Chapter Fifteen – The Desolation of Smaug V

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Fifteen

Third POV

Legolas moved to his father’s side as the prisoners were removed from the hall. He knew he should be more worried for his father but his mind was on the woman who brazenly attacked him.

She was beautiful; she seemed to shine like the very stars when he finally saw her without her cloaks hood.

Are you well Ada? Who was that?” He asked, more demanded the question; he needed to know her name.

Thranduil turned to his son, blue eyes sharp as he took in his son. “That Legolas is Lady Canadriel.”

Legolas blinked as he stared at his father in disbelief. He has heard of Lady Canadriel, daughter of Lady Galadriel- Lady of Light. But he had never gotten the chance to meet her; he has met Lady Galadriel many times when she came for a visit or if he was to go to Lothlórien.

“What did she do?” He asked softly as he saw his father stumble to his throne.


“She cleared my head of all the darkness, the sickness I tried to ignore. What troubles you Legolas, is it Tauriel?” Thranduil asked as he saw the worry behind his son’s mask. He was displeased when his son began to have affections for the head of guard. She was a selfish being, that he could see, one who used all she had to get what she wanted.

The image of Lady Canadriel’s pained face flashed across his mind, her haunted sunken eyes searing in his memory. “No, it is Lady Canadriel that worries me, ada. They dragged her out of the room.”

Thranduil frowned, his eyes taking note of his son’s pained and worried face. “Has your heart Chosen?”

“…I think it has.” Legolas replied slowly, he was unsure but he could feel an echo deep within him that was not there before.

The Woodland King stared at his son in surprised shock, yet hope bloomed. He knew Canadriel had never found her one, had always hoped to find it but gave up searching. He remembered her joking that she was pulled to this place after Legolas was born but had not met him, always coming when Legolas was away. Was it he that was meant to be hers?

My king! Come quick, there is something wrong with the elf prisoner. Lorelei and Tauriel are taking her to the healers but the Dwarrow’s were yelling she was dying, the one with her would not let her go.” Galion rushed out as he came to a sudden stop in front of the king and Prince.

“Take us to her!” Thranduil ordered, fear squeezing at his heart.

They ran down the hallways towards the healing wing and the closer they got the more Legolas and Thranduil could hear yelling, a mix of Westron and Khuzdul.

“What is the meaning of this!?” Thranduil ordered as he stepped into the room to see the young golden haired dwarf guarding Canadriel.

Fili stared at the Elven King and lowered his dagger. “Were you truly Moriel’s friend?” He asked causing Thranduil to frown.

“Yes, I was long ago.” He replied hesitantly, honestly.

Fili nodded and stepped to the side. “Please, you need to help her. Moriel said she was fading and then she started to bleed but we cannot find the wound!”

Thranduil’s eyes widened as he rushed to Canadriel’s side. “Why was she fading?”

“Grief, she is suffering from grief and the only thing keeping her here is the elven oath she swore to Thorin.” Fili explained reluctantly but he couldn’t lose her, he couldn’t lose another family member.

Grief!” He hissed in shock before collapsing to his knees, his hands resting on Canadriel’s cheeks before looking back at his stricken son.

“If she is truly your Chosen then you must not cringe away, you must accept her and what you’re about to see.” Thranduil warned before looking at the young dwarf critically. “What is she to you?”

“Kin, she is my kin. All of us claim Moriel as sister.” Fili replied without hesitation.

“Then let’s hope what you’re about to see won’t change that.” Thranduil explained before turning his attention back to Canadriel, frowning at how cold she seemed to be.

“Drop it, Can-nín, drop the illusion you are safe!” Thranduil ordered her, keeping his speech in Westron for the dwarf.

Bella blinked wearily, her vision black blurs as she heard Thrand command her. She was tired, oh so tired, everything burned and ached. She could hear Thrand telling her to drop the illusion on her being so they could heal her properly and she was too exhausted to care.

Legolas and Fili watched in unease as the illusion Bella held up collapsed. Fili nearly recoiled as he saw the angry marks and sunken features. He did not flinch at the sudden revelation of the burn across her face that seemed to eat her cheek and ear. No it was the fact that she was still wounded from many things and she had…had seemed…

“Why does she look that way?” He gasped out pained causing Thranduil to whip his head around and glare. He felt his own illusion drop, the pain returning as the air hit the sensitive skin and his vision blurring slightly.


