Chapter Five – An Unexpected Journey V

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Five

Third POV

The clouds that were dusting the sky that night brewed into a storm, waking the Dwarrow’s, Gandalf and Bilbo from their sleep as it began to rain. Bella watched, jumping down from the high edge and landing lightly on her toes with some form of amusement as they all cursed and gathered their things before it grew heavier.

“MOVE IT!” Thorin yelled as he hopped up upon his pony, urging the others to hurry.

The rain remained light for an hour, maybe more before pouring down in a continuous heavy fall soaking them all to the bone. This amused Isabella greatly while the others bickered and moaned about the weather.

“Here, Mr. Gandalf, can’t you do something about this deluge?” Dori called out ahead, Bella didn’t need to be next to her old friend to see the annoyance he was feeling at the question. She smirked softly, making her way to Bilbo before pulling off her cloak and wrapping it around him.

Bilbo frowned as extra warmth was secured around his shivering form, causing him to look up into the amused eyes of Lady Bella. “Surely you need this more.”

“Master Bilbo, I know of Shirelings and I know that you do not favour cold well. Resilient you may be, but more prone to colds than me or them, so take it without complaint and stay warm, I shall be fine until we make a stop, hopefully the rain ends soon.

“It is raining, Master Dwarf, and it will continue to rain until the rain is done. If you wish to change the weather of the world, you should find yourself another wizard.” Gandalf snapped causing Bella to snort.

“Are there any?” Bilbo asked curious, he could see the others trying not to seem like they were listening but failing.

Gandalf hummed distracted. “What?”

“Other wizards?” Bilbo replied a bit hesitant this time.

“There are five of us. The greatest of our order is Saruman, the White. Then there are the two Blue Wizards; you know, I’ve quite forgotten their names.” He chuckled out, he could barely remember their faces, it has been too long since he had seen them or where they resided.

Bilbo nodded in thought. “And who is the fifth?”

“Well, that would be Radagast, the Brown.” Gandalf answered indulging Bilbo’s curiosity.

“Is he a great Wizard or is he…more like you?” Bilbo asked curiously, slightly amused and annoyed, cursing his Took blood for the lack of manners.

Bella’s shoulders shook slightly as she held back a laugh at the shocked offence on Gandalf’s face. Radagast was a fine wizard, not as great as the others but still good in his own way.

“I think he’s a very great wizard, in his own way. He’s a gentle soul who prefers the company of animals to others. He keeps a watchful eye over the vast forest lands to the East, and a good thing too, for always Evil will look to find a foothold in this world.” He answered slightly defensively, unwilling to give away too much information. Radagast was quirky and not many people took too kind to his dear old friend, even amongst the others.

“And how is Radagast, the last I saw of him was maybe a hundred years ago.” Bella asked slightly, causing the others to widen their eyes. Bella glanced at all of them with raised brows. “Did you forget that Elves are immortal to a degree, which the same would go for Wizards too.”

The others looked away sheepishly as they trudged through the mud and water. Gandalf laughed slightly and smiled at his old friend. “He is doing well but it has been many moons since I have seen him, you know he does not leave the forest of Greenwood.”

“Oh finally!” Kili moaned as the rain suddenly stopped, only drips from the wet leaves of the trees above them fell.

“Now all we need to do is get warm.” Dori grumbled before muttering a few curses in Khuzdul, Bifur replying with a laugh and Iglishmêk.

“We’ll rest when the sun begins to set!” Thorin stated loudly from the front of the convoy, his back stiff as his eyes scan the trees for any danger. He didn’t like the woods, too many places for one to hide and not enough to protect.

They journeyed further and soon, Bella became familiar with the route but did not utter a word. They were close to Rivendell, her home and with hope or luck she could see her brother, maybe Elrond could help heal her or help in some way manage her grief.

“We’ll camp here for tonight! Fili, Kili, look after the ponies. Make sure you stay with them.”

Thorin yelled, as everyone began to dismount.

Gandalf moved forward towards the home, his eyes scanning the ruins with slight fear. “A farmer and his family used to live here.”

“Oin, Gloin.”

