Chapter Fourteen – The Desolation of Smaug IV

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Fourteen

Third POV

At some point Bella found herself in the middle of the company with Nori leading them, her vision swam and as she looked down she could see her hands blur and multiply as she waved them in front of her face.

“This… this isn’t good.” She murmured with a frown.

“Air. I need air.” Bofur gasped out desperately, sagging in relief as Bella raised her hand and flicked it down, bringing a wave of fresh air from the air above. The others sagged in relief as well as the short burst of fresh air cleared their head a bit before they all crashed into one another.

“Keep moving. Nori, why have we stopped?” Thorin demanded as he staggered to the thief’s side.

Nori blinked and pointed to the cliff before them as he stared at Thorin. “The path…it’s disappeared!”

Bella blinked owlishly as she stared at the rough uneven stones below her and shook her head wildly, trying to clear her head as Thorin yelled at them to find the path. No… something… something isn’t right here…

“We left the path long ago.” She murmured frowning, her eyes snapping up as she realised that she was now alone. How long was she standing here, why did the others move without her?

In a blink she found herself leaning against Bilbo, “What? What? How did I get here?” She gasped out to the hobbit who was staring at her in concern.

“You came… you were with me the whole time.” He stated slowly, a frown of confusion on his face.

Bella shook her head madly. “No, no, I remember Nori stopping and thinking something was not right and then I was alone. I was alone and then I am here. Something is not right Bilbo, this place is cursed, and it is tricking us. I remember thinking we had been off the path for a long time.” She muttered brokenly.

Bilbo shook his head confused before staring at the glowing white moss beside him and plucking it, eyes widening as the sound seemed to vibrate. He plucked it again, stopping as Bella grasped his wrist tightly, eyes dark as she yanked him away. “They’re webs… We need to move.” She hissed, hand swishing up and cutting down, bringing a violent torrent of winds to clear their heads but nothing came.

“What hour is it?” Thorin asked, glancing up into the treetops in hopes to see some form of sky or sun.

Dwalin blinked and cast a stare down at the others. “I do not know. I don’t even know what day it is.”

“Is there no end to this accursed place?” Thorin yelled, his voice echoing in the haze.

“We have no food! No water!” Bombur yelled dazed.

Bilbo blinked, head shaking as he found himself staring at the back of Ori’s head. He cast a glance down and frowned as he saw himself walking backwards.

Something is not right Bilbo, this place is cursed, and it is tricking us… it is tricking us… The voice of Bella whispered in his mind as he cast a glance back to see himself. He could hear whispers in his head, around him as his vision swam and darkened, the sickness of this forest was affecting him and yet he didn’t seem as bad as the Dwarrow’s… where was Bella?

“We are lost do you not understand that!” He snapped, blinking as he came back to the end of his conversation with the others. A conversation he couldn’t really recall having.

“The sun… we have to find the Sun.” he stated softly to himself as he stared up into the looming tree branches above. He could not hear as the Dwarrow’s fought around them as he tapped his head, thinking, thinking… trying to form the words. “We need to get up there…”

Thorin paused as he heard whispers, multiple of whispers. “What was that?” He muttered, the sound of the others fighting coming roaring back. “Enough! Quiet! All of you! We’re being watched.”

Bella stumbled to her knees as she felt something hit her, hands grasping her brother’s tunic as she gasped and wheezed, the air growing thick around her. She stared blearily at the others, eyes wide and blown in terror as her mind cleared for that fraction of a second to see the spiders above them, to see that they were surrounded by webbing that wasn’t there moments before.

Dwalin snarled as he hauled Moriel to her feet, only to catch her as she fell unconscious. He could hear the others yelling, whispers and screams along with broken branches until nothing… he remembered nothing but numbing darkness.


Bilbo’s eyes shot open, his hands grasping the hilt of his little elven dagger that was his blade just as the spider loomed above him. He gasped as he thrust the sword up into the beast’s body and twisted, gasping as it shuddered and gurgled before it died. With a grunt he tossed it over the side of the branch he was on before shooting up and ripping the webbing free.


He pressed himself into the tree branch behind him as he gasped, taking in the spiders before him that were bunching the company together, he could even see the shape of Bofur’s hat under. The sound of clicks and scrapes caused Bilbo to still his breathing as he heard one of the spiders climbed up the branch behind him.

