Chapter Four – An Unexpected Journey IV

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Four

Third POV

They were not far from the Shire when the company halted at the sound of fast approaching hooves. All turned with wide eyes as the elleth came riding towards them, her cloak flapping behind her with her speed and yet the hood stayed. Some were disappointed as they saw that even she could not convince the burglar to join them on the quest, to help them.

“How did it go Lady Isabella?” Ori asked softly, his eyes searching behind her for the sign of the hobbit.

“All is well Master Ori, he shall be joining us shortly.” Bella replied, they could hear the laughter and surety in her voice that Dori and Bofur couldn’t resist.

“I bet you she’s right and that the hobbit will come.” Dori betted, holding up the small coin bag he took from his tunic.

“Aye, I bet that he comes too!” Bofur chorused and soon the rest of the company joined in on the bets, minus Thorin and Bella, even Gandalf cast a bet.

“Keep moving!” Thorin ordered, pushing his pony to the front, he was not pleased and yet he wanted to know the outcome. He had a strong feeling that he would not come, the Halfling was a nervous jittery thing when he had walked into the smial.

What did you tell Bilbo, Mellon?” Gandalf asked in Sindarin.

Bella laughed, though it sounded like bells, it still fell flat. She didn’t notice as the dwarves frowned at her, they knew that something was wrong but could not place it, elves never sounded flat nor acted the way she was. They even spotted her rubbing her chest every now and then, knowing it was subconscious as if she was in pain.

I told him the truth of course. I told him my name and then I told him to live life to the fullest… you never know when it’ll end. We are the eldest here Mithrandir and you and I know the pain of age.” She replied, Gandalf like the others of his kind were the eldest beings in Middle Earth, though he has walked this realm less than I have been alive, he was much older than I. Too confusing to explain or understand.

Bella paused, a smile pulling at her lips as she let out a chuckle. “I do believe some of you need to pay up.” She drawled out lazily as she heard the familiar voice of Master Baggins yelling in the distance.

“Aye, what was that Lass?” Óin asked after raising his ear trumpet to hear better. His voice carried to the others as they moved on slowly, drawing their attention to Óin and the Elf – Isabella – many corrected.

“She said that you need to pay up, I indeed agree with her.” Gandalf chuckled just as Bilbo’s voice reached his ears.

Wait! Wait!” Bilbo called louder this time as they all came into view. A few muttered curses escaped those who bet against the others and now Balin, Dwalin, Dori, Bombur and Bofur where rich Dwarrows along with Gandalf.

Thorin sighed irritated as he stopped and turned to look at the Halfling running towards him. He was surprised of course that the Halfling came after all, surprised that the elf talked him into it and curious as to how. That thought and urge was dismissed easily, he didn’t wish to speak to the elf or the Halfling just as yet.

“I signed it.” Bilbo explained, casting a smile towards Lady Isabella while handing the contract to Balin. When the paper was in his hands, Balin pulled out his magnifier and scanned the pages, smiling when he saw the new name added to the contract.

“Everything appears to be in order. Welcome, Master Baggins, to the company of Thorin Oakenshield.” Balin replied with a laugh and a smile.

The others cheered at the news while Thorin just shook his head. “Give him a pony.”

Bilbo stared at him in horror. “No, no, no, no, that-that won’t be necessary, thank you, but I-I’m sure I can keep up on foot. I- I-I’ve done my fair share of walking holidays, you know. I even got as far as Frogmorton once-WAGH!”

Free heartfelt laughter escaped Isabella’s lips as she watched Kili and Fili hoist him up to the spare pony. “Gi suilon,Master Baggins, it is good to see you finally joined us.”

Bilbo shook his head a little as he glanced back at the hooded elf. “Like I had any choice after what you told me, of course you are right after all, couldn’t resist. I got my home in order so if I dare say die; it will be left to the right hobbits and packed a few needed things.”

Gandalf laughed and cast a look at his old friend. “You are indeed correct Bilbo, she has a sharp tongue and it’s made of silver.”

“Ego, mibo orch.” Isabella muttered to him, causing the grey wizard to chuckle.

“Now I know when someone’s cursing, doesn’t matter what the tongue, what did you say?” Fili asked curiously, he wasn’t like his kin, hating elves without true provocation. Sure because they fled long ago it lead to suffering of his people but that was before he was born and he has had no slight against him from an Elf.

“I told him to go kiss and orc.” She muttered sending a roar of laughter in the group that heard her.

Bilbo let out a sneeze, followed by two more. “Ohh. All this horse hair, I’m having a reaction.”

“Here you go Master Baggins.” Bella stated, chucking small square cloth at the hobbit when he began to panic as he couldn’t find his own.