Gloin jerked his head up. “Aye?”

“Get a fire going.” Thorin ordered, making his way towards Gandalf.

Unease settled into Gandalf’s chest as he eyed the ruins once again, something wasn’t right. It looked as if something big had attacked the home long ago and he didn’t know what could have caused it this far south. “I think it would be wiser to move on. We could make for the Hidden Valley.”

Bella helped the others, smiling softly as Óin and Glóin tried to start the fire. She ignored the yelling of Thorin, his words spewing out hate of her kin. He had a point but not all elves turned their backs upon them, she didn’t and yet he still looked at her with disdain, if at all. It seems that there was no hope of her seeing her brother, maybe she should just leave herself and go herself… but that would be breaking the orders. No, she would have to wait and hope the grief won’t take her till the journey is done.

“What are you findin’ so funny? Why don’t you help us?” Glóin snapped annoyed as the sparks tapered out. With a smirk and a flick of the wrist, the fire began to grow and settle when the flames licked upon the wood pyre.

“Thank you Lassie,” Óin thanked as he sat back with a groan.

“Well that’s a neat trick Lady Bella.” Bofur exclaimed as he began to light his pipe.

“Everything alright? Gandalf, where are you going?” Bilbo asked as he saw the angry wizard stomping past them. Isabella looked up, her eyes curious and brows pulled down into a concerned frown.

“To seek the company of the only one around here who’s got any sense.” Gandalf shouted as he stormed towards his horse.

“Who’s that?” Bilbo shouted after him.

“Myself, Mr. Baggins!” He yelled back annoyed before muttering. “I’ve had enough of dwarves for one day.”

Isabella watched him go with a frown before turning to look at Thorin who stood in the ruins. His face tired and frustrated, it seemed that the talk was a lot worse than what she had heard. She ignored the others and stood. She went to pull up her hood and forgot that she had given her cloak to Bilbo.

“Ah, Lady Bella, I was just about to give this back to you. Thank you for letting me use it.” Bilbo thanked, handing back the green material.

Balin and Dwalin share a look as they caught the sight of the Elf’s bracers, they remembered long ago making a pair of leather and metal, etching trees and swirls into it. It had been designed to suit her, for once not making it of Dwarven style but of an Elf. They had failed in the attempt to copy the style and beauty of Elven metal crafts but she – Moriel – had loved them.

“Should we mention it to the others; they would know her by name, even Thorin.” Dwalin asked hesitantly and so his brother could only hear.

Balin shook his head. “No, now is not the time. We will let her know when the time is right and she will tell us the same. We need to keep an eye on her, I am afraid Grief has taken hold and soon we may lose another friend and this time there is no cure.”

“Tell us Lass, where did you get your mismatch from? I had thought Elves stuck to their own cloths and weapons.” Bofur asked loudly as he plonked down next to Bifur and Ori.

Bella raised her brows before pulling out her daggers and swords. “My blades are elven make, my bow from Men of Dale and my warrior attire is a token of thanks from a small village in the outer lands. My bracers are from those I claim as nadadith’s, they gifted them to me before I left them.” Isabella stated, sending quick glance towards Dwalin and Balin before looking away. She could see that they didn’t not remember her, which was something that struck her deeply.

They sat stunned with the others; thankfully everyone looked stunned so Dwalin and Balin didn’t seem too noticeable as they shared a glance of shock. She had called them younger brothers in their tongue and had meant it.

“Are you alright Lady Bella?” Ori asked concerned as he saw the Elf grimace, her hand rubbing her chest once more.

Thorin frowned, even he too had noticed the little habit the elf had taken up but now he saw her face when she did it. It was the flash of pain and something else, something that made him feel concerned and that thought alone made him scowl and turn around. She was an Elf; she didn’t deserve his concern…

Is she… Is she suffering from Grief? Balin’s words came rushing to the forefront of his mind, accompanying him the image of her clawing at her chest, her fair face twisted in agony.

…but they can also suffer from great Grief, something that is very bad for Elves… Something that cannot be stopped unless something greater than the loss comes but it is rare and those that suffer from it… With a shake of his head Thorin ignored the others, his eyes upon woods as lookout while they waited for food.