Please do not see me… at that thought he pulled out the ring, glancing at it hesitantly before shoving it onto his finger, gasping at the rush of darkness and haze it brought, along with the clarity and the voices.

“Kill theemm. Kill theemm.”

“Eat them now…”

“Their hide is tough. There is good juice inside.”

“Elf… Elf… Kill the Elf…

“Stick it again! Stick it again! Finish it off!”

“Ahh! The meat’s alive and kicking!”

“Kill them, kill them now. Let us feast.”

“Kill the Elf…”

“Feast! Feast!”

Bilbo whirled around the tree and paused, eyes wide in disbelief as the voices he heard were the spiders. He couldn’t allow that, with a quick glance he picked up a chunk of wood and tossed it, ducking and twirling as the spiders charged past him to investigate, leaving only one behind.


“Fat and juicy. Just a little taste.” It screeched going for Bombur causing anger to burst forth in Bilbo.

Not on my watch! He snarled before striking it in the rear, the sword cutting open the hard shell with ease and causing the spider to turn around hissing. It spins and hisses with each blow Bilbo lands onto it. He grimaced as he cut away some of the leg and head, green ooze seeping from the wounds that smelled like poison.

“Curses! Where is it? Where is it?!” The spider screeched causing Bilbo to grasp the ring and rip it off.

“Here I am!” He chuckled before driving his blade into the spiders head.

It screeched and cried. “It stings! Stings!” before dropping dead.

“Huh.” Bilbo muttered as he stared down at his nameless sword gasping for air. “Sting, that’s a good name.” He hummed before nodding; yes that’s what he’d call it.

With a grunt he moves, cutting down the dwarves before him that were waking up in their cocoons. The last being Bella who had yet to move or make a noise, he eyed the cocoon holding her warily as it fell just to the side of the others.

“Where’s Bilbo?” Bofur yelled as he got himself free.

“Where’s Bella?” Kili yelled before scrambling towards a tightly bound cocoon, Fili by his side.

They quickly made haste cutting through layer upon layer of webbing to see Bella staring angrily up at the sky. “I hate spiders.” She hissed before wriggling, her hand breaking free as Fili cut some more webbing away.

“I think we all do now Lass.” Glóin called out as he and the others stared at the oncoming spiders.

Bella cursed before freeing her legs and springing up, her sword sliced through the first spider that dropped down before she spun and cut three legs off another. She danced among the others, switching between blade and bow.

Bella shook her head, trying to dislodge the haze Greenwoods sickness brought upon her mind still. Even now as she jumped and ducked through the heavy branches as she followed Thorin and the others, killing the spiders that dare come near them she could not fully dislodge the haze.

She let out another snarl, letting arrow after arrow fly towards the never ending wave. It was a simple task, bow pulled taught and then released, the hissing of the arrow reaching her ears before landing in the spiders body. It was calming almost, to rid of the foul beasts that dare to taint the green woods of her Kinlike with their darkness. She could hear elves coming, she knew they watched for a day now and never revealed themselves, she didn’t know whether to be proud of her old friends guard or not. But then again she couldn’t remember how she knew this.


A sound caught Bella’s ears and her eyes were instantly drawn to the Elf that slid down the spiders webbing, his hair glinting in the light. A smile of amusement pulled at her lips as she saw him use the spider as a sliding board before killing another, what wiped it off was the arrow suddenly pointed at Thorin and the rest of the guard’s arrows at them; yet she did not lower her bow.


“Do not think I won’t kill you Dwarf, it would be my pleasure.” The elf before her threatened, a quirk of his lips in a smile.

Thorin stared at the elf before him with distaste before glancing around to the others, jerking slightly as he felt Moriel pressing against his back.

A hiss escaped her lips whether it is one of warning or shock as the familiar blue eyes flickered up to look at her. Though she knew that the Elf before her could not see her face – how her hood stayed up she would never know – she could see his and something settled in her chest as eyes of the darkening skies stared at her in question.

“HELP!” Her head snapped to the left as Kili’s voice carried over the others.

“Kili!” Fili yelled in panic, moving to aid his brother but pausing as several archers raised their bows in warning.

Kili yelled in fear as the spider knocked him down, its pincers snapping at his heel to drag him away. He didn’t stop fighting, for he was a son of Durin, he would not stop until the last breath was stolen from his lungs.

