Chapter Nine: An Unexpected Journey IX

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Nine

Third POV

It took the company two days to reach the mountain. Two days of walking from the first rays of the sun, to the last. No one was happy to walk for so long and to sleep for so little, but they all knew they needed to hurry through this pass.

“Hey, Lady Bella! How did you do that?” Kili asked, causing Bella to pause in confusion.

“How did I do what Master Kili?” She asked turning, her brow raised in question as she saw the young dwarf standing near the snow patch she just walked over.

Glóin frowned and looked at the snow as he pushed past and paused too, there were no prints in the snow and he just saw the elf walk through them. “Aye Lass, there is no prints in the snow and I just saw you walk through it.”

The laugh that echoed the mountain caused the others to pause and look back. Óin coming to a stop by his brothers side and just stared at the undisturbed snow.

“Master Glóin, I am an elf. Not only that I am an Elf-witch we are light on our feet, actually we are pretty light in general if we wish to be.” She explained before grinning wickedly and jumping in the air, her body twisting gracefully before landing on top of the brother’s heads.

Glóin spluttered as his head tipped a fraction while his brother just laughed as Isabella shifted her weight to one side and simply stood straight, balanced neatly upon the dwarfs head. The others laughed as she sprung from him, her body flipping before landing on Fili’s shoulders, nearly stumbling with his laughter.

“Is that how you were able to spring off Dwalin at the troll camp?” Ori asked softly, eyes shifting in embarrassment.

Bella smiled before hopping down and nodding. “That is was Ori, but I have fought with Dwarrow’s before, I have fought with Dwalin before and I knew the right time to let him throw me to reach you. Now we better hurry, there is a storm nearly at the mountains.”

Thorin cast a look up towards the snowy peaks and frowned, there were little clouds upon the peaks but nothing that would be considered a storm…but he would trust her judgment for now, she was an Elf after all and could see far better than them. “Move it!”

The began to march once again, the rough wide mountain trail turning into one that is narrow and dangerous, with a cliff on one side and a sheer drop on the other, it could barely fit the Dwarrow’s on it. Bella was indeed correct, they were nearly half way to the mountain trail when the storm appeared, sending heavy rain and cold wind down upon them.

“Hold on!” Thorin yelled as he pushed himself around the boulder to see how the path ahead was. Bilbo walked forward, following Bofur when the rocks under his feet gave out, his body hurtling forward a scream escaping his lips as it did. The ground was a very long way down and it was something he did not wish to meet.

“WE NEED TO FIND SHELTER!” He yelled over the beating rain and cracks of the storm. The path was too narrow and dangerous for them to move forward in this condition.


Watch out!” Dwalin warned as his eyes shot to the air and saw a massive chunk of rock flying towards them.

Bella watched and spun, pulling the brothers close to her body and protected their heads as the rock connected with the wall above them and shattering, sending debris down upon them. She let out a grunt of pain as a shard hit her back, thankfully it didn’t kill her or crush her but it was heavy enough to bruise.

“This is no thunderstorm; it’s a thunder battle! Look!” Belin yelled, pointing to the stone giant in front of them.

Bella spun, her eyes locking onto the mighty being and cursed. She should have known better, it takes many years, every hundred for the giants to awaken and they do so on nights like this to fight. She had sent hem three times in her life, and that was three times too many.

“Well bless me, the legends are true. Giants; Stone Giants!” Bofur gasped in awe as he stood out on the path further to see them, watching in awe as it hurled a stone towards them.

“Take cover: you’ll fall!” Thorin roared as he saw Bofur, the ground around him crumbling just as the others yanked him back. “Bella keep them safe!” He yelled to the elf, gesturing to his nephews.

Everyone began to yell at each other to brace and hold on as the rocks beneath their feet shuddered and began to give away from the impact of the falling rocks. Bella looked down, her eyes widening as a gap split beneath her feet and she spun, her back pressed behind Fili’s as she tried not to fall.

“Kili! Grab my hand! Ki…” Fili yelled desperately, his hand outstretched as he reached for his brother.

Kili watched in horror as the part they were on shifted further away from them, his eyes never leaving his brothers until the part they were on collided with the mountain once more. He quickly followed the others to safer destination and tried to find his brother.