Bilbo’s shoulders sagged with relief. “Thank you.”

The rode in silence for the day and Bella was thankful, her eyes never left the landscape of middle earth and she was at peace, she had missed the rolling hills and the tall trees. She had missed her home, but her heart ached as Charlie and Renee came to mind, where they safe? Did they miss her like she will forever miss them?

She had loved them, loved them like parents. Charlie with his ever long loyalty and stubbornness, in some ways he reminded her of the dwarves and men. A mixture of both creatures in her eyes, hard as stone like the Dwarrow’s but a never ending well like the mix of both races. Then Renee, she reminded her of many things, a free spirit; a wanderer. Though she had broken the man that became her father, she still cared deeply for Renee.

Another pang struck her as the memory came to mind, it was because of her that Renee left. She couldn’t handle seeing the face of her daughter, a mask that she wore. Canadriel – Isabella – knew that wearing the face of their lost child and taking her name was hard on both. But whereas Charlie accepted it, appreciated the gift and saw her still as the Elf they found, Renee could not do so freely.

Isabella pondered if the friends she had made missed her, a slight laugh escaping her lips as she realised that she as a human had school and a history paper to complete, one that never will be for she would never be able to return and even if she could… Bella never will, she could not leave her home now and she could not watch those she cares for fade once more.

She knew that Charlie had very little time left in that realm, the life span of men very short and no, she could not watch him fade away like many friends she has made, like her sisters. It would shatter her more, something that was becoming hard to handle. No, she no longer was the strong being she once was and has been worn away by the sands of time like rocks in the ocean. She could not handle losing more friends and even those these Dwarrow’s, the beings she is helping to reclaim their homeland will perish one day.

Maybe if she were to stay, if her grief had somehow passed, she would not wander, she would stick to her kin.

“It is best not to think such things Mellon; you know it will only make things worse.” Gandalf exclaimed softly, worry in his eyes.

“I am fine Mithrandir, but you are right.” She sighed, her eyes flickering in surprise as she noticed the nightfall.

“We rest here tonight!” Thorin called, gaining sighs of relief from his company. When he dismounted the pony and tied it to the tree and far from the dangling cliff edge he turned to eye the company.

His kin had begun to pick their spots, Bifur and Glóin creating a fire while Bombur began to make some broth. His eyes landed on his sister sons and softened slightly, they were still just merely children, just barely over their coming of age. He had not wanted them to come, neither did Dis but still they came, there was no stopping them.

His eyes scanned the rest of his company, scanning over the Ri brothers, Óin, Balin and Dwalin before stopping on the hobbit. He looked worn and tired, wincing with every step, Thorin knew he should not have come and yet he didn’t protest too much. Gandalf has expressed that they needed the hobbit to help reclaim his home and he will trust Gandalf for now on that aspect.

But he was furious at the wizard, an elf! He didn’t know whether to just kill the betrayer now or let her be. His eyes flashed to his sister sons once more and sighed, he instantly decided, the elf could stay after all she would be one more body to help protect his nephews. But something was different about this elf; something didn’t sit right within him about her.

Thorin trusted his instincts; he knew that she was telling the truth about what she said in the Shire, about being there in Dale, of helping his kin. No one would have taught her Khuzdul if she didn’t do something to deserve it, not many outsiders had been taught their mother tongue. But, something sat deep down within him about her, she was telling the truth yes, but not completely.

Bella sat off from the others, far enough not to disturb but not enough to lose light before pulling out the album Charlie had given her. Her breath hitched as she fingered the violet material on the front. He had given her the album they begun long ago when she told him of her immortality, he told her he didn’t want her to forget them when the time comes and until then they will make memories.

When she flipped open the first page a startled laugh escaped her, drawing the others attention. She had been covered in paint, the three of them as they painted her room like the setting sun. Renee and Charlie were covered in midnight blue, with splatters of orange and yellows, while she was covered head to toe of all colours. It was the first night she felt happy, that she was accepted.

“What have you got there, Lady Bella?” Kili asked curiously, causing the other Dwarrow’s to pause and cast them a glance.

“Remembrance Master Kili, I am simply remembering those whom I cannot see anymore.” She stated flatly as she flipped through the pages, years of memories in Forks, and everywhere else they travelled. Pictures of her friends passed ones of Angela and Ben, of Paul and Sam. Oh how she missed them, she had failed them too, she was not there to help them when they Shifted and Leah was broken and Samuel had forever scarred his mate.

“Did they perish?” Kili asked before yelping as his brother smacked him on the back of the head.