“SAVE HIM!” He heard his brother yell in distress, his head whipping back to find him only to see more spiders.

A laugh echoed the air, causing Kili to open his eyes to see two Elves descend from the trees above, one with a bow and the other a sword. One with red hair that matched the flames of fire and the other had ebony locks that reminded him of a moonless night at home.

“You know, this is the most fun I’ve had all week!” The one with ebony locks laughed, her striking green eyes dancing with mirth as she glanced at him. It knocked the wind right out of him and he knew that if Fili was here, Kili would never hear the end of it as he stared like a love struck fool.

“Lorelai!” The red head one hissed as she spun and buried the dagger in the spiders face.

He watched stunned as the two elves before him spun, each switching between weapons with ease he has only seen happen with elves as he had seen Bella fight often. But he had never seen two elves fight together with such ease, it looked as if they were dancing.

“Lower your weapons!” Bella hissed furious, her voice rough. “Do not test me, I will burry this arrow within his body if you do not.” She snapped when they dared not move.

Her threat was real, but he’d probably get a graze. She couldn’t harm him and she couldn’t understand the fact that the thought of harming Thranduil would cause her unease, pain almost. He was not her Chosen, no matter how much he had hoped when they were younger. No, he had found his Chosen in Elleion in the middle of the Second age or was it sooner, she could not recall.

“Lower yours, wouldn’t want to harm this one.” Tauriel tutted as she dragged Kili out from the trees, blade still in hand. Bella snarled before instantly lowering her weapon, letting the arrow drop to the floor before kneeling, knuckles white as she clenched her bow.

She could hear the muttering curses around her of the Dwarrow’s, of Fili trying to reach his brothers side. But she had her attention on the Elves around her as they stripped them all over their weapons, not one daring to pry back her hood when her hand shot out and grasped a wrist tightly. She couldn’t reveal herself as an Elf yet, or who exactly she was. She was known by the dwarves as Moriel, the DwarrowFriend or HealerOfKin, she never uttered her real name or rank in their meetings and it was something she felt bad about as she glanced at Balin, Dwalin and the two brothers.

There were no names or titles given as they shoved her into a standing position and began to march them towards their home. Rage settling into her very being with fear as she realised that Bilbo was nowhere to be seen, she couldn’t even sense him with her magic.

Can you do anything?” Dwalin asked in a grunt as he was shoved by her side.

“Not yet, they cannot know yet. Soon brother, I shall free us soon… but I need to speak to the king first.” She muttered back to him in Khuzdul causing many of the elves around her to cast a surprised glance. But her eyes never left her old friend before her, ignoring the flutter her heart decided to do.


Soon Thorin and Company found themselves being marched into the halls of the Woodland Realm, the roaring of the waterfall nearly drowning out all sound as they crossed the bridge. They were all thankful as though at the sudden clarity and fresh air this part of the forest supplied chasing the poisoned haze away. A harsh sigh escaped Bella’s lips as she took in the great halls, ignoring the snide comments of the Company behind her about the tackiness or failures in architecture came in.

She could even hear the Elvish insults about her company and it infuriated her more. She hated this feud; she hated how they didn’t help but burn the pyre of hate they created.

“May you all enjoy this, do not move.” Bella ordered in a hiss as her eyes landed on the king standing above them on the platform they made their way to. She had glanced back at the elf with a frown before facing Thranduil; this would have to be thought on.

Before anyone could react Bella knocked the guards down and charged, fury swirling like a raging storm. “YOU BASTARD!” She snarled, her foot connecting with her old friend, sending him sprawling back. “WHY DID YOU NOT AID THEM?” She roared again, sending out another wild kick as Thranduil charged towards her.

The company did not move, too shocked to make a fuss really as they watched their friend, their sister beat down her wrath upon the Elvenking. Even Thorin was stunned at the bravery or even perhaps foolishness of Moriel but admired her none the less as she screamed at him about being a coward.

“YOU COWARD!” Bella screamed again, twirling as Thranduil sliced out with his sword and effectively cutting through the rope bindings, she could sense sickness in him. With her hands free she spun and before anyone could see, she slammed her hands against the Elven Kings temples and screamed. Everyone glanced away as a bright light flashed from Moriel, before anyone’s vision returned Bella glanced owlishly at the king’s clear blue eyes before punching him in the face. The guards came then, rushing towards her with the intent to maim or kill.

