i am so giddy. Bella’s first dream/vision of Legolas. eeeeeeeeeee! 😀 excellent!

  3. I haven’t saw any Hobbit movies but I do love the story. Do you know who you will have for the Lord of the Rings story?

  4. Another stunning chapter, my dear ;). As far as hateful or stupid comments. I find that haters tend to hate in general because they either are miserable in their own lives and wish to drag the world down with them, or they are jealous of those they are hating on, because that person is showing talent in something they wish they could have. Either way, ignore, and keep the Stunning Coming 😉

  5. Love love love this!! Man I wanna cry in joy. She gotta vision on legolas so yay! I do wonder if her having visions on what’s to come can mean her changing the outcomes to something else. I hope another chapter comes soon. Very much in love with this story.

  6. Loved this chapter so much!
    Thorin and half the company have a lot to make up for. Hopefully Bella can heal some while resting at Beorn’s. And she dreamed of the future! Hopefully she can save Fili and Kili plus accept her Chosen and truly heal from her grief.

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