Kili!” Fili hissed, how his brother could be so rude.

“No Master Kili, they did not die. They merely walk another realm, one I have no power to return to, not that I will if I had the chance. There is nothing for me there, only…” She trailed off, hissing sharply and doubling over as she saw the images of the Cullen’s. Edward had taken all but these, left her without memory but the wound she carried on her wrist and the memories seared in her mind.

Seeing them was a blow to the gut, knocking the breath from her. “Gandalf! Pain… hot… ” She hissed standing, clawing at her chest as fire burned with in her as grief struck, the book falling to the floor, the page still open. Gandalf stood immediately as did the others as they watched Bella hiss and gasp, clawing at her chest.

“Mellon, you need to calm! Push it back, hold it, and try not to remember!” Gandalf instructed, quickly removing her cloak with haste to cool her down.

The Dwarrow’s blinked as they saw the armour the elf had on, the mismatch of legions. They had expected a dress on underneath with matching elven armour not this. Kili rushed forward to help the wizard only to be stopped by his uncle who was watching the scene with hard eyes.

Isabella dropped to her knees gasping harshly as she forced her eyes shut, pointed to the book. “Destroy the images, I cannot… I cannot… they…” she finished in a harsh snarl as rage and grief warred within her.

Gandalf frowned, kneeling next to her friend and cast his eyes upon the images he had seen. “Are these the ones who hurt you so Mellon?” He asked softly, brows pulled down.

“Yes, please just take all the pictures of them and burn them, burn them all for I do not wish to remember them.” She hissed before pulling away from her friend and casting a look at the shocked and stunned Dwarrow’s.

She stood instantly and bowed her head. “Sorry for my… display. It should not happen again if I can help it, if you shall excuse me I will keep watch tonight.” She muttered, grasping her bow and cloak before climbing the rock face higher up and set her eyes upon the landscape.

“I didn’t mean to upset her.” Kili stated softly, causing Gandalf to sigh and grasp the book.

There were images before him he had never seen before; they were not sketch or painting but something smooth like a gem and colourful just as much. He stared into the gold eyes before him, his friend looked different but her eyes were the same, she stood in a blue dress a contraption on her leg while staring up lovingly into the boy’s face. Into the vampire’s face… Oh Canadriel, how did you come by these beings of Middle Earth where you went?

“You did nothing Master Kili, she has been suffering before you asked. This merely brought it all back.” He explained, holding up the now lose image for them to see before letting it fall into the fire.

Dwalin and Balin shared a concerned look before casting a look up at the elf. “Is she… Is she suffering from Grief?” Balin asked causing Gandalf to tense and nod sharply.

“By Durin’s beard!” Balin exhaled sadly, he knew what happened to Elves when they suffered a great grief, and it consumed them till there was nothing left. He had seen it once in his long life and never wished to see it again.

Bilbo and the others frowned. “What? I’m lost.” Bilbo stated confused.

“Aye me too, explain?” Bofur exclaimed along with the others.

Thorin frowned as he took in the worried faces of his trusted friends. He didn’t know much about elves but he knew from the looks of Balin and Dwalin that this ‘Grief’ was nothing good.

“You all know that Elves cannot die easily, anything short of decapitation or removal of the heart… but they can also suffer from great Grief, something that is very bad for Elves… Something that cannot be stopped unless something greater than the loss comes but it is rare and those that suffer from it…” Balin trailed off, unwilling to say more, unknowing how to explain it.

“I don’t get it, what happens when Elves suffer from Grief?” Ori asked from in between his brothers.

“That is for another time, we must rest.” Gandalf sighed before taking a seat and lighting his pipe. He didn’t want to think of the grief right now, his own chest clenching at the thought of losing another friend. No, he couldn’t.


Bella stared down at the company for a second before turning her eyes back into the horizon, she could see movement of trees but the dark and density of it all was of not help. An orc cry sounded, causing her to stand and draw her bow, eyes in front of her, ears strained for what was behind them.

She could hear the others talking, joking and then the story of Thorin and why he hated the Orcs. Bella had seen the face of The Defiler, had seen the result of the battle against the orc army for Moria. She could sense they were being watched but nothing moved and she could not see whom, only sensed the eyes upon them.

She would not rest tonight; she would keep the company safe even if the Dwarrow’s didn’t trust her.

Author Note: Whats this? Another chapter? What do you guys think?

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  1. i am glad that u can only think of this story. it is truly a great one. i wonder what they will do when they find out she is set to die. love how fili and kili interacted with bella. it was cute. lol bilbo and the pony. wonder who is watching. awaiting the next update 🙂 ps.: wonder if legolas will make an appearance soon?

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