Hold her still!” Thranduil ordered, hand clutching his nose in agony, his mind swirling at the forced clarity. It took five guards to hold his attacker down and was surprised, with a hum he glanced at the Dwarrow’s who were struggling to get to the woman.

How can one woman take…who can chase away the darkness… he thought before freezing, his eyes widening as he pulled the hood far back enough to see the face of his attacker.


Release her!” He ordered, “RELEASE HER!”

The elves quickly complied after the first hesitance, their eyes remaining locked on the woman as they watch their king help her to her feet.

“I do not need your aid Thrand!” Bella snapped tiredly, jerking her arm free. “I want no aid from you.”

“Cana, mellon…” He tried to reply, stopping as he felt her hit him again, a roar escaping her lips.

“I AM NO LONGER YOUR FRIEND!” She snarled, shocking everyone in the room.

“What?” Bofur yelled out confused.

“YOU WERE FRIENDS?” Thorin yelled.

“She-she hit the elven king!” Nori spluttered before cracking out in laughter, his head resting on Dori’s shoulder in amusement.

Bella cast them a look, one that said she would explain before turning back to Thranduil. “We stopped being friends when you turned your back upon the Ereborian Dwarrow’s. You need not to help slay the dragon but you could have helped them escape! You turned your back on them and the Men. Yes they caused this! Yes their greed brought forth the dragon but you, YOU could have helped them! Coward!” She snarled once more, silencing all in the hall.

Fury burned in Thranduil at the insult, the haze of darkness tried to return to his mind only to stop against a barrier but enough to make him furious. “I WOULD NOT RISK MORE OF MY KIN TO DRAGON FLAME! TAKE THEM TO THE DUNGEON!” He snapped back, pausing as he saw the dark look morph onto his friends face when the guards came to take them.

“And you let me suffer the flames then? I was in your halls the day before Smaug came, I was visiting Elleion and left for Dale; you knew this Thrand. I was in Dale when the dragon came, breathing fire upon the town… I was burned by the flames, yet I stayed and helped those I could.” She admitted defeated, turning her head away from Thranduil’s stricken one and face the other.

She took no notice of the pain that etched upon the young elf’s face, nor the horror that sat in the depths of his eyes as he stared at her. Legolas felt his heart ache, his soul burning and body yearning to comfort the Elleth before him. Who was this woman who dared to defy his father? Who dared to call him coward and what did she do?

The Dwarrow’s struggled as they were led to the dank cells while Bella simply collapsed, her feet scraping against the ground as two of the guard dragged her. She noticed faintly it was the one who had come back with Fili and the other who threatened to harm him.

She didn’t bother to move or look up when she found herself shoved into a cell, her body collapsing onto the harsh stone floor. Her body twitched in pain, eyes glazed as flashes of fire and death coloured her vision.

“Bella? Moriel?” She heard someone whisper to her frantic, warm hands upon her heated face. “Uncle! Dwalin, Balin! She isn’t responding!” Fili yelled, helping the elf to sit up.

Dwalin slammed himself into the bars, his face pressed against them as he tried to see his sister. He could see Balin and Thorin but he could not see Fili or Moriel. “Is she breathing?” He asked, voice rough.

Fili quickly leant down, pressing his ear to her chest and sighed in relief when he felt her inhale and exhale, her heart beating strongly. “Yes, yes, it is shallow but she is breathing.”

“I’m so… so tired.” She breathed breathless. “It hurts Fee, I can feel fading…”

Fili’s heart hammered in his chest as he rushed to the bars and screamed. “HELP! SHES DYING!”

Bella stared at the rocky dungeon cell almost blindly. “Kahomhîlizu… Fee, Kahomhîlizu… Nê kikûn inthir…” She managed to whisper out before letting the darkness consume her.

Author note: Oh, angst! Don’t worry She’s okay… Legolas comes!

Kahomhîlizu – Informal word for Please.

Nê kikûn inthir – Never forget

More love = more chapters!



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  1. You do u enjoy leaving us in suspense?! Now I really really wanna read chapter 15. Seriously why is she fading now?! I thought meeting legolas would change that. .Update to chapter 15 ASAP pls.

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