“She was burned by Dragonfire, we both did, I told you…” He hissed.

Fili quickly interrupted him, “no not that! Why does she look so sunken in?” He asked.

“Always putting on a brave face Mellonamin.” He sighed before closing his eyes and turning back to the dwarf, his own illusion back into place.

Legolas felt the blade in his chest twist, burning his heart as he struggled to breathe. His Chosen was in agony, he could feel it now, feel her grief and yet he admired her. Legolas admired the elleth’s strength and courage to go on even in so much pain. With a sigh he turned towards the Dwarf at his side. “That is what grief does Dwarf, it is painful, your soul ripping apart inside and the will to continue dwindles. First that goes is eating and then sleeping. You begin to not feel physical pain lightly… then you have no desire to drink. After that… you have no desire to move and you collapse, your body giving out as it shuts down. That is a final death for us.”

The soft alluring voice wrenched Bella out of the pain filled sleep of fire and darkness into the haze of pain and blinding light. Her head jerked sideways, pushing the warmth from her cheeks away as her arm instinctively shot out palm up. “Meleth nín. Hû nín.” She cried before the pain dragged her back under.

Thranduil stood instantly, barking out orders for the healers to help her, to tend to the wounds that littered her flesh. Many deep wounds an angry red, which were not properly tended to from days ago, wounds that she should have told the others about. With a grimace he turned and stared down at the dwarf and then to his son. “Take him back to his cell; find out if what he said was true. If they truly claimed her as kin like the beads in her hair state then she must have given them a token in return. If there is then I will take all that he has said to mean the truth, that the only thing keeping her alive right now is her oath.”

Legolas dipped his head before grasping the dwarf by his side and yanking him from the room, his chest burned as he stopped just a few feet away from the room nearly crumbling. Fili stopped struggling immediately as he saw this and frowned as the words Bella uttered towards Legolas fell from his lips.

“What does that mean?” He asked, not really caring that much for this particular elves pain. He did after all point an arrow at his uncle’s face.

“It means my love.” He whispered before standing shakily, pushing his Chosen’s pain deep down. He had not expected this; it was rare that you felt anything from your Chosen.

Legolas my sweet boy, when you find your Chosen, when your heart decides for you then you will feel the echoing of their heart forever more. It you are blessed to feel their emotions, to bask in all they share then Ilúvatar himself has blessed you…

Fili frowned as they began to walk once more. “Why did she call you that then? Why did you call her that?”

Legolas faltered slightly, staring down at the Dwarf before continuing on his path. He had orders to fulfil and he couldn’t help but admit his own curiosity. “Tell me Dwarf, does your kind have… a chosen?” He asked, struggling how to describe it.

“A chosen?” Fili asked confused.

“Yes, like you are bound to them, they are your only one.” He replied coming to a stop in the corridor to the dungeons and faced the young being once more.

Fili blinked and suddenly it dawned on him. “Yes, we have what you would call a One. Once we love that is it, we love no other for the One who our soul sings for is our One.” He explained the best we could.

“That is our Chosen, our hearts choose before we know, on instinct. It is… not often that happens and suddenly. My heart has chosen.” He replied in a whisper, not daring to say more before dragging the dwarf down the stairs to where the others were housed and threw him back into the cell.

“This one has told my king that Ca-Moriel is your kin, what proof do you have to back up his word?” Legolas demanded eyes scanning the bodies pressed against the cell doors.

“The beads in her hair!” Óin yelled. “They mark her as kin!”

“They also could have been placed there as tricks! This is not how we elves claim people as kin! What proof do you have to back your word?” He asked again, eyes landing on the older grey haired one.

Balin cast a glance to his brother. “She gave us a token, my brother and I when we braided her hair.” He explained, pulling out the Mithril chain and dagger from under his beared.

In a flash Legolas was in front of the cell, his hand grasping the small dagger. His eyes widened as he saw the leaf markings, the one that Lady Galadriel and her kin favoured etched into the hilt of the pendant. He dropped the pendant immediately, eyes wide in surprise. What the young dwarf said was indeed true, Lady Canadriel had claimed them as Kin, and it didn’t matter if only one out of all of them wore it. The proof was still there.