Bella heard them all screaming, she could hear Fili crying for her brother while the others prayed to Mahal and screamed. Without thinking much Bella removed her daggers and buried them in to the wall, her arms on either side of Fili. “DWALIN! Make sure Bilbo doesn’t fall! Ori be safe!” She yelled, her eyes locking back onto the young prince before her with a grimace.

Fili wrapped his arms around Bella instantly pulling her flush against him as she held onto her blades to keep him safe. It was awkward, even in this life or death situation he found the position awkward as he held her close. He did not see her as anything but a friend-no kin. She was family now, she had proved her loyalty and earnt their trust and even now she risked her life to make sure he didn’t fall.

They spun and slid, the others who made it safely watched on in horror as they moved past them as the rock giant began to collapse.

“The wall is coming!” Fili yelled to Bella as he saw them hurtling towards it. Bella nodded and tensed her arms, foot pressing against the wall behind. She could sense the stone wall nearing and when they were close she pushed, her blades slicing from the rock sending sparks before connecting with the trail with a grunt; Fili lying on top of her.


“No! No! Fili!” Thorin yelled in horror as he watched the rocks collide and then the giant fall. “FILI!” He screamed again as he saw that none of the others were on the rock as well before pushing himself towards where it connected, sagging in relief as he saw them all well and safe.

“Fili… you need to get off…” Bella grunted out painfully, her breath gasping as the prince shifted, causing her body to press harder into a jagged rock in the ground.

Fili stared at her in horror before scrambling to get off of her. “Sorry, sorry!” He yelled as he helped Bella to her feet. Bella simply shook her head smiling and placed the blades back in their holsters.

Bofur scanned the group before paling. “Where’s Bilbo? Where’s the Hobbit?”

Ori glanced down as he heard a grunt, his eyes widening as he saw Bilbo’s hands grasping the cliff ledge. Ori dived onto the ground, trying desperately to catch the Hobbit only a second too late as Bilbo slips and falls another few feet before he catches himself. Bofur landed next to Ori as he saw this, eyes wide and arm outstretched.

“Grab my hand! Bilbo!” He yelled desperately over the yells of the others.

Thorin snarled and swung down, his hand grasping the rock edge, feet landing on a small jutting rock before he yanked up the hobbit into the hands of Bofur and Ori. He managed to get Bilbo up with two jerks before his own hold slipping, Dwalin’s hand catching him. Bella seeing her brother struggling joined him, her own hand grasping onto the furs tightly and helped the king up.

“I thought we’d lost our burglar.” Dwalin gasped out with a slight chuckle, only to stop as he saw his friends face.

Thorin was not amused, his heart beating from the little dangle over the edge with only Dwalin to help him before Bella came. “He’s been lost ever since he left home. He should never have come. He has no place amongst us.” He hissed furious, looking at the pale hobbit. He had been little to no help on their journey.

“Dwalin!” he called as he found a small cave just ahead of him.

Óin made his way to the elf’s side and frowned, his eyes catching a patch of red on the back of her tunic. “Inside Lass, I need to look at your wound.” He instructed causing Bella to shake her head.

“I’ll be fine Master Óin, it is merely a scratch.” She explained as she helped Fili get Bombur to his feet.

Kili frowned as he heard this, eyes flicking to his brother and then to Bella, he had seen her pressed against Fili as they swung past, her body coiled as she protected him with her own body against the cliff face. “Fili.” He called, eyes shifting from his brother to Bella and Óin.

“Bella, let him look at you, you got hurt because of me and we don’t want to see you sick.” Fili uttered causing Bella to sag and nod, following the smug healer into the cave as the others searched.

“What caused it?” Óin asked as she sat down, her back towards him. Honestly of all her luck she had to get hit where her quiver, bag and bow was not protecting.

“Took a rock to the back as I kept the brothers heads from being crush.” She grunted, hissing as Óin touched the sensitive spot. Just another wound to add to the scar tissue on her back. “Then again when I pushed myself onto the trail with that lug landing on top of me for he did not let go.” She hissed, jerking her head towards Fili as he and his brother grasped one another in an embrace.

As the others began to set up their spots and settle Bella thanked Óin before leaning up against the wall near the opening, pulling one of her daggers out and grasping it. She should get some rest; something didn’t seem right and now would be a good time to do so.

“Eat.” Dwalin grunted as he handed her an apple, giving her a pointed look. “I know you did not eat much, so eat this and then sleep. I won’t be moving an inch until it is gone.”