Isabella closed her eyes and let the sounds of the Dwarrow’s around her comfort her. She could find some minutes to rest her eyes here; she would need them for she knew not when she could rest again.

“She’s asleep; I didn’t even know they could sleep!” Nori exclaimed softly, surprised.

“Aye Lad, Elves sleep. They don’t need much and she can still hear you, they only rest fully when safe.” Balin explained simply, remembering what she had told him long ago.

The company began to eat, happy for once to just sit in silence for a little while before they jerked in surprise as Isabella shot to her feet bow drawn and raised before they could even think. She let lose an arrow as a sound of something rushing towards them reached their ears.

“DON’T SHOOT!” Fili yelled as he flew from the forest, out of breath.

“Trolls! Bilbo!” He explained before pivoting and rushing back the way he came. The others waited half a breath before taking arms and rushing after the young prince.

“DAMN THAT HALFLING!” Thorin yelled as they ran.

Isabella didn’t hesitate, jumping to the trees and flying through them, how she could do that the Company didn’t know but they watched with amazement as she flung herself from the trees and towards the trolls. The others didn’t hesitate, running into battle and instantly fighting to save one of their own, their weapons cutting into flesh and blocking blows.

The others turned surprised as the fire roared as Isabella used Dwalin as a springboard, her body spinning gracefully through the air and buried a blade within the shoulder of one of the Trolls that had Ori. Even Thorin was surprised how well the Elf had fought alongside his kin, no second guesses or fumbles with their fighting style, she even somehow complimented it.

Everyone froze as a cry filled the air, their eyes turning towards the sound and cursed as they saw Bilbo being held up by two of the trolls looking terrified.

“Bilbo!” Kili yelled rushing forward only to be stopped by his uncle.


The troll grinned, “Lay down your arms, or we’ll rip his off.” He ordered.

Thorin sneered in rage before stabbing the earth with his blade, complying with the monstrosity halfwits, all the while cursing out the Halfling in his head. Isabella was the last to lay down her arms, the bow tight in her hand, body tensed before finally lowering them as Bilbo caught her eye.

The wind rippled around them, the earth shaking as the fire blazed. Every eye turned to Isabella as she stared down at the trolls who had her friend, the littlest and youngest of the group she swore to protect. It still surprised the others how frightening the sweet Elf could be how powerful she actually was.

She didn’t move a muscle or act out, even when one of the trolls began to strip them all, she didn’t even notice as the men around her averted their eyes as Bella was left in her underclothes before them as she was shoved into a sack. Her eyes flickered to the sky as she heard Bilbo began to stall, watching as the stars began to twinkle out as the sky began to lighten. Her head rested against the King’s chest and she could hear him muttering curses in Khuzdul.

“In-in fact they all have, they’re in-infested with parasites. It’s a terrible business; I wouldn’t risk it, I really wouldn’t.” Bilbo explained causing the Troll look on in horror while the other two simply kept turning the others.

“Parasites, did he say parasites?” Óin asked thinking he misheard.

Kili yelled in offence, “We don’t have parasites! You have parasites!”

Isabella sighed harshly at the idiocy and tilted her head up to look at the king. “He is stalling, the sun is almost here, and they are not helping.”

Thorin eyed the Elf before turning back to Bilbo who looked at them exasperated quickly. He realised too that Bilbo was stalling, his eyes flickering up before he harshly kicked his nephew and gave him a pointed look.

The others caught on quickly and Bella sagged in relief as she saw the Troll’s waiver in their actions as they began to fight on it. She couldn’t help but smirk as they began to bicker amongst themselves, watching as Gandalf moved to the rock cropping opposite of them. Laughter sprung free from relief as he slammed his staff down, rock shattering to let the first sun’s rays peak through and soon the Trolls were stone.

“It took you long enough Gandalf!” Someone yelled as the wizard made his way down to help them.

She watched amused as he cut the Dwarrow’s over the flames free first, then cursing as they quickly rolled out of the flames and rushed over to help them.