Tauriel, Galion go tell my father that what the dwarf claimed was true, they carry the mark of Lothlorien.” He ordered before pausing, his brows pulled down in confusion. “I had thought your kind hated mine, what did you do to earn such high respect? Do you even know what it means by her giving you that gift?” He asked the elder dwarf.

Balin frowned, “She told us the daggers were hers and that the item of her family was resting on the hilt. It is like our beads or sigils is it not? This is the symbol of her family.”

“You do not know who she truly is then.” Legolas murmured to the older dwarf before turning on his foot and making his way back up, pausing at the bottom of the steps. “She will be safe; I will make sure of it. Remember what I said dwarf.” He stated to the young one before leaving, he had to go back to his Chosen.

“Fee? What was that about?” Kili asked once they were left alone once more.

“Is Moriel alright? Is she alive?” Dwalin asked.

“Did’ye find where he blood was comin’ from Lad?” Óin called out.

Fili felt the tears pool in his eyes. “She is not well, she is not well…” He croaked out, resting his forehead against the bars. “What we saw was an illusion; she looks like skin and bones, her body battered. She was injured more than what we saw, that is why she was bleeding from wounds we could not see.”

“What do you mean Fili?” Thorin asked confused.

“She was using her magic to illusion herself well. She was fading away quicker than what we knew of Uncle. Her scars, oh god her scars… Half her face was eaten away by flames, cheek hollow, eye of milky white like a pearl and her ear was nearly gone. This… this does not ache but seeing her so frail, so thin… she looked like… she makes Bilbo look big.” He gasped out as the memory of her sunken form flashed across his mind.

The others nearly stagger back in horror at what Fili was telling them and those that could see his face did not envy what he saw, they did not want to see what he saw.

“That is what grief does to elves. It is worse for that Elf; this is the longest I have seen one taken by grief, one so weak from pain.” Lorelei stated, stepping out from the darkness and shocking the company. She had watched them, listened to them argue and morn. But she had stayed against orders from her sister; she was unable to leave the raven haired dwarf that she and Tauriel had saved. There was something that drew her to him, which kept him on her mind.

Kili jerked slightly, his eyes widening as he took in the Elf who had saved him, whom had teased him as she threw him in the cell. “How do you know?” He asked, kicking himself as he saw the pain that swept through her eyes.

“My mother fell to grief before sailing to the undying lands after my father was slain by orcs.”


When Bella woke up next she was in a considerable amount of pain but it was not as bad as it was. The ache of fading was still there but it seemed, less somehow. A frown pulled at her brows as she tried to think about what happened she remembered fighting with Thranduil, saying something to Fili and then voices, flashes of blue eyes and soft tones.

“Oh thank Aulë, Lady Bella!” Bilbo gasped out as he yanked off his ring. He had gotten quite a horrified shock as he followed one of the healers to this room after catching her proper name falling from their lips. In fact, Bilbo nearly threw up everywhere as he caught sight of her bundled up in the bed.

“Bilbo. You’re not dead or captured I see.” She rasped out amused.

“What-what happened to you?” He asked hesitantly, “The elves didn’t do this did they?” He continued, gesturing to her face and visible wounds.

Confusion swept through her as her hand flew to her cheek, as soon as he fingers touched the flame ravaged hole she knew that her illusion was gone and could not hold back the grimace. She would have turned away if it were not for the fact he had already seen it.

“No Bilbo, this is what I truly look like.” She explained with a sigh, watching as the young hobbit frowned. With another grimace she was able to replace her illusion for a second to show him what she meant before dropping it immediately. It seemed she was still too weakened to use her magic.

“I’m too weak to hold up the illusion, now come here, you look tired.” She cooed softly, opening her arm for him to burrow against her. He hesitated for a few seconds before lowering himself by her side worried that he may hurt her and glad that he was able to get some form of comfort. “Tell me how the others are? How long have we been here?”

Bilbo closed his eyes tired, “we’ve been here near a week, and I’ve been trying to find us a way out as the king won’t let them leave after he spoke with Thorin. I just found you and the others are worried sick about you, I don’t know what to do Bella.”