Bella levelled him with a bland look before quickly taking a bite and then another till there was nothing left, not even the core. “Happy now? I shall rest here with Bofur, go sleep.” She muttered before closing her eyes.

She could still hear the others as she drifted off, each grumble, each conversation and snore. It echoed in harmony with the rain outside and the thundering cracks of the giants’ battle. Soon enough she found herself woken by the sound of Bilbo trying to leave, she did not open her eyes just yet, she would let the others talk.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Bofur asked Bilbo as he tried to sneak past.

Bilbo sighed and turned to Bofur. “Back to Rivendell.”

“No, no, you can’t turn back now; you’re part of the Company. You’re one of us.” Bofur explained, trying to keep the hobbit in side. They needed him and he didn’t really want to lose another friend either, Bofur quite enjoyed Bilbo’s talks as they walked.

He just sighed dejectedly and turned to face Bofur. “I’m not though, am I? Thorin said I should never have come, and he was right. I’m not a Took, I’m a Baggins, I don’t know what I was thinking. I should never have run out my door.”

“What’s that?” Bofur asked, gesturing to the blade causing Bilbo to frown and look down.

A small sound caused Bella to snap her eyes open, head cocking to the side and hand instinctively clutching he blade tighter as her eyes snap to the glow peeking out of Bilbo’s sword. Her eyes snapped to Thorin in panic, hoping he knew what it meant.

Thorin’s eyes widened, moving to the floor as cracks form in the sand on the floor of the cave. “Wake up! WAKE UP!” He ordered.

Before anyone could react they found themselves falling, their bodies connecting with the harsh rocks as they slid through the tunnels with a little flicker of light. Bella hoped to her feet, letting it slide before toppling as her foot catches on a rock, thankfully she landed on Bombur just before the drop.

The company groaned as Bombur and Bella fell on them before jerking their heads up as screams filled the air to see the goblins running towards them. They didn’t have time to untangle themselves before the horde was upon them, stripping them of weapons. Bella spun, driving her only blade left on her person into the head of one Goblin before yanking it out and burying it in another. Her eyes catching Bilbo’s and signalled for him to duck as she realised the Goblins payed him no mind before grunting as she felt a fist connect with her back at the distraction.

“Get your hands off her!” Dwalin yelled as he saw many of the goblins strike his sister, he fought to get to her but was pushed back by another five.

Bella shook her head and let the beasts lead her, her eyes scanning the vast network of tunnels and wooden bridges for a sign of escape, her nose scrunching as she is pushed to her knees amongst the company. The smell of rotting flesh and other disgusting smells invading her senses, oh how she hated goblins.

Bella stared at the Goblin king before them, her scanning the foul beats for weakness and then to the skull tipped mace in his hands. She had to get to her sword or Thorin’s to rid the world of the fucker.

“Who would be so bold as to come armed into my kingdom? Spies? Thieves? Assassins?” The Goblin King asked, his foul breath fanning across their faces, causing some of the Dwarrow’s to gag.

“Dwarves and an elf, Your Malevolence.” One of the Goblins replied.

The Goblin King did a double take, his eyes sweeping over every dwarf and then to the taller hooded figure in the middle. “Dwarves and an elf?”

“We found them on the front porch.” The same goblin replied nervous.

The Great Goblin eyed them once again; dwarves and elves were known to carry many weapons. “Well, don’t just stand there; search them! Every crack, every crevice.”

Bella closed her eyes as she felt the hands rip away her weapons, her head resting against Balin. She ignored the voices around her as she concentrated, she hadn’t had to use this much power in a very long time and she had to make sure that she focused just enough to help and run.

What are you doing?” Glóin asked as he placed his hand upon the elf’s back.

Waiting, Master Glóin, waiting.” She replied, clenching her eyes shut tightly before relaxing.

You took quite some time Mithrandir… She breathed out, earning a soft laugh in return from Gandalf.

Your mother sent me on a quest, but you are well… do you have a plan?

A smirk pulled at Bella’s lips, yes, but you will not like it and they will not like it… hurry, when you reach me draw my power. Hurry!

She could hear the fighting now, her elbows flying back as she felt two of the goblins rush her. Bella still kept her eyes closed, the power building in her chest and sprung up and away behind the goblins. A cry escaped her lips as she felt Gandalf’s hand pressed down on her shoulder, her head flinging back as an explosion of bright light burst forth in a roaring shockwave.