“Let me help you Lady Bella.” Ori whispered softly as he began to untie the knot holding her bag closed.

“Thank you Master Ori, that would be most kind.” She stated, sighing in relief as the ties around her neck were free, she did not move just yet as she was only in her underclothes and the majority of her flesh exposed.

She was not embarrassed perse but she had many scars upon her flesh and she did not wish for them to see how damaged she truly was and well, she didn’t really want them to see her practically naked either, at least they were in long johns.

“Are you hurt Lady Bella?” Fili asked in a panic as he saw that the elf had not moved nor attempted to remove herself from the bag. The question caused all the others to pause from their own changings and turned towards her.

Bella closed her eyes for a second before sighing. “Master Fili…” She sighed unable to form the words.

“Do you need help? Óin, Lady Bella might need some aid!” He yelled as he rushed forward panic in his voice as he saw her face redden.

“No! I do not, I just need privacy!” She snapped trying to hit at what was wrong, though she saw that they did not understand or catch her words and the only one who would have is currently talking to Thorin.

“For fucks sake! I AM NEAR NAKED!” She yelled standing furiously the curse coming out shocking them before Fili caught onto her words and his face flamed red as he took in her exposed flesh. Bella quickly spun on her heal, hiding the front of her but cursing as she realised that she’d shown them her wounds. The others turned around abruptly, trying to save her modesty, even Gandalf and Thorin.

“Oh… OH! S-sorry!” He gasped out, his eyes unable to tear away from the mottled flesh that ran across her back that stuck out from behind her hair. He could see the angry red of her flesh, darker where the flame must have hit and spread out.

“Is that?” He asked softly reaching out and touching the raised and bumpy flesh.

Isabella jerked away, a startled hiss escaping her lips as she spun and smacked his hand away. “Do not touch it! TURN AROUND!” She snapped furious, the burn aching where his fingers had touched the damaged nerves. It still hurt when someone touched it and she hated it when people did so if they ever got the chance to see it.

“FILI!” Thorin snapped horrified as he saw his red faced dwarf and angered elf. Elf or not, one is to not to disrespect a lady as such. Fili spun instantly spluttering out his apologies once more as Isabella hurried to dress, placing back on her clothes and weapons once more and making her way over to Gandalf.

“They must have come down from the Ettenmoors.” Gandalf explained as he eyed the three stone statues before them, changing the subject as he saw the discomfort on his friends face.

Thorin frowned as he looked at them as well. “Since when do mountain trolls venture this far south?”

“Oh, not for an age, not since a darker power ruled these lands.” He explained, trailing off as he remembered that time of Darkness, even Bella frowned a hiss escaping her lips as the image of Sauron flashed across her mind, this did not bode well for middle earth.

Isabella frowned as she glanced at the stone statues. “They could not have moved in daylight.”

Thorin shared a look at the Elf and Gandalf. “There must be a cave nearby.”

“Hurry up and move out! Those changed go search for a cave and be careful!” He ordered quickly, they needed to check out the cave and see where it leads or if there was anything of use there.

“Just follow the scent.” Isabella instructed with a smirk as they others paused unable to decide which way to go. “It’ll be hard to miss.” She chuckled out, watching as they gave her a small smile before taking off in one direction.

What a long night.

Author Note: Okay so many have asked and well… One, there will be no Cullen’s only mentions and what not. Two, vampires as from the decedents of Dark Elves and no they do not know the origin. Thorin wont be much of a dick longer and … SPOILER! No one dies in this fic, Kili and Fili’s deaths in the movie was just wrong.

Nadadith – Khuzdul for younger brother



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  1. maybe it wasn’t such a good idea not to let her know that at least two of the dwarves remembered her. oh well, it would only add the anticipation. of course, Grief or not, elves will always be awesome warriors. they at least respect that. 🙂

  2. i want moooorrreee! i love this story i’m freaking captivated. hopefully her brother in law can help with some of her grief. she doesn’t deserve to be in pain. love the story. i laughed at the whole fili turning red part lol 😀 and hey Thorin is starting to warn up to her yay! can’t wait for the next chappy! makes me all a happy 😀

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