“That bastard of course he won’t, even if I claim them as kin. There is a wine cellar down past the cells; under it there is a river they use to transport barrels and the sort to the people of Lake Town. You worry about the company, on getting them out and safely, I’ll do the rest.” She explained pulling the covers over her hobbit companion. “Rest for now Bilbo, that ring is wearing you thin by wearing it too much, I’ll keep you safe.” She murmured and smiled as his soft snores reached her ears.

“It is rude to eavesdrop.” She chuckled, eyes flickering up to the young elf that hid in the shadows, one that brought comfort to her in the darkness.

Legolas smiled softly, stepping into the light. “I didn’t mean to, but I was curious as to how and who was eating our food and sneaking some to the prisoners. He is safe right?” He asked warily causing her to laugh softly.

“Yes he is safe, but are you going to tell the king of our plans to escape or should I give you the same lesson I gave him?” She taunted a smile still on her face.

Legolas smiled wider, taking his usual seat by her side. “If it makes you happy I will help you, there has been an Orc pack sighted near the gate you wish to escape from. I cannot leave just yet but I can help you aid them Lady Canadriel.”

“You know my name at least, yet I do not know yours.” She replied.

“I am Legolas.” He supplied, bowing his head to her.

Bella blinked and stared at the elf before her in shock, no wonder she got Thrand and him confused. It was because they are father and son. “You’re Thranduil’s son?”

The laugh that came from Legolas was rich and warm, sending a shiver down Bella’s spine and butterflies to swarm in her stomach. She couldn’t explain the reaction or why, just that seeing him happy made her feel warm, it was a feeling she had not felt before not even with Edward.

“Yes and I am surprised we have never met Lady Canadriel after all you were my mother and father’s friend. Seems Aulë had a different path for us at that time, but we have met now and though it could have been under better circumstances, I am glad.” He stated smiling, it was then that Bella realised he was looking at her. Honest to Aulë looking at her without any pity, disgust or anything of the sort.

“Do they not bother you?” She blurted out before she could think.

“If you mean this…” He stated, brushing his hand lightly over the coarse damaged flesh, careful not to disturb the sleeping Halfling before sitting back. “Then no, it does not bother me. I actually admire you Lady Canadriel, your strength is astounding and breathtaking, awe inspiring. I have seen my father carry his burden and loss of my mother with heavy tired shoulders and here you are, ravaged just as much as he and still have the strength to go on and fight. You are truly beautiful either way gilgalad nín.”

Bella raised her brows at the term of affection but said nothing as Bilbo began to stir in her arms, how long had she and Legolas been speaking for him to rest? With another frown she cast a glance to Legolas. “Hide till he leaves then you can help me.”

“As you wish gilgalad nín. As you wish, you should let him know that Galion likes his wine and that the kingdom is preparing for the Starlight feast.” He stated with a bow before disappearing back into the darkness he was in before.

“Bella?” Bilbo murmured confused, he could have sworn that he heard someone else talking.

“Not now Bilbo, do you remember what I said? Good, go now and be quick. I will follow you all soon.” She whispered quickly, pushing him into a standing position. “Galion likes his wine and that the kingdom is preparing for the Starlight feast, you do not have long.”

“What do I tell the others?” He asked quickly as he fiddled with the ring.

“Tell them to move it and I’ll be there soon. GO!” She ordered and sagged back onto the bed as he vanished into the air. “Now you need to help me up Greenleaf and find me my things, it’s time to go whether I am ready or not.”

Author Note: Well ta-da! By the way, he won’t be joining her to Erebor, but he will turn up in Lake Town with Lorelei. More love = More updates!

gilgalad nín – My Starlight

Mellonamin – my friend

Meleth nín. Hû nín. – My love. My Spirit.



10 thoughts on “Chapter Fifteen – The Desolation of Smaug V

  1. Yes!!! i am happy that Legolas has no problem accepting her as his Chosen. i hope it doesn’t take long for Bella to be convinced coz there’s a dragon that needs to be killing and the dwarves needs all the help they could get. and might i say that Legolas is so sweet. 😀
    great job!

  2. Anyone else kind of happy she slapped Thranduil or is it just me? Yay Legolas and Bella met but she will also have to again come face to face with Smaug and that is not good at all!

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