Gandalf watched as everything was flung back, the torture devices shattering and falling from the platform, the goblins flinging off the side as well and everyone is knocked down, including the Great Goblin. His eyes scanned the chaos as he helped Canadriel to her feet, still impressed by the power that his old friend possessed. The light began to flicker back, his now free hand drawing his sword Glamdring.

The company shook their heads before looking up in wonder where Gandalf stood, the sword glowing ever so slightly. But what shocked them was Bella, the light that flashed across them was seeping back into her skin. They had seen her lose control before, let the darkness out but this was different, she did not look like the dark elf they had seen back in the shire, no she looked as if she burned like the very stars.

“Take up arms. Fight. FIGHT!” HE yelled to the Dwarrow’s as he stared them down.

Hey began to fight, shoving their way out of the goblins around them to the weapons pile. No one hesitated as their weapons dropped in their hands. They would not die here in this god forsaken hole in the mountain, they would not let their youngest or Bella to be tortured by the racks that could be remade. They would not fail their king in reclaiming Erebor.

“Someone get Lady Bella her weapons!” Dori yelled as he chucked the blades back before making his way to Ori. Bella didn’t recall who gave or how she got her weapons back but she was thankful as she buried a dagger in the Goblin’s head before spinning and doing the same thing to the one who was striking at Bifur.

“Follow me. Quick! Run!” Gandalf yelled as he cleared the path for them.


They ran across the rickety bridges and pathways, the wood creaking under their feet as they ran. They could hear the goblins running towards them, screaming and the sound of metal clashing.

“BELLA!” Gandalf yelled below to where his friend had joined the other section. Bella jerked her head up swiftly before nodding and jumped, her feet landing on the shoulders of Nori and Fili before jumping forth on top of the wooden railing Dwalin just chopped.

They watched and moved as Bella spun, her sword slicing through the air in a whistle before decapitating the goblins while they shoved the bodies off the walkway again and again before she back flipped back behind them when it was free. They shared a quick glance as they saw her stab some of the ones above for the others before joining them, they would have to talk about this later.

Thorin glances up as he saw the goblins began to swing down towards them, his eyes landing on the balcony above tied to the platform they were on. “CUT THE ROPES!” He ordered before swinging his blade down on the one before him.


They ran forward again when it was clear, Bella sticking at the back and deflecting the arrows and other blades coming at them. She noticed awhile back that Bilbo was not with them, she hadn’t seen him since she told him to get down. This worried her but she knew he was safe, she could sense him deeper in the caves below them.

“Bella jump!” She heard someone order, her body moving and gliding in the air and landing safely where the others were.

“Oh for fuck sakes!” She hissed in annoyance before sheathing her swords once more and flinging her arms out, the wind roaring past all the Dwarrow’s and shoving out the goblins.

“WITCH!” They screamed in terror as she pushed past them once again, hands cracking out with fire.

She let out a laugh as she watched her friends push the rock Gandalf supplied them with, crushing he goblins in their wake. Though foul beasts she couldn’t help but be amused at the noises they made when they were terrified or dying, though the amusement was short lived when she saw the goblin king smash through from below.

You thought you could escape me?” It sneered, swinging the mace twice at Gandalf. “What are you going to do now, wizard?”

Gandalf frowned and leapt forward, poking out an eye with his staff, dodging as the mace dropped before slicing open the Great Goblin’s stomach. The smell was putrid; a scent of sickness and decay wafted the area strongly as the Goblin dropped to his knees in shock, intestines spilling out.

“Well… that’ll do it.” He gasped out before collapsing as Gandalf sliced it’s neck.

“Fuck.” Bella hissed as the whole section of wood below them shuddered and gave way, a scream leaving everyone’s lungs as they fell.

Author Note: Dun dun dun! One more chapter left that will conclude An Unexpected Journey section! But the story won’t be done until the very end of the last movie!

Now I’m just going to point out, Elves are natural healers, they have natural power and then there is Elf-Witches, in my canon they can do practically anything really… Galadriel being the eldest and strongest of course since Elf-Witches come into their full power about 6000? Can’t be too sure and Bella is her daughter. Except Galadriel has the Ring of power for the elves.



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